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    When a call comes in concerning sick dogs at a property in Harris County, Houston SPCA Investigator Maverick Wagner is first on the scene. Two Huskies are dead and the team fears a third could be next in line. While Wagner seeks justice for the dead animals the Houston SPCA vets spring into action to prevent the needless loss of another life. Elsewhere Houston SPCA Investigator Liz Pavlicek is called to a farm where a woman's cruel neglect has led to the death of one of her horses while south of the city the rescue team are called in to save a dog trapped under a woman's house.
    CREDIT: ITV Global
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    Published on Year ago


    1. Nakeema Bivins

      So they put the dead dogs in trash bags? 🤦🏾‍♀️

    2. Elizabeth Brower

      Malamutes in the Texas heat? Cruel!

    3. 1lovescats

      The opossum release actually kind of annoyed me. Maybe I am misinterpreting how this group rehabilitates but she even said herself they they had no idea what the outdoors was an it was their first time. Rehabbers I know always keep the youngest who need round the clock care indoors at first but being careful to avoid too much interaction. And then they are placed outside in enclosures where it is like a mock wild and they are given things to forage. That way, when they are released, it isn't a huge culture shock. That is why when people find baby raccoons and other wild animals and decide to keep them as pets illegally until they become aggressive due to roundworm infection or at breeding age or when they become destructive and they toss them in the woods thinking "ah they'll be fine" -- they won't because they have no survival skills. I hope the group featured in the episode does similar to rehabbers I know.

    4. Jennifer Smith

      I love my dog. Hes my child. We do checkups and what not but I've never been told that theres a heart worm preventative? My parents had dogs my whole life and we never gave them medication once a month either. I dont know that I would call that neglect.

    5. kitkatcoco67

      Damm ...I would have fight like hell for Kimo ...I would have got a attorney

    6. susan lang

      i"d be glad to take the chi. shes beautiful. ive got a chi and hes absolutely great

    7. Sarah Bambacigno

      why wasn't Chemo neutered when he was adopted out????

    8. Sarah Bambacigno

      im sorry but if people neglect animals to the point of death, they should not be allowed to have any more animals

    9. kitty paws

      I get so upset when owners are like "yea I want to fight for my animals' then come to court and the moment they hear there will be a fine they just hand them over. If you can't afford the pet then you shouldn't have the pet!

    10. ღSwnsasyღ _

      The video just started and I'm already ANGRY 😡 Beautiful malamutes that he obviously doesn't give a damn about.. VACCINATE your dog's or don't get one if you cannot afford to take care of them!!

    11. Feline Rescue

      Why on Earth would the SPCA adopt a young dog to an 80 year old man? Just how long will that guy actually be able to care for that dog? That dog will be old and not be adoptable when the guy dies or becomes unable to care for him. BUT I guess with the SPCA it's only about the money.

    12. xKittyKylo Studios

      Thumbnail he like :v

    13. Daralynn B

      I love intro XD 😳 the poor huskies! 😣 😢 😭

    14. Brandie Blakley

      If u can't pay for the vet,don't get the pet!

    15. P1X3L B1N4RY

      the story about the huskies completely crushed me. in tears right now. the ppl that work for the spca are amazing ppl, i would love to help animals in the way they do, but my heart is too soft and i would always be in tears when i see something bad happens to animals.

    16. Ava V

      I swear I legit love the guy that adopted Josephine more than I love myself lmao

    17. mccookie2000

      I don't get why people who can't take care of animals always want them back. Bruh, just let it go. You can't do it.

    18. B Bollers

      (JOKE) Probably the owner wanted to eat them (JOKE)

    19. KayZKat

      We need a federal animal cruelty list, similar to a sex offender list. People convicted of animal abuse/cruelty should not be able to own any living animal, not even a goldfish. If they are caught having an animal while on this list, then they are charged and taken to jail for breaking violation. This list could be digital and sent to all animal shelters. Animal shelters would be able to punch in someones name and birth date to see if they are on this list. This is the only way to really stop the abuse as there are no laws, especially in my state, that prevent people from buying more animals.

    20. Kimberly Crazed!

      What about making like bad pet owners that repeat offend like announcing their names plus pictures all over social media news every if the offend more than once like it has to stop fines don’t work threats don’t work taking everything doesn’t work however having it be told to them if if you repeat offend this will be your conditions have their names splattered everywhere every 3 months at the end they will stop

    21. chris gima

      I wish I could help animals like this but thanks to baby dad he screwed me and I can't do this work

    22. Bix

      Fantastic Work by the Animal Cops and all the Doctors etc. How in the World that people are doing this to Animals is Unbelivable. Great that theis Peple are cought.

    23. Katherine Courtenay-Roe

      lol I find it so weird that people are rescuing possums being a kiwi possums in NZ are classed as pests and DOC (Department of Conservation) is constantly trying to rid our bush of them as they have a huge impact on the native birds along with rats stoats, weasels and cats.

    24. Brianna Grace

      people need background checks to adopt a dog because these people are not fit to own them.

    25. Amazing Supergirl

      I thought is was going to be about animals who are cops! Hahaha! 😂. Bummer.

