Exchange between Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Wells Fargo CEO (C-SPAN)



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    Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez questions Wells Fargo CEO Timothy Sloan during a House Financial Services Committee hearing.
    Full video here:

    Published on 8 days ago



      I dont agree with alot of her policies but homegirl knows her shit.

    2. Mike Giglio

      Those children are being protected

    3. Baby Belkin

      Stupid bitch well hypothetically

    4. Larry Fry

      AOC's question: "Should Wells Fargo be held responsible for the damages incurred by climate change due to the financing of fossil fuels and these (pipeline) projects?" Whhaaatt?? When I hear this young lady speak, I feel like I'm listening to a precocious 12-year old. Sooner or later, she's going to experience a large dose of reality....and it's not going to be pretty.

    5. ElGringo

      Well Fargo gave me a loan to buy a car and I ran over 10 people with it. Should Wells Fargo go to prison for murdering 10 people?

    6. ElGringo

      She is such a dumb bitch. The more I hear her talk, the more I realize she is just a physical manifestation of far-left indoctrination.

    7. dannyb4283

      She's a moron

    8. Jude Furr

      She is probably the dumbest person ever to be elected to Congress. He has to explain how basic business ideas work good god

    9. Jude Furr

      What a bitch. Even if they do all the stuff she says they did, they didn't break any laws so why is their a discussion??

    10. Mr. CoTrain

      Wow AOC shows how retarded her and her team of lackeys really are, its hilarious, she really doesn't know how a fucking business loan works lol.

    11. He Hate me

      The reason why trump will win again in 2020 ^^^^

    12. prozacRules


    13. Peter John Hardy

      She’s so fucking hot. If she wasn’t such an ignorant twat I’d have an easier time masturbating to her...

    14. Brian Brewster

      To tell you the truth, I thought AOC would rip that Wells Fargo crony, Mr. Sloan, a new one. Wells Fargo is such a corrupt enterprise I REFUSE TO DO BUSINESS WITH THEM EVER AGAIN! And so should most Americans. The range of investments that Ocasio-Cortez brought up is but the tip of the iceberg. This an evil, soulless company that has been caught many times breaking business laws and suffered pretty large settlements. I for one would love to see this company go under for the crap they pulled on millons of people. Shame on them!

    15. Jeff Bieber

      Fucking idiot

    16. Josh Gorman

      She is such a moron

    17. Nicole Ruffin

      I'm very proud to say I no longer work for Wells Fargo. I was there almost 4 years and had no idea it was filled with criminals.😡😡😡

      1. VP T

        I doubt you worked for Wells Fargo, with such low IQ.

      2. Henri Oliveros

        Nicole Ruffin but it’s not? It’s just people doing their jobs.. I want to build a house Wells Fargo gave me a loan to build the house I sell the house Buyer is a serial killer and lures victims into house and kills them Should Wells Fargo be held responsible for the actions of the serial killer?

    18. John Tate

      My God I hope I never get stuck in the Bronx in NY City. The people that elected this woman have got to be as incredibly stupid as A. O. C. Why don’t her colleagues say shhhhhhhhhhh you are embarrassing the entire nation.

    19. rowell669

      What she is trying to establish is they don't put people before profits. Not that they're responsible for any of that.

    20. Rajesh Unnikrishnan

      Wow who is this ignorant congresswoman? Sad state of American politics 😂

    21. Kaptain Kek

      She's making the Democratic party look bad please get her out of fucking office.

    22. Richard Miller

      She is a dim bulb

    23. hockeyplayer0241

      My neighbor cut down his trees so I can sue him if I get skin cancer from to much exposure to the sun is this how it works crazy eyes Cortez?

    24. Ryan Adams

      She’s such a dumb broad. She’s the type of person who thinks she deserves a participation award.

    25. Aaron Hoffman

      I feel like Cortez’s main thought moving forward is to link all aspects of projects together logistically hard but could have some good. I don’t agree with this approach because it inflates victim culture. This said I do see where they are coming from. Basically if the company wanted to build the pipeline they should have occurred all funds possible to make it fault proof, this hands off a majority of the task of making it safe to the investors trying to encourage “smart” investments. The problem with this is if there is no profit margin for the banks there is no incentive to fund any projects. This is what bothers me about these kinds of debates. Sry for the long comment if you read what are your thoughts?

