Dumpster Diving 100 Dumpsters (Found Expensive Stuff)



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    Published on Month ago


    1. MrBeast

      subscribe or I kick you

      1. LazyContent

        MrBeast when is the on-beast hoodie restocked?

      2. Tyler Anderson

        Yes please

      3. xd Potxto

        i want to be kicked

    2. Tree Tree

      I wanna go home

    3. Vito Bratković

      You r the best

    4. Tomnaki R’us

      half eaten bread :4 dollers olive oil:69 cents

    5. Ibnainley H3W0

      Tell chandler I said good luck with his surgery.

    6. the cup RM throws in the Run MV

      is that dude really a proffesional lmaooo


      Who the hell throws away a sword and a guitar

    8. Sunkuil Opera

      No I’ll kick you UwU

    9. Hayden H


    10. Hayden H


    11. Marik Simara

      *finds me* Professional : 10 cents.

    12. Dexie Diaz

      find drake profesor; ill give that a 500

    13. Dexie Diaz

      weddle weddle weddle TRU TU TUT TUTU TU hahaha

    14. Daemon Smile

      Can u come to India and open Mr beast shop

    15. spooder man

      _well might as well go dumpster diving now_

    16. Alex Arnold

      Elk class,ska

    17. Millionor Halo

      16:02 1,420.69

    18. Beany Boi

      Last to leve box 📦

    19. WeejGaming

      Whos Mr beasts girlfriend

    20. Destiny Breiz

      spam 8:33

    21. Charles Hardesty

      Where u find this appraiser? I got a bunch of stuff 2 sell him! His prices are stupid high!

    22. Julian Durtschi

      Mr beast does the weirdest stuff...

    23. Itz 4Jmaster

      Chris: What’s this pen for? Professional: 5 bucks. What kind of a professional is he

    24. Itz 4Jmaster

      Can you kick me I wanna meet you

    25. UnStoppAble

      20 bucks for a calculator hmm

    26. Redhood 8256

      Bruh. “Professional” said a fender tele was 90 bucks. If only they were

    27. gaming whit edd cruz

      Who saw a bug in the camera

    28. The Life Of Androo Joseff

      chris is such a pour sport always whining lol

    29. Flame Blxnd

      At 1:42 weddle reminded me about quagmire from family guy

    30. Susan Law

      HE FOUND a SWoard

    31. Matthew Miller

      When Chris told the coat joke the book flew into the garbage can LOL

    32. T-Hum Clash Royale

      $174 + $9 = $185

    33. More RollTGW

      Chris: **gets out a sword** Omae wa, mu shindeiru Weddle: NANI?

    34. mr.nightmare 9000

      85+4=88 are you dumb it is 21

    35. Bobby _


    36. Raisashimi M.S.


    37. Ricky Arredondo


    38. Ibrahim Qaissar

      Why are people dumping such good stuff

    39. CupOfJon


    40. Greywolf Gaming

      Stuffed animals and guitar? Me: ILL PAY OVER 9000

    41. ware x

      Mr Beast when no one buys the merch

    42. War Feather

      *finds shoelace* that Pro guy : if it is cleaned that will be about 300 dollars

    43. Layne Marie

      Finds pen ohh that 5 bucks

    44. Viju Gaming YT

      Hello sir I am gamer and I created a gaming chenal but I don't have best device I need iPad can you help me please

    45. OMG WTF

      I have a rock I found outside, ask that professional how much?

    46. thomas leus

      When mr beast gets broke

    47. Unhappy Attendant Ughh

      Pawn shop guy touching it all barehanded wtd

    48. crystal Bertolino-cain

      That’s my ex girlfriend

    49. tom Ledbetter

      I love Mr. beast

    50. judith cerna

      Professional: finds a living dog, yep that's about 15$

    51. Jacob BeeZee

      He lost me when he said he would give him $20 for a calculator that's worth $15 brand new at Walmart

    52. Tiger Bomb

      Weddle found Jordan’s and the “professional” said “ that’s about $8” .......What.... Just how ☠️

    53. Jose Carlos

      Finds merch Professor yep 900

    54. tognio2010

      Like=Christ Comment=weddle

    55. idkツ honestly

      Professional is what the stuff is coming from(the trash)

    56. Max Gutman

      Can you do something in the UK

    57. Its Animan

      Can i have the sword!!! JK

    58. Artsic 28

      That's a really nice guitar

    59. Helena Ye

      Why did he have a surgery? 🤔

    60. Erush Sulejmani

      I love your videos ❤❤❤

    61. Animal Gamers

      If i was Chris i kept the sword🗡

    62. jah the cyborg

      * *Finds toy sword* * “iS THiS a mURdER weApON?!?!?”

    63. Rosie R

      Umbrella : 35 bucks What is going on here Read more

    64. BigMale87

      I can tell why the ps4 is in the trash

    65. 02-Ameer Rsis

      Ya kamboor

    66. FirstTurtleAlchemist

      The people who this this stuff away is see how mutch money they could have had

    67. Yoshar

      If one would earn that Much money in a day or two I would really hire people dive the Bins.

    68. Yoshar

      I don't think that guy in real giving real prices or if he really gonna buy all the stuff.

    69. myNameIsDom

      Imagine making over 500$ a day for searching dumpsters