1. JB Johnson

    Pathetic performance

  2. Jason Johnson

    Hear me out....Kyler is the next Russell Wilson hands down...49ers need a pass rusher......however if Cards select Bosa, they should consider selecting Kyler. Jimmy G isn’t proven....and after his injury.....who knows for sure?????? Kyler is too good of an athlete to pass up.

  3. Stan Smith

    I wonder which company he will sign a shoe deal with? Nike needs to put out some sick football player shoes like they did back in the 90s. Especially since this dude is a 2 sport athlete. Bo Jackson had his own shoe. Deion Sanders had his own shoe. Kyler Murray probably will too.

  4. ItsMysticVision

    he should go to the Giants

  5. G XRP

    Mini Mahomes!

  6. Dividend Income

    Who else noticed he doesn’t know how to operate under center? No drills from passing hand to hand. That’s concerning

  7. Dez Butz

    MIDGET lol

  8. Daniel Timbs

    I don't understand why everybody make such a big deal about some of these throws. " it looks like he can make every throw on the field". Well yeah he's a quarterback. I can make all of those throws and I am 400 pounds. The routes that they asked them to run 4 these passes are extremely easy to put the ball right on their hands especially if you're a professional quarterback and you've been doing it. I'm not a professional quarterback at all but I grew up playing football at the quarterback position with all my buddies and I can sit there and hit every single one of those routes right in the hands. So I shake my head every single time they say that he can make all of the throws unlike other quarterbacks. Every single professional quarterback can make all of those same throws

  9. R_ M

    Maybe he’ll prove me wrong but bruh is way too little

  10. Smiles King

    Giants got played

  11. Kyler Bourne

    He has the same name as me lol

  12. Sanj Batchanoo

    This guy reminds me a lot of Johnny manziel! Cards better off taking bosa, and grabbing frohm or tua in 2020.

  13. CrimsonTide

    Tua was robbed.

  14. john carrillo iv

    Watch the cardinals not take this guy !!! I'm not a cardinals fan but there stupid if they don't

  15. peachy 2123

    Check out this play

  16. Corey Oden

    Done deal...he's the no. 1 pick HANDS DOWN!

  17. Doors067

    steve keim: ok we got rosen, traded up for him were set at qb everyone else is stupid! steve keim: ok well that sucked we did even worse...yknow whats gonna make us good A dwarf playing quarterback

  18. Colin Stone

    Kyler is the worst name in history. “Kyler”. Gross.

  19. Christopher Manners

    But can he throws accurate ball under pressure? That is the test.

    1. Brandon Wright

      He did it all season

  20. Ethan Akers

    Yeah really

  21. Micky Bender

    Quite laughable, the so called experts elaborating about him making his throws fith the feet, legs and what not. Do these guy see, the crazy leg glute and hip development of Murray. Believe me, the last thing they should worry about, is him making any athletic movement with his lower portion of the body.

  22. davion Lewis

    Talk think he better then Tom Brady?🤔

  23. dspsaab

    Looks Russel Wilson 2.0

  24. Jeebs Gold

    Am I the only one that think's his throws are low at the line of scrimmage?

  25. Jeebs Gold

    Wish that big ass graphic didn't cover-up half of Murray's footwork. It could easily have been half the size.

  26. Bush Msbc

    Worth a top 10 but definitely not a 1st off the board level player. Bosa is the only Beast in the draft.

  27. Nohmad, Inc.

    This comment section is full of ex-Heisman, NFL, MLB hall of famer’s, Beware!

  28. Old Salem

    Some stupid team will reach for him in the first round, he will be overpayed. He might have a good year 1, teams will get tape, year 2 he will have a drastic decline and will eventually be someone's back up, like Rg3

  29. Justin Time for dinner

    Who cares about pro days!!! I hope these guys can throw a football they did play college ball right? Doesn’t mean anything in the nfl. Remember who had the best pro day Johnny manziel 👎🏻

  30. Macky Mode

    Murray is not going to run around in NFL like he did in college if he wants to have a long career, with that in mind I took his running game out of the equation and weighed his game purely based on the passing game, and I would say he's above average in terms of draft prospects historically, what I don't understand is why the so-called experts keep talking about him fitting a certain system, Murray is a prototypical passer as well, if they are labeling him as a system QB because they expect him to run around, then they clearly don't know how the NFL game is played. Murray will play well under any system because he has the fundamental skill-set as a pocket passer, Cardinals are fools to expect anything more out of Murray that they would get out of Rosen all along because talent-wise those two are very close as a passing QB

    1. Ole Okie Watson

      This is a good comment.

