Eggs Benedict | Basics with Babish Live

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    *Disclaimer: this is not my new kitchen! I filmed this livestream in Nashville, TN*
    Every other week, cook-a-long with me on Twitch as I make the previous week's Basics with Babish episode. This is the rebroadcast of the live stream for Eggs Part II, where I make Eggs Benedict.
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    1. redlinezo613

      Babish was a little drunk on this stream haha.

      1. redlinezo613

        Sofa king high.

      2. redlinezo613

        Maybe very high

    2. Drew Lorenz

      Says he was in film, puts 2 & 2 together, that's a sick focal length Tattoo.

    3. free dome

      the true side of babish, I like it

    4. kevin Nelson

      Oh buster, those eggs benny look amazing, so jealous how the poached eggs turned out😍

    5. DRASTiC

      Can we get the Binging with Brad series sometime soon please, thanks.

    6. juan193

      huh, i always thought that for pouching eggs you needed white vinegar, i even make a special reduction with certain herbs and black pepper, and also that it helps keep the white together while on boiling water. Now im not sure you need it?

    7. egg

      You killed me 😢😢😢😭😭😭

    8. Courtney Hall

      Love the podcast but no metal utensils on stainless steel pans. Bartenders friend will help fix their surfaces.

    9. themelonsoup

      I didn't expect so much of this voodoo would be dedicated to calling you daddy. 😂

    10. Bmcgovs

      Anyone else from the New Jersey squad...

    11. RaisedByRaptorz

      I've seen this guy for about 2 months now all over US-new, today I have finally decided to watch his videos. I watched 3 of them and can conclusively say this guys a fuckin hack. Not only does he owe his fame to US-new he admits Twitch does it for him too. He seems like a dick as well by the way he talks to everyone. He also offers no real cooking tips. Cant wait for this guy to disappear from fame. Fuck this guy.

    12. Open Thoughts

      Follow my dumbass meme pg 😂😂 on ig @light.advice

    13. smiless0999

      Is it just me or was he like suuuuper annoying this episode??

    14. David Small

      how are you going to be releasing a cookbook without ya boy art directing it

    15. janedagger

      I live outside Nashville and lemme tell you... it IS the deep deep south. ITs horrifying. Period.

    16. Amy Olson

      Will you come do a livestream at my house? I could watch you cook, listen to you talk, and take down some whiskey with ya ANY TIME. Plus...MN is beautiful (except in the cold, disgusting, winter)!

    17. reaperruup

      dude this live stream.... sould be posted by you suck at cooking

    18. reaperruup

      tabasco is the worst hot sauce

    19. reaperruup

      1st 11 min are so gay

    20. reaperruup


    21. Mackenzie George

      lololololololol best stand up special of 2018! 55 minute eggs benedict- rave reviews-

    22. Romy Kitten


    23. Jessica Baker

      You have to visit the Whiskey Vault in Austin TX. Those guys are magnificent bastards.

    24. Trey Reppe

      Jelly of the whiskey

    25. Jack Grimm


      1. Jack Grimm


    26. Kenneth Wilson


    27. Comrade Garrett

      I watched this drunk and it's funny as shit drunk for some reason

    28. Mr.OldSoul 99

      YAAASSSSS Eggs benediccccttt!!! Woot!

    29. Holly James

      Ok maybe it’s just me, but it pains me to see so much egg whites go to waste.

    30. Zusia Rosenthal

      Andrew should create another show where he puts all his bloopers and he can call it either " Bumbling with Babish " or just simply "Bloopers with Babish"

      1. Zusia Rosenthal

        Corina Chakalian right?! RIGHT?!?!?!!

      2. Corina Chakalian

        Zusia Rosenthal YES!!!

    31. HauntedKhan

      High West Campfire good choice!

    32. Skillet

      burgers with babish pls

    33. jesusthroughmary

      Is "Babitches" a new thing? Because I will buy a "Binge on, Babitches" T-shirt.

