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    In San Jacinto County a woman's house is in a state of decay and threatening to collapse after becoming overrun with more than sixty cats. Many of them are sick and the Houston SPCA is called in to carry out a rescue on a huge scale. Once on the scene the team discovers a litter of newborns hidden under a bed. They're in poor shape and it's a race against time to get them back to the shelter. In Houston, Investigator Shawna Sundberg has to take immediate action when she stumbles upon a family of dogs in desperate need of medical care while in Liberty County Investigator Debbie Michielson gets more than she bargained for when she arrives at a trailer park to discover newborn puppies hidden in a disused shed.
    CREDIT: ITV Global
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    Published on Year ago


    1. Jodie Bowens

      How to get the ammonia smell out of that house. Burn it. YIkes!

    2. karla hernandez

      I feel like the poodle owners were definitely planning on selling those puppies. Probably why they wanted to go to court for custody. I'm sure one or two of them did belong to them but I feel like the adults were thinking more along the breeding and selling idea. It's not exactly uncommon in Texas for people to do that. Or maybe they just couldn't afford to get them fixed and things just got a little out of hand

    3. Nom du Clavier

      Bitten. You don't want to get bitten.

    4. JokersWild45

      I can't even imagine going into that cat infested house without wearing eye protection and a respirator. Disgusting!!!

    5. ღSwnsasyღ _

      I wish people would stop and say, can I afford the vaccinations? Can I afford vet care IF my animal gets sick? Stop being selfish and abusing these animals for your own _SELFISH_ reasons! If you loved them you would NEVER allow them to suffer like that! I have zero sympathy I'm sorry because it can easily be avoided.. 63 cats? Come on now you know you cannot take care of them!! Start thinking I wish they would say how many they had to put down at the end of these videos and those that got adopted... The poodle mix family, I don't care about those tears at all.. If you did care you would have done what the investigator said and took them to the vet so I have zero sympathy!

    6. Narnia Lives

      "especially my parents, I don't want my parents to live like this." These animals are being poisoned with ammonia, they're being inbred, denied medical care, not socialized, not given a clean/safe environment, possibly starved, locked up in extremely tight spaces, and you don't think that those animals are the ones who are suffering? Girl, your parents need to go to prison.

    7. Jonathan Quinones Joe

      She don´t want her parents to live like this but where were you those 5 years GURLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!

    8. linda Vanocker

      Five years??? 5 ??? I don't think do. Try ten or more !!?

    9. Laila Sedendahl

      love animal want to be a vet omg

    10. Laila Sedendahl


    11. Tim Berghoff

      The cat at 17:41 looks almost like my gf‘s Russian Blue mix! So pretty 🥰

    12. jacki yolo

      Why in the cage they can just them than in house

    13. Ja Series

      Why didn't the red head and blonde lady shut the gate?

    14. Chris

      Blow up the house. That's a bigass litter pan

    15. Tierisch kreativ

      I dont unterstand why they always make a deal with people mistreating their animals... I mean , would ( the ways they were treated) they not stay with the SPCA anyway And they would have to pay

    16. Crystal Sanders

      Did I not see cans of cat food there? Is that lady with the dogs feeding her dogs cat food? Cause feeding dogs cat food could cause kidney failure. Cat food has to much protein for dogs which could lead to kidney failure.

    17. Gwyneth Grafton

      This is one of those episodes that had me crying

    18. Revolution

      Why was that daughter aware of at least some of this? It didn’t happen overnight

    19. Mary Soto

      Sweet sorry

    20. Abby Ross

      Abby is my name! those dogs shouldn't be left like that! The cats too.

    21. saltghost

      i also think at home breeding should be illegal. animals that aren’t fixed are susceptible to various cancers, and then you always run the risks of something happening during the birth of animals and something to the babies. If you can’t afford to get one animal fixed you can’t afford to get 7 more fixed either.

    22. saltghost

      it makes me so sad to see people allow beautiful homes to go to crap like that. it’s so much more common than you think. I’ve moved 15 different times each time there was a hoarder living somewhere on my street.

    23. Andrea Bandish

      Keep all pets cats do dogs, unless you see their conditions, Neuters and spaY YOURS PETS

    24. Andrea Bandish

      where are your mask.????

    25. Karissa Houle

      This shows got me running around feeling my dog up to make sure his ribs aren’t showing, driving around staring at neighbours horses to see anything suspicious. Thankful for the work these people do!