  31. Suburban Thug

    79 in madden

  32. Mdmchannel

    He looks to be the same height as Jim Zorn

  33. Mdmchannel

    Was that Jim Zorn in the white shirt feeding the ball to the QB? I remember him as the Seattle Seahawk original QB from the late 1970’s.

  34. Ron Class

    Can not hear the golf announcers. Please speak up

  35. burmaman

    something to consider: these so-called experts have been WRONG far more than they have been correct. it is not even close. they are the meteorologists of the media.

  36. Larry Wheeler

    No long bombs? I say he goes to Arizona. Then they trade Rosen for 2 wide receivers.

    1. Ole Okie Watson


  37. JackNCoke2008

    Pro Day is the NFL equivalent of Cliff Notes. Instead of watching all the college game footage they just take this shortcut to evaluation the guys talent.

  38. foxredimpala

    He’s gonna be good!

  39. Fleet Fox

    To understand Kyler's talent, you need to see the defense that he carried to the CFP. I don't know how good he's going to be in the pros, but he is worth a top 10 pick because the upside is just massive. I get the concern about his size, but after seeing him consistently dominate at every level I am confident that he can be great in the NFL. And if he reaches his potential, he is transformative in a way that Haskins or Rosen just can't be.

  40. What's up guys

    Why did he wear gay shorts? Does he swing that way?

  41. yo nigga

    He can't throw the bomb

    1. Ole Okie Watson

      8:45 Wrong.

  42. Timothy Smith

    Consistently perfect 👌 wow!!!

  43. Ray Caroli

    Game speeds up in NFL I just can’t get over his height at that position I know about brees and Wilson but I just can’t take a chance on such an important position as QB I rather take Haskins

  44. Bonnie Bryant

    but he's 5'10...

    1. Monkey D. Luffy

      He’s a half inch shorter than wilson

  45. James Cichy

    If he threw a tight spiral more than 20% of the time he'd be good in my eyes

  46. Wheres My Niggа George

    The 2nd most useless game ever comprised. Rugby is WAY better than this break time protective over-hyped and over-paid bullshit.

  47. marchenoir44

    Footwork is quite flexible (and quick like last year's OU, 1st-round QB) but, he often has very short strides -obviously- The benefit of that is always being ready to rotate, turn and/or take off. Hope he's not running away from the defense all year long. edit: clearly he can spinnit. Dude's throwing some piss-missles out there. Can't wait to see his timing get up to NFL calibre.

    1. Ole Okie Watson

      You're blind. His touch is excellent with a strong arm and quick release to boot.

  48. John Paul Bausa

    Looks like 5’8.5

  49. Big White Cock


  50. barry dingle

    Did this draft bust give the oakland As their money back.

  51. TheHomiePhamousz

    My Attention immediately Seen Shawty in The White Pants Walk Across The Screen 🔥🔥🔥

  52. Yayrwe

    So, what do you all think of Kyler?

  53. Kareem Majeens

    I love how they zoom in on his footwork when he's just readying up to take the snap and then zoom out right when the actual great footwork takes place.

  54. Jay Labadie

    He is going to turn it up big time in the NFL! What a QB! Can't wait for him to end up at New England!

  55. unclemc 23

    Yeah we got a live arm

  56. thehomiealan

    "all his throws have been accurate"...*misses a throw*

  57. Chris Lacks

    Tua, u remenber

  58. Donald Duck

    I'm not buying this guys hype. 5'11 one year starter. This guy is a 3rd round project not a 1st rounder. Speaks for the desperation NFL teams have

    1. Donald Duck

      +youso91 Cards going to make huge mistake drafting him. They should ride with Rosen. After that as s kicking last year Rosen got, I'm sure he learned somethings. Aikman got beat up his first year in Dallas and everyone thought he was a bust , you know the rest. I wouldn't draft Murray in 1st. He's a second to third rounder imo

    2. youso91

      +Donald Duck kyler wayyyy fsster then cam and man did win MVP even Andrew Luck, Brees etc never done. My point is kyler should be giving chance.

    3. Donald Duck

      +youso91 what has Can really done in the last 3 years? He's also 6 foot 5 and can run

    4. youso91

      I would strongly disagree Cam was a 1 year starter. Talent is talent in my own personal opinion he's the best QB to come in the draft since Andrew Luck only reason people doubt this cause of his size but that crap overated especially in today flag football

  59. Grant Gunderson

    His baseball arm tho

  60. Travis Achesinski

    The Dolphins would need kyler murray next season, to compliment kenny stills. Make it happen

  61. Gerald Fields

    Will Grier is the best pure passer in this class. Grier reminds me of a young Aaron Rogers

  62. Joe Hall

    4:05 say no more. He will be the R.O.Y, I dont need to see anything more. We good KY.

