DOCS: Survivors | Animal Cops Houston

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    When a call comes in concerning sick dogs at a property in Harris County, Houston SPCA Investigator Maverick Wagner is first on the scene. Two Huskies are dead and the team fears a third could be next in line. While Wagner seeks justice for the dead animals the Houston SPCA vets spring into action to prevent the needless loss of another life. Elsewhere Houston SPCA Investigator Liz Pavlicek is called to a farm where a woman's cruel neglect has led to the death of one of her horses while south of the city the rescue team are called in to save a dog trapped under a woman's house.
    CREDIT: ITV Global
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    Published on Year ago


    1. Emma Stalnaker

      I have never seen a buckskin tovero. 😍 jasmine is gorgeous Also, neglect cases are one of the biggest reasons that vets keep such detailed records. Neglect on the owner or vet’s case can be proved or refuted if an animal’s history is complete and unmared. I’m studying to be a vet tech and we are taught that records should include anything known and everything done to the animal. If a mistake is made or something needs to be amended, a single line is to be drawn through it and the intitials of the corrector are to be written out beside. Medical records are legal documents and if they cannot be read than they are considered to be unwritten. “If it’s not written down or if you can’t read it, it didn’t happen.” I have a friend who raised a baby possum to adulthood and her name is Patty the Possum. She’s an adult now and loves grapes, cheese sticks, and to slobber in peoples hair.

    2. India M

      The woman who mistreated the horses looks as if she has plenty of money

    3. India M

      Well done Sanchez. I could not get into a small space like that

    4. India M

      That women is a horse murderer. She should be in jail

    5. Antaya Fairless

      Also why would you not lunge and ground work a horse first..wayyyyy before even trying riding equipment ? Come on of all organizations should know better. Very sweet horses and so nice that you are trying..but you NEVER back a horse before ground working them..ever. whether you think they have been ridden or not...sigh.

    6. Antaya Fairless

      Tell me they didn't have that skewbald paint in a bridle the whole time..tell me they put it on there.... Regardless...the bit is too low and would be very uncomfortable.

    7. Antaya Fairless

      "he's separated from the rest of the dogs in the shelter ". 'also is beside a bunch of dogs...'. Yes it's probably quarantine..but they can get it too. Also am I the only one who thinks they should STILL be charged even if they give up the animal??

    8. Daniel Epstein

      It was clearly post-isolation because she was playing with him without a gown or gloves on

    9. Gølden

      I love how in the story of the chihuahua stuck under the house, the home owner just doesn’t care that the plants are being teared out, she just wants the dog to be saved. The home owner is so pure.

    10. Almond city

      saw possums in the thumbnail immediately clicked

    11. Matty Quirk

      “I feed my dogs once a day.... twice a day.” Well I’m convinced.

    12. Elaine Malmsten

      Baby possums are arguably the best thing ever. One of my favorite wildlife species to work with

    13. Madyson Hall

      The owners chip and name should be put into a system where they cannot get another dog if you are just going to abandon them. Anyone in any state that should be a thing. Again, humans are disgusting.

    14. m e

      I think they are too quick to waive fees. Also they should be forbidden from having a dog again (or a horse, etc ) without taking and passing a care class!! The ones who abandoned animals when they move should be hunted down and prosecuted.

    15. Danna Silva

      does anybody know how to get into this field ? I really want to get into this working field and I have no idea how , any help

      1. Elaine Malmsten

        I guess it depends what you want to do. You don't need much experience just to volunteer -- animal shelters are often looking for people to help out. Otherwise if you want to make it a career (particularly as a vet/vet tech) you'll need certification. Animal control jobs also need some sort of certification (like NACA), and a degree in a related field like animal sciences, biology, or law enforcement is usually pretty helpful. Personally, I'd start with some volunteer work in the field you're considering: not only can you get some networking in, you can also learn more about the field and the steps you'll need to take from those who've already reached their goal.

    16. Berenice Garza

      The guy who adopted Josephine is so sweet and I love them together

    17. Beach Bunny

      The woman should be arrested for cruelty to horses!!!

    18. Rachel Timpanaro

      disgrace to the man who only wanted his male back to breed him and make money. though dog breeding is a fine profession, it's obvious that when he was given the news that the mother and her baby died he wasn't very concerned.

    19. Natalie Borros

      Docs: Survivors | Animal Cops Houston

    20. Jessie Productions

      I feel so bad ! 😞🥺☹️☹️😭

    21. JustSayin

      The SPCA should not waive the fees. You need that money for future help with animals, and these people need to be held responsible. They don't care about their animals.

    22. Sephia Mendoza Aguilar

      Why have a husky in a hot area if it can't be kept inside my husky goes out every 2 hours but she is kept inside

    23. turatics

      memo is such a beautiful dog!