    26. Maurizio Timelli

      If I finance a brand new car in 6 months later start leaking I don't believe the financial institution leasing the money is nothing going to fix it for me. That was a very weak argument from her side

    27. Michael Jordan

      God!!! She's such a spoiled entitled moron!!!!! What a disgrace our politics is, when Trump and Cortez are the headlines 😞

    28. Daniel August

      She’s an idiot


      This dumb bitch should be serving me drinks and taking my food orders. You stupid idiots. She was a fucking bartender and waitress 2 years ago. And now your letting her pretend to be someone that has half a brain and is literally going to destroy western civilization. You fucking morons.

    30. Dylan Snow

      Hillary used to be the GOP’s scapegoat. Now it’s AOC.

    31. Eric Johnson

      Willing to take the risk of poisoning the dreaded red man, eh? Sounds like accessory to murder to me!

    32. Francisco Rodz

      Ocasio-Cortez is Undercover and is trying to Destroy the United States of America

    33. STEM Scientist

      Anyone who thumbed down probably works for Wells Fargo or favors caging children.

    34. Thomas Ferretti

      So we will be holding facebook and twitter responsible for all suicides and assaults from online bullying? Go get em AOC!

    35. John

      Wells Fargo is a piece of shit corporation, but AOC is completely wrong on the way she attacked them

    36. Omar

      Lmao AOC makes me cringe

    37. Dave Wylie

      Scary that someone that stupid can get elected.

    38. Bee Cee

      Dumb dumb woman, soooo soooo stupid, how did she become a congresswoman? Is this how dumb the New Yorkers are?

    39. YETI IS REAL3557

      How is she in this position?

    40. Suazzz

      Her eyes scare me. bug eyed B!+$#

    41. Crissy

      She is making me believe more women should stay barefoot and pregnant.

    42. Andres Sandoval

      Can someone please kill this stupid bitch already!!!!! Please

    43. Buffaloaf

      Here's a thought Wells Fargo invested in the pipeline to have it not leak and be more efficient. But that seems too reasonable

    44. Buffaloaf

      Buys a car. Car airbag fails. AOC: r u going to pay to fix all Chevy's failed airbags? Person: um? I didn't build the car? AOC: ok. Why shouldn't you pay for it? Person: I didn't build the car.

      1. Buffaloaf

        +Eric Johnson no she won't she'll buy her own private jet tho

      2. Eric Johnson

        No, but she’ll help you buy an electric car😀

    45. mosinnagant76

      What the fuck is she on about?

    46. zeke iel

      Just watch this and you'll understand cortez.

    47. Noah

      is this real life?

    48. Damian Lara

      I do not like her one bit.

    49. Glitch

      Good God, That woman is dumb as a fucking bag of hammers.

    50. loganj7238

      I think this is a pointless line of questioning. Wells Fargo's incentive is to provide loans they can make a return on, not protect the environment directly. They evaluate environmental risks but only to determine the viability of an investment. The organization that really had the power to prevent environmental harm is the agency that issued the building permit. They are supposed to establish standards to avoid these events. If the costs to meet these standards are too high Wells Fargo won't invest because it's not viable for them thereby preventing the harm. If the investment is still viable after meeting the standards then it gets funded. Ms. Ocasio-Cortez wants to blame the company for following their incentive when the lack of judiciousness in the government standards is what enabled the disaster. Business follow their incentives. Government (ideally) shapes the incentives to prevent externalities. She should be grilling the permit issuers and modifying the environmental standards that apparently were not strict enough.

    51. 300Balake _

      I bet she got slammed when she was a bartender

    52. ninuxy

      The point she is trying to get across is, if you do risk assessment, and constantly see people who you do business with, and those services you provide to them is vital to the point that their action would not be possible without it, and those actions end up hurting others, then perhaps, either you are doing business with those entities under the guise of knowing their prospective damage to others, or you are just a greedy bastards who only care about the bottom line.

    53. Pat M

      She's such a hack 🤣🤣🤣 The entertainment her ignorant antics provide almost make it worth the embarrassment that she is actually an elected official 🤦‍♂️

    54. Reddinah Redmond

      I adore this woman and abhor the slovenly men that think simply calling her b*** and not finding her attractive (most of these men are slightly south of mule faced themselves) is a debate tactic.

    55. Michael Ferngettie

      Keep the fat cats on there toes....

    56. Doug Unfunny

      she just keeps getting dumber.

    57. Mojave Red


    58. The Djinn

      God, her voice is so annoying!!!!!!! And why do her teeth look like Gary Busey????????

