Dog Dynasty: Entire Season Two (1 Hour)

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    Watch the whole second season of Dog Dynasty - the hit series celebrating the adventures of Hulk, the world’s biggest pitbull. Across five dramatic episodes we see Hulk undergo protection training, smashing owner Marlon clean off his chair, and take delivery of his new pimped-up kennel - worth a whopping $25,000. We see Marlon finish his tribute to his favorite dog - a massive portrait of Hulk on his chest - and witness the life and death drama of the arrival of the latest batch of Hulk’s puppies. Can they survive when a potentially lethal storm strikes? And there’s more drama - and controversy - as the 175lb Hulk faces his new trainer, Marlon’s 6-year-old son Jordan. With season 3 coming soon, this is your chance to watch the whole of season two in one monster, pitbull-sized bite.
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    Published on 7 months ago


    1. Kevin Torres

      Sell me your 300zx

    2. Raquel Hernandez

      😫😥😭😓why can't they stay alive

    3. Victoria Sullivan

      After I heard about ace i was thinking about my dog I have not seen in 3 years😥😢😭

    4. VIZION DUBS Billy

      Love this so much I'm gaming my new born pit after Kobe

    5. Queenty Prankster

      good dog I live in Pelham can I get can I get your dog my address is 227 Wythe Street

    6. Ari Marie


    7. Ari Marie

      Wow it fluent be worse timing eh


      The guy with the orange hoody has dilated eyes


      Yoo that’s wierd how the dog lowers it power level to the size of the person it’s biting

    10. Trenton White

      Rip ACE love your vids sorry about your dog

    11. Amanda Bockes

      My dog name is ace

    12. Logan Barden

      So cool DOGS

    13. Alfie Tate

      I would love someone to even try to rob there house before they get trampled

    14. Gracy Jno baptiste

      I want puppy today I live in Dominica

    15. Lil_ Nightmare

      Robber:I have a gun Paul:i have a hulk Robber:?? Hulk:i’m gonna bite your head off Robber:um...~runs away to china~ Hulk:yea thats what i thought!

    16. Alice in Wonderland

      whole barcroft animals are covered with these cool guy's videos

    17. Damian Ozuna

      She’s an idiot messing with the puppies like that like let nature do it’s job my Pitbull has 12 and we didn’t mess with them

    18. Ramon Johnson

      Are y’all gonna keep ace General and hulk

    19. Ariel

      R.I.P. ACE he was a great dog, u will be missed buddy

    20. Trinity Burg

      Tbh you kinda look like tony stark in a way 😂

    21. Jackson Horne

      Rest in peace Ace

    22. Javi T

      They should honestly just put a series about this on Netflix. This is how many people miss and love Ace 👇

    23. Valerie Benjamin

      I'm loving ur show. Lisa is amazing mom and wife and co owner u couldn't have pick a better partner. The kid and ur staff are awesome to, of course the Dogs r the stars of the show and the owner of this terrific dynasty., gets all praise for a great establishment I want to know if u would go on live so we can asks some questions from Detroit Mi

    24. Lexi Peters

      such a good dog , how he was so gentle with the kids is absolutely beyond amazing .

    25. Gerwin De Haan

      Is he saying the some of the commando's in Dutch language?

    26. Glitter•GANG

      After the first time I’d take them to vet to give birth 🙁 they have better resources for it

    27. Slay Nation


    28. AAzam Rizvi

      I Love Hulk...

    29. Kathy Hernandez

      It’s like a movie so long and interesting

    30. Amanda Quigley

      You’re one lucky person I hope they😃😃😃😃😃 stay alive

    31. Colin Ross

      7:40 big oof

    32. Addysyn Andis

      If someone bought these dogs how much are they

    33. Johnny Tsunami

      If you don’t want that 300zx I’ll take it 😅

    34. Ace Star

      R.I.P ace we all will miss you i love this dog but i bet he is fightin all the bad guys up there and takin care of the puppies we lost

    35. carandola

      its almost like the dogs go easy on the toddlers

    36. hannah lambert

      omg ACE 😭😭😭😭😭😭 we all miss you very much R.I.P ace he was so cute

    37. Colbie Hruby

      Ace is cute

    38. Colbie Hruby

      Holy is so cute

    39. David Keep

      Legends in their own lunchbox this lot, don't give a rat's about their fat ugly dogs with ridiculous ears.

    40. BKL London

      Who is watching this vid when maia and ace dies

    41. Christopher Williams

      R.i.p ace ,maia,and general


      Robber breaks into the house,hears Marlon shout,hulk smash,Robber sees hulk,no one sees Robber ever again.

    43. Ku4 Sy-_-

      R.i.p hulk Best dog ever 😭

    44. FuZioN Ghost

      1:02:36 what’s the song called?

    45. H.G WT

      Your wife is pretty

    46. Bane The Shepherd

      Does this show still come on?

    47. Kimadhyat Maharaj

      If I saw hulk running towards me I would die before he eats me 😂

    48. xxxtentacion._. Niya

      Hulk was laying down like I’m staying in the house

    49. Penny Bear

      Are those dogs in the kennel all the time? Just wondering bc there was soooo much poo

    50. Olivia Eggerud

      you see how differently he bites the sleeve depending on who has it on

    51. Evie Bradley

      I saw a video of a police dog attacking an innocent woman and didn’t let go on command they had to pull him off. The DDK should train police dogs

    52. Alissa Wisely

      Marlon needs to pull up his pants

    53. adam elmahdi

      Rip Ace

    54. Kitty Lover1000

      That is so cool that your kids help you train

    55. Cody Featherstone

      I really related to your story I love DDK I think you're doing amazing things huge fan 💯🔥 #kobe😍👌

    56. God Z

      What if hulk accidentally bites a someone with a cast thinking it was a bite sleeve?

    57. J Lat

      This is the most famous puppy farm

    58. ExOTiiC XXR

      I mean 10013

    59. ExOTiiC XXR

      He said 1013

    60. Laura N

      You shouldn't use collars when walking on leash... could be bad for the neck... my friend's french bulldog had to go through surgery because she was pulling on the leash and she had collar

    61. the villagers boyz

      I want to purchase a dog from you

    62. Melissa Gahn

      I love how gentle the dogs are with your boys. :) Always wanting to kiss and sniff them, so cute

    63. Lots of LUCY

      Hulk I love ya 🙂❤️

    64. Mr O9

      Keep up the family business ✊🏾🦍❤️

    65. M city M city

      I like dogs just as much as the next person but where I come from bro we don't have the dogs in the kitchen specially where we have our food or plates there's some rules hey stead of your wife training dogs you should go clean the house bro

    66. Destroyer

      How does he train them I can barely give my fish water

    67. Donna brennan

      👍👍👍👍👍👍. Awesome video thank you for sharing and have a great day 😃🌻😎🐯👑🐯👑 🌸 Donna Rose 🌹

    68. Lesley Dunn

      R.I.P ace what a great dog he's was

    69. Gacha Bonnie The bunny

      I like when Little j has more control over the dogs XDD