Dog Dynasty: Entire Season Two (1 Hour)



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    Watch the whole second season of Dog Dynasty - the hit series celebrating the adventures of Hulk, the world’s biggest pitbull. Across five dramatic episodes we see Hulk undergo protection training, smashing owner Marlon clean off his chair, and take delivery of his new pimped-up kennel - worth a whopping $25,000. We see Marlon finish his tribute to his favorite dog - a massive portrait of Hulk on his chest - and witness the life and death drama of the arrival of the latest batch of Hulk’s puppies. Can they survive when a potentially lethal storm strikes? And there’s more drama - and controversy - as the 175lb Hulk faces his new trainer, Marlon’s 6-year-old son Jordan. With season 3 coming soon, this is your chance to watch the whole of season two in one monster, pitbull-sized bite.
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    Published on 11 months ago


    1. louis allen

      What dog breed is that??

    2. Helder Cardoso

      Rip general and ace

    3. Adrianne Greaver

      I can't watch this without my eyes filling up with tears. These dogs are so beautiful! The level of commitment from the people and the dogs is outstanding. I hope oneday I will be privileged enough to own a DDK dog myself. Amazing guys please keep it up spread awareness. These dogs are underrated!

    4. Branch Claybourne

      Get prepared fam, generators and a complete birthing room is a must. Insulated!!!

    5. Gregor Kocur

      #nohate my paul does the same things with bleib-stay like hulk with 1year right now and he is hugh cane corso may you check him out instagram paulus_aurelius_maximus want to know what you think about him and his breed. hulk is the 2nd best for me cause i got paulus go on you do rly nice work i wish i could live like you YA Live the DREAM :)

    6. neighborhood

      0:25 soundtrack please

    7. Jelena Gravara

      RIP my beloved General and my beautiful Ace.

    8. Alan Ramos


    9. Shareef Dawson

      Bro can u help me, I got a Bull dog I'd like to train but alil novice at it can u give me any tips🤔 I can send pics Sophie is cold black and 4months old... Thankx bro O an sorry for. Ur ambition is jus to teach Sophie to be tha best family member she can be in love, protection, sweetness, and lastly obedience...

    10. Jeon Babies

      R.I.P ACE and GENERAL 😔💛

    11. Brilliant Bugatti

      I think this family gets business involved too much with family, like he said there both my kids just because Hulk made you a success doesnt mean he's your kid.

    12. Antwan Smith

      You should've put plastic and sand below the kennels.

    13. Ciro André Machado

      marlon out kardashian the kardashians

    14. Money Barksdale

      I've trained my dog's with my kid's, build the tolerance or your dog won't have any, start as pups and watch the bond and over protection the dog be

    15. Lxrd Dick Er Down

      sadly ace and general are now in a better place R.I.P

    16. Shahbaz Khan

      Ýour pittbull is xxl or amarican pittbul

    17. JDWhit _

      9:38 Why is the dog pulling the owner here?

    18. Ggmasterpro gamer

      They didn’t know that Kong was gonna be a big big boy

    19. Matt Brenneman

      he acts like he doesn’t love his wife

      1. Money Barksdale

        Let's guess why you assume that...LOL a lot of dog's and 2 children is a lot of work, they do different things during filming and most is editing, but night time they have their fun buddy

    20. Trym Eikeland Vatne

      Hulk is such a clever dog!!!

    21. Sheldon Sturgell

      Do you guys have a dvd set for real I buy one if you do.....

    22. Bell Wolf

      I really want to know why they practically never accidently bite their skin. You would think a dog that has so much skin around the mouth they would catch it on their teeth.

    23. L. Atkins

      That's so fuckin dope how Hulk was able to know to go easy when it was the babies turn to work the bite sleeve. I'm blown away.

