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    With lots of care, Nova the Masked Owl, has grown dramatically. Masked owls learn how to fly when they are three-months-old so it’s time Chris found out how to train her. Researching on the Internet, he finds a raptor park on Kangaroo Island that demonstrates birds-of-prey in free flight. Chris discovers another good reason to travel there - there’s a wildlife park for sale. Due to its isolation from mainland predators, Kangaroo Island has become a true wild life sanctuary. Spring has also arrived and with it Chris has a new set of animal babies to look after: squirrel gliders, rainbow lorikeets chicks and his two prized koala babies Gum-nut and Bruce.
    CREDIT: ITV Global
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    Published on Year ago


    1. Karen_DAGALAXYQUEEN :3

      Chis “you can tell it’s a boy because it has I big FAT head “ Me “wait do girls have small skinny heads” …

    2. Talia Hasler

      All of them right ??😰

    3. Talia Hasler

      And ur dingos

    4. Talia Hasler

      Are you going to bring your animals to that zoo too

    5. rohroh mae

      I love koalas!! They are my favorite animal

    6. Jennifer Coleman

      Poor baby Joey. Dumb owls need to find their food elsewhere

    7. Randall Thornsberry

      Now that's Irwinfibe Right There Mate! 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉

    8. Tammy Mcguire

      Beautiful & you work hard🌹 ty for you

    9. Dasha Bondarenko

      You got the same dog as me except I have three of those Newfoundland

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      My dream is to work there

    12. Teresa Rillamas

      Nova is so cute!!

    13. Alisa David

      you came to my school so when I found your video's I was so happy I watch your video's everyday

    14. G Hunter

      Bruce was my Dads name. It made me smile to hear his new name.

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      Keep tense coming!!!

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      Love all you videos and love all the animals. 😀

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      I love watching your shows

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      Favorite series♥️

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      its fun watching episode....thanx fr uploading 👍

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    21. the PaulTurf

      Love it love it love it love it love it💯

    22. Tina Richards

      Boy I can’t believe how big all the babies have gotten. Good luck on trying to get that sanctuary that would be awesome even to give your guys a bigger place maybe. 🐒🦉🐴🐍🐢

    23. Zoha Maryam

      I love I'm just 13 but yet I love all animals

    24. Lillian Hubler

      Early but not

    25. blodyvenuz

      What a sassy owl nova is😆😂

      1. Prestige YT

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      Awesome 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻! Great 👍🏻 video 🎥 .

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    29. Berkley Westfall

      If those were sugar gliders I have three of them

      1. ThatPanAsian

        Where is the video?

      2. Brianna Pillsbury

        He calls them squirrel gliders but it's the same thing as sugar gliders

      3. Berkley Westfall


      4. ThatPanAsian

        Well, can you show them in one of your videos?

      5. Sirius Black

        Berkley Westfall they were

    30. ladyblazette

      Wow awesome 30 day transformation in the owl 🦉

    31. ladyblazette

      Love this show...

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      And chanle

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      Danke für die schönen Tieraufnahmen. Die Natur kann so faszinierend sein und es gibt immer wieder Engel in Menschengestalt , die sich wegen schwache und kranke Tiere aufopfern , Tag und Nacht. An Allen weltweit ,ein ganz großes Dankeschön nochmal.Ein 💖 für Tiere überall. 🤗😍👼🍀🦃🐇🐿🦇🐻🦏🐘🐫🐐🐪🐹🐼🐥🐨🦅🦆🐷🐄🦌🐯🐃🐅🐺🐆🐏🐮🦍🐒🦊🐴🦌🌹🍀🌱🌳🌏🌎🌍

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      I thought the head from the fake barn owl was REAL!!!

    36. Isabell Isaura

      i love ainimals

    37. Mg Squad1.0

      Love your video I always have wanted that many friends

    38. Roger Negrette

      WOOT!! WOOT!! New Episode!!!

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      Love you're vids

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