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    Houston SPCA Investigator Debbie Michaelson is quick to act on a report of horse owners who are failing to call in the vet even though their horse has life-threatening injuries to its leg. With the police, Michaelson works to bring the case to court, and other neglected animals from the property are seized. Meanwhile SPCA Investigator Mark Lutkenhaus discovers dozens of dogs in a house in Brazoria County, a case of hoarding that has only come to light when the owner was taken into hospital. A team is quickly assembled to get the dogs out and to the SPCA hospital. The hospital is also called into action in the case of a little dog that has been shot by a pellet gun and the pellet has lodged in its body.
    CREDIT: ITV Global
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    Published on Year ago


    1. Kat Stephens

      How horrible. It takes a special kind of cruel. The Momma dog looked so happy after her bath.

    2. Elizabeth Brower

      Omg that poor horse. He must be in so much pain. Those fat disgusting pigs who did that to the poor animals

    3. Cara

      leak their addresses I just wanna talk

    4. Jacqueline Marcs

      I hate when they just spring it on us that an animal has died with no warning or reason. Like both of those puppies died, and I want to know why! They never mentioned either puppy having any specific, life threatening issues, and the one puppy really seemed like it would be ok.

    5. Rebecca Martinez

      A man walking over to police with his mother to get arrested! Lol!

    6. Imma Burrito / imma PANcake

      Is it good or bad that I was more excited over a goat then puppy’s

    7. allie carrigan

      i dont even no why people do this to animals

    8. Tim Berghoff

      24:25 *_VetRanch has entered the chat_* 25:20 *_DemoRanch wants to know your location_*

    9. Ja Series

      That white dog is so sweet, he was just soaking up the live from the vet

    10. Ja Series

      These people with 20-40 animals in their homes confound me. How can they live with all of the amonia buildup. No wonder the owner was in the hospital.

    11. Alc C

      I'm a med student and I have a strong stomach, like I have dissected cadavers so nothing bothers really bothers me. But the photos of that horse with the hacked off leg made me sick to my stomach. Like poor thing must have been in so much pain, had no way of dealing with it and was ignored.

    12. Emily Beavis

      I literally see a scratch or a bump on my horse and immediately get someones opinion like "he's dying" and their like "no he just got scratched." Who are you to leave heavy machinery with sharp edges in a field with horses??

    13. Mewpersonthing

      I almost threw up when I saw the horses leg, I'm also eating chips. I think I'll come back to this video soon

    14. Arabella Beckfield

      2:28 I know this isn't the kind of comment I should be posting on this video but... DUDE I LOVE YOUR SUNGLASSES


      I almost cried when it showed the pic of that horse with the severely injured leg. How?!? HOW COULD SOMEONE DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT TO AN ANIMAL?!?

    16. Techis God

      ITS FROM A PELLET GUN. NOT A BB GUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    17. Brianna Grace

      They need to pass a law so everyone gets a background check before adopting any animal so they know if they have abused animals before!!!

    18. cdXxXdc

      Latte’s new family is so sweet! They all adore him and I’m sure he’s gonna have a great new life with them

    19. bonnie parker

      did that horse die? 😭

    20. 狐

      As much as I dislike many of the states policies. At least when it comes to animals they’ve got it straight. Unlike here where the only way to take an animal from its owners is if it’s in immediate risk of its life or if you can *prove* the abuse/neglect has been done *intentionally*.

    21. barrelracer121495

      44:30, There are no bones there lol.

    22. Sophie Flick

      My dog just recently had puppies and it breaks my heart to think that somebody could be so heartless and cruel, one day karma is going to hit them harder than an boulder.

    23. DuckBreadHooman

      Omg! Those poor animals!

    24. N Bernsdorf

      Can we just talk about how well mannered the horses were and how pretty they were🤩😍🤤

    25. Kota Benjamin

      What happened to the goat??? 🐐 Goat lives matter too! But great episode!

    26. Evan Herrera

      Pigs are cleaner, lazy Bastars making a profit out of cruelty to animals. Lock the owner in the house and bar the doors.

    27. Evan Herrera

      Good now we see handcuffing. That what they need to do. Theses people are pure evil.

    28. Meredith Redmile

      My jaw literally dropped when I saw the picture of the horse in the beginning...

    29. Perjury Angrian

      That looks like a pellet gun round instead of a BB. I can't believe anyone would shoot a dog like that :( I hope it was just an unfortunate accident rather than a purposeful action.

    30. D BX

      I bet that fat boy, the horses owner, ate the horses leg!

    31. my youtube

      "This man....and his mother"

    32. Mysilentprayers always

      No words.

    33. Josefine Nurisalo

      43:48 it looked like the horse cried, or is it just me?

    34. James C.

      I love animal cops, but I'm leaving here before it even starts because I cannot bear to hear about a horse who's leg has been torn off. Good God!

