DOCS: Wounded | Animal Cops Houston

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    Houston SPCA Investigator Debbie Michaelson is quick to act on a report of horse owners who are failing to call in the vet even though their horse has life-threatening injuries to its leg. With the police, Michaelson works to bring the case to court, and other neglected animals from the property are seized. Meanwhile SPCA Investigator Mark Lutkenhaus discovers dozens of dogs in a house in Brazoria County, a case of hoarding that has only come to light when the owner was taken into hospital. A team is quickly assembled to get the dogs out and to the SPCA hospital. The hospital is also called into action in the case of a little dog that has been shot by a pellet gun and the pellet has lodged in its body.
    CREDIT: ITV Global
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    Published on Year ago


    1. India M

      Wear a helmet. I was literally rolled on by a 15.2 hh horse during a jumping accident. I was 18 and my helmet saved me.

    2. India M

      I never thought I would be glad to hear a horse had been put down. Can’t imagine what that poor horse went through

    3. Emma Stalnaker

      Let me tell you, barbed wire can get ugly. I have a horse that got into a fight with some barbed wire and filleted the skin over his hock. It was nasty and I thought I might have to put my horse down. Seeing that horse that completely lost a leg hurts me. My horse was bad enough and I would do anything to make him better, even if it means putting him down. Quality of life over quantity. No horse deserves to live like that. That makes me sick. Some people don’t deserve animals.

    4. Chelsy Crowe

      I so wan't that palimino and white horse the one that didn't get attacked by a big cat Latte I think his name is

    5. Flying Pandas

      I just wish that no one would hurt animal am I right

    6. Horse Lover

      Ppl should have licenses to own animals

    7. Shakira Perry

      Can I get the brown and white horse

    8. Angela Magic Salveson

      I only wish my 2 pitties let me trim their nails! I gotta sneak attack them when they're sleeping, & I'll only get 1 or 2 ! But they never look like these poor dogs nails!!

    9. Angela Magic Salveson

      These poor horses got injured on barbed wire cuz they wanted to escape!

    10. Angela Magic Salveson

      One minute in & I'm horrified, that horse with the leg! Unfathomable!

    11. Nαια Novak-Winchester


    12. Savannah Bowling

      People who abuse animals should be arrested 100% I cannot believe some of the things I see on this show like the horse...That poor thing 😞💔

    13. Emma Hallahan

      45:26 the horse was dancing to the music lol

    14. Emma Hallahan

      Horses are my favorite animal and I am CRYING right now

    15. Jordin Santana


    16. L Wagner

      Those poor animals but that mother dog really needed a spa day

    17. Morgan Wilhelm

      Horses are precious baby’s!!!! I would NEVER treat mine like that😭❤️❤️❤️

    18. Camrynthegeek14

      Did you know a horse can take down a Panther with one kick. I watched it.

    19. Alexa the Awesome

      32:56 awww what a sweetheart 🥺💗

    20. Rin

      Damm every single person renamed these animals. SPCA gotta step up their name game

    21. Raymx slapped y'all

      Man,this program would always show the inside of animal hoarders houses so y not show this one with so many dogs it must have been horrific

    22. Ava LaPorte


    23. Peyton Keefer

      lawdddd please use PPE when handling those puppies!!!!! Your scrubs are organic material and will carry parvo until you wash them with bleach.

    24. Heather Boudreaux

      I LOVE animals I have a cat and four dog and a total count of dogs I have is seven dogs total and I LOVE them ALL and I hope I get another one soon lol

    25. Lightning Wolf

      My dog had parvo at 2 months old. We fostered him from the shelter and when he was cured adopted him.

    26. Selena Mcclish

      Who would do something like that to an animal. Their so sweet and kind ❤️💗💞

    27. Sonylover123

      I love this show ! Y’all are so amazing with helping the animals, the cases like you guys show are why I want to be a animal control officer or an animal cop just like you guys !

    28. Mallori Dawson

      *Noooo the horse.. Bless its heart..*

    29. athletic 12

      Why did the 2 puppies die Edit: sadly

    30. Jenna and Aubrey

      Me and my family went to the shelter to foster and I saw 3 little kittens in a cage.. to grey tabbies and 1 black.. and one of the tabbies came up to me and just started sniffing me and he loved me petting him and my heart melted and we ended up keeping 2 of them the 2 tabbies London, the girl and Zane, the boy who came up to me threw the cage. The 3rd one we got my grandparents to adopt so we still see him. I would not trade them for any other cat in the world.

    31. Jenna and Aubrey

      I can't stand animal abuse its horrible! The people should get abused in prison because they should feel how the animals felt

    32. Amayzinguitarists!

      Why is he useing that bit on her?

