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    Houston SPCA Investigator Trischa Price gets the shock of her life when she's called to a property north of the city where three horses are starving to death. After giving the owner twenty-four hours to get the horses to a vet, she returns to the property to discover they've disappeared. It's now a race against time to find the horses before it's too late. Meanwhile in Houston, Investigator Maverick Wagner is called to an abandoned house where he discovers an emaciated boxer puppy. Elsewhere, Investigator Debbie Michielson has a mercy mission on her hands when a man can no longer cope with his eighteen dogs.
    CREDIT: ITV Global
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    Published on Year ago


    1. Gael no


    2. Elizabeth Brower

      Holy crow. I’ve never seen horses so thin in my life. Skeletons. Poor things. Don’t own horses without learning how to care for them first

    3. Nathaniel Vernon

      36:55 look at that peepee

    4. ღSwnsasyღ _

      The guy with the 3 horses, how dare you!!?! He saw how hungry they are and how sick they are and the wounds yet he hides them instead of caring enough about them to get them treated! He knew he couldn't afford a vet so he should have surrendered them instead of allowing them to be in so much pain! The same thing needs to be done to him!!

    5. Ja Series

      I'm sorry, but the cop guy really had no right to threaten that guy with "failure to show I'd" at his own house. If it was a white guy I feel like he would have been a lot nicer, and I feel like he may have gotten somewhere if he was nicer about it. I totally get that it's a life and death situation for the horses, but that guy wasn't who they were looking for.

    6. Stormbound

      Word of advice; keep your horses back clean! It can prevent saddle sores! And if the hair looks 'wavy' after a sweaty ride, wait til its dry. That dirt and sweat buildup. Baths help too

    7. Billijo Maynard

      Texas needs to make a law that lying to the authorities about the whereabouts of an animal in distress becomes a criminal offence.

    8. StreakyAnchovy

      5:14 I like how even the judge can't believe he's looking at a house lol. Imagine owning pets when your house is already dilapidated beyond recognition. There's no way anyone who can't even afford to maintain their house can afford to keep an animal.

    9. Tammy Huennerkopf

      Oh God............Criminal charges is what animal abusers need. Take their money and put em in jail. It is beautiful when a dog finds a wonderful, loving home. Love from Oh.

    10. Silver tree stables

      For some reason I can watch every animal besides for cats and kittens!!

    11. Alexandra Grace

      The horses are not in the back. I repeat, he don’t got the horses in the back.

    12. Pelle Svedén

      Can't stand the barking....poor souls!

    13. Smiles4Milez

      Doesn’t know much about horses Has no experience with horses Has no place to keep the horses Gets three sick horses 👏 👏 👏

    14. Craig Famly

      Who else loves Doctor Schuman? What kind of idiot takes on horses with no idea of their care? If your daughter wants a horse make her go to a stables and help clean for a year before you get her one dude. Feel sorry for the guy whose wifehad a stroke I get he was trying but he should have asked a shelter to take some of them sooner if he couldn’t cope.Typical stress reaction bury your head and not do anything until it is too late.. Also sheriff arrest that dude who lied he didnt know about that sick horse hidden in his yard.

    15. Evan Herrera

      Dam they always have a good excuse. There is NO good excuse. Only horrible lazy people. Why collect more animals then can be taken care of

    16. Kristin A

      fAiLuRe 2 iD 2 pOLiCe OfFiCeR Lol, nice intimidation by lie. TX is a no-ID state. All cops are bad cops.

      1. BigChode Jade

        Kristin A They are just trying to save the animals, anybody can neglect animals and everyone who does should be arrested

    17. Bill Coyle

      I think the judge should be able to punish the owners with punitive damages on top of what fees are awarded to the ASPCA. Hopefully the responsible party will be found and charged with neglect and animal cruelty and abandonment. How could you abandon such sweet dogs. That Boxer is so adorable!

