Dog Whisperer Can Walk Pack Of German Shepherds Without Leash

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    A DOG WHISPERER who became famous for walking a pack of unleashed German Shepherds through busy city centres has revealed how his training methods have saved thousands of dogs from death. Augusto Deoliveira, from Sharon, South Carolina, became an internet sensation after his video of him walking five German Shepherds down a city street without a single leash went viral. The 27 years old man says that the most rewarding part of his job as an expert dog trainer is the ability to save lives of dogs who otherwise would have been put down by their owners for their aggressive behaviour. Augusto calls himself a ‘balanced trainer’ and says that he uses both positive and corrective reinforcement techniques to train the dogs. To follow his story, click here:
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    Published on 5 months ago


    1. Nam yam

      I don’t think anyone would steal anything from _him_

    2. Savitar

      Same guy from brascoft TV 4 years ago.

    3. Karla Fernandez

      I have 10 Germán sheperds

    4. songio jeckie

      german sherp. make u special

    5. Bhumika rai

      That I like the video Nice training

    6. Cassandra limon

      Cesar Millán is the dog whisper number one

    7. TG

      He is not Cesar

    8. LoanLeaf

      Beautiful pack of German Shepherds, but this guy is a horrible guy

    9. KayLily M

      That German speared pack is better than a wolf pack

    10. Olivia Grey

      I saw that page on Facebook everybody talks about and I didn’t see anything wrong! I saw the videos he is not kicking them or beating them up he may be a little rough while training but I don’t see something extremely dangerous everybody is just overreacting!

    11. AM HERE FOR IT

      Lock this abuser up. Shame on you for posting this...absolutely disgusting

    12. Dx Fire

      Too much love spoils a dog - Chinese proverb 😂

    13. Captain Rampage

      But will the dogs understand someone who speaks normally

    14. Thejax2234

      It's common sense dogs dont lead they follow u have 1 percent alpha that lead

    15. Mish S

      I love German S 🐶❤️🐶❤️

    16. Shay Rose

      I respect Cesar Milan but have never agreed with his techniques ( the poking - the noise is fine. ) this guy is following too far in his lead but crossing the line. You can’t say “ good boy “ in a stern tone. You can’t associate your hands ( physically not gesturing ) with training like he does. One of these days he will get bit by doing that ( I assure you he already has multiple times and not broadcasted it - especially the way he dives in with his hands on dogs that aren’t familiar with him. ) that little white dog got super unsure and easily could’ve bitten when he got in the way. I have an older aggressive bichon shihtzu ( traumatizing haircut from an inexperienced breeder left him severely emotionally damaged. ) and if this guy were to do that well- my dog would be hanging off his hand and I’d be the one putting this guy in his place. Not all techniques work with every dog and hell it takes a TON of patience to learn that and understanding. With my aggressive dog it took YEARS to learn his social cues because he gives off zero sign before an attack. Now I’ve learnt from the tiniest signs he gives , and we have a mutual understanding, he knows I’m in charge but he also knows I respect his boundaries. I will lightly put my hand on his side at night time when he is needing picked up, if he lifts up his torso slightly or jumps up I am able to pick him up. If he stays stiff, which is hard to read, he isn’t ready and will sleep on the floor. I’ve had dogs who HATE being told no ( specifically huskies ) and are mainly trained with positive reinforcement. My one husky puppy would start flipping out if he got in trouble , which is when I learned the training techniques I’ve learnt now which is pretty much zero discipline. ( well obviously there’s structure and boundaries ) but for instance if my puppy were to try to chew on a blanket- I’d pull him away and give him a toy instead. Or if he were to start braking instead of saying no, I’d make him sit then say good boy. It’s the distract technique , I know zak George ( on US-new ) is an amazing positive reinforcement trainer who uses this aswell. But some dogs need structure - like shepherds. You really need to trail and error each dog until you found out the right technique for that dog. Not try to shoo every dog away from a gate with your hands.

    17. Shay Rose

      I’m great with training dogs aswell. I also run a small animal rescue. ( mainly for the small pets people don’t care to think twice before throwing in a small enclosure with zero research. Rats hamsters mice gerbils etc. ) I also have an older small dog and well... a few huskies. Huskies are very smart but too smart- they realize when they can get away with something where other dogs like these guys like the please their owners. Huskies are notorious escape artists, and no matter how much they love you once they realize they can run there’s no stopping them- even if you were to bring out a big juicy steak. Once they realize they’re off leash or can jump a fence and you go out... they’re off sprinting down a busy street in a flash without looking back. It’s just their drive. There have been few who have off leash trained their huskies but even the most well trained husky I would NEVER recommend it. Whilst I could do this aswell with German shepherds- I can only imagine the huskies doing this 🤣🤣. They’re incredibly well trained - can walk them all together easily on leashes and tell them to sit and wait when on a walk, once they’re on a leash they’re fine but again, the second if I were to unhook their leashes and any were to realize , they’d be off. Unlike the shepherd.

    18. Marlin Gomes

      caesar milan is the one and only true dog whisprrer. shame on you barcroft for not doing your homework and exposing this little creep for who and what he truly is. all i have left to say is those poor dogs wish i could rescue them from him.

    19. Fitzerald Patria

      Barcroft values the number of views guys. So they will not delete this, no matter what.

    20. Beata Schoeman

      well exept the abuse from what i have heard

    21. Beata Schoeman

      so just like me or the dog?

    22. just your average guy

      I cant believe Barcroft featured this guy! He abuses dogs!😭😭😭

      1. Minght Red

        just your average guy what really?

