Everything Wrong With Furious 7 In So Many Minutes



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    *This video is a re-upload. Original release date: 1/21/16*
    Also, TV Sins here: us-new.com/chl/UCe4bOvc1mYxFcQ5xPb9Zmow
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    Furious 7 made a sh*t-ton of money, and many people love it... for some reason. We are not among them.
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    Published on 12 days ago


    1. Giannis Vlachos

      @CinemaSins I got two words for you: Shut your bitch ass up! And you all, unsubscribe these persons of Cinema Sins!

    2. Androkless7

      The higher the sin count, the better the Video. I fucking loves this

    3. Harley Garcia

      12:12 this has actually happened a evo at pikes peak flipped off the mountain guy came out without a scratch

    4. Nikhil Jain

      Hey cinema sins, he was infact driving around when Han was killed, he saw the damn blast with his own eyes.

    5. Thonas Abbot

      how can you make a “everything wrong with” when Paul dies in the middle of this movie

    6. Nicholas Elio

      How did you miss "I am the CALVARY" Which is supposed to be CAVALRY

    7. arjun s

      What?? You only add 1000 sins to that jumping between that buildings scene?? It look like at least 3000 sins at minimum...

    8. Duce Okoroafor

      Ive been laughing way to damn much

    9. Scentedd

      First Thought:Paul Walker & See You Again By Wiz Khalifa&Charlie Puth

    10. FarmingRacingMore

      RIP Sin Counter

    11. Nerva

      RIP Paul Walker. F&F died with you.

    12. Juliett A

      You do realize that the Rock is just an actor while Statham is an actual MMA expert, right?

    13. Hello There

      That was easy.

    14. Ryan Arthur

      You added a sin for Ramsey in a bikini? You're doomed to rot in hell I'm afraid. She's the hottest thing ever with or without clothes :(

    15. Dre Jefferson

      Do Dragon Ball Super Broly!!!!!!!!!!!


      Man he really hates this franchise

    17. Oscar Chaverri

      Please do hobbs & shaw

      1. Imran Becks

        Not till another 4 months or so.

    18. Alicia Rice

      The endless chuckle plus the pause in the middle gets me everytime.

    19. Roger Skagerström

      Cartoons? Wait? I thought people liked these movies for the wonderful friendship? :P

    20. Vslsnks

      I don't care. All is forgotten with Nathalie's smile at the end of the "The Fate" Movie!! MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN EVERRRR. us-new.com/online/video-HvBRJnSmxD0.html

    21. Ko Marc

      I like it when you have muzzle flash even without pulling the trigger 14:59

    22. Camuri

      R a c e W a r s

    23. Blue Raptor

      When Brian jumps into the back of the bus, who in the WORLD is driving his car? It drives itself completely straight for a long time before Brian actually jumps onto the bus. Go back and watch the scene! I’m fast and SERIOUS!

    24. Holy Electrum

      Literally watched the film today

    25. Nick Vargas

      1337 🤣🤣🤣 I haven't heard that one in a looooooong time!!

    26. andrew bowman

      Um sir thats a Subaru not a sion

    27. Poo Doo

      No one gonna talk about the fact that there drinking champagne and beer in Dubai correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t alcohol illegal in Dubai Sin

    28. Super Mario Plush 220

      Why did you reupload

    29. Mr Zhou

      Were you recording this while your wife was asleep? Why are you whispering?

    30. Steve Sherwood

      1000...and one extra sin for Decker not firing a grenade that explodes on the back of the flying car, only to help it launch into its unbelievable flight through the two other buildings.

    31. Geread Martin


    32. Noah Grant

      Please do Hobbs and shaw

    33. jtappia

      15:19... 1000 sins.. Just found this channel on youtube. Most hillarious channel ever! 😂😂😂😂

    34. Wicked Snipes

      "Brians Scion" lol okay dude. thats a scion. and I have a Chevrolet Civic...

    35. power couple gaming

      They should give hobbs a 500 magnum

    36. Damion Phillips

      Did he just say a scion that's a wrx ffs kill me

    37. Yojimbo413

      Family lol

    38. Imran Becks

      Why re-upload this? I don't get it. Could've done something new such as Avengers Endgame instead of re-uploading...

    39. Kai P.

      "race wars"

    40. Double R

      Sin for you, it's a Subaru. (Ding) 1

    41. Yaop117

      1:57 what are you talking about? that's still funny as shit. lmao

    42. Blue Bang EM

      They still would have been okay ..... HAHAHAHAHA #DEAD

    43. Greywind92

      so who narrates all these videos? i need a face to go with the voice

    44. Yahya Koura

      الشخره 19:24 أحلى حاجه في الموضوع 😂😂😂

    45. Blue Bang EM

      Audi.... Viper..... Ferrari..... Bugatti..... Dodge Charger ?¿?¿? “ it’s not the car but who’s driving iiiAAAHHH HORSESHIT!!!

    46. River Noir

      "YOUR ON A ROOF" - Cinemasins 2k19

    47. Arrebarreking


    48. Kazimierz Wróbel

      Hobbs & Shaw in major theaters near you! I'll just wait for CinemaSins to tear it shreds, which like to be more entertaining.

    49. Zales1k

      @15:00 another sin is the gun was shooting with out the finger on the trigger

    50. sweet baby lamb chop

      5:14 he says Tokyo, "Equatorial Guinea" (on the the western side of Africa) but he's actually thinking about Tokyo, "Papua New Guinea" in between Australia and the Philippines ♡♡

    51. Ya Boi Games

      Furious 7 is the perfect movie no sins dumbass

    52. Wazeer Golamaully

      1:49 ..when hector touched dom, is that Leonardo DiCaprio behind them, with the hat and white vest?

    53. Jordana Woroniuk

      Watched this before the movie. Still confused with the whole Paul walker thing. Did they kill him off? Did he just disappear? Wtf!

    54. Negan & Lucille

      L E E T

    55. Jose Segundo

      Re-upload? I remember almost all.

    56. jazzfarer

      The movie is...yeah. But I did kind of choke up during that scene where Dom and Brian take one last drive together and their paths split.

    57. Korey Morgan

      Can’t wait till your video on Hobbs & Shaw comes out 😂🤣

    58. Nova Lunatyc

      I'd take at least 10-50 sins off for the fact that they did put tribute for Paul Walker I mean... 1337 sins!? That seems like too much

    59. Nathan Ricci

      Solid Garfield reference

    60. SRT8Driver

      'they say' ---1000 sins for that bullshit right there off the bat!!!

    61. james hawkins

      Corona me silly!!!

    62. zdruva Nosworthy


    63. Yaz Khan

      15:37 +1 extra sin! The bloody wheel fell off!

    64. sir pulls alot

      Great movie

    65. Guest DJ666

      When movies are so tedious you get bored halfway into the condensed cinemasins version

    66. Jimmy Brassard

      9 minutes 100 sins.

    67. Henry Park

      1337 sins for one movie!!!!!

    68. OkiStash

      Ummmm Brian's Scion? You mean the scion with the flat-4 and awd? XD

    69. Sheryl Wilkins

      It has been a long time since I have laughed out loud on Cinema Sins. This one got me. The best was the building to building scene. I could just imagine them hitting between floors or a support beam. Kills me.