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    In this episode, Houston SPCA Investigator Randy Farmer is called out to a trailer home out in the country. An elderly couple are said to be living in a tent because their house is overrun with cats. It requires some delicate negotiations, as the woman doesn’t want to let her cats go, but it’s clear that the situation is out of control and harming the cats’ health. Investigator Trischa Price joins forces with Deputy Constable Christine Kendrick to rescue two dogs whose owners are failing to get medical treatment for them, even though one has a serious case of mange and the other is flea-infested. And the SPCA team is called out to a dilapidated lot alongside the highway in Liberty County, where an assortment of livestock is being neglected, including two horses that are emaciated but still being ridden, as their severe saddle-sores testify. The animals are carefully nursed back to health, and the search for new homes for them begins.
    CREDIT: ITV Global
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    Published on Year ago


    1. Holly Marshall

      Omg when Norman shook his head yes it melted my heart ❤️ ❤️

    2. Elizabeth Brower

      Another cat lady. I’m an older woman and I don’t want any pets. I can barely care for myself. Disgusting and cruel

    3. Nobody

      Man why are they not using gloves 🤢

    4. PrettyBrown Eyez

      ASPCA Lady: "Don't do it." 🐐: BaaHaaHaaaaaa!!!

    5. Kelsey Tumbleson

      and all those cats and hose two dogs its so sad and then those people wanting the dogs back.... WHAT

    6. Kelsey Tumbleson

      why do people do this to animals those poor houres

    7. Rebecca Martinez

      Cat lady is bat crazy! No food, no room, no litterbox, no cleaning, no meds, no shots, no more cat lady. She doesn't have extra money for the cats or a bra!

    8. Carlos Anacleto

      Why not help pay her to help the cats or send supplies for the cat instead of taking them the cats already have a good owner she cared for them

    9. Jennifer Smith

      Those babies crying over the food bowl broke my heart 😔

    10. number1beastielover

      How can they rub them without wearing gloves?

    11. Gage Oliver

      It amazes me that in a country like this there is so much neglect and abuse of animals. People suck

    12. milkweedsage

      why on earth is that woman feeding a horse white bread?? they're grass eaters. bread has nothing for them.

    13. NadlieHime 1814

      Ugh... that boxer... It just breaks my heart 💔💔💔 I wish people would stop getting pets that they can't take care of... Instead of making excuses they should do something to help the pets that they got themselves.

    14. NadlieHime 1814

      The poor kitties... I can't believe people would still be in denial even when things are this bad... Like, hello, lady have you seen the dying kitten on your couch?! On the other hand, while these cats are starving, mine has the audacity to be picky with his food... 😧😧😧

    15. Dr K.

      Those poor cats, starving but still so kind. Just awful, i just can't believe ppl treat animals like this

    16. RedBeard

      Old woman is delusional..

    17. Kohana P

      Why don’t y’all just help them get the animals spayed / neutered for free then give her the one cat back . Geeze

    18. Tomboyhns

      If I wasn’t allergic to cats I would say “Where can I sign up to be a cat socializer???” 😍😍😍

      1. cool girl

        That's a mood

    19. audreyndew

      Those two pups made my heart smile!!!!

    20. Jessica -aka JessaNae

      *OMGGGGG THE PPL THAT OWN THOSE DOGS HAVE A BABY?!!!!! Idk, but I care for my pup like my own child, so I can't understand how anyone couldn't care that much!! I have 2 children, my 12 year old son, and his brother, our pit mix dog that we rescued! If he ever gets hurt even a Lil bit, I cry! Lol!! It kills me too see these animals suffering!!*

    21. Jessica -aka JessaNae

      *The ppl that owned those pups.... their house HAS to be disgusting!! The humans deserve to live with all the bugs and nastiness, but those poor Lil gorgeous pups certainly deserve better!!*

    22. Jessica -aka JessaNae

      *PPL NEED TO BE JAILED FOR ANIMAL CRUELTY!!!! If you honestly can't care for animals and love them like crazy, that says A LOT about you... pure ignorance!!!! So sad! i don't understand how ppl can be this way!*

      1. Jessica -aka JessaNae

        I just heard the man with the neglected farm animals has been arrested. ..YAYYYY!!!

    23. Nom du Clavier

      You ever seen Strays

    24. Nick Fiscina

      If you love them then you let them live where they can be cared for properly and are the only animal so they can get all of the attention

    25. Narnia Lives

      Seeing these cats like that made me cuddle my boy even more.

    26. Taylor C

      If it’s too hot for the lady. I’m sure it’s to hot for the kitties.

    27. Sally Chamness

      Hoarders are so awful. I know they mean well, but there's more harm done than good. Its so sad.

    28. Zen Dragoon

      Says they need neutured but they dont do it?

    29. Ja Series

      The poor cat lady. I think she is just really poor and ignorant and not blessed with much for brains. Her house was cleaner than I expected for such a tiny house and 20 cats...not that is was clean at all. This is why it is so important to have free clinics for those who qualify to get their animals spayed, and get shots. Think about how much money the county would have saved if they didn't have to rescue them all. Way cheaper to spay 3 or 4 cats than 20.

    30. Josy

      google: how to become someone who works on socialising animals in a shelter. that seems like the dream job, just getting to play with cute animals all day

    31. xKittyKylo Studios

      The cat owner had her heart in the right place, the cats like others had stated looked pretty friendly so getting them adopted out must have been much easier! I love how she signed them over, just wanting the best for them. Hope her life turns around for the better..

