"ENCHANTED" By Chloe X Halle | El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie | Netflix



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    "Living is a dream..."
    Catch up on Jesse's journey.
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    "ENCHANTED" By Chloe X Halle | El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie | Netflix
    Fugitive Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) runs from his captors, the law and his past. Written and directed by "Breaking Bad" creator Vince Gilligan.

    Published on 10 days ago


    1. MC Jay

      Just let it be. We don't need this movie.

    2. Fortnite Space

      I’m 17 and I’ve always heard so many things about breaking bad so 2 weeks ago I started it and I just finished and watched the trailer, what a great show!

    3. johnnyx5796

      Netflix : if you see Disney with a gun don’t worry that he is gonna shot you Netflix : im the one who knocks!!

    4. Mighty Shtuff

      I'm not crying, you're crying

    5. CrazyCrazyMan123 Balls

      I really want Jesse to have a happy ending.

    6. Shawn Toomath

      i see 4 shots @1 minute in ?

    7. Mohammed Hoshan

      I have already seen BB, but now I was shocked to realize that I forgot everything about this series when I saw Andrea being shot ☹️ Besides, I know Walter White is a bad guy but I am in love with him, the best character ever made 😍🔥

    8. Angel Garcia

      I’m very impatient I wanna see this movie now

    9. phazon25811

      I hope El Camino has a great, happy ending for Jesse. He deserves it after everything he went through.

    10. Me Justme

      I miss Jane. I'll never forgive Walter for letting Jane die. I loved her character. *Cries in Russian

    11. boastfuls

      It's all about the transition. Jesse went from a "bad kid" to being someone just wanting peace. Walter, the opposite. Chemistry is about growth....and decay.

    12. Yannmergez D

      Better be 4 hours long

    13. Ashad Ahmad

      This series is 99% pure addiction.

    14. TES Enthusiast


    15. ben skoobi

      Jesus Christ I feel *really* bad for jesse. Like, he isn't even that bad of a guy, I mean sure he sold drugs but that doesn't really justified making him suffer like that. I actually almost cried when i saw all he went through.

    16. Rationalthought83

      Jesse is the reason why emotions have to leave a boy so he can become a man. Ain’t meant to have them.

    17. Zabi Ahmedzai

      If you watch the ending again, the police come and one officer checks walter whites pulse and shakes his head meaning yes. so hes alive.

    18. Emperor Pronddaltuma

      I'm dreading this, I was hoping Vince Gilligan wasn't going down the road of spin offs and movies, but he did, so badly hoped Breaking bad would be a one off short run series, but they just have to beat yet another horse to death just to squeeze out every last drop of money.

    19. D E

      wow theyre actually giving us a epilogue, only took them forever

    20. STUDIO Ji-Max

      J ai eu des frisdons

    21. Salah Abdel Ghaffar Qamhieh

      this is the best!

    22. Sick My Duck

      Tight tight tight Right on

    23. zodavila

      name song?? pliss

    24. Илья1987 Рождённый в СССР!!!

      Жду с нетерпением!!!!!!!!!

    25. Mahmoud Hassen

      They choose only violent moments to put in this trailer.


      Jesse Pinkman was totally in love with Mr. Heisenberg [aka. Walter White], for making the methamphetamine for him. He had to’ve been. Totally and completely in love. And that is my conclusion of this story, Breaking Bad. No one could change my mind now. Like no one can convince me otherwise. It was the absolute best TV Show that we ever watched here at home, as a family [my cousin, my Grandmother and myself always got together to take it in]. We loved it.

    27. Kristýna Kubišová


    28. BattleBornHD

      I cannot tell you how stoked I am for this!!! I am watching Breaking Bad for the third time right now. This show is genius.

    29. Kreff

      Everytime the song said, “Love is ecstasy.” And the horns in the background came in, it made the song and trailer even more amazing

    30. Farfy McDoogle

      Wait, what? This is old stuff. Is the movie just gonna be a compressed version of the show???

      1. boblogjon

        No its basically showing a recap of Jessie's life

    31. Edi Mujic

      Daaaaamn goosebumps

    32. pardis attar

      😭damn ....the feeling i had before watching this was waaay different from how i'm feeling now

    33. Yasmine Bribri

      I have a feeling that Netflix will screw this story

    34. Kent Young

      He drove off in an El Camino

    35. dezza 99

      Am i the only one who finds it creepy how well this song fits with the video?