    34. Edward Flores

      Could you please do the Herring's Pie from kiki's delivery service?

    35. Captain Soap 600

      Love your channel and your shows... All the love from South Africa

    36. Don Tom

      Damm, Babish eating Eggs Benedict: Just looks like a fantastic trip ! Great Show man !

    37. that girl in okc

      Jetlag and starving with Babish! In a kitchen where he doesn't usually cook! So many jokes. My favorite= Elon Musk hot😂😂 and bonus Dottie kisses! What a fun stream! 💚✌

    38. Adrián Coria

      Seeing those egg whites going straight to the garbage or floor broke my 3rd world heart, unsubscribed

      1. clayton stone


    39. Sierra Black

      I missed the live stream! Goddamnit.

    40. its Kealo

      Make Ron Ron juice

    41. Mavet Elder Executioner

      You should do the pork picnic sandvich from regular show its a nice and basic sandvich and i cool idea love your channel keep bieng awesome man

    42. Biniata

      Who's thinking of How to Basic while watching this? XD

    43. Kalle

      The regular show, benaons chili would be nice

    44. Bret DeLashmutt

      Going to make this on Mother's day. If it sucks, I'll just blame Babby. edit: It won't suck though.

    45. Richter Wolf

      Excellent as usual.

    46. Bob Jones

      Boozing with Babish!

    47. linkle witch

      Have you thought of doing Chinese take out from big bang and while your at it do pizza gyoza from tmnt

    48. DJTatertot

      Make the pork picinic sandwich from the regular show VIP episode

    49. Michael Williams

      I've done one yolk to one stick, and gotten it to thicken well. In fact, it thickened more than I thought it would. Gotta step up the game, Babby.

    50. Vernelle Joy Limbagan

      New place! New memories! More food!

    51. fakhri abadi

      make turturkeykey from How i met your mother pls

    52. The Anti-Parents Organization

      It was worth the wait

    53. Eric Kennedy

      Babby is a sweet babygirl

    54. MR . HEADASS

      Bro eggcelent challenge from regular show or the death sandwitch

    55. Maphew404

      Your videos are not showing in my sub box at all.

    56. Lester Chan

      Can you make the Olsen twins' Gimme Pizza pizza?

    57. amita m.

      bABBY! boi u better do an avatar the last airbender recipe soon otherwise!!!!!! i will combust

    58. Kyndal Gibson

      Nah Andrew is the sexiest😍

    59. RoxyLuffer

      Nope, Babish kicks Brad's ass in the beauty department.

    60. Tibz

      hey man, I'm out in Henderson right on the border of Las Vegas. You're welcome to come out here, I even have an idea of the Mead from "Beowulf"

    61. A C

      Can you pls mention on your instagram when your livestreams are I always seem to miss them. 🙁

    62. Samantha Christy

      New digs!

    63. Devon C

      Wouldn't this be Eggs Part III livestream?

    64. Pälle _

      left ear enjoyed it

    65. Tommi

      Do waffles from JJ's diner from parks n rec! How Leslie eats them!

    66. Sheryn Brown


    67. mcnimi

      babish doesn't seem such a nice person

      1. mcnimi

        being an asshole as a joke with friends? sorry friend i have already learned what i need in my life. that's not one of those things.

      2. Mournful Tacos

        mcnimi are you also one of the people who can't handle the way certain friends joke with eachother

      3. Snowywarriorxp

        mcnimi I think he’s just joking around with them

      4. mcnimi

        the way he talks to his manager/friend. he is too intense as well.

      5. Emilee

        mcnimi why???

    68. macho_burrito

      are you moving to the south to your new apartment??

    69. c3cubed

      "Live" presentation extremely disappointing and something of a bore, for someone that has such an excellent portfolio of work. Eggs Benny should not take well over an hour to prepare - if it did, the chef should retire. It is is no more than a 10 minute recipe with everything at the ready, but does require deft choreography because it's a delicate sauce.

