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    This week on Basics we're taking a look at donuts. We're whipping up a mess of jelly and cream filled donuts and also taking a look at the lesser-known sour cream donut.
    Shopping List
    + For the yeast donuts:
    1 cup whole milk
    1 tsp granulated sugar (for the yeast)
    1 packet active dry yeast
    350g all purpose flour
    75g white sugar
    1 tsp table salt
    3 large egg yolks
    Additional flour for work surface
    Vegetable oil
    Additional sugar (optional for coating)
    + For cream filling:
    3 large egg yolks
    1 whole egg
    85g white sugar
    30g corn starch
    Dab of vanilla paste
    2 cups whole milk
    + For the chocolate glaze:
    4 ounces chopped chocolate
    1/4 cup whole milk
    Dash of instant espresso powder
    2 Tbsp corn syrup
    + For jelly filling:
    Seedless jam of choice (I used raspberry)
    + For the sour cream donuts:
    600g cake flour
    1.5 Tbsp baking powder
    2 tsp table salt
    5 egg yolks
    250g white sugar
    2.5 Tbsp unsalted butter
    380g sour cream
    Additional flour for work surface
    Vegetable oil for frying
    + For classic donut glaze:
    400g powdered sugar
    2 tsp light corn syup
    1/4 cup boiling water
    Special Equipment & Tools
    Instant read thermometer
    Biscuit cutter
    Cast iron skillet or other vessel for frying
    Paring knife
    Piping bag to insert filling
    Donut cutter
    "Even or Odd", "90s Kid" Blue Wednesday
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    1. Binging with Babish

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    27. TheEvilTwin

      That aint a Donut bruv, thats a Berliner. German Cake, commonly eaten in the carneval season :D

    28. Patricia A. Walker

      Why do you mix up your measuring units? Is it grams or cups? and how do you convert? Them to really mix us up, you go to teaspoons and tablespoons. Have a heart for the home cook! Many of us don't use the scale method.

    29. selma kerroumi

      Your videos helps me with anxiety. Watching the art of cooking is very relaxing

    30. Katie Taylor

      When I was a kid I read a book (one of the sequels to My Friend Flicka, if you're curious) where a woman is trying to make donuts, but when she puts them in the oil they instantly disintegrate. So she uses the rest of the dough to make crispy biscuits everyone loves. Now I'm wondering where she went wrong.

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    44. Evanwebble

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    52. London M

      is the sour cream doughnut in your recipe book? my mom craved sour cream doughnuts during all three of her pregnancies and while she still craves them every once in a while, she hasn't been able to find any in like 15 years. So, I'm going to don a hazmat suit and make her some (without my dairy allergy killing me in the process), but I haven't been able to find a good recipe for them :(

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