    36. Vaibhu Plays!

      The only thing i understood after watching the whole series is that you can have the top most secretive conversation inside a "CAR"

    37. Joe

      Didn't hank die?!

    38. Juan Carlos Hazanow

      Since I saw this series (twice) no other excites me. God I have a serious problem. I'm going to have to watch it a third time until Netflix produces something that comes close to it (if they can)

    39. Deiganator

      So the movie is going to be all breaking bad clips?

      1. Ryan John John

        lol no, its jesse post the finale, but first they are preparing us by showing us all he went through.

    40. MurfsWorld

      I just can't wait to see this, rewatched last episode in preparation and was engrossed

    41. Berry Seinfeld

      terrible trailer.

      1. Weronika

        this isn't a trailer

    42. Mackmells

      Wow wow wow

    43. Nikolay Nikolaev


    44. Todd Simmons

      El Camino: The Rise of Badger.

    45. Pi O

      So heartbreaking 😭😭😭


      I think I may have downloaded wrong El Camino film.

    47. _CONSIGLIERE _

      Что за движ намечается я не понял??

    48. Fuckleberry Finn

      Amazing song choice, excellent cover, flawless story. It doesn't matter how many times I watch the show, it still gut punches me with emotion.

    49. raesuh

      I just realised this is the song from when Jesse first does heroin with Jane..

    50. Pankaj

      Too much spolilers

      1. Brandon Holmes

        These are clips from the show Breaking Bad, not El Camino

    51. Piero Nuñez

      2:23 😭

    52. Alam Jiku

      Jesse pinkman👌👌

    53. Ahmet Çebi


    54. Johnny NiteTrain

      I forgot they killed what’s her name?, that girl Jessie loved, who’s kid almost died from Walt’s poisonous plant. Is that who psychopath Todd shot on the porch? So is the kid still alive? I watched all these weekly on cable, so it’s been years. Never seen one episode on Netflix. I might watch some season recaps before the movie.

      1. Gracie Pearson Poulter

        Andrea is her name I think :(

    55. yedferzone zone

      La cancion cual es?

    56. Brobot12 2

      1:42 oh man just seeing the eerie gustavo in the background slightly hidden in the shadows really shows how powerful he was over walter and jessie

    57. R. Kudryavtsev

      Бля вспомнил прослезился, это будет ахуенно,скорее бы !!!

    58. ヅـمدAHMEDأحـ

      I miss it😭💔

    59. ウンバボみつる


    60. Kendall Anderson

      I would like to see Saul in this, but it’s highly unlikely. he’s changed his name & his location so I doubt we’ll see him...I’ll still have hope doe!

    61. Hazeem Jufri

      I just watched final episode of breaking bad yesterday

    62. VlogUntilDawn

      I'm in the middle of re-watching Breaking Bad. It's weird, of all the scenes of death and other terrible things happening, I feel like one of the saddest and most tragic scenes is the one where this song plays...when he tries heroin for the first time.

    63. Kanishk Priyadarshi

      It tighten my nipples til late. Fookin goosebumps man!

    64. Asfas Asf

      I used to think that game of thrones was a tragedy. And now I realize, it’s a comedy.

    65. John Yang

      "El Camino'' The Way

    66. Amir Sthefano Veratudela Hoyos

      0:16 Jesse is the breaking of breaking bad

    67. The D Knax

      Good thing I started watching breaking bad this summer

    68. Valeria Talavera


    69. cason mcadams

      Living is a dream when you make it seem enchanted Lovers take for granted all the world's aglow, they ought to know When you touch a star then you really are enchanted Find a seed and plant it, love will make it grow It's really grand when you stand hand in hand with your lover And thrill to the wonders of night And days, too, will amaze you and soon you'll discover Your dreams run to dreams in continuous flight Love is ecstasy, it's divine to be enchanted When your dreams are slanted through a lover's eyes It's really grand when you stand hand in hand with your lover And thrill to the wonders of night And days, too, will amaze you and soon you'll discover Your dreams run to dreams in continuous flight Love is ecstasy, it's divine to be enchanted When your dreams are slanted through a lover's eyes

    70. Astral

      Stop acting on the old feelings