    26. Amaya Harvey

      I don't believe in putting an animal down.. I believe in always trying

    27. Craig Famly

      I am amazed how calm those kittens were being they were a;most feral

    28. Olivia Catherine

      To the people complaining about how many animals are being euthanised did you not see how many animals in such bad conditions were picked up from that one call...? They can't show every single animal that survived and ended up in a new home in an episode. I'm sure it was a fairly small amount that ended up euthanised. This is likey one of the best animal shelters in the US but they still do not have the resources, finances, time and support to save every single animal. These people are trying their best, are likely working almost non stop and yes, sometimes they have to make that tough call to put certain animals to sleep. Especially in these types of cases where like 50+, 100+ or more, animals are rescued at once, on top of dealing with other neglect cases. I don't doubt for a moment they try to avoid putting animals to sleep but sometimes they have to prioritize and save the ones they can, instead of focusing on the ones who have very little chance of finding a home due to health or behavioural issues. Ultimately if you're upset, get out there and make a difference for these animals who are suffering. Foster, adopt, volunteer, donate. Bitching on the internet about these professionals who save countless lives each year ain't cute.

    29. Mysilentprayers always

      The government won't keep innocent animals alive but, they will keep murderers and child molesters alive. Go figure.

      1. Mysilentprayers always

        @Sable C What I am saying is that the Government will keep Child Molester and Murderers alive and won't help innocent Animals. That means you and all of us Tax payers are keeping food, water, clothes, air conditioning and heat, shoes, internet, TV, toiletries, shelter out of the weather. And we don't stand up and say SHOOT THE BUNCH AND SAVE SCRUFFY.

      2. Sable C

        The SPCA is not government funded. It is a donation run non-profit organization.

    30. Carrie Pike

      Why would you not just call in re-enforcements for the other dogs??? Why wait another day???

    31. Rima Sarkissian

      I just don’t get it and it really makes me angry, why have dogs if u can’t afford it , what right these people have to treat these poor creature so unfairly , I can’t stand it when they say I can’t afford the vet expenses well f* head if ur own child is sick would u leave then in bad condition???????

    32. Raelynn Jade

      But that fire-point 👀 damn tho Pedro is B E A U T I F U L

    33. Animal Rescue Group

      Thanks for save

    34. Mysilentprayers always

      Umm, all kittens and puppies have worms from the git go.

    35. The Ocelot Channel

      Good lord I havent even graduated highschool yet and I know that more then 10 cats is too many. I would have at most 6 (i love cats but would not let me get myself out of hand, I have 3 right now) plus litter, toys, and food can all be bought at the dollar tree/store!!! IDIOTS SHOULDNT HAVE PETS! PEOPLE WHO DO THIS TO ANIMALS ARE ABUSERS! You're letting them get like this!

    36. Mysilentprayers always

      For one I couldn't and wouldn't live in the City with 2 million people. Second I wouldn't have Cats. The cat that was left here is a LAZY NO GOOD MOOCH.. LOL I have mice in the house, the cat waits for me to catch them in a trap to give her.

    37. Ferguson Ferguson

      Thank u for this program.I am an animal lover and hats off to the people that help animals that can"t help themselves!

    38. Jasmine skye

      These people should be wearing masks while in that house

    39. Techis God

      WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE? Those are God's creatures which he loves very much. I say if the people are not sick or mentally ill than THROW THEM IN JAIL!!!!!!!!!!

    40. Cara Sanchez

      I love how you save these animals and thinking if you weren't there for them they would have all die

    41. DrakeHatesHimself JustLikeEveryOtherEdgyTeenager

      Honestly I feel bad for that girl with the dogs. It isn't her fault her parents couldn't afford dogs they allowed her to have. It's difficult to determine the age of someone through a screen but it's safe to say she's fairly young and it isn't fair to her that her parents have done this, you know?

    42. oof oof

      Why is the girl crying??her family didnt even took care of the mixed puppies and she could have tried to help the dogs by taking them a bath and feeding them

    43. anu m

      Glad you stepped up girl... Ur folks n d animals need a free life..bless ya

    44. Jiminisgod

      These cat stories always make me sad. People think you can just leave them and they are okay. I have one cat and he is my world. If you can't care for the animal then don't own them.

    45. kittymeow 2008

      petro looks like my cat buttercup she is a flamepoint siamise

    46. Kristen Franklin

      Im sorry but what the poodle people probably didnt want to give up is the money they were gonna get for the puppies. I feel for the daughter but her parents are terrible and she just doesnt see it. She will if she pursues an education.

