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    Houston SPCA Investigator Trischa Price gets the shock of her life when she's called to a property north of the city where three horses are starving to death. After giving the owner twenty-four hours to get the horses to a vet, she returns to the property to discover they've disappeared. It's now a race against time to find the horses before it's too late. Meanwhile in Houston, Investigator Maverick Wagner is called to an abandoned house where he discovers an emaciated boxer puppy. Elsewhere, Investigator Debbie Michielson has a mercy mission on her hands when a man can no longer cope with his eighteen dogs.
    CREDIT: ITV Global
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    Published on Year ago


    1. Pearl Talks

      you are good with horses I have a horses/ 5

    2. Jen D

      Thank you so much to the kind souls who report these animals' desperate situations.

    3. Tina DeMuro


    4. Marie Arve

      Wow, Really Good Job

    5. Marie Arve

      Wow, Good Job

    6. Angela Magic Salveson

      I'm crying over the adoption stories. How could you not lol.

    7. Angela Magic Salveson

      Love the judge at 5:25, "I want u to pick up all animals on the property & right away".

    8. Hades Daughter

      What bothers me the most about this show. Is I have seen horses in worse conditions bounce back to a almost full recovery. They normally have a hip or shoulder problem.

    9. Christina Wahlberg

      I think I saw a curry comb change styles from one angle shot to the next when combing a blond colored horse before the spca barn received the injured horses🤔🤔🤔 might just be that I'm tired, though😅

    10. Camrynthegeek14

      My horse dolly I had her for years she was 30 when we got her you could see her ribs it was bad me and my father walked in the barn to check on her at 5 in the morning and she was laying down and we thought she didnt make is then when she saw us she got up I was so glad her owners didnt feed her and she had a 3 year old colt on her and that horse became mine and she was my best friends a few months ago my darkest fears came true I went to feed the horses and I called for her and she didnt come I ran into the house screaming "I CAN'T FIND HER!!" my dad didnt want me to look for her with because of how she might be found she didnt make it I went to school that morning and she usually didnt stand near the gate and she was yelling at me so before I went to get into the car I ran over to her and petted her and told her bye since I was going to school and this might sound pretty stupid but I think she was saying bye to me... When my father told me about how he found her I cried myself to sleep that day I couldn't take it so I went out to the barn the next day and I just watched our other horses running around I ride them every morning. Thank you for your time!

    11. JustSayin

      What happened to the third horse that was rescued?

    12. Katherine Richardson

      Judge sees this every day and the boxers condition hit him hard. Poor thing.

    13. Rin

      Why do people and try so hard and care so much about keeping their animals if they don’t care enough to take care of them??!?!!?! I will never understand

    14. KawaiiLittle_Wolf 101

      Wait shouldn’t the Houston SPCA’s cars have sirens on them?

    15. V_1230

      Aubrey is going to grow into a wonderful horse mom.

    16. Katherine Niven

      that boxer is adorable

    17. Dee DeCorte

      Hermes looks soo sad. You know, animals can cry and be sad too. We just don’t always hear them. :(

    18. Dee DeCorte

      Every living thing needs care. Animals are social creatures and living things. We bred them that way. Shame on you for neglectful behavior.

    19. Dee DeCorte

      Then he hides the animals. If that is not an admission of guilt, I don’t know what is. This man DESERVES EVERYTHING COMING TO_HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Horses are expensive and need a lot of care.

    20. Halie Bugg

      Aww I won'ted the boxer :(

    21. TJH FILMS herron

      I have two horses and I know it’s expensive to care for them but if you want horses you also need the money judging by the conditions of the owners and the previous owners house it looks like they don’t have money

    22. Mary Anne W. Johnson

      Hive them all the hay they can eat. Later as they start gaining. You can start with a little horse feed.

      1. Mary Anne W. Johnson

        Give them

    23. Mary Anne W. Johnson

      God Bless The SPCA

    24. Isabella Howard

      Lock them putrid grubs up with the horses

    25. Devy Dev

      If you really want to help rescue animals who need homes then why not foster instead of taking in 20+strays? I mean it's only a matter of time till you become a fail foster but still.

    26. Emma H

      Those poor horses 😭 thank you HN SPCA ❤

    27. Skybornz Vlogs

      Love this episode but I wish she bought all 3 horses

    28. angers karin

      You should have a big piece of land to own horse and it should be illegal for peoples with no land to own any of them..

    29. Eliana Patt

      My mom's wanted horses for a long time, but we'd never get an animal like that without making absolute sure we're capable of taking care of them. We've got three happy dogs who go walking several miles a day and a lizard who gets whatever he wants (including peace and quiet). Do your research before getting a pet.

    30. Jessica

      omg those horses :(

    31. Charlize Walsh

      That’s so mean that skinny dog is like my dog called Bella but she’s not skinny

    32. kawaii watcher

      Shane dawson has left the chat

    33. Crystal BlackHeart

      kind of messed up that the police right off the bad think the worst. They seem to treat the black guy like he was guilty before they even knew anything. Bet if he lived in a better neighbor hood they wouldn't be like this.

