DOCS: Chris Humfrey's Wild Life - Ep.8



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    Follow Chris in this chaotic, animal-crazy series that captures the drama, the danger, the animal antics and the sheer exhilaration of Chris Humfrey’s Wild Life. The Humfreys head north towards Darwin. Chris can’t resist stopping at an outback dump, where amongst the garbage, lies a treasures trove of hidden animals. Back on the road, Chris decides to make a staff training video about handling large pythons. But things go horribly wrong when the snake wraps itself firmly around Chris’ neck! But it’s at Fogg Dam, just out of Darwin where he faces the most danger. It’s night time, there are crocodiles lurking, but Chris is determined to find the beautiful Rainbow Serpent.
    CREDIT: ITV Global
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    Published on Year ago


    1. Hannah Eyster

      not pretty.

    2. C N123

      How is he spotting the animals when he is running or driving!?? Magic?

    3. Humphrey29 David

      Omg that lizard was like im out and how it runs its so funny running like a human as a lizard is so funny XD

    4. Carmen Milton

      21:19 the cloud looks like a water bird

    5. Always Alesha

      20:15 😂😂🤩🤩omg I cried with laughter

    6. Proxy

      3:59 This is so satisfying, I could watch it all day. The little "pop" noises

    7. Jennylyn Wall

      If I was his staff knowing he had to relax to get his sight back, I would tell him everything is fine,expecially if there was nothing he could do, why upset him at all. Tell him when he got back. Or maybe I would of taken it to a reptile vet to make sure everything was done to save it. At least to CMA so he didn't think the staff did something wrong. Am I right?

    8. Shanna Platz

      There adorable lizards

    9. Shanna Platz

      I call them blue tongue skinks

    10. Lydia Mhir

      Aww poor Ben

    11. Tammy Mcguire

      Amazing! Those lizards who flare up- they are like Jurassic park lol

    12. Betina Rennison

      I love this

    13. Autumn Bing

      Hi y'all are amazing I love you guys

    14. Dancing Kicker

      I agree with you about this crazy vegan, he is a nut & needs an ugly Stick 😫😫😫

    15. keerthi bluerose

      Wow amazing

    16. Per Bundsbæk

      Cool 😅😅😅😱😱😱😱😹😻🤗😎🤓👌👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🤖

    17. Aroa Al Masri

      yo lo

    18. Catherine Reed

      ARE YOU STUPID? do you NOT remember the sting ray death? I mean, the man... who died... from a sting ray... and he was quite famous. Your kids deserve a LIVING DAD!

    19. Wolfgirl2help

      Okay, the deal where he's choked by the snake, anyone who's used to handling snakes would know that gently rubbing the underbelly with the back of your finger will make them loosen up. They don't like it, so they try to get away from it.

    20. adventure time

      plz upload more episode..

    21. Lucy C

      Yay, thanks Barcroft! I’ve been waiting for another episode!

    22. Aron Oltean

      I think this is one of the best chanel

    23. MamaQueen&Majesty ForgottenFlameX4

      I'm laughing but I was screaming at my phone like omg help him 😥 that was funny when it got off

    24. phaelin

      This is one of those guys that comes visit you and proceeds to point out all kinds of nasties in your house lol. If he ever comes here, hope he likes cats :) That rainbow snake is pretty though.

    25. C N123

      Yay!!! I love this keep it coming!!!

    26. Resenha Best


    27. Shaelyn Males


    28. EASTER BUNNY999 99


    29. Joe Flubber

      Everytime I see there dog walking around I think a bear got on there property

    30. Wrick Esco

      Hell yahhhhhh

    31. Joe Flubber

      That toad was so fat and cute

    32. dreas mom

      Nice job if you can get it.

    33. Joe Flubber

      I don't understand why peple are scared of snakes I think there kind of cute

      1. Jennifer Nichols

        @C N123 actually, some snakes ARE poisonous, as opposed to venomous...if you check out emzotic's channel she has a video on common misconceptions about snakes and she discusses the venomous/poisonous issue...just fyi 🐍

      2. Princess 1204

        I agree.

      3. Marissa Lopez

        Omg yes

      4. EASTER BUNNY999 99


      5. Cezar Aguilar

        C N123 my bad its venom right

    34. Ella Nelson

      Hi I love your video 😍😍

    35. lola veremyuk

      Yay they should more videos more often :)

    36. Ciarra Craigen

      That's a lot of animals

    37. Eden


    38. Pokemomo

      Yay another episode!!!