Don't Ruin Your Smartphone

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    Smartphone cases don't have to ruin your phone.
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    Published on 5 days ago


    1. Unbox Therapy

      LIMITED QUANTITIES TODAY One person who orders a case today will also receive a brand new smartphone inside the package -

      1. James

        @Billy Allen I see

      2. 06ttt18

        Wow, just wow. You’ve stooped so low that you found your ego in a dump. Such a loser. Why don’t you sell your mom for 2-3 dollar profit?

      3. Ayup Chuck

        Scumbags. Hopefully you get sued to shit and this channel won’t exist anymore.

    2. Mikey Fal 23

      15.8 million subs and you have the balls to sell this cheap case for 45$ im def unsubing now.

    3. Kubb1ca

      New meme format here😂😂😂

    4. EternalBliss13


    5. Marcel C

      Dont ruin your "carreer".

    6. joshuacwy2111

      Stupid bald fuck trying to pull a Soulja boy at the end of 2019 nice

    7. Freddie Alejandro

      Wtf do you think you are selling this overpriced stuff???... Hell no

    8. Yuri Copperhooves

      lol u suck unsub

    9. Andrew Adricatico

      Can’t wait for everyone who was dumb enough to buy this also never receive jack lmao

    10. kitkeat

      Apple greedy, ripping off other people’s design. Simply buy a bunch of knock off case and rebrand them for 3-4x the price, seems okay. Karma knocks on your door man.

    11. NB


    12. bobbywrtm

      Congrats, you just lose your loyal subscriber from 2014 just like me

    13. Kelii Yamashita

      Yeah Lew... you need therapy!

    14. Fernando747

      So you didn't even purchased a freaking chinese knockoff and sold it at a ridiculous price after slamming on phone companies for being greddy, but you straight up copycated a Chinese design and marketed as being made by you. How fucking hypocrite of you. I hope the backlash is huge, you totally deserve it, sad to see you unbox and have fun back in the day to now see you fall from grace and become a lying greedy scumbag. Shame

    15. SuperMechguy

      get exposed biyactch!

    16. Nice GuyGAMES23

      Imagine being so corrupted by money that u steal your phone case idea from piteka and then get exposed for TRYING to cover it up and failing.... here before the product fails

    17. Bibek Acharya

      I was your subscriber for a long time .

    18. Ryan J

      Why are my comments not getting any likes? Am I fucking shadow banned

    19. Ryan J

      He’s contemplating his lot in life right now. This was a badddd move

    20. Muhammad Amree

      dude.... why you do this to yourself... come on....

    21. Waldherz FeuerClan

      Well thats a rip-off off a rip off

    22. Abu Ahmed

      Dumb thief. Atleast be smart when stealing other peoples idea

    23. carzakone333

      First time I gave a "dislike" to his video

    24. Gordan Ramsay

      "So i Made One" OmegaLUL

    25. Zamaan Vakil

      OnePlus 7 cases please

    26. Gerard W.

      Title of the video should be "Don't Ruin your US-new Credibility"

    27. spaghetti yummy

      you look like a primitive piece of shit and you behave that way as well

    28. Putra Setyo


    29. Steve Kastner

      Nice copycat. Love the epic music though

    30. Martin Neshev

      You lying son of a gun



    32. Klytron

      Escobar Fold? Anyone?

    33. Cory Ordway

      Apologize lew

    34. Albert Omwenga Nyakundi

      You really didn't need to do this. You could have gotten a new design even hold a competition that would have given you even better ones. Cut the narcissism you piece of shit. 45 dollars? Bitch please!

    35. Fat Guy Zach


    36. Tom Mane

      Whatever you uploaded to the internet, stays on the internet. Hiding and deleting videos will not help. People already know what is going on. Shame on you, if you still have any shame left in you anyway.

    37. spinningheel42

      Yes, you went out and "made" one....LOL

    38. DParson Gaming

      "I don't like phone cases, so I went ahead and bought some" -Alibaba Therapy

    39. Yosop Ryoo

      The fall of Unbox Therapy.

    40. Dan Rustle

      Press F to pay respects for lous credibility .

    41. shaun Edwards

      Trying to rip off your subscribers.shame on you.

    42. chriskalgreek2

      Put the case in your

    43. Jagmeet Singh Bajwa

      These are copies SMH lew

    44. Hamze Alameddine

      Lew: Uploads a video Also Lew: *I MADE US-new*

    45. Kamii Akbari

      HEY LETS JUST STEAL SOMEONE ELSES CASE AND SELL IT 45DOLLARS. I always looked up to this channel, but damn this is to much,

    46. Hawkins

      Everyone is hating Lew for doing this. You can feel it by reading all new comments. It's us, individual subscribers hating him. I'm pretty sure big tech companies are laughing their asses off at Lew for getting this low.

    47. Supréme rámú

      Phone cases shouldn't be expensive period(.)

    48. Dan Gulbranson

      What a rat. Outright stealing a companies design and producing a shittier version mind you for more money then Pitakas version. It’s up there with the Soulja Boy game console.

    49. Simon Garcia


    50. YASH JOSHI

      Make a vid on the redmi note 8 pro

    51. Andres Gallego

      From unboxing videos to ripping off Chinese cases, oh wait you didn't even rip them off you are just reselling them with your brand on them? shame on you, but to be fair that shit happens. Wait a minute, did you just erase evidence of what you did and expect people not to notice it? jeez that's silly.

    52. I b recken

      You lost my subscription. You dmca a video proving that you ripped off your phone case idea. Idc that you ripped off the idea for your phone case not really the point. Just the fact that you did that you act shady and do stuff like that.

    53. James Brooks

      Ok have fun with your broken ass phone dumbass

    54. Gardi Delgado

      You guys think he can bounce back from this?

    55. YadNi Monde Makes Arts


    56. Jake Howell

      How about actually protecting your phone screen? Oh wait- you don’t have an answer to that because you didn’t design it.

    57. Sly Cooper

      I don't know what to think of this. This just seems like a quick cash grab. Very hypocritical.

    58. NanoKillerBoy 05

      45 bucks for that case , damn Lew you too greedy and Im unsubcribe

    59. CopenhagenDenmark

      Covers from mous 👌👌👌

    60. Scrolls E

      What a loser.

    61. xbrobeansx

      What a rat!

    62. Mark

      “I don’t like smartphone cases so I ripped off another one”

    63. JamesMichaelDoyle

      opens with a claim that hes never found a case hes liked, proceeds to peddle his knockoff of one that he had previously gushed about. mysteriously removed those reviews from his channel too. seems legit.

    64. Darryl Juan

      A bit over-dramatic don't you think

    65. A19_StarkWayne V

      THE COMMENTS 😱😱😱🤣

    66. Aiman Ghazi

      Lew is the Soulja Boy of smartphone cases.

    67. Martin Parunakyan

      On top of all the shady are charging forty-five-fucking-dollars? The greed is brutally blunt. Also whatever happened to the Saygus V2 phone that you so painfully and heavily shilled for?

    68. Andrew H

      I am disappointed to be Canadian knowing what this channel has done recently. What a shame.

    69. dmartini1487

      Nice rip-off of another design buddy! 👍🏼

    70. ekoms

      Youre donzo.