    35. Madeiie 28

      When I started to watch these videos I said to myself "huh, I wonder if the 'r' in RSPCA (that it's call in Australia) stands for royal'' I just looked it up and I'm so done 😂😂😂

    36. Jamie Sanders

      5:40 bray Aberdeen is that you?

    37. Techis God


    38. Lan sarin Cassie

      This makes my blood boil and it angers me to know that people leave all these animals out to die. All of those dogs died because they were not cared for so please, neuter and spay your animals!

    39. KassyyReefer

      The momma dog soooooo deserved and loved that bath 🧼 🐕

    40. Solux

      they had to use two cuffs for that fat guy

    41. DivineMizE

      THE HORSE'S LEG WAS SHEARED OFF! How is that not an automatic FELONY??? 2 months that horse suffered. Horrible!

    42. Wendy W

      Awww, mama gets a spa day....lucky lady!

    43. Water Sheep

      What a bunch of beautiful animals!

    44. Sarah Slavny

      33:05 that was so cute my heart hurts aww

    45. Lumorniel Sycamore

      Mommy dog is such a good good doggie.

    46. christina Peterson

      Poor horse it has a broken leg

      1. christina Peterson

        Close to the end the poor chiwawa got shot I fell so bad

    47. XxĶÎŁĽĚŘWØŁFxX *âľphâ* ;3 hehe

      I want to do this when i get older 😄 people say **EW GROSS** but no matter how gross it may seem it will be so worth it after. To see them go home to a loving family and not be in the sitchawashon that they were in probaly feels great!! 😄😄😊😊😍😍👨👩👶👸🐕🐩 👪🐕🐺🐈

    48. Creek Bottom

      These people will get what they deserve in hell if not here on earth.

    49. NikiBiki The Gamer

      If a person so much as point a gun(real or bb) at an animal, I will give you such a smack that your ancestors and future offspring will fell it. I, also, don't care if you are a child.

    50. Leah Pacheco

      I wan to be in this show so bad I love animals and hate people that abuse them

    51. Siarah Prescot

      “Unfortunately one of the puppy’s died, but the other seems like it will live.” NEXT TIME WE SEE THEM AGAIN “Unfortunately both puppy’s died shortly after arriving at the shelter.” 😩NOOOOOOO

    52. Jennifer M

      I love you guys like you rescue the animals I want to be like just like you and rescue animals and rescue horses by sometimes I cry because the animals are really poor

    53. Pola Dose vlogs and gaming!

      I know right!! I love this!

    54. Allison Foley

      God bless you guys for doing animal should have to go through this

    55. Tyne Palmer

      Thank you so much for giving these animals a chance to live a lovely life

    56. SpicyyyBean

      dogs wagging their tail doesn't necessarily mean they are happy to see you....or friendly

    57. EvilGirl67 Gacha

      I love horses and to see that photo of the horse without the leg... it broke my heart and then I started getting angry

    58. Jada Cole

      The blond white one he looks like my pitbull cane but we had to put him down because he stacked my baby sister she was not even one but my baby sister Avalyn survived and she had surgery and he stiches looked like a smiley face ☺😊😀😁

    59. India M

      Wear a helmet. I was literally rolled on by a 15.2 hh horse during a jumping accident. I was 18 and my helmet saved me.

    60. India M

      I never thought I would be glad to hear a horse had been put down. Can’t imagine what that poor horse went through

    61. Emma Stalnaker

      Let me tell you, barbed wire can get ugly. I have a horse that got into a fight with some barbed wire and filleted the skin over his hock. It was nasty and I thought I might have to put my horse down. Seeing that horse that completely lost a leg hurts me. My horse was bad enough and I would do anything to make him better, even if it means putting him down. Quality of life over quantity. No horse deserves to live like that. That makes me sick. Some people don’t deserve animals.

    62. Chelsy Crowe

      I so wan't that palimino and white horse the one that didn't get attacked by a big cat Latte I think his name is

    63. Flying Pandas

      I just wish that no one would hurt animal am I right

    64. Horse Lover

      Ppl should have licenses to own animals

    65. Shakira Perry

      Can I get the brown and white horse

    66. Angela Magic Salveson

      I only wish my 2 pitties let me trim their nails! I gotta sneak attack them when they're sleeping, & I'll only get 1 or 2 ! But they never look like these poor dogs nails!!

    67. Angela Magic Salveson

      These poor horses got injured on barbed wire cuz they wanted to escape!

    68. Angela Magic Salveson

      One minute in & I'm horrified, that horse with the leg! Unfathomable!

    69. Nαια Novak-Winchester


    70. Savannah Bowling

      People who abuse animals should be arrested 100% I cannot believe some of the things I see on this show like the horse...That poor thing 😞💔