    26. Neftali The Kushite

      The preacher who adopted Josephine looks like Ronnie Coleman

    27. dondonz1354

      Never seen them save the stray dog in the transition shots 🤔

    28. Laurel Felt

      when the owner rolled up i would have cut the camera and thrown mf HANDS

    29. Tina Ericson

      Baby possums are so cute.

    30. Radical Mermaid

      i feel like there should be a law set in place that doesn't allow dogs like huskeys, malamutes, st. bernards and basically all dogs that are fit for COLD CLIMATES, in any states where the heat index gets to a number that is unfit for that dog breed.

    31. Sabia S

      These videos make me want to be a vet tech, they get to bathe dogs and spend time with them 😆

    32. Da Blonde

      What a wonderful man, crawling all the way under that house to rescue the Chihuahua!

    33. Maia Johnson

      Before you start watching this DO NOT EaT while watching or before. Trust me.

    34. Fart Face

      aw Josephine’s family seems so sweet

    35. gottaloveit gottaloveit

      Should not ride those horses let them have a good life

    36. gottaloveit gottaloveit

      So get other animals she can abuse! F OFF bad Judge

    37. Customgirl123

      Debbie took the Possums far away from the city streets...RIGHT - You took them 50 steps from a motorway

    38. Beauty on a Barn Budget

      Why wouldn't they want a little healthy dog like Ramona back? Idk maybe cuz she shits and pisses all over the house and barks incessantly??? Fricking 10 pound rat ankle biter.

    39. Evan Herrera

      These people are cruel, they want to control the animal, cuz their lives are out of control.

    40. The Animal Notebook 1

      Animal abuse consequences aren’t good enough.

    41. Scourge Star

      My dream job! Saving animals from the horrors that are put upon them, if only they raided slaughter houses that have been proved abusive, then that would just be perfect!

    42. D BX

      On second thought, those baby opossums will make a great meal for a hawk or any other bird of pray.

    43. D BX

      Spending time and money on the baby opossums is ridiculous. A .22 bullet through the skulls of those nasty critters is just what the DR. ordered!

    44. TheSunriseChick

      unless romana's REAL owner died or moved away and the family decided to ditch the dog.....

    45. Elizabeth Vos

      Wish that in our society we cared about homeless humans as much as we do about homeless animals.

    46. Green Jellybean

      My brothers name is kimo

    47. Green Jellybean

      Bruh it's always a hot day in Houston

    48. Karen The grilled cheese

      Animals are a luxury Not a privilege Don’t keep one because you think it’s your right

    49. AdamarisCraftsss

      It always amazes me to see people care so much about all animals that they even did a surgery to help a little bebe opossum with a hernia. On the other spectrum there’s the truly horrible people who don’t take care of the animals and let them suffer and die in their “care”

    50. Over Comer

      The horse owners don't have one shred of decency Let's kick that woman out into a pasture and not feeder

    51. Ash

      I wish they didn’t waive the fees for these cases but I get why they do it. Still, these awful people should have to pay some sort of repercussion.

    52. Alexandra Soliz

      After an animal (possum) is put back in the wild, mother hit by car when they were babies, SPCA cared for them up to point of release. I wonder what is their chances of survival when never taught how to survive? Unless that just wasn't mentioned? Their Mother lived in a residential area. Appears kid possums were released near a highway, unless SPCA worker walked miles into the woods put didn't show that. Video Makes it look like she walked a short distance. Makes me wonder does the SPCA know what their survival rate is after release?

    53. Heaven Judd

      if u must chain up ur dog for a few minutes to let it use the bathroom, that is fine but give it food and water, then bring it in in like 20 minutes

    54. HT Drip

      They’re gonna get dwarf ponies under 150 lbs

    55. JoJoZep ofthejungle

      In Victoria Australia the RSPCA doesn't do much where I live, they would wander over look for food and water and leave. My neighbours are terrible pet owners, their pets are skinny, they sound like they are getting strangled when they meow or bark, the house is closed up, nobody is awake during the day, the place smells in summer, the people are far and lazy, they are both addicts of OxyContin. I hate seeing those poor animals and now they have a new puppy 😓

    56. i V o N V a S Q u E z

      I love opossums

    57. Anuksunamun 04

      Possums are so cute

    58. TheImpiroGirl

      They found a wonderful home for Josephine, that couple is just lovely

    59. Strudel Draws

      This is how many people had to go hug their pets after watching this ⏬

    60. kyarilee


    61. Harley Quinn

      Josephine loves her new dad that was so cute

    62. Horned Assassin2

      Just imagine if the people who took the two pups have other dogs that got parvo and died because of it

    63. Horned Assassin2

      38:29 you can here some one in court say big dummies

    64. otter

      the lady who called for help for the chihuahua instead of just leaving it there is the sweetest. all my love goes to her.

    65. Techis God


    66. chuncky buckets

      This is sooo saaad

    67. chuncky buckets

      Only Texas would have had 5 dead horses on a property

    68. Simone Battaglia

      That is so sad That dog had to watch it’s mate and baby die. So sad

    69. Karma geddon

      I love how they treated all of the animals with care and got them away from the nasty owners. The bits for the riding test was slightly.. irritating. But if isn't a permanent thing, thats fine by me. It was just a test anyways Bless them for saving those horses and the dogs and the opossums.

    70. Jelly Fish

      This is incredibly sad... Why are people so evil towards animals? Animals have souls to!