    59. Marcela Hunsberger

      So moral of the story is, pass better regulation that would hold financial institutions responsible for the type of people/business they invest in. Oops, I believe they already do that, (SEC, FinCEN, BSA, OCC, FDIC, FRS, NCUA etc.) 🤯 Please Congress, spend more time regulating smaller business or intities who you wish to really hold accountable to the same standards! If I missed the point then I will admit that fact. I didn't like the Congress women's tone in this hearing.

    60. Diego Vera

      Its like talking to a Wall... she is making xtreme connections and wants companies to be held responsible for something they arent. This girl is dangerous.

    61. XxJayCakesFrenZyXx

      you knew it was gonna be bad when she started off with "according to an article from The Guardian"...

    62. Nick Spiro

      Even the nuts can become a politician????

      1. TruDragon88

        Yeah , look at Trump

    63. Edgar Lopez

      What a joke

    64. Aaron Cowley

      hahaha by her logic she should be jailed for littering becasue she uses the NY city sewer system.

    65. Rage 316

      That's right AOC. Kick his slimy ass!!!!!!

      1. Sparky Wirenut

        Are you baked ?

    66. Tanner Elliotte

      AOC is a fruit loop. The Dems getting behind people like this is why Trump will unfortunately be re-elected in 2020

      1. Joseph c

        To get rid of the Froot Loops, we have to vote Republican for at least 12 or more years.

    67. Orfeo Plus

      😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 but I am sure she has V8 vehicle.

    68. D J

      He should have said "hypothetically, shouldn't you be financially responsible to NY and the 10's of thousands of people who lost out on the Amazon deal because you don't have a basic understanding of how anything works"?

      1. D J

        I don't know how to argue with your defense of this woman. Governor Como and left leaning media like ny times and cnn rest blame on the hostile business environment that aoc gladly takes "credit" for. Sure there are many to blame but I was making fun of her logic in the questioning of Sloan and the blame Wells Fargo should bare by saying if they're liable so should she

      2. stefdelev

        +D J lol but you realize their response is nonsense right? AOC had no say and no power in this. The location wasn't even in her district as congresswoman. She literally couldn't have done anything to them, aside from talk. They're just using her as a scapegoat because she was the loudest. I can assure you, multinational companies don't pull out of a deal because someone was mean to them lmao

      3. D J

        +stefdelev Amazon pulled out of the deal saying aoc caused a hostile business environment. Aoc said never Amazon and took a "victory lap". A simple search would bring up plenty on articles on this topic.

      4. stefdelev

        Lol what does she have to do with the Amazon deal?

    69. Stephen Taber

      Two pieces of shit. How, can these people be are government or representatives.

    70. Pedro Sueta

      So that is why she was still a bartender after graduated from college. She probably asked dumb questions during all job interviews.

    71. Nico Misuraca

      By this logic, every member of the taxpaying American public should be held accountable for the war crimes that our government commits overseas. Our tax dollars directly finance these efforts. Every drone strike should be followed by a "FUCK YOU GRANDMA FOR FUNDING INTERNATIONAL TERROR!"

    72. myroc1

      Makes me curious what kind of risk assessment they did before declining to help clean up. I mean he didn't even phone his risk assessment team before he started backing away from that opportunity.

      1. superhoga

        Because 210,000 is not a whole lot of gallons and because they contract before the fact with insurance companies who will do the cleanup should the event occur. How do you be an adult and not know this?

    73. Manny Suarez

      She seems like she's a bit of a bitch lol at all the nicest of nicest bet she has many friends. I could be wrong lol

    74. Shelly gaga

      I love her

    75. Jennifer Wilson

      AOC is an absolute MORON

    76. Steven E

      Wow. Alex 'Like so...' Cortes is the dumbest member in Congress.

    77. Fritz Westfall

      This is legitimately terrifying. Imagine the hazard of making banks take responsibility for their customers actions... not only that but this is suggested by a congressperson that got enough votes by people who think like this to get into office... wow

      1. Tom Walsh

        They choose their clientele chief 😁

    78. jifferd135

      So if the bank finances my car, and I cause an accident, the bank should pay for damages?

    79. Kristina Melnichenko

      A risk they’re willing to take because they don’t face the costs! What a Broken system. Great on AOC for making her point clearly and effectively. Free markets are not supposed to be deregulated untaxed corporate orgies.

