DOCS: Chris Humfrey's Wild Life - Ep.13



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    Chris’ dream has come true - he has successfully bred 15 tiger quolls. Always keen to educate kids about this endangered species, Chris decides to adopt two quoll joeys to hand rear and take into classrooms. Chris is also on his final mission. His main purpose for breeding the quolls this year was to raise their numbers in captivity. To maintain genetic diversity, Chris plans to swap some with another wildlife park so he sets off to Sydney’s Featherdale park. But just how do you travel interstate with a couple of feisty young quolls on the plane?
    CREDIT: ITV Global
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    Published on Year ago


    1. Lilly Torres

      When are more episodes coming

    2. Pringlays 7

      25:24 It’s been a year, I need to know what’s happened Are you working on a second season?

    3. SmolBean

      Dingos kinda look like Shiba Inus

    4. George Moser

      tiger quals just look like possums

    5. juliana lopez

      Season 2 please🤗

    6. Elaisa Rodriguez

      Omg your pet

    7. lhavenothingtosay

      who still tips their hair?

    8. Brianna Pillsbury

      The dingos look like shibas

    9. Birk Bergdahl

      Love this show! We need more :D

    10. Christina Wishon

      I love devils

      1. Christina Wishon

        T devil

    11. Jada The Unicorn

      are you telling me they returning next year

    12. Rasha

      Upload theses more its almost been 2 months

    13. Blake Powers

      More pls

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      When I get older I hope to marry someone who loves animals as much as Chris

    15. Melker Fransson

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    16. Guerson Turenne

      Pleas make a falcon show

    17. Zoha Maryam

      no fair theres no 14 episode

    18. Nienke Visser

      love to see the next episode ! i love this so much

    19. Cricket

      Lol, Chris, are you sure you're not a female?!!!!??!!

    20. Landon Gussman

      Wait, is that the end of "Chris's Wild Life"?

    21. Roger Negrette

      this cheers me up :)

    22. julianne davis

      Did the series stop?

      1. Lil crabby Patty

        Idk. I really liked it. 4 to 5 months and no upload

    23. Toon Buyse

      Omg the dingo pups are so cute!

    24. mohamed hanith

      I like your family may i jion a volentier

    25. Jada Johnson

      Wht is his job called

    26. Lydia Mhir

      I'm sad that they took the little babies from the mama

      1. C N123

        They were ready to leave

    27. Dessy Borovanska

      Chris Humfrey and his animal family are awesome,lovely,amazing.I love this show

    28. Tammy Mcguire

      Loving this! My dream job lol🌹 loves your vids & how do you spell the quall or? Lol loves that you preserve & stop extinction

    29. Breyden Thielke

      I love These videos they are the best

    30. Extraordinary Life Church

      Are you going to make more videos

    31. Michael Bodnar

      Please can you continue making more videos I really like watching them in learning about animals in Australia

    32. the PaulTurf

      Love it love it love it love it💯

    33. Archie Bain

      Get some lace monitors

    34. Solorium

      19:23 Lol!!!!

    35. Joe Flubber

      enjoyed this seasonnso much

    36. ex tant

      So cute, the dingo pups and the little girls cuddling the wombats.

    37. adventure time

      thnx for uploding one more episode..keep uploading more episodes 😇

      1. Jamison Salem

        adventure time ,

    38. Camilla Veremyuk

      Is this the last video for Chris Humfrey?

      1. Dessy Borovanska


    39. Vincent the Mortician

      I wanna live in Australia but, I'm Canadian and I'm used to the cold.

    40. Leon Silver

      These vids are dope

    41. Jewels Land

      Chris Humfrey's has a great personality. Really enjoyed this episode.

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    43. Alan Sturgill

      i love this show

    44. Veronica Marsh

      Chris thank you so much I really enjoyed your video ! I love animals. And. Was educated ! Again thank you !

    45. ابومقحص الجبلاوي

      ترجم عربي يا أبا قحيبتين

    46. Flor Montero

      Is there more of these videos

      1. Dessy Borovanska

        no,this is finale episode

    47. Roger Negrette

      YAY!!! It is nice to be updated on this show!

    48. Macie Starnes

      Love him how he loves animals he needs to get horses though

      1. Margaret Stone

        he does

      2. StitchTheBlueOne 18

        Macie Starnes Its not a farm it's a zoo

      3. whoopsydaizy

        Macie Starnes He doesn't need to get horses.

      4. Eduardo Ibarra


    49. Zhanybek Askarbekov

      Nice 👍🏻, movie 🎥 “Dingo dogs 🐕 „ Australian_🇦🇺 wild of prey animals...!

    50. Nancy Driessen

      Will there come more episodes? Love them!

    51. Tay L

      Is this the season finally?

      1. Dessy Borovanska


    52. Fresh chicken Volgs

      360th person here. Love this channel because I love animals and all the great work you do.

    53. Kianna Closser

      Where in Africa do u live

      1. Kianna Closser

        Where in Australia dose he live

      2. Nancy Driessen

        Kianna Closser he lives in Australia ☺️

    54. amanda schwartzwalder

      I love your videos

    55. MatthewGetsThatBread

      chris is kinda like the modern day steve irwin

      1. tracyhenry1970

        Well it’s irvin

    56. Estrella Sanchez

      love it

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      Love it♥️ every time my notification pops up for you I drop what I am doing to watch this series👍 very good content don’t stop

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