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    In Waller County, Houston SPCA Investigator Debbie Michielson is horrified to discover a herd of emaciated horses and an owner apparently unwilling to help them. The team decides to take immediate action before it's too late to save the horses. In Houston, Investigator Maverick Wagner has to act quickly when he responds to a report concerning an injured dog and arrives on the scene to find a German Shepherd with a serious leg wound. Elsewhere, the team face one of their toughest challenges yet when they have to carry out a rescue of livestock from a farm during a heatwave.
    CREDIT: ITV Global
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    Published on Year ago


    1. bruno gaulard

      Merci pour tout ce que vous faites pour les animaux

    2. Franco de Villiers

      Thats a mule not a donkey.-_-

    3. Summer Sanders

      She was starting to cry... He said we can do this the easy way or the hard way... She got quite fast💪🏽

    4. Parafox Louise

      Donkeys are like the goats of the horse world they can live on next to nothing not that this means they should be starved with nothing to eat from their owners!

    5. Mopar Gaming

      They better get a rase after this one

    6. ladollyvita333

      People that hurt animals are dangerous! If they can do it to an animal, they can do it to another human. These rescuers are incredible. They’re like firefighters and ems - putting their physical welfare on the line for others....

    7. Jocelyn Elise Media

      I’d bet that the owner of the horses is one of the people that preys on “free horses” people are giving away. I understand maybe someone may be giving away a free horse because of an emergency, but people need to stop giving away horses when they realize they can’t do it and need to make sure horses don’t end up in situations like these.

    8. Julie Colores

      This pisses me off to c animals like this. Starv that fat fk right ther. And c how he likes it.

    9. Silly Little Honey Bub

      Are bones really that white without bleaching? Not saying it's not real I've just never seen wild animal bones before

    10. Lauren Clark

      Everyone needs to take a break after getting the pigs out, meanwhile officer Jensen is a beast 😂

    11. i dont make videos but i make p l a y l i s t s

      My little doggy heart.... (11:13) Why do u do this to meh brother animals

    12. Taryn Manning

      I wanna be a vet but, how do I start?

      1. Grace Merriman

        Some vet clinics/hospitals will pay for your college if you sign on

    13. Lani Turner12

      46:35 the vet clearly said you know too many times 😂

    14. Lani Turner12

      Wouldn’t it be so awkward when the owner shows up when your already there and investigating like for me that would be awkward

    15. Wendy Bruder

      How are these officers not better equipped to catch this livestock. I mean, Exercise pens for puppies work wonders. And they aren't expensive. Geez. Just have like 10 exercise pens available and corralling a bunch of pigs wouldn't be that difficult.

    16. Dagmar Heinz

      The rescue people should have more say , like taking this horses doggies and any other animal who is abused !!!!!! In 24 hours a lot could happen .

    17. tiffany Marin


    18. Nickee Corl

      Whovever did that to those animals deserves to drop dead and go to hell

    19. Angelique McDonald

      You guys are amazing

    20. Karen Matthews Tadlock

      its kadence this is bad at the beginning

    21. India M

      Pigs are so intelligent. Their suffering is beyond belief

    22. India M

      I’m not sure why I am watching this, it’s awful

    23. Isabella Mitchell

      If I fed my horse 5 scoops of grain he would die of obesity😂🤣

    24. Wow_ Jaci

      If you don’t know, and can’t take care of “your” animal, don’t keep it.

    25. Angela Magic Salveson

      Those pigs put up the biggest fight & once in the trailer they're like "ok we're in".

    26. Sandy Elliott

      Donkeys eat anything and they're tough little survivors. The guy holding the donkey did a great job of not letting go.

    27. Sandy Elliott

      Those horses have been under red for more than a week. Too lazy to walk them to some grass . Just sad what people do to their animals.

    28. Skybornz Vlogs

      That pig thooo

    29. Skybornz Vlogs

      The person in teal was ripping the donkeys face she’s a brat😡😡😡

    30. Catnoodles

      I cant be the only one who is annoyed by the unnecessary flashing on random shots

    31. Madisyn Richbourg

      y’all forgot a horse when y’all were getting the pigs goats and cows!!!

    32. Elizabeth Wagner

      Can we clean these poor livestock?

    33. Redd Spider Lilly

      At least she fed the dog and watered em but she should have taken him to a shelter or call the SPCA tbh that would have been better

    34. thimbs

      all those beauitful horses he should be ashamed of himself

    35. Alina Mitchelson

      How Michael Vick go to jail & these sorry as horse owners aren't, and that lady with the German shepherd was obviously lying

    36. Lottie ford

      I have 35 horses and there fine

    37. Eloise Morse

      Why Do people want to starve horses i mean come on don't they have some thing to do other that that they can do to earn money .

    38. ryan Stefanides

      Who does that

    39. Empire State

      The pig enclosure was deplorable. I wonder what was going through those animals' minds!

    40. Brooke Bixler

      These SPCA workers are so, so overworked and underpaid, it's really sad considering all the amazing work they do!

    41. kc-n-sassy9807

      starve the fat human... put him in the barn too!

    42. Breyer Lane

      “He is mild mannered” *cut to scene of donkey bucking and misbehaving*

    43. Breyer Lane

      Ok, I have a fat and happy horse who gets way to many cookies and I make the quietest Kringle sound of a plastic wrapper, cantering up the field to me she goes Starving? No. Needy? Yes. Not that I’m saying these horses aren’t hungry cause they clearly are but all horses will say they have been starved to death when it comes to food.

    44. XxxoO OOooXxX

      OH MY GOSH I was practically yelling "Feed the horses!!!!!" The entire time.

    45. Stefan Deigentasch

      The work these people do is amazing and invaluable. Thank you and god bless you. I would love to have a job in this field and do my part.

