DOCS: Shark Shoot - Fiji ​

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    One day Mike Muller’s taking pictures of movie stars, the next he’s pointing his camera at awesome beasts and extreme environments, transforming our preconceptions of the natural world through his lens. Mike travels to remote and hostile parts of the world to get up close to the most terrifying, ruthless and savage animals on the planet. Mike and his team overcome every obstacle to get the big shot, whether it's going into a live volcano, swimming with sharks or running with cheetahs. By going further and risking more than anyone else, Mike captures never-seen-before intimate images of the planet's most elusive creatures. Once a shot has been decided, equipment is built, challenges overcome and lives risked, making the picture a reality.
    CREDIT: ITV Global
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    Published on Year ago


    1. Viking Ishly

      VEKA you are crazy not feeding them pig guts

    2. Kiratics

      Will they ever go back for the garbage bin, I think not, this is why more and more animals are dying in our oceans.

    3. Ella Locke

      11:01 you had the opportunity to use the iconic line *Chum Bucket* but what did you say? *chum BARREL*

    4. BOB STONE

      IM Fijian and in my culture killing sharks and eating them means bad luck for us. dakuwaqa a shark god of Fiji protects us at sea. but now all of that is gone people are drifted away from their culture.

    5. Bengt Arne Johansson

      It's always nice to see natural documentary videos, but according to my opinion, regarding some American documentaries and those within have a tendency to over dramatize things and make it sounds more dangerous and unsurpassed than it really is. Take for example the modest and beautiful woman Ocean Ramsey, shark conservationist and marine biologist that swim freely with the Great White Shark as well as her underwater photograph Juan Oliphant. Ocean Ramsey do not dramatize what she do at all, rather the contrary.

      1. TheGooglyminotaur

        Bengt Johansson thought just that during the intro. Mike? Mike? Whoops, he died. Next scene, he finishes the intro. I also don’t think I can finish this because if I hear “Hollywood” one more time... Shocked he doesn’t call it Tinsel Town.

    6. Erik Andersson

      Was a fun watch but I have to say they scripted the ending so obviously.


      Fiji my home❤


      Love this video U guys r brave


      Hawaii has alot of tiger sharks

    10. Yehoshua Davis

      Plz come do a shoot of our beautiful rhinos here in south afrika

    11. Jack Sparrow

      He asked permission to board which is a sign of a vampire. Vampires must ask to enter before entering. Therefore mic likes Sharks because they like blood like Vampires. So all in all Mike is a vampire

    12. Brigadier X PIRA

      Not a great spot for Tigers..They prefer the Confluence of The Sea of Cortez/Baja..and where the Straits of Florida meet the Sargasso Sea..just north of Bahamas..

    13. Da Parrott

      wondering if the money spent on this could have been spent on something useful.

      1. SYNC1202

        Would you agree that tropical storms ravaging coastal communities are a problem?

    14. neko nekic

      i had sex with these guys last year,they fuckd me so hard i barely walked for a weak!then i woke up and pornhub was still on :/

    15. Yolanda Fraser

      Not 100% sure but I think I’ve been to that villiage ahh I miss them

    16. BTS Lover

      Also, is the guy with a lot of tattoos polish? Because I saw on the side of his stomache one tattoo was an eagle with a crown. That’s the polish symbol. I don’t want to be curious, I’m just asking.

      1. Niggleblade

        Foxy Believes you don’t want to be curious? The word your looking for is rude lol Nothing wrong with being curious

    17. Zet

      11:19 sounds like trump is talking to them trough a microphone..telling them instructions

    18. Offgrid Jack

      The little banty rooster boss in the cute little blue wetsuit has a bad case of shortman's syndrome!!

    19. BTS Lover

      I think that I’m brave if I don’t shriek if I see a spider. But you guys took the word brave to a different level. You guys are so brave, and to think I thought I was brave when I saw a spider and didn’t shriek. Lol

    20. Abby Lane

      How much coke do you think these guys did? Lol

      1. Florida Under Moonlight

        Thomas Wita coke never used to make me paranoid at at. That's more a thing among people who get anxiety. It would be very annoying to have to get onboard every 25 minutes for a line, or to deal with equipment when I wanted to sit back and listen to Judas priest, but if anything cocaine makes you more comfortable with craziness.

      2. Thomas Wita

        lol none have u ever done coke u wld be so scared and paranoid u wouldn't get in the water trust me love

    21. Ice Cube81


    22. Drew Charpentier

      "One mistake and you're dead. You don't pay attention to a shark. Dead! You don't pay attention to your gear. Dead! You don't pay attention to your Hollywood dancing powder Deadzo Bros!

    23. loovee8

      SO incredible AND dangerous at The same time. YOU gotta have a guts to do this. Well done guys 👌🏻👍🏼☺️

    24. Qwerty

      Great docco - misleading thumbnail

    25. Blue -eyed

      "14 foot tiger shark" ..wishful exaggeration at its best.

      1. Blue -eyed

        Green Paladin Bcs I watched the video.

      2. Green Paladin

        Blue -eyed How so? The largest tiger shark ever recorded was 17, maybe 18 feet long. Tiger shark males are generally 13 feet long and females can be exceptionally large at 16 feet long.

    26. Jaime Bautista


      1. Zackary Waye

        Jaime Bautista i hate you

    27. Gemma Torres

      I won't Evan do it for money .HELL NO

      1. Niggleblade

        Gemma Torres even*

    28. Azliana Lyana

      Great video! Thanks for sharing! Big applause to the bad axx brave team!

    29. LadyHomicide

      Love sharks, swim of a lifetime!

    30. Silent Bean •

      This is incredible :o

    31. Zhanybek Askarbekov

      Wow 😲🤭, Dangerous_⚠️ , 🌊 🦈 attack’s people movie _🎥 nice 👍🏻 for me...!

    32. Cecilia O

      I love it already even though I didn’t finish the video.

    33. Angelina Smith

      No what did they do to you

    34. Guinea tube

      This is a crazy video but it is awesome at the same time

      1. John Hayes

        Guinea tube mop

    35. mike williams

      This video won't be available later just watch

      1. Sarah Majdoubi

        mike wil

      2. Gemma Torres

        mike williams agree