Dog Dynasty: Entire Season 3 (1 Hour 20 Min)



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    Watch the whole third season of Dog Dynasty - the hit series celebrating the adventures of Hulk, the world’s biggest pitbull. The six new episodes include some of the most emotional moments in Dog Dynasty history as the family are hit by the deaths of two of their favourite dogs - Hulk’s great-great grandmother Maia and their top training dog, Ace. But there are happier moments too, as Hulk welcomes his latest litter of super-cute puppies and then stars in his first ever rap video. Plus we meet 150lb pitbull pup Kong, and get to see what happens when Hulk tackles an armed home intruder. With season four coming soon, this is your chance to watch the whole of season three in one monster, Hulk-sized bite.
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Mahender Sharma

      You have so many dogs and these all dogs are fantastic

    2. Kane Darcy

      Poor little puppy he got spawned out but I love your US-new channel and video.

    3. Kane Darcy

      Your dogs are so powerful like my dog.

    4. Egg with 500000 Subs

      The puppy is learning by seeing hulk do that

    5. ben gouma

      Omggg i wanted to cry soooooo badd when ace died but i was at school watching this omg R.I.P ace

    6. Alicia And snowy

      The puppy 🐶 😢😭

    7. izzy

      Who else feel bad for the puppy

    8. iii0mq _Cupcake

      Can you do a meet n greet in Atlanta with Hulk and Nicki Minaj

    9. John Karter

      Yo that song hot🔥yessir🎶💪🏽

    10. Salie Petersen

      I cried for ace ACE and for MIA in loving memories😭

    11. walter barone

      Come bona la padrona

    12. DAVID

      that puppy on the coach was like noooooooooo lol

    13. Ntuthuko Mavundla

      canine perfomance suppliments?? never in my life.

    14. Kai Guren

      Might be an ignorant question, but why do you crop the dog's ears ?


      12:49 omg the puppy was launched off the couch 😥

    16. PilotFeather839 Gaming

      That’s really sad. Rip ace and Maia

    17. Jazlyn Perez

      I started crying so hard when they got to the chapel and I cried so so sorry for y’all lost 😭❤️

    18. George Gee

      If yourpuppys room look as good as the rest of ur house ud be in buisness

    19. slayden Miller

      R.I.P Ace and I love you hulk

    20. slayden Miller

      I feel so bad for the puppy that fell off of the couch in home invasion

    21. Karla Y Rodriguez Valles

      I would like to see girl dogs being trained like hulk and the other male dogs

    22. Leonardo Anguiano

      Did y’all see the poor dog fall in the break in

    23. delta fi ouy lvoe em

      Poor puppy😥

    24. Malaena_Sloan

      Kobe is having the time of his life spinning 7:42

    25. Nate Gonzalez

      Name one Yonah

    26. Tej Gurriah

      Can you make a video on how you crop your dogs ears?

    27. Andrew Hill


    28. Villeboytune 00

      12:50 the lil dog got smacked😂😂😂I’m high asab weak

    29. Niyoka Harris

      Do your kids go to school

    30. Kieren Langer

      The auto tune really helps

    31. Chandler Pickens

      Rip the little dog

    32. Riski putri amalia


    33. Savannah

      kobe is GORGEOUS I love how he looks! I would love to have a pit like him

    34. Taym0s

      Put yo d in their mouth

    35. The back yard boys Yt

      Buddie smaked the baby off the couch

    36. Tasmai Singh

      Rip ace

    37. always playing too loud Jacob

      Ace a Zion are not the same dog right?

    38. Amazing Ajay

      I know

    39. Abel Collado

      R.i.p Ace was always at Nicky didn't get hurt like Marlon said she needs to be around for training and learning..I call her blue eye

    40. Zach’s Life

      I feel bad for the people who have to let the dogs bite them

    41. Jessica Ramo

      Poor Poppy

    42. Kryptex XV

      This made me cry

    43. Mia Suarez


    44. Kenshin & Neji

      Hulk is bigger than half my size

    45. UrBoiDiamond

      12:49 RIP puppy on the sofa

    46. Rawiri Aitken

      If people know you have theses dogs no one would try to rob you

    47. Jim dela Cruz Vera

      more than 2 hours late? man, thats not good for their career. ugh..🤬

    48. Marc Braebaum

      Ace the KING the one that stud out RIP Ace will be remembered 💪🏻😢😰

    49. ByeBitch 《

      Clearly these dogs dont know "out" well enough yet. "Out" doesnt mean let go when he stops shaking his arm and rilling up the dog. "Out" means "out" - get off as soon as "out" is uttered. Also, still so disgusted to see such tortured dogs for looks (see cropping and severe overfeeding for "bulk". I mean look at some of these dogs its fu*king ridiculous that a 2 year old pitbull cant climb some stairs and rocks without panting and struggling to get up)

    50. Harmoni Paige

      He fell on the puppy

    51. Emely Izaguirre

      Steve dieddd

    52. Marie's Thoughts

      What happened to Steve?

    53. Marie's Thoughts

      Awesome music video

    54. Jadyn Bunch

      The puppy😯😢

    55. Tia Russell

      I cried every time a dog died, maia was the saddest one to me all were sad but maias one hit

    56. hyperdnk1

      Is there a possibility that the Hulk is starting to figure out you're making money off him cause he's seeing his face all over your monitors lol?????

    57. Madison Jones

      And also can I get F in the chat for the puppy that flew off the couch during the home in invasion 😭

    58. Madison Jones

      This is awesome these dogs have the best reflexes ever! nobody would dare to put a finger on your family knowing these strong fierce dogs WILL attack

    59. Blaze The Incredible

      That poor lil puppy I believe I can fall

    60. Darth Malgus

      What state are they in??

    61. Kawaii Emily

      Hulk is such a sweetheart

    62. rattler gaming

      I’ve had the happen to me at 1:17:00 at night the dog locked himself in the bathroom and we couldn’t find him because we thought he got bitten by a rattle snake and or bear attack we were scared shitless

    63. Dre Osborne

      what happened to the wall?

    64. Red Grandb

      Oh baby 💔 poor ace

    65. Red Grandb

      That poor puppy getting thrown across the couch

    66. Sara Hunter

      The sad thing is if someone does try to do something sketchy, and the dog attacks, the dog could be put down because for one thing it’s a pit. And for another the people always get the benefit of the doubt. I’m not saying it’s right, I’m not saying that at all. I wish the dog wouldn’t be pit down. Thanks for readying if you got this far!

    67. Sara Hunter

      7:02 what’s the song???

    68. Gigi Land

      I love u sooo much and I miss ace