    33. Laila Namati

      Well animal cruelty is about to be a felony

    34. Farm Life is the Best Life

      I’m in Dallas. I wish I could come rescue a dog!

    35. Ali Mor

      I don’t know how anyone can be so cruel and abusive to these beautiful animals. It is unbelievable.

    36. Joleen Phillips

      I love Sparky's new hair cut!! I love all the critters. So happy we have the ASPCA to save these critters from bad owners.

    37. Mary Anne W. Johnson

      It’s so sad that people can’t show love to animals

    38. kashusha78

      Who can do this to an animal.... How could u be that cruel to hurt a animal, it done NOTHING to u, u have NO RIGHT to even BUY these animals if u arent gonna take care of shocks me how cruel someone could be to a dog or a horse or ANYTHING, who ever hurt an animal fu** you

    39. Unicorn Naya

      I’m happy there is amazing people you you guys

    40. polite spoon

      this is just sad. some people just don’t deserve to care for anything living.

    41. Yee Yee

      It’s a shame what those horses and animals went through, they’re so adorable and gorgeous

    42. Sarah Pickett

      My cousin's dog died from parvo last night

    43. Sigrid Enamorado

      What the hell is wrong with these people 😡

    44. tr3yzle

      Hey! I'm in this episode! Tony is doing great and loves running around with his brother.

      1. BiteYouToDeath Yuyu

        I'm glad he found a home <3 good job

    45. saddle up

      I had a baby lonely and someone shot the foal with a bebe gun and she past. She was the cutest baby the mom is ok

    46. Queen’s #1 Fan

      What breed is Susie?

    47. Wish Feather

      Thank you for helping these poor animals,without you there will be animals all over the world Starving,Dying or already have died. Thank you for all your help!

    48. Romina Duenas

      Wholesome old ladies adopting dogs I-

    49. Romina Duenas

      Oof that *one* goat just there

    50. Addison Schiller

      I am so glad that these animals get adopted so quickly I just love that.

    51. Addison Schiller

      I can't believe that that horse had to be put down and was sooooo beutifull

    52. Addison Schiller

      why would anybody shoot an animal it is very rude

    53. Addison Schiller

      they should ban barbed wire it is not good for any animal

    54. Addison Schiller

      No animal should ever deserve people like this

    55. Mario Howard

      Who shoots a cut Dog

    56. Frivolous Ferret

      Ahhh it made me sooo uncomfortable when the dude washed mama dog and his SLEEVES WERE WET 😖

    57. Believe in Yourself

      That house full of dogs needs to be bulldozed. The fat overalled horse abuser and his mother need to be put in a cage with a wild big cat. Sick nasty people.

    58. Shima Enaga

      19:35 You are a good man.

    59. TvT_Papi _Tood;3

      ngl the intro is pretty sweet

    60. Elizabeth Hamman

      For those who say the horse could live with three legs: I was floored when I heard “a horse with three legs”. It’s the kind of reaction most horse owners or handlers have. The idea that the horse was even able to get around is unimaginable. Yes, some heal broken bones in slings, yes, very few have prosthetics, but please watch an autopsy of a horse (there’s a show that went into great detail on US-new, very educational) to completely understand the importance and complexity of their legs. Even I had learned new things. Most horses with even just fractures are put down due to costs and welfare. Happens most often with racehorses.

    61. Lakota Rhyli


    62. Kittene Exe


    63. Ryan Richard

      45:30 no hate but, this guy looks like he has never sat on a horse before. As an equine professional i can tell you that it is only going to cause future problems for latte. His form is horrendous, he cant even put his feet in the stirrups properly. Also the bit he is using is clearly way to harsh for this horse. Were just going from abusive situating, to abusive situation. "latte enjoys it alot." -- ummmmm no, she really dosent. educate yourself. Buy your little girl braces before a horse that none of you know how to handle.

    64. EDiamond A


    65. EDiamond A

      "He body has become more....*thick*"

    66. Joey Radovanovic

      Are we just gonna forget about the goat.

    67. Jasmyn Kane

      such beautiful horses, such a shame.

    68. Lunar Studios

      46:00 “Latte loves it a lot.” Oh is that why her ears are back, chomping at the bit, and every single step looks forced and strained. Oh yes that’s happiness alright.

    69. Lunar Studios

      44:20 actually just sound like a spoiled brat. You should never choose a horse by their beauty and color. The beauty of a horse is it’s own biggest jeopardy unfortunately.

    70. Coco Lebolovesgod2

      Those aren't people They are monsters I will say it again and again Because people are only people when they take care of animals Feeling really sad for the horses Glad for all those rescues though :)