Dog Rescue - Ep.3 | TRULY



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    Dog Rescue follows two of the UK’s busiest dog rescue & rehoming centres. It’s an eventful time at the Manchester & Cheshire Dogs Home: the animal ambulance breaks down, celebrity actress Sherrie Hewson judges a dog fancy dress show and centre manager Colin looks into rehoming a dog on an idyllic island. Over at Harefield’s Dog Trust, Adam rescues 9-week-old collie-cross pups.
    CREDIT: ITV Global
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    Published on Year ago


    1. Kiera Blue

      I would take Elvis but their is no way I could

    2. CherryBombzzz

      The person who put on the music in the background needs to be fired. I can't even hear the narrator!

    3. Ianna80

      You would think that my statement would be common sense but I swear common sense really isn’t all that common anymore, unfortunately!!! I know ppl don’t like admitting when they’re wrong or done something wrong but think about, ppl don’t seem to realize or forget but ppl tend to blame breeders backyard or otherwise or other things for out of control animal (mainly cats & dogs) populations but fail to realize that it’s 100% OUR OWN FAULTS!!! Regular ppl NOT getting their animals spayed & neutered having unwanted litters & doing whenever with them i.e abandon, give to shelters!!! If ALL pets (mainly cats & dogs again) were spayed & neutered shelter & feral populations would go down tremendously, plain & simple really!!! Be smart & safe everyone!!!

    4. Kate Telford

      I love how people help animals and stuff but the songs really let this down they're terrible

    5. Dagmar Heinz

      I don't like when he says Elvis is ugly he is not look at his eyes , love him

    6. Krafty Kreator

      People are so stupid with dogs, what's so wrong with spaying and neutering so accidental pregnancies don't occur? Most people know it's a lot of money and time and energy to raise even one litter, and will chose to just breed deliberately once or twice and then spay the dog. Humans are so illogical and dogs often suffer for our lack of brains or knowledge or inexperience or whatever.... It's so frustrating to see stuff like that.

    7. Jane Smith

      Fundraiser Natalie: Why don't you contact Ford, Mercedes etc. Head Offices and ask them to donate a van to use as an ambulance and maybe put some advertising for them on the van. I am sure there are kind hearted dog lovers who own van companies, who would be willing to help. Just an idea!

    8. Nicole C.

      2:38 I disagree with you,I BELIEVE NO DOG IS UGLY🐕❤

    9. Indy T

      My god.. the person who did the music has no feeling at all, on when to put the music down or up... Maybe better if that person finds another job ???

    10. Gloria

      If Elvis was in Scandinavia, i'd take him.

    11. Lioness006

      Collie/GSD mix will be very intelligent, energetic dogs. Mine is a Lab/Border Collie/GSD mix and she is wonderful!

    12. scaleop4

      i dont think elvis is ugly at all. id take him home in a heart beat

    13. Skoda130

      I wouldn't care for Elvis' strange looks. It's all about character in the end.

    14. Jazzy’s world

      that dog is unique... not ugly at all. i think its beautiful

    15. Canuckmom1958

      Dog Trust needs to ensure that the Woman's Collie gets Spayed - otherwise they will be back in 4 months. If you can't afford a Vet -you can't afford a Pet.

    16. Nadia gionet

      that dog is not ugly he is adorable how dare u

    17. Jekku

      great program, and while i like your background music IT IS MUCH TOO LOUD! Please fix, because we can't hear the people speaking over the music! :(

    18. Penelope Mumphrey

      Poor Elvis

    19. westie1cairn2mom

      PLEASE do something about that ridiculously loud is incredibly annoying and adds nothing to the video. We want to hear about the animals and the overpowering music volume makes that impossible.

    20. Daisy Cocoa

      UK seems to live in the 1960’s 1970’s in terms of animal education. The public seems to be terribly ignorant to have that many beautiful dogs available in shelters

    21. Mary Ellen Dehaan

      What a stupid dog owner--saying that their is nothing she can do about her dog having puppies--well get your dog fixed. Hopefully he gets her dog fixed now--but probably not--she doe not say anything about getting her dog fixed? Well this dog owner is not very smart!!! Someone needs to tell her that next time her dog has puppies (because she does not get her dog fixed) then she will be responsible for the puppies. England has the same problems as the US=---irresponsible dog owners and then their are abuse with dogs. I think it is dog abuse to not have your dog fixed.