    46. The Un-bearable Friends

      As Wagner says Sampson keeps looking back as she is shaving his leg, all I can see is this scut in my head of Sampson on the table like- “I like these people, they are really loud but nice- *looks back* is my leg still there... yup, ok! Now what was I saying these people are really nice- has she shaved my leg off... nope!” And so on until she was done and then he was perfectly happy and relaxed

    47. Arthur van Essen

      When the goat “mehhh”Ed made my heart break

    48. _Potato_a e s t h e t i c _

      I’ve been watching this show for a while and most of the animals are dogs and horses.

    49. Put Gerard back

      What happens to animals like chickens goats pigs and cows after they been cared for by the spca?

    50. Put Gerard back

      Sure my grandmother might have one to many goats but she takes care of them and gives them proper shelter so seriously if she can take of 20 goats people should be able to take care of ONE dog (I'm sorry people just make me mad)

    51. L. Summer

      I once food trained/socialized/gentled a half feral german shepard mix that was found as a puppy inside of a deer carcass in Northern Oregon woods that looked like Sampson but was three x's his size named Goliath. It was both scary & wondrous how intelligent he was. Perhaps one of the most rewarding experiances of my life.

      1. Put Gerard back

        L. Summer that's great 😁 my family and I have two dogs patches who I got for my 3rd birthday day she is 10 and squirrel she was a stray and she's 2 and she is an *intresting* dog (she once ate bubbles)

    52. DogCat Party

      April 2019 Horses are being sold to slaughter houses to produce meat in other countries. All of this could be prevented if full funding went to the production, sale, and donation of 'clean meat' which could be made out of one sell taken from a horse (no pain or harm in the process) and mass produced, similar to the mass production of yogurt. The company 'Cell Harvesting' is trying to do this. Bill Gates may be trying to take over the profits of these companies and slowing down the process of getting it to all the stores. Unfortunately, there are some strange people who want to eat horse (and many other SMART animals). It is probably fast and easy to get this Cell Harvesting or 'clean meat' to look like popular 'beef jerkey.' This could be sold all over the world, to a wide range of people. It would help clean up the Mississippi River, which five states and the Gulf of Mexico depend upon (very polluted by the meat industry). Clean Meat is much safer than slaughtered meat, no pesticides, no chemical fertilizers, no antibiotics to fatten up the animals fast (which has caused thousands to die of simple wounds because they have become immune to all antibiotics from over use in the meat industry). If you can afford to care for a horse, please consider buying at least one of these wild horses. This is happening all over America. All race horses are eventually sold for meat, unless they are part of a small minority that are bought and cared for people who are able to care for them. To find out more, see the You Tube video, about October 11, 2018, titled (approximately) Federal Government Selling Wild Horses for Meat Production. This was filmed in the far Northern California county that borders Oregon. It maybe Modoc County. Search the news web site for KCBS radio in San Francisco, California and KPIX 5 news, also out of San Francisco, California.

      1. Put Gerard back

        DogCat Party it is official the world sucks

    53. I found a liquor store and I drank it

      My grandma: (at me while I eat) mija slow down, don’t be such a pig Me: (with a mouthful of food) pigs are highly intelligent, and incredibly strong

    54. Button Quail Girl

      "ive never had a horse try to bite me and rip a bucket out of my hand... He must be really hungry!" DISCLAIMER: I totally agree these horses are hungry! It just funny, because I had the fattest horse ever, but he still did that exact thing every day... He was just a pig!

      1. Button Quail Girl

        I didn't.. maybe his previous owner did... He would do exactly what the horse in this video did... Btw I'm totally not saying that these horses weren't hungry, I just thought it was funny that my fat horse did the same thing.

      2. Put Gerard back

        Button Quail Girl did you feed him out of your hand? Because if you did he would connect hands with food

    55. amypestano

      😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😢😭😢😭😭😢😭😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢 feel bad for the horses who died

    56. Timothy Martin

      Yall people are so horible because you get animals and don't even take care of them....Asamshed. Of people who don't take care of animals

    57. Sammi Issa

      The intro always make me laugh because they’re so serious and they’re holding these little puppies-

    58. Gizelle Becker

      I don't mean to be THAT person but it's funny how all these people wish the best for animals but have a dead one on their plate every night.

    59. ada

      I don't understand these people. I'm sure most of them don't WANT to cause these animals harm so.. why not just take them to the vet? When they're clearly in pain and in such bad shape; how can you just ignore that? It makes no sense...😔

    60. IKnowPlaces 13

      I hated when that one last pig was screaming so loudly 😭😭 I know they were going somewhere safe but still

    61. Cecilia Kirsch

      Houston great Job.

    62. A N

      This is the worst I’ve seen on this show of starved horses. It’s disgusting someone would allow that to happen to those horses. And if you’ve lost your job and can’t afford to feed them he could have actually SOLD the horses to get money and given them better homes

    63. lily there

      donkey stopped because they were T posing

    64. Melissa Mac Edward-Juhl

      Thank you guys so much for all you do!

    65. just a green banana

      Sampson is the bestest boy

    66. Kathy Savage

      They got the foreign invaders good! $6,260 will hopefully help the SPCA continue its work.

    67. Thomas Vetor

      Samson is a special fur baby !!! glad he found a good home ...

    68. Thomas Vetor

      spca team work , ur doing yr angel work , bless u all 4 working in the heat ... saving all those farm animals ...

    69. Thomas Vetor

      the horses know theyre gonna go 2 a better livin places n cared 4 , thats y they went 2 trailer so fast ...

    70. Thomas Vetor

      at least , she was feeding n giving water 2 the shepard dog .... im glad she gave the dog over spca now ...