    24. iiNiyahplaysGachax

      the only dogs im scared of is the BIG Ones who look like wolfs,And im scared of HUGE Pitbulls ,but im not scared of hulk anymore because he is welled-Trained and his owner and co-owner is always around him wherever he goes Oh btw... ;_; i MISS Ace ...idek who he/or she is But i Hope you're having fun in doggy heaven with others ;( *sniff sniff* ;9

    25. Natasha Brooks

      Rip ace we miss u

    26. Hannah Xoxo

      Whit about Kong hulks son


      RIP ace general and maia

    28. Chicago's Finest

      Lisa & Marlon....You guys are great trainers as well as great parents & I salute you both👌💪 #TeamWorkMakeTheDreamWork

    29. Taylor Jackson

      Can someone plz a give me the link to their merch

    30. sashanya13

      Beautiful liter I’m guessing that the males weight will be 170 and female 145

    31. Phnx

      Rip general and ace :(

    32. Cheyne Caveney

      perfoms well almost falls the car

    33. Justin Brooks

      Ace we love you dawg R.I.P

    34. QBN Kennel

      Much respect to Marlon and all his dogs as well as his Kennel and what he's doing. I mean this with no disrepect what"s so ever. But if you want to see the Biggest, Most Correct Big Dog In the Game his name is #KingSpartacus check him

    35. Lequan Lee

      what language are you training in

    36. Drizz Up

      Please someone tell me the instrumental at 53 min

    37. Aliyah Martinez


    38. Aliyah Martinez


    39. Aliyah Martinez

      Haw did you and Lisa met

    40. Stepping on Legos for fun

      My favourite part of this is at 1:04:05 where the youngest put on the sleeve

    41. Aussie Pride

      i don't like the fact they crop the dogs ears tho there are only 2 reasons for that and none of them are good

    42. Hotdog 5697

      Great season.

    43. Jacobo Dueñas

      i love pitt bulls so much im gonna get one when i have a boy friend

      1. Natasha

        Jacobo Dueñas why wait you have a boyfriend

    44. MagSoft

      Rip Ace! So sad, he was the amazing.

    45. Lady TaEdie Richardson

      I love your family!!!🤗🤗🤗

    46. jarnail thakur

      Who's watching in 2019♥️♥️

    47. Kaylin Graham

      god i miss general and ace

    48. FluffyCobra

      It is amazing to see how controlled the dogs are with the children even when they have the sleeve on he knows not to attack as hard as he does with marlon

    49. Loes Gerrits

      R.I.P. Ace, Maia and General

    50. GammageX-13

      Like have the dogs went half way on the kids lolz 😂 the love the lil ones at the end

      1. GammageX-13


    51. OA

      I felt it when he fell of the chair

    52. Audrianna Begay

      Oh my god 😍😍 I love your dogs. I really wished I had a pit bull and raising one up on my own. Props to y’all as a family and raising pit bulls. I absolutely love you all 🥰🥰🥰🥰 and good job to the kids.

    53. Genaro

      General kinda looks like hulk

    54. Roy is Confused

      If he has a $20000 litter but wouldn't buy a $600 generator just in case

    55. Reese Gladney


    56. OP_KDON

      Rip general

    57. merfra41

      How come with all the money you make you do not have backup generators you would think that would be a priority where you live especially in the business you’re in?

    58. Diane Kennedy

      How old is the HULK...does he have offspring. What is the cost of raising he your 1st PITTT

    59. GHOST RIDER Darian mouton

      I Love You All So far I just started watching and I told my parents I want to do what you are doing and that I am going to do that when I am finished with school no matter what.

    60. منوعات Videos

      It's just dog 😂😂

    61. Connor Standlee

      Say something to make merch called Hulk the Superdog

      1. Connor Standlee

        They should make merch Hulk the Superdog

    62. After Asteroid Survivor

      Goodbye squeaky toy ball.

    63. Jami’an Rose

      Hey you should take all your dogs to the dog park and see everyone reaction

    64. imserious2187

      I miss ace 😩

    65. Sam Hamzeh

      There's good treadmill for dogs when it below zero weather

    66. Cylee Hansen

      I love pit bulls

    67. Alicia Knight

      Jordan is the future of DDK. Jackson's face was priceless when Hulk went to attack. I love your family. Even the people that work for you guys are all part of a unit to keep DDK moving forward.

    68. Sarah Hounsell

      DDK x Cesar Milan collab 🔥🔥🙏🏼

    69. gym boy

      October29is my birthday

    70. Josh Glover

      I pray that these puppies go to GOOD homes! Some people get big pit bulls for nefarious reasons and people as we'll as the dogs suffer for it... 😞