    80. Lemuel Uhuru

      It's simple, in politics there are no fist fights. You have to use language and slick questioning to get people to make mistakes, misspeak and make statements that could potentially self incriminate, defame, or tarnish themselves or who they represent. Plain speaking allows for easy lies to fly under the radar and doesn't allow viewers to see in all context how the person on trial might respond under pressure. This is why AOC and many other politicians have to resort to these strategic conversational tactics to pin the defense. You people think you're so smart calling career politicians stupid when you just show your inferiority in understanding what just played out.

    81. Jubbs _

      This is the same woman who complained about being described as "sassy". I'm a woman too and she is fucking "sassy". Seriously, her arguments are so petty and stupid and she needs to find real issues instead of asking a bank why they provide loans. She comes off as a bitter millennial.

    82. Armus Skinofevil

      She's trying but the stretch is just too far. Better to grill him over the illegal billing

    83. Rodney Roque

      He puts the LOAN in SLOAN

    84. denny blalock

      A serial killer has been caught at his home. Wells Fargo is the mortgage holder. Her logic is that Wells Fargo should be charged with murder

      1. denny blalock

        +Tom Walsh Who decides whats immoral? You? Maybe putting hundreds of thousands of people out of work in the oil/car industry is immoral.

      2. Tom Walsh

        Its more like knowingly financing morally bankrupt and illegal entities...good try tho bud 👍

    85. Ishrak Hussain

      I will always stand by you my Bronx Sis. From your Brooklyn Bro !

    86. Ishrak Hussain

      Ocasio Kicks ass

    87. Kevin Linn

      God, she is so fucking stupid!

    88. The College Class

      I love this lady

      1. The College Class

        Sparky Wirenut take a field trip to ruvuma in Tanzania after uv looked up Ujumaa and tell us

      2. Sparky Wirenut

        +The College Class Take a field trip to Venezuela and let us know how great socialism is .

      3. The College Class

        Sparky Wirenut there r concrete examples of how socialism has brought positive long term change to countries.

      4. The College Class

        Sparky Wirenut not at all. Which part of the combination between a free market economy and social services provided to all citizens of a country is not useful?

      5. Sparky Wirenut

        +The College Class It's about as useless as teats on a bull !

    89. brunojake099

      This woman man.. questioning the bank for doing its job?!

      1. Myname8315

        brunojake099 point she’s trying to get at is to loan responsibly. There are banks out there especially the newer ones that pride themselves on never investing in fossil fuels. Js

    90. Steven Human

      "I'm not aware... I'm not aware... I'm not aware..." Well okay, then. Dude's not aware. Instead of answering her questions point, he just reinterprets her questions in such a way that he can play dumb. Guess that's one way to absolve yourself of guilt. 🙄

    91. Ankur Shah

      AOC - Dumb, So if my bank loans money to a company or individual who in turn runs a meth lab or murders his family in that home. The bank has to take some or all responsibility?

    92. archipelago93

      For all the morons like AOC out there: banks lend money. That's their job, period. Not building pipelines or anything else for which they loan money. Her question about pipeline spill liability is analogous to asking if a bank who made a home loan should be liable if a plumber wrongly installed a toilet that flooded said house. What a freaking dumba$$. Her 15 minutes of fame are up.

    93. OnlyHope123

      If you finance a company so they can build a potentially environmentally hazardous pipeline YOU as the financier MUST take responsibility for not recognizing where your money is being invested. Thank you aoc

    94. Ashwini Kumar Pathak

      Damn go girl!!! I know you r just a representative but make sure you have all your facts ready so that you can tighten your grip hold on the ballsacks of these douches Sorry...they got away with some stuff... But you go girl

    95. What The Shit Is This

      How much pressure is AOC under. How much does she need to prepare for these hearings to not be dismissed like a child or a "stupid broad". Say what you want about her ideas, if more "regular people" had the fuckin balls to step up and run for public office and win we could actually hold these god dam CEOs accountable.

    96. Quinn Bailey

      She’s asking genuine questions. Don’t need to like her, but could at least respect that she’s making a great point about who should cover the negative externalities of investments in fossil fuel energy and infrastructure (and calling the CEO out for claiming they don’t put profit over people, which as we’ve found out last year is not the case and never will be)

    97. Seeit Tobelieveit

      Wow - she is brilliant!

    98. Cole Murphy

      if a person has an account with you and their cousin hits a puppy with their car, arent you a puppy killer? lol

    99. Colton P

      Wow, shes dumb

    100. Questchaun

      Wish all representatives were as "stupid" as Republicans think AOC is.

      1. Varnce

        Questchaun at least Democrat’s bc that dumb bitch is the gift that keeps on giving