Dolan Twins

Dolan Twins

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    We dye our hair thats literally all the video is
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    Published on 2 years ago


    1. New2aro

      Stop at 00.1

    2. Jason Bailey Fint

      Their beards and staches actually look cool red and green. Grayson really loves Ethan, letting him put a Christmas c$&k on the back of his head! Hahaha This video is so cool!

    3. Vishnu Vardhan

      Gray was actually having fun, while dying his hair 😂

    4. Derrick Burgess

      Eathan looks like he's bleeding because he messed up when he was shaving.

    5. Ailar Tz

      0:42 omfg 🤦‍♀️🤣🤣

    6. LauraLeigh

      Grayson in 2017: I dont like the mustache Grayson 2019: IM NOT SHAVING IT

    7. Elise Sullivan

      Ethan: Merry Christmas balls. Me: Understands b/c I have two brothers and laughs at the joke.

    8. Isaac

      Brad Mondo is dying😂😂

    9. Nasiya Myrie

      2:45 😭😭😭

    10. Maria Radovic

      I'm on a "Dolathon" Who's with me?❤️🙂

    11. ธัญญารัตน์ หาสุข


    12. Jennifer Calzada

      No one: Grayson ahhhhh you look like a billy goat

    13. Terrance Mosley

      what I thought it was no nut november

    14. Ivette Rodriguez

      6:40 " you like it? " said with uncertainty. That's so me in everything I do.

    15. Rania Najeeb

      Ethan is really unfair like why can’t Grayson dye ethans hair

    16. Melanie valles

      Dolan twins with beards : noooooooooo Logan Paul and Jake Paul with beards: i am gonna puke

    17. Kimberly Davis

      Shave your hair

    18. Juliana Cudia

      Ethan: laughs and makes dramatic face* Grayson: iTs A wEt WiLlY

    19. Brooklyn Keeth

      This was posted on my birthday when I turned 10 and had no idea who they were. Little did I know I would start watching them and they would help me get through so many things in life. Also, new series comes out the day before my B-Day this year!!!!

    20. Horse Girl

      0:01 seconds into the video and I'm already dying laughing 🤣

    21. Momma Bear

      Just because you guys aren't on the purple couch does not mean you can sit on the wrong sides

    22. Kendall Clark

      3:21 that’s what she said😂😂

    23. jade x edits

      ❤️Ethan's lane ❤️

    24. SocialTheatre

      No one: Ethan: happy jingle balls

    25. Julie Lavelle

      grayson looks like he ate someone out on their period doe

    26. •Migrate Tunes•

      "Your mustache is shiny"

    27. Lili Arnesen

      no nut november??? lol jk

    28. Rachael Louise

      Ethan “We’re not fake b*tches” !! Grayson realised what he just did 😂 Love the DT 💜

    29. The Amazing Pitbull

      I just loved all the dirty jokes in this vid. :’ )

    30. AlexisGachas123

      1:56 Me: _Yes daddy dolan_

    31. Redd TattedKutie

      Ethan got the longer chin..

    32. Paulove Mx

      Ngl i got sad when they said "And we'll see you guys on Tuesday"

    33. maddison

      grayson looks like he has a kool aid mustache hahahahahah

    34. Claire Swiatkowski

      who else is watching them after their announcement? :(

    35. unicorns are real

      brad mondo needs to react to this

    36. Jackki

      Omg that bleach is not made for your face 😂

    37. Shaeanne Long

      Lol oh my land y'all are so funny,lmao!!! Y'all are awesome, lol!!! Thanks for making me laugh so much!!! I need a good laugh!!!

    38. Kelly Archer

      Poor Grayson literally has a dick dyed on the back of his head. Why does he always get the bad end of things? 😳🙃

    39. sMariag_ Mxlfunction

      Am I the only one that is curious to see Ethan with blonde hair??... *Read more*

    40. shistar emilia

      2017 Grayson : I'm not your sugar mom 2019 Grayson : I'm just your DaDdY

    41. Asya Youngblood

      I’m on Dolan Twins Marathon.... idk about y’all but I have the biggest crush on Grayson😩😍😍😍. Ethan is fine too tho 🥰

    42. M_ Ad

      When they dyed their hair for a video before it was a thing

    43. Xx.dolanfan.12xX 1234

      at 0:43 if i showed my class they would be like WHOAAAAAAAAA and i would start dying and they would start too

    44. Chloe gemma

      G: when have you ever put peanut butter on your skin E:😳😶

    45. Emily Finley

      No one else notice how beautiful there eyes are!! ♥️

    46. Kelly Sanchez

      They look 21 and older They act like 10 There 17(in the vid)

    47. Maple Night

      Ethan does like shiny :o

    48. Olivia Brindle

      They didn’t bleep out dick head at one point but did on the others lmao

    49. Jordan Wager

      Who else disliked the video because it is still clickbait

    50. Carson Miller

      why didnt u do ur hair

    51. crowkillah

      Who all just waits patiently for the end of the outro just to see the lil snip at the end which is usually hilarious

    52. Nitro Arie

      6:27 and I oop ssksksksksksksk

    53. Rick Meyers

      Amazing!!! You guys are truly amazing!!!!

    54. GalaxyCat 123

      If anyone hates on any of your videos, reply with this comment _You may not like me_ _I may not like you_ _But hey_ _At Least you gave me more views_ 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    55. Bella Falcone

      im not your sugar mommy Ethan lmao

    56. Suvali Sengupta

      they took dickhead too literally

    57. Jasmine King

      Grayson looked finee in this video ngl

    58. maia cruz

      5:15 WOAHOHOHO you need to see the boys at my school 🤣

    59. Lani Bug

      Poor Grayson. He always agrees to let Ethan do stuff to his hair 😂 I’m on a Dolan twin marathon lol

    60. Payton Mckay

      3:21 no one talking about the subtle yeti joke?

    61. Katie Greenwood

      6:18 Ethan: *happy jingle balls* 🤣

    62. Shaniya Clarke

      4:22 aHh yOu lOoK lIke A bIlLy gOaT🤣🤣💀

    63. Miengah Samuels

      It's Tuesday tomorrow 🤗💜

    64. Mina Elouman

      no one: literally no one: not even kim k: e: *happy jingle balls!*

    65. Dani Kissinger

      2:00 graysons smile is everything 🖤🤪

    66. Christina Sandlin

      am i the only one who feels bad for grayson

    67. Anuttara Rajasinghe

      At 4:28 Grayson screaming "Ahhh! You look like a billy goat!" I'm Dying :D

    68. DerpL2

      Welp I guess it’s near Christmas right?

    69. Sara Malott

      2:09 is the best i couldn’t stop watching it

    70. Grace Cooper