  63. law35penn

    Ain't nothing yet until real speed of the game. How many big shot QB we have seen that's been drafted early and failed.

  64. Rockems

    So everyone should skip the combine. Good job NFL you played yourself!

  65. Tramaine Terrance

    Hello, Humans. Can you see the sun, while it shines in your eyes? The sun is powerful. It has claimed the lives of countless beings throughout the universe. The sun is alive. It knows what it knows and it feels what it feels. It only knows heat and rage. One day, the sun will explode and all life will stop. Sometimes in life.......🌞 TERRANCE OUT

  66. George Lucas


  67. halimo aden


  68. Troy Lafecn

    He want make it in the NFL because Mike vick play out no more vick it don't work DE outside linebacker is to fast guy he can try but it want work look at jonny boy he look good to but where he at my point 💯

    1. youso91

      Johnny wasn't nearly as fast hell hes not even faster then Mariota. This Kid is Vick with Wilson protecting himself mentality. Also he's a better QB then Johnny also hes not a drug addict

  69. Sifiso Mthethwa

    2:25 You're welcome

  70. john teague

    Good humble guy

  71. Bedford TV

    Check out what this cop did to me in Houston smh

  72. 4reeltactics Fishing

    Over hype...bust written all over him.

  73. sam olivarez

    Lets see this with 6’4 guards getting pushed into his lap. Dudes well under 6’ . He will be a bust as a QB, book it.

  74. Altair

    This dude went to my high school at the same time I did and I saw him multiple times in hallway.

  75. worchin green

  76. 206robert206


  77. G anthony

    I don’t care what you guys say this guys a joke

  78. Shmokyo

    Seattle Seahawks! DRAFT HIM!

  79. Manofsteel

    Haskins and Murray will both be busts. Black QBs are not successful long term. For the minorities about to blast the comments, Vick, newton, McNabb are a few out of thousands. & even they didn't win

    1. youso91

      Russell Wilson

  80. Mia

    Hope he goes to the giants they need him he could do something with Tate now

  81. tripp

    I been following Kyler since his sophomore year at Allen High of my favorite all time Texas football players. I wish the best for him. Great young man

  82. jason gruntkosky

    Pretty obvious he has his hair cut like that to appear taller. If you cut that mop off he'd look a lot shorter. No way he is 5'10 like the NFL claimed. He's closer to 5'9. Also Jim Zorn is 6'1 pretty easy to see he is more than 3 inches taller than him.

  83. Hood Stuff entertainment

    Going to the jets

  84. Lon Lonboutsady

    Yeah NCAAF is different from N F L

  85. melvado

    Packers please

  86. Jay Battz

    how can you win with a qb who's only good outta the shot gun..the d-coord's would always know its a pass and unless u have a solid back and lines it can only result in limited positive yards if its a draw play...🤔🤔

  87. Ashley Kowalski

    Kyler went to my high school (Allen high school in Allen, Texas) and I was in the marching band so I saw him play every Friday night. Watching him play then and win a state title was amazing. I can’t imagine what it will be like in the NFL!

  88. Musa Deion Sumbundu

    Kyler Murray to the PATRIOTS!

  89. lightningNAjar


  90. Ryan Cure

    If he throws for 45 TDs a year, he will be the next Russell Wilson.

  91. I’m boutta nut tt

    I think the redskins are drafting him

  92. Creator278

    Haskins is better.

  93. Kerlin johnson

    Cynthia jean-baptiste is a witch

  94. Mars Fortune

    I don’t understand why everyone thinks kyler is so tiny, he’s a normal sized human being.

  95. Ethan Wood

    Anybody can make the throw when theres no defensive end coming at you. Dude is no where near RG3, his career will be over quick.

  96. luvzlara

    Too much hype for this guy. He won’t live up to it. He will get hurt and fade away.


    Ball looks massive in his frail female hands. But the dude can still sling it

    1. Fleet Fox

      True. It's pretty wild to see the ball dominate his little hands and then he throws a tight spiral right where he wants it.

  98. steve gardonyi

    Hey Giants, Here's your chance to make up for all the bullshit u put us through. Draft this kid please.

  99. matthew walkemar

    I still can’t believe where he is now. I went to school with him, met him many times, and knows my family personally.

  100. Chris Dixon

    Dudes on another level.the real deal...