    22. Mary Ellen Dehaan

      I am from the US and I think all countries have the same problems--not fixing our dogs, and buying a dog instead of a adopting a dog.

    23. Kathy Harrington

      I would certainly take Elvis.

    24. After9Design

      Somebody please buy Natalie a hairbrush!

    25. moana walters

      we can't get the Ep.4 and others? n.z

    26. Aaron Koffel


    27. Beverly Balius

      Real dogs in a shelter.....all in shelters in America are Hounds and pitt bulls....all the nice dogs and puppies are sent to rescues.

    28. Beverly Balius


    29. Pedro Benoliel

      4:45 did she really just say she had been feeding the puppies instant porridge? O_O

    30. Rena Smith

      What a great organization just subscribed. Love the work that you do much love sent your way.. Thank you.

    31. Shanez Veganess™

      There's nothing ugly about the dog Elvis, he is beautiful in every way. I feel sorry for those that see him differently.

    32. Carol Miles

      Elvis mummy looks so nice xxxxcc

    33. Marilyn Turcotte

      Couldn't a doggy dentist filed down Elvis's tooth a bit? He still is cute.

    34. Marilyn Turcotte

      Yes get rid of the music. TOO much!!

    35. Katie Bug

      Elvis is a great dog ..hope u get new wagon for hospital

    36. Marilyn Turcotte

      Get a Car dealership to chip in or pay for a van in return for advertising. It's a win/win deal.

    37. kawaii granada

      I like your video

    38. Life_Dies,Sadly

      were hulk

    39. Dindin Private

      Good video but the music is too loud.

    40. Shirley Oliva

      I wish i lived close i would take that baby its so cute

    41. Zartelle Rose

      WHY the loud music? takes away from the great vid and important messages here

    42. Vlogs Monkey

      amazing Video

    43. Judith Campbell

      I hope that Lady gets her dog spayed. Aww Elvis is all alone, hope he gets adopted, I’d take him but I live in Canada . Those puppies, the collie cross, should be easy to get them all adopted! I hope you have a wonderful day and thank you for sharing this wonderful video clip with me! A’ho

      1. bonnie hedges

        Judith Campbell I would to but now thay probably has a owner now x

    44. Karisa Pustka

      Elvis is so adorable and sweet! He is a unique, one of a kind dog who now has a loving family/home and that's all that matters. I'm glad he is happy with his new family! ❤

    45. Rebecca Ripley

      Just a bit advice you need to fix the audio for your video, music/background noise is drowning out the narrator & people speaking. I wanna watch the series but it's hard to when I can't understand what is going on with music/background noise drowning out necessary information.

    46. louise robinson

      My dog has the same as Elvis and thats the reason we feel in love. Id be more likly people will look over him due to the bad rep his breed has...

    47. Tanya M

      It feels like I'm at a club and the narrator is trying to talk to me above the music - not ideal %-)

    48. Valle Beast

      Love dogs

    49. Zenia Rose

      Awwwww I love seeing how happy Elvis was on the beach! I had happy tears! :D What a lucky boy!

    50. Tami

      I love this show! They're all such lovely people! ❤️❤️

    51. 5cats 2kids

      There is no way that hair lip makes that dog ugly! It makes him special! He’s simply adorable, and I’d have picked him first! Please watch your words, you do amazing work. 🤦‍♀️ Those that passed by him, especially without saying ‘hi’, and paying him a bit of attention are shameful. Thank you to the kind heart that saved him, and loves him! ❤️

      1. A Olsson

        h-a-r-e lip

      2. Dindin Private

        Agree KIttyMom - I think it makes him look extra cute.

      3. Carlene Uptigrove


    52. Cats Furrrever

      Keep up the amazing work ❤️💗

    53. Alli Ninja

      Why is there this I want spca they are the best I watched all there videos really I did🤔🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

    54. Alli Ninja

      9 here

    55. Joy Brown

      I would love to take Elvis but I live in the U.S and that would be a lot of money for him to get traveled all the way over here.

    56. Aliah Crookshanks

      6th. Love you

    57. PEPSIZER

      Rescue those pudges

    58. Ayva K.

      I love you guys😩💘

    59. Ethan Fruechte

      Hi love you guys and how you save dogs

    60. Haylen Guerra

      I love ❤️ dogs 🐕 🐶

    61. V. Vella


    62. Paige.- .Dodgshun

      First !! Btw I love this Chanel it's AMAZING ❤️