    18. merry hunt

      "Texas is cowboy country. There are over 1,000,000 horses in Texas." Sorry chaps. Owning a horse does not qualify one as a cowboy. A cowboy controls and cares for cattle.

    19. Gummy HQ

      Like the whole how there’s no magical sprinkles

    20. Doc And Cassie

      she did *not* just name snoopy... *max*

    21. ruby applespeed

      I have a hamster a dog two cats and 5 guinea pigs and my parents spent 100 on my cat and around 251 dollars just to get one fixed.and another 100 dollars for getting them do ya if u can't afford a pet don't get it

    22. Aubrey Eventer

      Waittt, there's around a million horses in Texas and 1,3 million people in Ok.

    23. Tasha Clark

      He looks and acts like the dog chance on the movie when the two dogs and cat

    24. Nikko Trinity

      The owner and the people who helped the owner hide the horses are the worst of scum! 😡😡

    25. Faith Shirley

      I actually cried a little when I saw how hungry that little boxer puppy was. No dog should EVER have to go hungry like that

    26. Whitney Brown

      Damn they really had the horses in the back

    27. Just Mo

      28:07 is no one going to comment on how the husband looks like an older Jack Nicholson from The Shinning?

    28. Dagmar Heinz

      animal hoarding is pure and simple a selfish act , NOT LOVE

    29. Cheryl thrasher

      When that ASPCA employee had seen those 3-horses legally that person can easily call the police right then & there and the police can easily while there at the scene get an warrant to seize the horses and they could seize the animals and place the owner under arrest while they're at the scene. Then the ASPCA employee wouldn't have to track them down

    30. Julianne deWitt

      The guy with the horses, acts as though with the tiny amount of grass in his back yard they will miraculously get healthy again. My horse gets a small cut from annoying the dominant horses in the herd. ITS THE END OF THE WORLD! CALL EMERG! GET ME MY MEDICAL SUPPLIES! maybe an over reaction, but better to jump off that side of the bridge than the neglect side.

    31. Flutteran Master

      Niqqa why not take the horses instead of leaving them for the owner to make a move.

    32. Lilly lover

      This is bad and nobody can not do that it breaks my 💔

    33. Lynn Burkhalter

      Why does it seem like the ones not taking care of their dogs. That their yards are filthy!

    34. Brandie Blakley

      If u can't afford the vet,don't get the pet.

    35. IIpandaII

      Thank you for what you do it is amazing. All the animals deserve better

    36. A R

      This might be a crazy thought but, I was thinkin.... do you think the black dude with the horses was using them to make money? He mentioned how he bought them for his daughters to ride, but he only had them for a month 🤔 so, he bought starving horses for his daughters to ride? I don’t think so. He was probably using those horses to make money by letting the neighbourhood kids “go for a pony ride”. That’s probably why they had such bad saddle sores, and why he kept trying to hide them. If they were just sick horses that he bought just a little while ago, that he just didn’t know how to care for, he would have handed them over. Then, proved that he just bought them which would show he wasn’t the one that neglected those horses. He just didn’t want the SPCA to find out what he was actually doing to and with the horses. 🤬🤬🤬🤬 loser!!! 😤

    37. NoRainNoFlowers

      omg those poor beautiful animals hadn't eaten in at _least_ 6 MONTHS?!

    38. Chadian TheThespian

      *yee haw of justice*

    39. Technoaxe Blade

      My horse was super skinny when my family bought him. He was an ex-race horse and was barely fed because he was baby sitting a colt out in pasture. Now he’s starting to gain weight and has a best buddy. He’s at the perfect weight and just needs to put on muscle.

    40. Hank Hall

      The sad thing about starvation. If they eat too much too soon they die from the thing they need most...

    41. Angel Magalona

      I'm watching,who's with me,july 2019

    42. Kellin Coffee

      Everyone renames their pets max

    43. Kellin Coffee

      The 5 from the backyard were all purebred

    44. Southern Bella Donna

      That's crazy that a person is just moving a HORSE from hiding place to hiding place. I mean who does that??

