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    Sometimes dogs can get SO excited, they don’t know what to do with themselves. So they grab something! A toy, a blanket, or a whole bed!
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Anton Chigurh

      Dogs who aren't listening, because their human mommy is holding conversations instead of giving clear and concise orders (and the same one every time), because actually they like the thought of having a mischievous dog ("giggle"). Very funny.....NOT! Better watch out, next time, when it's a Chihuahua, or a little kid instead of a loaf of bread.

    2. Happybidr

      Our Ragdoll cat would attack loaves of bread when we brought them home from the grocery store if we didn’t get them put away fast enough. He loved bread!!!! He stopped doing that thank goodness.

    3. Newsies4Lyfe

      *_S T E L L A_*

    4. Abbeys Animals

      Cantu: Hey mom can i sweep wif you? Mom: Umm well i.. Cantu: brings bed in before she says anything Mom: Ok i guess so Cantu Cantu: thanks you.

    5. Sapphire Panda

      cantu is the sweetest doggie ever.

    6. Kibchi Redanlae

      My own dog does this. Thing is, it's usually whoever's petting her. She doesn't hurt people when she does it, but she'll mouth your arm if you pet her and she's excited.

    7. Ben G

      My dog always grabs her blanket when she gets excited too

    8. Kat_drawsbad YT

      I love PIT BULLS :D my brother is scared of then tho idk why.. I'm definitely owning a pit bull though

    9. katie lister

      Cantu is the hardest working doggo ever! He does things even able bodied dogs would struggle to do. He's a beautiful boy. Can you do an update on Cantu please?

    10. The Creator

      The real question is.. *Why does this lady have SO MANY loaves of bread?-*

    11. Asian Kid

      My puppy, whenever my mom comes home from work, he jumps up to her, then tries to show and give her a toy, it’s adorable

    12. Victor Pichardo

      All the dogs are adorable but the one who looks out to me is Cantu

    13. Alpha Star animates

      000 what’s your emergency? My dog stole my bread... 2 mins later FBI OPEN UP

    14. Amani Darwish

      0:36 she just loves bread 🍞 0:53 really loves toys 1:30 what's to sleep next to mom

    15. Darian Alda

      The are so cute and adorable

    16. Samara Trail

      my favourite one was dog who grabbed his bed and blankets

    17. Doedy Studios

      Stella = Oprah

    18. Zoe Bonior

      My dog always grabs a toy if my mom or dad come home

    19. CheezSamurai


    20. Axel Sharpshire

      Time to get a bread box?

    21. Liliana Edwards

      My dog does this it is so cute

    22. Elizabeth Sanchez


    23. Coco Lebolovesgod2

      *DROP THE BREAD* 😂😂😂😂

    24. DuckDuckGooseR

      Who has that many loaves of bread out lol and I think they need to put it somewhere else...

    25. Chloe Daniela

      1:41 poor llama 😂 also all the puppies are sooo cute

    26. flashback mary

      *Drop. The. Bread*

    27. Tracy Le

      I like Cuntu haha! 😂❤️❤️❤️

    28. Happy Baby G

      They are all so cute❣️ My dog Tommy always brings either a toy or a slipper every time he gets excited 😆

    29. Potato Doge

      I loaf Stella, but they are are sooooo cuteeeee!!

    30. Potato Doge

      Stella's like LaurenZSide

    31. Itzyaboikeira

      No one: Stella: i is guiving yu bred

    32. Phillip Young

      Chaos!!! Perfect name for this pooch!!! And the household when he's excited.

    33. El's Eggos

      My dog Ally grabs my flip flop and runs around my house when she's excited.

    34. Cheryl M

      Goodness me!!!! So cute🌟💗

    35. hi my name is po ola

      whenever my dog gets happy she runs into every room and around the whole house then bumps into a wall eventually

    36. Katie Ohara

      Ok how much bread is in Stella's house? Time to freeze it or store I out of the way. How about some toys or balls fir these dogs? Take them outside to run around!!!

    37. Dice Rat

      this is chaos. *prance* *prance* *prance*

    38. Dice Rat

      this is chaos. *prance* *prance* *prance*

    39. wispy ghost ‘〈’

      Everytime my little girl gets excited or meets someone new, she has to have something in her mouth. It is always slippers or flip flops. Never ever a regular shoe. Never a toy. She just likes slippers.

    40. Elida Rodriguez

      129 dislikes how???? They're so adorable 😍

    41. Professional Loser

      My dog does this thing where when jes excited he picks up a toy and circles around the coffee table a few times be fore plopping down onto his bed. With a great big "HUFF" like he's mad we made him move and get pumped up cuz he's that lazy.

    42. Nataline Gloriana

      OMG! Is Cantu John Wick's dog?? Man, you're in huge trouble 😂

    43. Melly Rocky

      My dog do things like 5. and 2.

    44. iiTaffyii

      My dog Leah carries a sock when she wants attention 👏😃🐶

    45. Rolly Polly

      Cantu was absolutely adorable 😍 I love how Chaos just pranced around with his blanket

    46. Oliwia

      how much bread does Stella's owner have like tf

    47. Jasmine Somsri

      Stella be getting them carbs on

    48. hiko73

      All of these dogs are the best

    49. Erin Nicole

      Whenever me or my family would come home my dog, Boomer, would grab shoes and run around with them. I miss him so much.

    50. Faded Echos

      Cantu wanna sleepover

    51. Kim Fonda

      She's the bread steller lol!😁☺😊😂😂😂

    52. Susan Gill

      Love in so many ways

    53. Skyler Thompson

      my question is why a household has 3+ loaves of bread haha

    54. rackinfrackin

      Stella needs some chew toys. Get right on that, sister!

    55. Crazy Pelican

      0:32 lets get this bread

    56. adwftkv

      If you're giving your dog a bed time you have a mental disorder

    57. Luke Ashton Ford

      So funny! Dogs are awsome!! 😂

    58. amber_g27

      I have a two month old puppy who brings his monkey around.

    59. Tammie Broggins

      My dogs do same type of thing lol my Stella look s just like this one

    60. FlyGirl V

      Omg so cute

    61. james pisano

      I think it's called a "displacing" behavior, but the idea is they get excited and don't know how to express it so they use a toy or object. Probably not so different from when cats "knead" the carpet when they get excited sometimes.

    62. kaleidoscopik

      My baby grabs her crocy when she’s excited !!

    63. Mike Latta

      Sometimes I feel the same way about carbs.

    64. Sandy Rosenthal

      My dog grabs a toy when she's happy that someone that just entered the house.

    65. Erin Burkey

      Lol too cute they are

    66. Kim Toyama

      My puppers has a blankey too!!! 🤗🤗🤗😘😘😘

    67. Kylee Smith

      I can’t wait for dodo heroes on animal planet

    68. Kristen Leblond

      Every time my husband comes in the door, my Bailey girl, goes and gets a toy out of her toy basket!!! She gets so excited when he comes home!!!!

    69. Making This, Making That

      Maybe Stella just wanted a sandwich.

    70. Maria Vieira

      My dog steal my clothes....