Doing Kesha's Makeup!

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    HI SISTERS! In today’s video I glam up the iconic KESHA! We showcase her new beauty line while talking about her old music as Ke$ha, how she’s transformed over the past few years, her new album, and more! Enjoy and don’t forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE! 🌈❤️
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    EDITOR: Louis Gargiula
    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

    Published on 7 days ago


    1. Rachel

      I really need to stop reading comments. 🙄

    2. jjuwonu

      she looks so good kinda reminds me of an art teacher that makes you meditate and talks about spiritual growth 💜

    3. Rachel

      God these comments are so cringe. His audience is definitely not the same as hers, and I don't think they mix. Kesha has been through so much and I'm so proud of her and have been inspired by her through my own dark times. Will be buying the makeup line. 🖤❤🧡💛💚💙💜💗

    4. AiLoveBeauty

      wow that look is amazing.. :)

    5. fire bia

      Alguém do Brasil aki? I love James

    6. Grace Eventide

      Kesha is so beautiful bare faced. Oh my god she’s glowing.

    7. Kymora Carson

      James I love your vids whenever I feel sad I know I can come home and whatch your vids and I know that you most likely not going to see this but you are literally the high light of my day.❤❤

    8. Katie Bennett

      Is she going to wear that hair clip in every single appearance........

    9. Pretty Plus

      James really only does one style of makeup on every single person. He’s like “I’ll give you a light base” LOL

    10. oof nigha

      let her talk. damn .

    11. friedchicken

      Wow I was just watching tori find kesha letters in ice cream pints.

    12. koko kobe

      I was waiting for her to shade tik tok cuz we all wanted it. They stole her brand but she’s also non confrontational so I’m not surprised lol

    13. DIY ana

      the high note woke up my kitty :( HA

    14. DIY ana

      im so proud you hit that note!

    15. Tessa Heath

      All the comments: "OMG remember when she guest started on Victorious?!"

    16. Natalie Shonk

      I came here for Kesha's bangs! XOXOX

    17. Hannah

      He talks so fast. It gives me anxiety

    18. Jihane A

      You slayeddddd her beautiful face omg

    19. Colie_Bear 181

      Jessica Barden looks a lot like her and the simulation is glitching.

    20. Allison Halver

      Wow! Kesha is absolutely adorable!

    21. Gaby Aguirre

      Wow she looks different

    22. Along With Alana


    23. xGhost Rainx


    24. Josie Koznarek


    25. Esther Molina

      Tu eres el mejor en maquillarte

    26. Jack Campbell

      Kesha is a legend. She has a new album coming January 10th. STREAM IT! She also just released a new single. Go to Spotify and support this legend!

    27. April Rueda

      Wait WHAT 10:32 ????

    28. Mia Hepler

      ur so awesome! can i have a shoutout?

    29. SmexxyBoii

      Just found you and already Love you ❤️

    30. Trinity Santiago

      i think i got the skin flap

    31. Tara games

      Follow me on tik tok pliz catajtara

      1. DG

        chineese communists are spying on you.. take tik tok off

    32. rom man


    33. harley quinn !!GAMER!! Os quiero

      Yo no hablo inglés pero siempre veo tus vídeos 😂❤ me encantan tus vídeos y tu aunque no entienda nada

    34. Mayur borah

      just saw this channel in yt rewind 2019 and here to see what's it all about...and after watching this channel my doubt are cleared why the rewind is getting so much dislikes ...

    35. FSI xx

      Nearly everyone i my school hates you james and so do i

    36. GregTV Macau

      Good job kapatid.

    37. Ruby Rayne

      He should listen more, he cut her off a number of times.

    38. dragon king

      imma make y'all all mad he HE is a man

    39. just for fun

      I'm just here for kesha

    40. Jessica Louise Richardson

      James kisses you like to undo

    41. Michel Trejo

      ❤️i LOVE YOU

    42. John Roberts

      James- snorts line of coke before starting and takes a deep breath "HI SISTERS!!!!!! Sgiihgrsasfhooljteesdjjhfszfhjj!!!!!!!!

    43. jaenay1712

      does anyone know what glitter he used ? plsss

    44. Uliks Bajraj

      Me: first time watches James Charles Me:*sees intro* HI SISTERS Also me:🔫🔪😵😵😵😵😵

    45. Leigh G

      is that K E dollar sign HA

    46. you

      my girl kesha is a goddess for agreeing to do this💅... how much did james pay her...👄

    47. Cmarie


    48. Pink Punx

      The look is SO beautiful!

    49. Caitlyn Brown

      The background music is so annoying

    50. Stuti Singh

      We want some makeup for Christmas

    51. alfagamer72 Gamer

      Alguien me traduce todo el vídeo :u

    52. wow epic

      God I can’t believe what this world is coming to

    53. Rylee Eberhart

      I miss the old James :(

    54. dfelicia2011

      I'm only watching because I heard it was a TRAIN WRECK

    55. Nandou

      Where Are your balls 😂?

    56. Dorsa Kathi

      James such a amazing look done ✅ nice so good and it’s soo Kesha I actually never post a comment but on this I have to because it’s such a pretty look !!

    57. Leilani Reed

      I love those freckles

    58. Amanda Fenlon

      is it just me or i want to james to do an update on his puppy anyone

    59. ً

      Hi brothers

    60. HermanSVK

      What gender are you wtf

      1. daydreamer

        not your business homophobic

    61. Bethany Sparling

      Kesha is a stunning queen anyway but with this makeup omg she is a rainbow hamster angel

    62. rachel lemon

      Why is no one talking about her hair pins ? It's a blow at Donald Trump when he called himself that

      1. DG

        Trump has a wicked sense of humor.. I take it as a compliment

    63. Brandon Riley

      James hair looking rather thin these days 🤭

    64. Bryant Jaii

      📢🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈”I don’t do that dance, I don’t Do that dance, I only do my own”📢📢🍦

    65. Toya Oz

      Who still remembers her old song tiktok?

    66. Catherine O'Farrell

      I want to see James attempt the Christine Daae death note from the Phantom of the Opera now. James... MAKE IT HAPPEN!

    67. Thorn'Tooth

      Love it She looks so good my god Okay James Charles does not deserve all this hate that he gets. Watch PewDiePie's opinion on it!

    68. Anna Huff

      OMG What lipstick is that??? SO gorgeous

    69. Trap Monstah

      This is the first time i watch this channel i don't know is this is a man or girl.WTF😵😵😵

    70. Sarina mc gonagal

      What the heck i was using headphones and i didn't believed the warning