DON’T Trust Fall into the WRONG Mystery Pool! (ft. Molly Eskam)

FaZe Rug

FaZe Rug

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    Molly Eskam and I decided to try the don't trust fall into the wrong mystery pool challenge, and let's just say things got gross.....
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    If you read this far down the description I love you

    Published on 24 days ago


    1. FaZe Rug


      1. Eduardo Calvillo

        I Love you Faze Rug

      2. Peggy Dillon

        your the best ever you should prank molly with slime

      3. Mareessa Navarro

        U should smash her

      4. Elliott Singleton

        FaZe Rug I love your US-new

      5. Fussion Beast

        true 100% legit xd

    2. Miguel Lucas

      Let me suck your p***y molly

    3. Will Hall


    4. Karla N.

      In 5:03 yiu can see mollys nipple

    5. Lyndon Walton

      When rug said he was gonna make Molly's back sticky 😂

    6. iTzz Adam Villegas

      @Molly Eskam why do u have big boobs? Like they look yummy 🤤 😋 .....Can I suck on them!!!!

    7. Stacee Rickman

      Did y'all tell how the camera was avoiding her booty😂

      1. GameBeast9

        Stacee Rickman lmao

    8. ashton hunter

      All he did Is look at her boobs

    9. kerriganrachel

      You think the squid is gross in school i touched the inside of a squid and my cousin touched a live heart

    10. Nacho Life

      YES I live on a farm so I know that monour is cow S**T

    11. Nacho Life

      I was looking at her boobs the whole time

    12. Tanya Feranandez

      15:03-15:05 ummm girls can do any thing no hate

    13. Noel Madapatu

      the squid?

    14. Paola Rojas


    15. Rksnx Jdxn

      Rug: whenever ur ready Also rug: alright 3...2...1 go

    16. Expastelline !

      Who watches faze rugs old videos eating for new ones

    17. Synthotic

      The camera man was just looking at her tits through the camera 😂

    18. Random Person

      Your bed is lava! Like if you were too lazy to move

    19. jessie Suto

      “ hey squidward, hey squidward “ BAHHA got me dead

    20. Static Storm

      That girl in video video be looking fine

    21. Brenda Cantu

      She is fucken hot to me l want to fuck her

    22. Uchiha Sasuke

      I've stepped on legos so many times and it hurts like if there were 5 needles in every piece, feels horrible... @mollyeskam

    23. Hudson Vasquez

      them squid got to eat some ass

    24. Eliza Passano

      This intro seem sooo intense! 😩😩😂😂😂💙💙💙

    25. KING savage diego

      Best youtuber i been watching since father son chandael channel came out

    26. Jasai Cortez

      Number 1 was tge badest

      1. Jasai Cortez

        I mean the

    27. Mclovin

      8:41 damn I wish I was those squids 🤩☹️

      1. Random Person

        Mclovin oml!

    28. Jaxon Moore

      you should date here

    29. Fire Ball


    30. TexasXplorer

      she looked alot better with dark hair...

    31. Ritvick Gupta


    32. NP_ Madden

      Squids felt good

    33. Jared Flynn

      Should I be looking at Molly’s face when she talks...

    34. Mula Jr

      Molly is hot

    35. T Stormer

      Holy fuck her body is incredible. I'm jealous

    36. Raul Diaz

      Damn she’s hott

    37. King OmarLokz

      Say what you want Molly can have my kids 😍😍❤️❤️

    38. Louis Sharp


    39. Jamie lopez

      10:44 look what she did and look who was staring

    40. Devon Torrez

      If you like this your crush will kiss you tomorrow

    41. Isael Olivas

      Anybody notice the hickey on her tit

    42. The toffees 2019


    43. John WIck

      8:49 now you guys can lick her butt😂😂😂

    44. darragh fay

      I stept on Lego hurts bad

    45. Enrique suqulanda nichoson

      Yo she so hot bro her but is so big

    46. AlieN Yt

      What a hor

    47. Zoltan Horvath

      Them Boobs Brian , you should just smash them :D

    48. Ttv swats God’s clan S

      Squid was a bad one

    49. Trav ony

      5:05 look closely, there's literally nipples lil

    50. Amy Yanez


    51. Amy Yanez

      Molly:😲😲😲 Molly:what is that 🤔🤔

    52. Amy Yanez

      Mollys face tho 😂😂

    53. Christopher MJ

      Cute squid is bad

    54. ImTeShon

      Bro like she wasnt even falling lmao ur whole back side was gettin ruined she barely got touched

    55. ImTeShon

      Damn u gon basically promote her channel but ur faze friend had to ask for a promi nd hes been in ur vids multiple times

    56. Nstone9

      Lil weird how a guy wit 12M subscribers does these videos and nothing goes wrong, everything goes to scripted expectations. Been watching for YEARS but money power and fame really does turn you into a monster

    57. Lidya Araya

      Y'all would be a cute couple

    58. ImClawzy

      only came for molly

    59. Gerardo Flores

      Minute 5:18 Rug what are you looking at??🤭😏

    60. Tionix

      20:30 i think molly would wim the 1v1

    61. Natasha Mcintosh


      1. Natasha Mcintosh


    62. trevcon 3

      This is how many people think molly is a bhadie(including me) 👀❤ 👇

    63. trevcon 3

      Geez squid ugh lol

    64. trevcon 3

      I don't know why you didn't stay with molly as your girlfriend shes crazy beautiful and has a pretty good personality I would marry molly or someone close to her standards

    65. Nino Roel Cortez

      I csn smell into the screen like ewwwwwww

    66. Blazing Alltair

      huh i thought that, like every collab youtuber, molly would comment on *this* video But oh well that is her choice

    67. Jordy Huff

      I actually really like molly she’s super outgoing and funny

    68. Lil uzi kid

      She a bitch for cow shit

    69. Conner Peloso


    70. Elizabeth Gacha

      0:33 same