    47. KidozyGAME

      I Spy Video CD/early TV interlacing effect in the video

    48. Lumorniel Sycamore

      Honestly I understand that waving the fees is a good way to come to an agreement. However I also feel like it's letting the owners off far too easily. It's like they basically aren't punished cause now they're free to go get another pet and do it all over again.

    49. Ava Hemann

      Who else went aww when max sniffed the shell after his owner?

    50. Ianna Engquist

      why do they specify so frequently how painless the catch pole is?

    51. Neveah Holman

      thank you for helping animals

    52. /Gacha Dragon!\

      You mean skin bone and fur?

    53. Kamesha G

      Why not just let them free instead of keep them in a space like that so small? Idk where I’m from there are stray cats everywhere and the ones that look like need help people help but the rest are fine and literally catch squirrels for dinner so idk why all these cats are in a small tight space as if they can’t survive wild on their own

    54. Wolfoleon the Fierce

      Poor kitties they're all so gorgeous its sad not all of them made it.. This is why people need to get their pets fixed

    55. Apda Darang

      6:15 I know you guys are doing a wonderful job , but lady just clip your bangs it’s so sweaty in this kind of work

    56. Abihail Mendoza

      i’m sorry but when dat family with mix poodles came out of court the whole fam was waiting outside. i just find this funny as mexicans😂

    57. Roisin KB

      Aww Bella reminds me of a little deer. So cute!

    58. Lynn Burkhalter

      I'm sorry ! I don't feel sorry for the girl with the poodles. She loved them so much why didn't she make sure they were fed and taking care of .

    59. PlanetRockJesus

      Thousands of dollars spent on saving kittens, and yet liberals think it's OK to slice and dice unborn human children.

    60. Donna Markelionis


    61. Stephanie Jensen

      I lossed my dog because I was unable to afford to house myself and my dog😭

    62. Sophie Rodriguez

      The poodle mix puppies are so cute. I can’t believe that any human would treat them so horribly

    63. Daisy Pacheco

      I’ve been in the position where my parents didn’t care about my animals and I’m the only one who takes the time to feed them and take them to vet appointments it’s so annoying. I wish I had a family who made it a group effort to love them as much as I do.

    64. Melanie Maitre

      Omg!!! My grandmas cat was in one of those crates...😱 Her name is Carman and she is the tuxedo cat with the weird spot on he chin. I know this because we were told she was rescued from a hoarding situation in Texas. Second of all, she has that very distinctive look on her face, that is unmistakable. This would've taken place right about the time she was rescued and arrived at PetSmart. Wow! What a coincidence!!!

    65. Angela Magic Salveson

      The little poodles & puppies, they're backyard breeders, she said the puppies have homes, yeah cuz she sells em. It's just about the money for them. They'll get more dogs I bet.

    66. m e

      Get the cats out.then big can of gasoline and a match!

    67. JustSayin

      Some of those vet techs are pretty rough with the cats. Grabbing them by the neck and having them hang there while they looked at them. That was not necessary as they are always ill. What happened to the rest of the dogs that were left behind or abandoned? You said you didn't have the room to get them all. I sure hope someone went back and got the rest of them instead of letting them starve to death.

      1. Elaine Malmsten

        Actually those vet techs handled the cats correctly. Scruffing is a common, and one of the safest, ways to handle and restrain an animal -- I've used it on everything from cats to possums. It can make some cat more anxious, yes, but I'm sure the priority was efficiency and safety of the techs

    68. Sephia Mendoza Aguilar

      It's crazy they aren't willing to care for the dogs and here I am making a loft bed and area for my doggo idk man don't have a dog if you are not willing to raise it like a child my dogs my #1 priority no matter what a vet check-up once every 2 months park ever 2 days and a grooming every 2 weeks

    69. Cal The Nobody

      Why do some people not understand that its an animal's literal INSTINCT to breed every year. You can't stop instinct but you can prevent it. GET YOUR ANIMALS TO THE VET. JUST BECAUSE THEY ARENT SICK DOESNT MEAN THEY DONT NEED TO BE TAKEN CARE OF. IF YOU LOVE ANIMALS DONT HORDE, THATS NOT LOVING.

    70. Raymx slapped y'all

      God,this is an American show; he couldn't at least pronounce vitamins American accent