Dog Dynasty: Entire Season 3 (1 Hour 20 Min)

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    Watch the whole third season of Dog Dynasty - the hit series celebrating the adventures of Hulk, the world’s biggest pitbull. The six new episodes include some of the most emotional moments in Dog Dynasty history as the family are hit by the deaths of two of their favourite dogs - Hulk’s great-great grandmother Maia and their top training dog, Ace. But there are happier moments too, as Hulk welcomes his latest litter of super-cute puppies and then stars in his first ever rap video. Plus we meet 150lb pitbull pup Kong, and get to see what happens when Hulk tackles an armed home intruder. With season four coming soon, this is your chance to watch the whole of season three in one monster, Hulk-sized bite.
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    Published on Month ago


    1. 1000 subscribers with 10 videos challenge

      1:10:25 ditt soooo cute

    2. Casper Nielsen

      Anyoneelse crying

    3. Ashley portillo

      They should do a thing where only the kids are in the house and someone breaks in just to see he would do

    4. Jodie Botteron

      I hate that Ace has been gone I miss him 😭😭😭😭😭😓😰😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    5. John Alforja

      Wait, who did Ace fight? Were those stray dogs or dogs from DDK9?

    6. Maxisbest21 Halyuk

      I cried😭😭😭😭😭

    7. Maxisbest21 Halyuk

      RIP:ACE love him so much I hope you have a good life

    8. Breonie Anderson

      If someone robs this family I’m going to laugh at the robber

    9. Asmr life

      Did anyone else see the little puppy get knocked off the couch. I feel bad for it

    10. Veronica Velasco

      Oh and i am so so sorry for your dog i would cry for my dog to 😭

    11. Veronica Velasco

      I my name is Aaron and i love your vedos i love dog to i have a dog to she 1 yers old i just won't say you me happy it make me by the samo dog like the ones you have think you for show me this vedos

    12. Alex Ibietatorremendia

      He landed on the puppy bro

    13. Braap Happy Mofos

      Why do you clip the dogs ears

    14. Sasuke Uchiha

      Was dat dude smokin a blunttt?

    15. John Wade

      You should start working with Belgian mallinois very high drive dog

    16. Andre Murray


    17. Sidneyツ

      We love you maia

    18. Sidneyツ

      R.I.P to ace 😪💔

    19. Kasey Pace

      Hulk is a good dog but can’t he do everything.

      1. Teagues 11

        Kasey Pace that’s why they train their other dogs for if something happens

    20. Attick Rain

      These People look like Meth heads, Junkies and aggressive Dogs don't mix.

      1. YT Lewii

        Thank you Rain, very cool!

    21. Fortnite Anthony24

      Rip Acr

      1. Fortnite Anthony24


    22. Lola Jones

      more information buy at puppy

    23. Exploding_creeper

      I have a dog that looks just like hulk

      1. Exploding_creeper

        His name is taz he looks like Tasmanian devil and hulk ( he’s a dog )

    24. แค่อยากให้ ดู

      Pitbull dog sport

    25. memeaholic 07

      What if a man with a gun tries to shoot you and hulk bites him but on the arm without the gun and the man shoots hulk because hulk bit the arm without the firearm i think you should train dogs with a fake gun in the hand with the arm vest so he could bite the arm of a man with the gun therefor making it harder for you or hulk to be shot (you could use this method with the puppies you are training, PLEASE READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

    26. sweetsendaedreamr

      Looking at this dog makes me want a french mastiff.

    27. Mauro Wilson

      Do you feed your dogs raw chicken

    28. Alexis Skidmore

      At 52:00 Anyone else notice that she used the fence to get out at

    29. Hi I’m janel Hdz

      Their relationship is literally mee

    30. Tinfoil Chickmunk

      Did anyone see the tiny puppy who fell down in the home invasion 😭😭

    31. James Temple

      🤠 0 Town Rd.

    32. James Hughes

      Rip ace you will be missted

    33. Linda Moody

      rip ace

    34. Lachlan Warburton

      Rip ace no one will forget you

    35. CrispyPatato

      At 41:20 the dog looks kinda like a lion cub

    36. Jdjd Hdjd

      1 like one prayer for ace

    37. mimigreen

      The little dog that got crushed :(

    38. Olivia O'Callaghan

      I am a big fan of I am a big fan of your videos and I have also a channel may you subscribe on my channel it's Olivia O'Callaghan

    39. juda ajae

      All Love for U guys, sorry for Ur lost, watching with tears in my eyes. Amazing how balance Ur dogs are. Sending love to all of U from Poland.

    40. Payge Johnson

      Poor pupp

    41. Payge Johnson

      OMGGG 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 the d Puppy at 11:19 that is so sad I am mad at dog dynasty now

      1. Rex

        Shut up

    42. Isaiah Mathews

      The little dog got crushed in the home invasion

    43. Ryan Pendzik

      Not pit bull real facts

    44. Vasile Polisca

      home invsion poor puppy :C 1 LIKE = helps puppy

    45. Viktor Lopez

      Ace is not gone he still in your heart and with god

    46. Lil happy Lil high


    47. Lil happy Lil high

      12:47 pay attention to the puppy that was lying on the sofa

    48. Lange Lænder

      How did ACE die?!!!

    49. Phoenix Revival

      Your dog is the best

    50. Emmitt Helmer

      I won't Rob you at I'll because I am a big fan

    51. Amanda Edwards

      Love yall channel

    52. Kenny Liew

      The "burglar" kicked the baby dog🐶

    53. lanijames1

      The puppy when fall down when your friend that was dressed up as Oscar Myers he knocked it down the puppy when you were sleeping

    54. Hisaye Jashinisit

      Poor pup

    55. Chasen Casen

      Kobe never gave up

    56. Demon Slawer

      He kicked the little pup in the head in the house invasion


      Ace will still be a king.

    58. Michael Van Zyl

      They need to simulate fires just in case there is a house fire or a forest fighter they need to practice in evacuateing the dogs

    59. don't ask my name

      Bruh "you gotta be out of ur mind to rob me" i mean one shotgun bullet and ur dogs r out so...

    60. Celeztine lopez

      Would u rain others dogs

    61. Simmy Ben

      King Ace R.I.P

    62. Jethro Tupas

      You should name Kobe Goku lol

    63. Lilly Elpers

      The poor puppy

    64. Martha Blessed And Sanctified

      Poor lil pup fell off the couch when the "attacker" got thrown to the floor by THE BIG BOY HULK! I've already told Marlon this but Ace and Steve and Mia are all in heaven together. And they'll be watching over the whole family of DDK.

    65. Kajal Jain

      I like your video's very much I watch yy your all videos

    66. Emarhi Arcadi

      The puppy fell

    67. Supr3m3_Alpha

      At 1:30 the guy in red is like OHHHHH HELLLL NAHHHHH!

    68. LaYla EcClEsToN

      Puppy Doggo has been bamboozled 👁👄👁

    69. faze tfue


    70. Queen Panda

      R.I.P Ace Maia Steve General You all will be miss hope you rest in paradise

      1. Thomas Trapasso

        Wa happened

      2. Archie Ubas

        4 names 4 dogs 4 Legends