[Fancam] 121108 Big Bang - Lies & Last Farewell @ Alive Tour In Newark New Jersey

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    lies was loveee

    Published on 7 years ago


    1. Rex0680

      6:20 wait.... empty seats at a BIGBANG concert? am I seeing things??

    2. twilightgirl6271

      I will never forget this concert

    3. Miss Hooves

      this was when i officially lost my voice that night

    4. Quynh Tran

      Top dances so sexy ahahahahahah..I want be there w u TOP

    5. My Home is JB's Fishtank

      hahaha at first i was like where's seungri?? and then he came out of nowhere and just joined in the middle of dancing, not missing a beat. no top finger dance, but there's taeyang finger dance and top's heart (: amazing ♥

    6. Ros Rain

      i love ur fc very clear and close to them..:)

    7. Adam Rand

      They all performed so well in USA

    8. Irene Chan

      I think i was only a few ppl behind you!

    9. Phyllis

      Mm, I think the encore that's on their youtube channel is from 121109, I saw it; it's very adorable, but the one from 121108 was the one I was searching for with TOP chooming right on the extended runway the whole time! It was fantastic, baby :3

    10. Kari Yu

      i think its on bigbang's youtube channel.

    11. Phyllis

      LOL TOP and Seungri at 4:20 OMG I'm never gonna forget this night!

    12. Sara JOO

      Daesung is so sweet :3

    13. Ram_GZB

      I will never forget that night...

    14. kizuna95

      I Love lies

    15. TiiinyC

      Luv it ^^