      1. Messer Moreaux

        Bud the stream is about interacting with fans are you truly that clueless

      2. Dallin T

        c3cubed the live stream is meant to be more of a 2 way social interaction between the host and viewers, different than the primarily instructive shorter videos. I agreed with you, though. This was kinda boring and hard to watch. Just wanna see some creating

    70. paris

      Someone give him a voice actor role!

    71. Aidan Crowley

      Bro make the death sandwich from regular show

    72. nib nob

      Please do fish chips and mushy peas

    73. its_not_enrique

      You should make a channel live with babbish

    74. Astraeus Stonefeather


    75. Silkalloy284

      When you get back to your new place an all settled in can you PLEASE make the sanvich from team fortress 2!

    76. Malte No

      damn i always miss the livestreams. But i got your book as a Birthday gift and going to strat cooking with it in the next day's

    77. Madeleine Ellis

      Why didn't you save the egg whites for an omelette ???????????????????????

    78. meow meow


    79. Mr. Wolftastic

      This dude is sooo pretentious

      1. Thibhan Kajendiran

        Mr. Wolftastic How dare you.

      2. Cywien

        To be honest, yeah he is Pretentious, though that's almost nearly a necessity in entertainment. It's good because it keep the viewer engaged, so i don't think this is really an insult, sure it's meant as one I'd say but in reality it's a good thing.

      3. Justin Taylor

        BWB actually has a personality?? Pretentious I say!

      4. Astraeus Stonefeather

        Why? He's a really chill dude.

      5. Pradeep Chand SEKAR

        Mr. Wolftastic why...?

    80. Jess


    81. SLASHpointO

      I'm from Budapest

    82. Ansku H

      Watching babby curse aggressively at an eggs benedict was not what I expected but it certainly made this experience 10x better

    83. Christina Stone

      This was my first "live" stream experience, and I am definitely disappointed. EDIT: I'm an idiot and meant to say *not* disappointed. Oops. Sorry, Babish!

      1. Samantha Shearer

        This happens to me a lot. More than I care to admit. You are not alone! Thanks for leaving up in original glory. Cheers!

      2. Christina Stone

        Mimi Sardinia I agree! I found this to be more enjoyable than the regular Basics, or even Binging. It was really refreshing to see Babish's personality.

      3. Mimi Sardinia

        Even though I don't catch it at broadcasting, I do love listening to these livestreams. Livestreams give a great look at a US-newr without any editing, which allows a great look at all sorts of quirks they have.

      4. Christina Stone


      5. Christina Stone

        HOLY CRAP. I meant to say *NOT* disappointed. Oh no!

    84. vector 3366

      I miss the background music


      Hello from Dominican Republic

    86. The unknown Kid2145

      Make the eggcellent challenge from regular show

      1. Christian Tankersley

        TotalbleShip01 Cizz I thirden that.

      2. TotalbleShip01 Cizz

        I second that

    87. chris bregasi

      Maliatsis cooking ??

    88. David Ramsay

      I was wondering how I missed this livestream then I heard the comment that it was originally on twitch 😶

    89. Jose Ruiz Moore

      Are you from Tennessee because you're the only Nashville I see.........Wait, that's not right....Shit

    90. ILove PeppaPig


    91. Faith Flores

      Ugh I love this man

    92. Lincoln Acosta

      Do ppl actually watch the whole video lol just curious

      1. Decent

        Lincoln Acosta i did

    93. Bomber Harris

      Not showing up in sub boxes or notifications

    94. Bob Ross

      What part of New York is your new apartment in?

    95. Aylin Dogan

      Babish is krazy for kosher ayyyyyy I know im awesome

    96. Get_Hard

      One awkward boi

    97. nobby plug

      Hey noice life stream stuff Hey question, can you ever make the dutch stroopwafels of something else dutch?

    98. Thats Tuffnips

      That there is a plate of "FUCKING EGGS BENEDICT" oh shit a schmuts

    99. captainbackflash

      No Glengoolie Blue?

    100. Alex Dai

      Who doesn't love a good ol eggs benny