    34. Clifton Look

      47:23 horse wee-wee XD

    35. My Horse Is Fabulous

      I would be feeding the weak ones about 15 chaff at least 2 times a day

    36. My Horse Is Fabulous

      Pore horse we have a horse who was badly treated when he was racing

    37. Gracie Y

      I've seen pictures of horses that are neglected but NEVER anything as bad as the three horses.

    38. Marion Anwar-Nieninqe

      Snoopy/Max is so cute!

    39. Clarinet Catato

      45:55 I like her thinking. Sometimes it bugs me a little how some pets who have known each other their whole lives are adopted separately. I guess the lady there must have thought along the same lines

    40. April Rants

      Dang I wanted to see them actually lance the abscess

    41. kittylovesfilms

      I deeply appreciate the endings of these eps. It helps heal ya from the start of the ep where you want to murder those cruel humans!

    42. Charlotte Prokosch

      I think the dog, Coffee, was a Tibetan Spaniel.

    43. pandas231

      Love the show. Love to see the animals being brought back to life! Those SPCA workers are saints.

    44. Ashlyn Mack

      These videos give me much more inspiration to become a veterinarian as I’ve been wanting to become one for a while but this is beautiful. It also inspired me to move to Houston and work with the SPCA there. So excited to grow up (only in grade 8) and get my veterinary license to work with these amazing animals.

    45. green yoshi gamer gaming,vlogs,and more dumb stuff

      Hells bells he sold him like that! Fuckers!!

    46. green yoshi gamer gaming,vlogs,and more dumb stuff

      Those dogs look so get the hell out of her!!!

    47. green yoshi gamer gaming,vlogs,and more dumb stuff

      This is so sick! Hoarders are so bad! .... unbelievable!

    48. fangirlfortheages

      Why is the narrator British if this show takes place in Texas and is for American audiences?

    49. Candace

      How come they are usually so diligent about not showing the neglectful owners’ faces but they were so quick to show the horse owner’s face? ..................I’ll keep my theory on that to myself ....

    50. Ayato

      I am so angry about animal abusers. There are people like me who had parents who didn't allow pets when I was younger ( I have four budgies and a cat now but it needed years of convincing ). Especially horses are my dream animals but they are so freaking expensive in every way. So if you dont intend on providing them food and a suitable shelter and life, why do you get one (or three like in the video ) in the first place?!

    51. Catcubus

      This episode was really vague about what happened with the other animals. I guess the third horse didn't make it. :(

    52. shadow

      Love this show one question though: why doesn't anyone wear gloves?

    53. marymonk

      I don't know how anyone could treat horses or any living thing like that... :( I hope they go to jail.

    54. zhinka

      wth? asking someone for ID in their own house? I never carry ID when I am in my house or yard, cop is being a jerk and makes the automatically defensive. Nobody normal carries ID when they are in their own yard, sheesh

    55. Allora Paterson

      AWE! little cupid is so cute! got all my uwu's going

    56. Kendra Speers

      They all look so much better ❤️ Texas is a horrible place for animals, I have 3 dogs a cat and a rabbit I saved while there.

    57. Taylor Jackson

      Word of advice if you cant afford a vet bill just get animal insurance as long as your animal isnt sick before you start the insurance they will cover it

    58. Unknown Watcher

      Horses, cats, and birds of prey are my most favourite animals. But I cannot afford to care for them, so I own no pets.

    59. Lioness006

      What happened to the 3rd horse? Did they lose it due to infection and starvation?

    60. TJ Wilson

      So happy two of the horses went o a great family!

    61. Petra MCCafferty

      Worked with horses and in equine med most of my life. No way was that horse perfect 2 months ago.

    62. Petra MCCafferty

      What’s with the Brit announcer calling American sheriffs constables 😒

    63. Monustaai

      I never owned a dog. I wonder the type that'd be good for me and my apartment.

    64. Amaani Karriem

      The narrator: all the carrots they need Me:*laughing while looking at my rabbits, as they look at me with a jealous face*

    65. kyekiss

      Why is it even legal for people to own horses in their backyard? Are there no restrictions in suburban areas? Or like land size restrictions per horse?

    66. Sparkle Jane T

      Gosh, it tugged my heart to see that horses ears go up when she saw that hay. It took a special treat to get that kind of a reaction from my grandparents horses. Think of that. They were starved long enough that hay, a basic food, way reacted to like a treat.

    67. Spitfire Trick shots

      Hard to take the intro seriously when they are holding the cutest little good boys🥰🥰

    68. madison411

      15:09 i truly like this guy. he seems like he really really cares.

    69. Nico Armstrong

      Omg that boxer 💔

    70. Nico Armstrong

      Wearing a huge jacket... in Houston...