Dolan Twins

Dolan Twins

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    We do things most people have done before but we haven't so its our first time I guess...
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    1. kalina gonzalez

      I threw your nugget off the cliff 🤣💀🤣 i died!!!

    2. Jordan Cook

      Ethan: "We are pulling up at the resterant" YOUR WALKING!!!!!

    3. Yiwen Tan

      Literally spending HOURS watching the Dolan twins in 2020 ahhh

    4. Amelie Sydir

      Grayson can never meet me because I have 2 dog's 🐕

    5. Aaliyah Gibson

      I know this video was a while ago, but who else notice that Ethan has Emma’s phone case😉😱 3:07

    6. Jocelyn Abbott

      4:46 do dogs eat car seats no that's a human thing lol:)

    7. Anna Shields

      I've seen most of there videos and I think that this is one that they should be really proud of and that should have gotten more love.

    8. Eleanor Ghrist

      Grayson: I don't know how dogs work! Ethan: No I think thats just English.

    9. The Galaxy Cats 2000

      “I don’t know how dogs work” “I think that’s just english” “Well I don’t know how English works either”

    10. Kayla Watts

      grayson looks beautiful

    11. Linda Handy

      You guys should get a shi-tzu. It’s a hypoallergenic dog. I have bad allergies too and can’t be around dogs thatshe’d and my doctor said that if I was to get a dog I should get a shi- tzu

    12. Bella Mia

      Grays voice got deeper when he sai "we're gonna have sex for the first time " 1:44

    13. Bella Mia

      1:09- 1:11 gray low key sounded cute af😍

    14. Hayden Hyland

      dogs pant because the get hot and overheat also you held the dog pretty good for the first time

    15. isabelle corfield

      The title of this video is very misleading.

    16. emilymcgurk xx

      “Hey I threw your nugget off the cliff” *Grayson Dolan 2018*

    17. Jason Bailey Fint

      Flawless makeup! Both of you are truly amazing and inspirational! Wearing makeup in public! Favorite quote in the video “who cares what they think” #dolantwinsicons

    18. Rachel Elthea

      Why would they be prettier girls then I am?😂

    19. Ta Cechova xd

      Ethan: Beqau... Beqause, yep... Grayson: Just say it like that :D Ethan: Beqause we don't live :D I can't. I literally, that's awful :DDDD

    20. Izzy S.

      You know how humans sweat, dogs pant instead. Your welcome!

    21. michelle

      did anyone notice that ethan's phonecase is the same as emma's:v · · · no one? alright then:/ have a great day

    22. Roxi Butler

      Grayson is so fit who agrees?

    23. Julissa Yepez

      No you teach them sit then lay down then rollover

    24. Katherin patato

      Grayson: do dogs eat car seats Ethan: no that's a human thing Me : 🤣😂

    25. Niamh Casey

      Anyone else realize Ethan’s phone case matches Emma’s ....well did😭😭

      1. amelja kowalska

        Niamh Casey thats actually her collab with wildflower haha

    26. Grace Herold

      graysons smile 16:49 so cute!

    27. The Legit Cutieee

      2020? And I miss the sister squaddd

    28. Bella Villa

      at 3:23 me and gray said sad so like i think where twins now.....bye bye Ethan 😈😂❤

    29. Kate XO

      Why is nobody talking about Grayson saying “dawg” 😂😂 “All I wanna do is hug a fluffy dawg” -Grayson Dolan

    30. Ashmita Parwani

      3:06 didn't anyone notice the phone case? Its the same as emma's or it is emma's😂

    31. Rafa V

      why did Gray look so good in the makeup part???

    32. Swift Frosty

      18:45 that’s depressing

    33. Xx Flawn xX

      Wait in public do you stay in make up at your house

    34. Delainey Wofford

      Am I the only one who heard do dogs eat car seats😂 4:47

    35. Laney Rose

      Hey if you guys ever wanted a dog 🐶 cause ur allergic u can have a poodle 🐩 because they don’t give off the stuff that makes people allergic

    36. Jadeyn Betts

      can i be that dog now orrrrr................

    37. Oof er

      "And that's the TEA SIS" -Grayson Dolan 2018

    38. Emily Smith

      Dogs pant because they do not have sweat glands like humans. 👍✌

    39. Diana Stadnytska

      3:08 Ethan has the same case as Emma

    40. Jasia G

      16:45 thank me later

    41. Jasia G

      Why is Grayson and Ethan in make-up so attractive? (like if u agree)

    42. Jasia G

      "Beat my face sister"- Ethan Dolan 2018

    43. Sofia M.

      Why are the Dolan twins so nice😌 He said “thank youuu really appreciate it” so nicley

    44. Steves lover

      Who else is gonna ingnore that grayson wasnt in the last video😵

    45. Steves lover

      Ethan:bequz we dont- bequz Grayson:just say it like that. Ethan: bequz 💜🤧💛✨💙

    46. 𑁍𝓭𝓸𝓵𝓪𝓷 𝓽𝔀𝓲𝓷𝓼𑁍

      I can relate to Grayson to being allergic to animals with fur but I’m just allergic to cats but it’s not really intense tho

    47. Lily Snackenberg

      Gray can honestly pull off the make up...e..sry but idrk😅

    48. Siam pp

      I want to hug a dawg - Grayson

    49. Xanthe Brosnan

      To teach a dog tricks you make them do it without them having to and then congratulate them until they learn.

    50. Rebecca Hayter

      Anyone notice he had the same phone case as Emma?

    51. Cella Lala

      My brain will explode if I am that dog

    52. ilove mydogyogi

      This is a good video but you made one mistake your body language and Gondor voice is very aggressive and I can see that Dylan was very scared when you where stood up because of that but you didn't know so it's not your fault this is just for next time

    53. Cristal Amaro

      Was it just me or when Grayson said “do dogs need car seats” I thought he said “do dogs EAT car seats”😂

    54. 9 Lives

      Must feel good to know they can look any way but people still love you and your personality's shine through 💫

    55. Sarina Tamac

      dylan dolan

    56. Sweetzerlandia

      "What if they have beef!"

    57. Khushi Bist

      What breed is that dog??

    58. Millie Dakin-Butler

      So funny how they talk to the dog like a child 😂

    59. bitch dol

      Grayson is the doggy daddy we been knew

    60. jessica liebman

      really disappointed that nobody knows that that’s danny duncan’s friends dog

    61. Lily Anne

      8:35 dylan’s little butt bounce 😂💜

    62. Esther David

      Dolan twins: pss, pss, pss , that's universal for calling dogs. LOL

    63. CandiB Sweet

      Ethan is straight up lookin like Manny 😳🤣

    64. olivia rose

      grayson: “mAkiNg kiSs with sOmOne” gray r u good..

    65. Happy Wolf0085

      Ethan: "If u have a dog that can't do tricks, do u even have a dog." I have two dogs, one doesn't bark and the other tried to attack my friends great Dane, they are teacup Yorkies 😂 and both don't know any tricks and they are really jumpy so they won't sit still to teach them, I love them tho😂

    66. It’s me Olivia

      “Why would they have beef bro? He’s a sweetheart” 🥺🥺


      Can’t rerun the dog it’s not a Unwanted gift from Xmas someone got U from Walmart !! U guys are a trip lmao

    68. Tristan Marais

      3:35 Grayson: 'All I wanna do is hug a fluffy daug' Shame😔

    69. Incoherent _Person

      Not only did E teach Dylan how to roll over, but taught Gray how to high five...

    70. Aqsa Bella