    23. Bryan Burns

      He’s kinda creepy, especially knowing what’s in the comment sections. And what accent is that? I hope it’s an accent anyway....

    24. corwin574

      Can you train a husky

    25. dawn lanzola

      so report him have them investigate him is real people who know how to train dogs weather it'll be protection or just Behavior

    26. 柊Josh 桐乃

      German Shepherd at 5:03 has a branch with leaves up his butt, help him out 😂😂 I'm jk, loved the techniques and dogs! Keep it up

    27. Bit byBit

      GSD own the owner😊😊😊

    28. ashish dhiman

      Hello brother.well trained shepherd dog .

    29. habalaba

      this man is cruel, do not fall for this video. there has been multiple accounts of dog abuse and disgusting scenarios he puts the dogs through if they do not listen. this includes dogfighting, getting prodded and smacked with items such as broomsticks, and methods of controlled dehydration (holding water from thirsty dogs). this video needs to be taken down.

    30. Jitsxue

      Imagine trying to rob his house Good Luck Coming Out

    31. огромная эрекция

      This mutherfuker

    32. Drink Me

      “Agusto is pretty legendary” 👁 👁 👃🏻 ▯ ▯

    33. Gucci

      Good luck with a Siberian Husky or a Samoyed

    34. Liam HD

      He looks like he doesn't get washed to be honest

    35. ayyan ch

      The German Sheapred The Best & Wise Dog in The World

    36. Marra luechtefeld

      I have never heard of this guy before.. but instantly when I started watching this video I knew he was a bad dog trainer, all of his training methods are messed up and when he said he doesn't believe in using "shock collars" (which nobody calls them that because they are actually called e collars) I was so mad, he probably hasn't even looked into e collars, he probably hasn't done any research on them what so ever. so how does he know that his abusive methods are better then a safe accurate method like the e collar? of course I support R+ trainers and I always will, but when they do not support balanced trainers.. thats what makes me mad

    37. summo 323

      His legs said:🥢

    38. Alex Cyko

      There's Actually A Very Good Training Method To Train Your Dog To Be With You For The Walks, First Of All Take It On A Walk With No Leech, But Still Carry The Leech With You, If The Dog Moves Away From You, Place The Leech On Him, If It Comes Closer To You, Remove The Leech,Keep Doing That Until The Dog Doesn't Go Away From You With Its Leech Removed, And Always Remember To Praise, Pet Or A Treat, Do That For A Week, Or Lesser, There Ya Have It, A Simple Training.

    39. Uchiha Sasuke


    40. No name Anonymous

      Wow I’m so disappointed in Barcroft.

    41. Muhammad Ismail


    42. zviad bakradze

      This guy should be arrested.

    43. Remington Odenius

      Are these long hair or short haired German shepherds please answer me back

    44. Lara dC

      Is he brasilian?

    45. A random person who is normal Xx

      Is this true that he abuses dogs he seems like a nice guy in the video . In the comment section there are a lot of mixed comments 🤔

    46. Moms MADD

      There is only 1 dog whisperer Caesar Milan

    47. ishfaqfitness freak gymgym nanoo

      Ceaser Milan is the real dog whisper !!!!!

    48. vTragicc

      I have a German Shepard of my own, they’re very good dogs.

    49. Not Perfect

      i don't care if he use a shock collar or not. He's a good trainer

    50. Laquita Gilmer

      Why does the trainer look like Peter Pan? 🤷🏾‍♀️

    51. kabir sahab

      Hey i need a german shepherd in india

    52. DANK MEMES

      don't ever try to rob this man house ;-;

    53. robin & bernhard

      First i think that looks cool and then comments 🤔 and then 😡

    54. Kizi Vlogs

      GERMAN SHEPHERDS AWW 😘😘😘😍😍🐶🐶❤️❤️❤️

    55. Nicki Cole

      4:50 Shadow clone jutsu 😂

    56. koreena kim

      I am going to leave this video and go watch the real dog whisperer

    57. Jullian Molina

      German Shepard are one of the easiest to train lmaoo not hard to do

    58. Josie Brown


    59. Yoeliza Reyes

      Yeah I’ve noticed right away before I read the comments that i didn’t like him because when he was teaching the dogs to not go near the gate I can tell it sorta wasn’t friendly idk like I didnt like it but different with Cesar (a popular dog trainer has a show on Netflix) I hav never felt like he was ever being rude in fact I tried to learn from him myself

    60. OnlyEllie

      Best. Dogs. EVER

    61. Rosie Gamer

      What a great man these dogs may be in perfect condition

    62. Dima amirov

      I g

    63. Magnus Frost

      My dog can walk without a leash! It’s so simple, if you say sit he’ll sit if you say wait he’ll wait! And then if you whistle the he sprints to you as fast as possible wherever he is!


      Yea u do not want rob in his house he got a army of dogs

      1. SPEEDCLUB

        E Contreras 😂

      2. E Contreras

        SPEEDCLUB “assault dogs”.....just waiting to be banned in the usa lol

    65. ThePr0gammer sky

      My dog is trained very well but we never hit her

    66. Taplejung Online TV


    67. Johannah Stahl

      I have a German Shepherd he's the best cutie very

    68. Manuela Ribeiro

      If he is a dog whisperer so am I ,I can do the same thing he does and better

    69. Adan Jackson

      Ok But those some skinny legs man

    70. Marcelo83

      Anyone looking to mug him for his phone while out.... good luck!