DOCS: Chris Humfrey's Wild Life - Ep.7



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    Follow Chris in this chaotic, animal-crazy series that captures the drama, the danger, the animal antics and the sheer exhilaration of Chris Humfrey’s Wild Life. Chris is suffering from eye troubles attributed to stress, so following doctor’s orders, heads to the Western McDonnell Ranges, in central Australia, for a week’s break. But if Nicole and the kids were expecting a relaxing vacation, they’re going to be disappointed. Chris, unable to sit still, ends up tangling with some of Australia’s most dangerous creatures. Meanwhile, back at the zoo, the staff cope with looking after the 2000 animals and 10 children who arrive for Junior-Zoo-Keeper Day. Needless to say, managing children and dangerous animals can be tricky.
    CREDIT: ITV Global
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    Published on Year ago


    1. 1234LMAO12345

      fun to watch but would be so annoying to have as a dad

    2. Keplegendary Kacia Pheasant

      They're all cool

    3. Savannah Chisholm

      Love love love

    4. محمد شرف


    5. Aroa Al Masri

      i love this show

    6. erica jeter

      i wanna be part of that family. i love animals so much and i wanna help them and go places and save them. he does a good thing helping them.

    7. erica jeter

      he reminds me of poor old steve. the love for animals and nature.

    8. amy lee

      This guy is amazing!!!

    9. chaoticimpulse

      That guy needs to give his eyes a break, go to a spa.

    10. blodyvenuz

      I can relate to chris daughters...i can pet animals but if it comes to insects i would be “ put that demon away from meh!!!”

    11. Wrick Esco

      When is episode 8 coming out NEED TO SEE

    12. Autumn Holland

      this is really intresting❤💛💚💙💜

    13. user account

      4 months earlier"i'l wait a bit longer because the episodes are realy interesting" 4 months later" whats this??, different or what"

    14. Camilla Veremyuk

      Make more videos like this please I love watching Chris Humfrey!!!!!!!!!!

    15. Jennifer M

      When’s the next one and when are the baby dingos coming so exited to see the baby dingos

      1. Animalia 123

        Jennifer M yeah I was thinking the same thing

    16. hamza habahbeh

      Waiting for 3 mnths finally. wOrTH iT YaY

    17. typically laury


    18. Jayden Buck

      i bin wating for ever and NOW ITS HERE!!!!!!

    19. Joe Flubber

      U liked the little toad popping out of the mud

      1. Autumn Holland

        Joe Flubber same

    20. Lone Wolf Dev

      Who thought the animal in thumbnail was a dilo XD

    21. Andculture Tavares

      Ainda vou viajar para Austrália!! I love you Austrália...

    22. Littlewarrior407


    23. 4EverWolf

      FINALLY Ive waited for ever for episode 7 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU

    24. Pokemomo

      Yay!! I've been waiting for this for ages!!!

      1. Karen Gray

        So have I

      2. LNL Wolf

        Pokemomo same