    24. Susan Phillips

      Bless the mans heart who saved the dog under the house

    25. Rin

      Imagine being chained up and suffering right next to the corpses of your friends

    26. petri

      Bro,,, The couple that ended up adopting Josephine makes me so happy, that guy was all about the love and it made my entire day. I love people like him smh,,,

    27. Ellie Fleming

      I wonder how often they waive the costs in order to just get the animal signed over, all that cost that they just let go in order to take care of animals, its amazing.

    28. Madison hoffman

      Jasmine is a beautiful horse I wish I could adopt her I am looking for a horse after mine sadly passed of old age

    29. Madison hoffman

      Jasmine is a beautiful horse I wish I could adopt her I am looking for a horse after mine sadly passed of old age

    30. Gabriella Leddy

      I am srry but I disliked it because that is really really REALLY sad😭😢🥺

    31. Datura April

      Josephine and her new owners were adorable they all seemed so perfect and happy

    32. CupCakeSwilzel Sprinkles

      I'm mad I love animals I can't see them abused or died it hurts my heart

    33. Angie Benjamin

      My heart just exploded with JOY for Josephine and her new owner/best friend ❤❤❤ this man is just a joy to watch with her

    34. Angie Benjamin

      That man who adopted Kemo is JUST PERFECT FOR HIM ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    35. Arishade

      11:30.... who catches a horse with a bridle+bit, and leads it around by the bit/chin strap? When they came to take the horses, they didn't think to bring halters and leads? Honestly. That's how fingers are lost.

    36. TJH FILMS herron

      My friends dog died of pargo very quickly

    37. Hailey Jones

      I want to cry cause my puppy charlie passed away from parvo and it was so sad we didn't know we had to get another shot for him

    38. Joleen Phillips

      That woman with the neglected horses didnt look like she had missed any meals or was in dire financial situations. She shouldn't have any animal- not even a dust bunny!

    39. Sweetie B.

      I love that Josephine's new owners gave her those braids. She's so cute and well loved!

    40. Linda Von Haugg

      Don’t know if y’all noticed one of the horses had a bit in its mouth

    41. Gachaverse queen

      This is how many times the guy said woah ⬇️

    42. Dr Teddy

      Poor ramona, you see its little tail wagging and being all cute, while there is someone out there who owns her and doesnt even want her :(

    43. Queen’s #1 Fan

      Omg jasmine is so pretty!

    44. Tarathathe77wookiee

      Watching all of that made me physically sick. I can forgive someone for robbing a bank but NEVER forgive Animal neglect. Poor Kemo and those beautiful horses and how could the heartless owners of the small dog not want him back? Heartwarming to see all the rescues have happy endings.

    45. Frivolous Ferret

      “But animals... they are worth anything” I FREAKING LOVE YOU PLEASE MARRY ME 😭🥺💔🥀

    46. angrycat

      15:50 “NAH I DONT CARE ABOUT DAT” I fuckin love her lmao

    47. angrycat

      wagner more like WAGGER

    48. kermit not live


    49. Miriam Fease

      I want them to go to (I think China)? And stop the Yulin festival. It’s absolutely DISGUSTING. EVIL. Absolutely evil.

    50. Miriam Fease

      TWO DECEASED DOGS?!??!?!?!!??

    51. Rikki

      I think they should set up a website for animal abusers like child predators so when they go to adopt or buy an animal the pet shop or breeder can just look it up and deny them because of past abuse.

    52. Rikki

      I couldn't believe this how do you let your dogs die.

    53. Sunny Flower

      Chemo seemed so happy he might have thought they were sleeping I hate it when multiple animals are owned and 1 or 2 of them die it’s sad because they don’t understand they might but not well and it makes me depressed

    54. Fandom Freak

      So smol, surgery on those must be hard.

    55. Maureen Lippincott

      OMG, I SO applaud these individuals that work for the Houston SPCA!!! They are God-Sends!! What superlatively kind people! love, m

    56. Redpanda 123


    57. Awesome Jessica

      Two dead dogs😭 I can’t believe these horrible people

    58. Teresa Woll

      -Ad comes up- NU LET ME SEE MY JUSTICE!!!

    59. The Talented Leo

      "mission accomplish. das right"

    60. Fabre Hernandez

      Is there any heartworms in Silver City for dogs or animals because I don't want my animals to die cuz if they do I'm crying and I can't go to sleep

    61. Alice Warnick

      all of the new owners at the end were so good and pure honestly we need more people like that in the world

    62. that one redhead on your block

      The yard had fencing all around it, y did he chain up the dog?! 😱That should be considered abuse! 😡

    63. Jenny V

      Kimos new owner is a sweetheart

    64. Jenny V

      God bless the man who crawled under the house. What a difficult task and he did a great job saving that dog!

    65. Bri Breaze


    66. 266 Jump

      Watching him go under the house made me claustrophobic for him

    67. Hannah

      39:00 it’s so weird seeing such a tiny animal having surgery done 😢

    68. iiUnix

      Those dogs looks like my service dog lol

    69. Naomi's Multiverse

      That poor husky, It hurts to know that this is the kind of world we live in. . . T^T

    70. Miss Eddie Blue

      Omfg... Edit* this is so sad 😕😣