    45. Isabella Prettyrider

      It's heart breaking with all these animals but for me it's the horses I'm a horse lover and I ride them and want to own one I cried when I saw what these animals had been through

    46. Daisy Pacheco

      I own boxers and when I saw that boxer puppy my blood went hot.

    47. voices matter

      hi im 18 and I spent 8 years on reserch about each and everyone of my horses but m sill a noobi but my horses are health and happy and I have 8 horses

    48. voices matter

      dr.frank I would like you to check out my dog its in my room behind the door

    49. Pearl Talks

      you are good with horses I have a horses/ 5

    50. Jen D

      Thank you so much to the kind souls who report these animals' desperate situations.

    51. Tina DeMuro


    52. Marie Arve

      Wow, Really Good Job

    53. Marie Arve

      Wow, Good Job

    54. Angela Magic Salveson

      I'm crying over the adoption stories. How could you not lol.

    55. Angela Magic Salveson

      Love the judge at 5:25, "I want u to pick up all animals on the property & right away".

    56. Hades Daughter

      What bothers me the most about this show. Is I have seen horses in worse conditions bounce back to a almost full recovery. They normally have a hip or shoulder problem.

    57. Christina Wahlberg

      I think I saw a curry comb change styles from one angle shot to the next when combing a blond colored horse before the spca barn received the injured horses🤔🤔🤔 might just be that I'm tired, though😅

    58. Caitlyn Wright

      My horse dolly I had her for years she was 30 when we got her you could see her ribs it was bad me and my father walked in the barn to check on her at 5 in the morning and she was laying down and we thought she didnt make is then when she saw us she got up I was so glad her owners didnt feed her and she had a 3 year old colt on her and that horse became mine and she was my best friends a few months ago my darkest fears came true I went to feed the horses and I called for her and she didnt come I ran into the house screaming "I CAN'T FIND HER!!" my dad didnt want me to look for her with because of how she might be found she didnt make it I went to school that morning and she usually didnt stand near the gate and she was yelling at me so before I went to get into the car I ran over to her and petted her and told her bye since I was going to school and this might sound pretty stupid but I think she was saying bye to me... When my father told me about how he found her I cried myself to sleep that day I couldn't take it so I went out to the barn the next day and I just watched our other horses running around I ride them every morning. Thank you for your time!

    59. JustSayin

      What happened to the third horse that was rescued?

    60. Katherine Richardson

      Judge sees this every day and the boxers condition hit him hard. Poor thing.

    61. Rin

      Why do people and try so hard and care so much about keeping their animals if they don’t care enough to take care of them??!?!!?! I will never understand

    62. _Potato_a e s t h e t i c _

      Wait shouldn’t the Houston SPCA’s cars have sirens on them?

    63. V_1230

      Aubrey is going to grow into a wonderful horse mom.

    64. Katherine Niven

      that boxer is adorable

    65. Dee DeCorte

      Hermes looks soo sad. You know, animals can cry and be sad too. We just don’t always hear them. :(

    66. Dee DeCorte

      Every living thing needs care. Animals are social creatures and living things. We bred them that way. Shame on you for neglectful behavior.

    67. Dee DeCorte

      Then he hides the animals. If that is not an admission of guilt, I don’t know what is. This man DESERVES EVERYTHING COMING TO_HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Horses are expensive and need a lot of care.

    68. Halie Bugg

      Aww I won'ted the boxer :(

    69. TJH FILMS herron

      I have two horses and I know it’s expensive to care for them but if you want horses you also need the money judging by the conditions of the owners and the previous owners house it looks like they don’t have money

    70. Mary Anne W. Johnson

      Hive them all the hay they can eat. Later as they start gaining. You can start with a little horse feed.

      1. Angelina K

        since they're so skinny, it's bad to give them as much food as they can eat right away. It would be a hock on their system. Its good to feed them slowly.

      2. Mary Anne W. Johnson

        Give them