Dog Rescue - Ep.6 | TRULY

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    Dog Rescue follows two of the UK’s busiest dog rescue and rehoming centres. On today’s show, the race is on to find a home for Betty the retired greyhound. There are four cute new arrivals in the puppy crèche at Manchester & Cheshire Dogs Home. And Fiddy’s boisterous behaviour means he needs extra training if he’s to find a new family.
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    Published on 8 months ago


    1. Sheila Houston

      So GLAD the dogs found homes! The GREY HOUND is my favorite. Also, the beautiful pregnant pit. WHAT A FACE! BEAUTIFUL! THANKS FOR SHARING!

    2. Lyubean

      This is the worst mixed episode so far, wow

    3. Sharon Price

      Do you know what happens with greyhounds when they are done racing or don’t win. They get Destroyed, usually by their owners and thrown out into a field. Not the so-called put them to sleep nice idea they put up for us to see. Horse racing and rodeo is just as cruel.

    4. Marz Wallace

      The music is always too loud. You can't hear anything else.

    5. Erica Jansen

      Stop the greyhound races. When they are not good and fast enough for making money they are useless. They will be put down or worse. The lucky ones go for adoption.😠😠

    6. Onyx Johnson

      who ever edited the music into the show is horrible you cant even hear them talking

    7. Mahesh Kumar

      How can I adopt a dov from you guyzz

    8. Swnsasy _

      Need some damn volunteers to actually WALK the dogs and they wouldn't be that way.. Second,TURN THE MUSIC DOWN!! Can't hear anything the narrator is even saying... I can't finish this it's HORRIBLE!!

    9. Bess Mulholland

      I,ve heard that tried easing greyhounds make the best pet,cause their,ve done their job!!!

    10. Sevilla Clark

      I don’t understand how you buy a whole dog, invest in it, race it several times and then give it up for adoption.

    11. Canuckmom1958

      The Audio is painful, folks. You literally can't hear the narrator over the dogs and overly-loud background music. Needs fixing. Congratulations on finding forever homes for Dogs, especially the hard to place ones. Betty is going to be very spoiled and happy in her forever home. You can tell she is their fur-baby.

    12. Hanyu Pinyin

      Music WAY too loud !

    13. Wisdom Offered

      the videographer needs to tone down the nuisance music, but still deserves a thumbs up.

    14. Sam Wendt

      They try to defend the greyhound racing but they just give up their dogs as soon as they aren't raceable. Yeah, sounds like a real nice life to me

    15. carla bestford

      such a shame the music is far too loud ... u cant hear folks speak ..

    16. CuteFruit 08

      great job saving animals, but i cant hear anything due to loud dogs, and loud music

    17. Claire Barzan

      When is the next episode coming out?

      1. Claire Barzan

        Anyone out there Barcroft? Enough with the dog dynasty!

    18. Sparky16

      This is some of the worst sound quality I've EVER heard in my life! Who did your mixing? a preschooler?

    19. Fly Sierra

      can't hear the commentary, take the music out

    20. Alyssa Jefferson

      The sound mixer needs to be canned. This is unwatchable.

    21. Maddiemeetsworld

      The sound issue is happening more and more on this channel. It’s frustrating for sure

    22. Pedro Benoliel

      I can generally get around the audio issues, but this episode is unlistenable-to.

    23. Connie McFeely


    24. TV TOY LOVE

      Baby puppy is so cute.😊😊😊

    25. Mauro Sgarzi

      The mixer between sound track and spoken track must be fixed. Please remix.

    26. Melanie Kotze

      Please get Micha a forever home. She is so beautiful Thank you for caring and rescuing God bless you all

    27. louise robinson

      The music is too loud over the talking.

    28. lydia stark

      Can not stand the music, can't hear the narrator or what the people are talking about

    29. FrozenEternity

      i gave up 3 mins, skipped ahead to check and the sound doesn't get better. I don't general give thumbs down... but I am here. Please note this is not a thumbs down about the content. I wanted to watch this animal rescue video, but I can't watch it due to the sound

      1. CuteFruit 08


    30. Marissa Does Art

      The audio needs to take priority over music and dog noise so we can actually hear what's being said.

    31. Fanzi Dachen

      Too much noise can’t watch.

    32. Sharon Harker

      Can't hear the narrative over the loud music and the message you're trying to convey is lost.

    33. oOlora

      Background music is waaaay too loud one is unable to hear the commentary..!!!

    34. Denise Bennett

      Music is way too loud. Can't hear the narrator at all. Please re-edit this with the music way, way down

    35. Literally Kyle

      *Love this series a lot it’s genuinely so interesting🐾👀‼️*

    36. Sarah

      The mix on this is kind of dreadful - please lower the music mix so we can hear the narration!

    37. Iliana lotochinski

      I really hate any type of animal racing no matter who well they may say to treat them.

      1. Emily Rxttie

        Iliana lotochinski greyhounds love to run, i had a ex racer and a non racer and they both did the same running round as though they were on a track, its a fun thing for them to chase something

    38. Annie

      😱😝 MUSIC is wayyyy too loud! Otherwise brilliant work guys. 👍😍💖😘

    39. Karin Wegner

      You obviously neither checked your video, nor the complaints in the commentary section. Absolutely unprofessional and ignorant 😣😩😖🤢🤢🤢

    40. Pappy

      Music is way too loud - you can't hear the narrative.

    41. Patience Cooper

      I have 2 exracing greyhounds who had full racing careers, and they are such the lovable pups. They are great in apartments and only require a 30 minute walk a day! I love my pups and I bet you'd love one too.

    42. Lauren Rice

      Pls lower the music

    43. maz p

      the music is so annoying can't hear the show

    44. Amber Penniston

      Music is too loud

    45. vanessa martens

      My teacher adopted a retried grey hound

      1. Unicorn Queen

        vanessa martens I have a greyhound but because of all the horrible treatment my grey went through I never actually watched greyhound racing till now. I know they were fast but didn’t realise they were that fast

    46. vanessa martens

      All I hear is barking and muisc

      1. Daisy Z

        They’ve had this happen a lot recently. I love this channel, and hope they can get the audio issues sorted. I don’t want to see them scale down their uploads lol. 💖💕

      2. Lauren Rice

        vanessa martens yup

    47. Corey Timkey


    48. LauraRmnn

      Simply just can’t understand the speaker because of the loud background noises.. 😫

      1. Lauren Rice

        LlauraA omg same I was going to comment this

    49. Ivon Dominguez

      Omfg the puppy’s are cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    50. mariana garcia

      I'm just 12 i'd like to help but I can't and I'm brasilian

    51. mariana garcia

      its just AMAZING

    52. Cademan Caden

      Take the music out. It's hard enough to understand :(

    53. Aditya Ranpise

      Thank you...

    54. Mikas o.k

      Just dropped a edit if you could look at it would be appreciated

    55. Addyson Jeffries


    56. Vivian Tang

      Helpful Tip! Audio needs to be fixed. Can’t hear the commentary over the audio of the videos!

      1. Tami

        I heard everyone but the narrator 😢

      2. Ella Bruckert

        good point. it's hard to get the commentary!

      3. Incantantrixy1

        Yeah. the music was so loud I didn't hear what he said half the time. That plus the very loud dog barking.

    57. FAZEJulian2008 X&J

      We’re are you guy take place

    58. Blake Zombie


    59. julius landeros


    60. Brady Hearle


    61. Isabella Cline