    32. Shiela Aposaga

      These animals deserves loving kindness compassion and forever homes

    33. Daralynn B

      Oh my god.... those cats are practically SCREAMING for food! Poor things! Those cats need to be saved!

    34. Anuksunamun 04

      I'm so glad the cat lady can have one cat, shame

    35. meg nemo

      I had an American bulldog with demodex mange. If you live in north Florida or south Georgia the best vets for this are beltway animal hospital in jax Florida off of 103rd street and Firestone. The treatment protocol for my dog was a special flea treatment that the demodex mite also dosent like. If it is a female dog she must be spayed because the hormonal cycles exacerbate the mange. There are other medications needed. My dog made a full recovery but not all dogs will. Boudicca was a street dog and a bully breed like that boxer. Bully breed dogs are more susceptible then most breeds. Be cognizant that bully breed dogs of unknown ansestory will be prone to demodex and hereditary brain tumors.

    36. Parafox Louise

      Those cats are going to start eating each other they are so hungry! Food didnt just run out this morning its been weeks since they had food in decent portions 😢 wow huge crocodile tears from the owner when it came crunch time...i think theres some mental illness involved here... this isn’t normal behaviour. I can’t believe how spoiled my animals are after watching this 😭😭😭 all lives are precious!

    37. Reggy

      I think this old woman that has the cats is mentally ill, she doesn't seem like a bad person in my eyes and i can see she does love her cats in a certain way, she just doesn't know to handle the situation. It's better for her to give them to the SPCA.

    38. sandvoxel

      Mange is treatable especially if the dog is still strong

    39. Frida Marie Nielsen

      Those poor horses. That’s heartbreaking.

    40. Outpat

      The lady who is "renowned for handling cats" is picking them up by their scruff, isn't that kind of bad?

    41. Outpat

      Man, by the sounds my cat makes when she's "hungry" and I make a rustling sound reminiscient of her treat bag (with a full bowl of food that she barely picked at sitting on her platform) these guys would be like "omg this cat is so hungry, listen to that cry"


      “Well I don’t smell nothing!” That’s because you’ve gotten used to the smell dumbass. And that’s disgusting. Those cats were starving. I get that she loves her cats, but she has no right to owning that many. She is irresponsible and neglectful.

    43. Lestat De Lioncourt

      And I sit here thinking I have a lot of pets when I just have 2 cats and a snake. Smh

    44. Tammy Huennerkopf

      Awwww, thank you Animal Cops Houston!

    45. SymphonyCodes

      My cat loves cuddles and wont leave strangers alone. its so cute

    46. Brittany Scarlett

      You gotta do what you gotta do to care for your pets, even if it means giving them up. ):

    47. Linda Peters

      i don't think the yellow tabby on coutch made it, poor thing , thanks for sharing , R.I.P for the ones that didn't make it

    48. Robin Paz

      What the hell is wrong with these people... How can you do this to these precious sentient beings?

    49. Kirsten

      The cats running to the food broke my heart. I can’t believe they let the owners keep one or two of their pets after all the neglect they put the animals through. The dogs too, I just don’t understand how someone can own an animal and not take care of them.. my dogs are my world, I would do anything for them!

    50. Just Jokes

      I love goats

    51. Lillie Anne

      I'm happy that the cat lady got her cats taken away. Sorry but I refuse to feel any pity for someone who treats animals like that.

    52. Adobe Animations

      You went out of your way to own lifestock (these aren't just strays that wander in) only to neglect them?!...WHY?!?!?!

    53. Candella

      I love this program; especially when the lowlife animal abusers get their comeuppance.

    54. xcxzozo

      Hearing cats yowl always makes me sad 😢

    55. Abby Ross

      My cat passed away a month ago. He looked like the cat at 42:29. I still really mis him.

      1. Frida Marie Nielsen

        Abby Ross One of my cats recently passed away too. I miss her, but sometimes she visits in my dreams at night.

    56. Tala S

      I’d love to see an update of the Boston Terrier and the Boxer. I hope they found their forever home together

    57. RosaManeki

      Dont feel bad for the woman! Feel bad for the cats!!

    58. Madison Brown

      These animal cops are tooooo nice. Takem a leeeeeeave

    59. Linda Gomez

      I am sick & tired of these crazy people who do more harm than good to animals. This woman should be held accountable for the bad treatment of these cats. I don't feel sorry for her

    60. Dezarae Grovenburg

      they should have taken the little orange kitten that was barely moving the first time they went there, it may have had a better chance of living :(

    61. Hadden’s Hen

      Great... A cat lady with track marks too. Gross!

    62. Susan Flowers

      God Bless each and every one of you! It's so hard to watch videos such as this, but knowing the end results makes it easier.

    63. GibbyBree

      I feel bad for the cat they let her keep.

    64. Maia Johnson

      If I couldn’t afford to take care of an animal I would call these ppl immediately, I could never live with my self if I kept them. I will never get an animal that I can’t take care of. And I would also might give him to her to a friend so I could make enough money to take care of them

    65. D D

      Aww would love to see a follow-up

    66. grace the rat

      that little boston terrier was in such bad shape but still so sweet and ready to be loved on :(

    67. Meredith Redmile

      I guess there is a thing called the crazy cat lady. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    68. Perjury Angrian

      For some reason a lot of the background music reminds me of Danganronpa.

    69. Ramona Wendt

      This is why all my animals I have or have had have been spayed and neutered. I cannot think of giving away kittens or puppies because I am afraid of how they would or could be treated. I would end up like the cat lady. Don't want to go there.

    70. MorningAfterStudios

      The SPCA made the cats so friendly, I love friendly kitties!