DOCS: Blood Sport | Animal Cops Houston

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    When the Liberty County Sheriff's Office put in a call for assistance, Animal Cruelty Investigators for the Houston SPCA find themselves entering the brutal world of illegal cockfighting. There are dead birds on the property and it becomes a race against time to get the surviving birds back to the shelter for immediate medical help. In the meantime the police have nearby woods surrounded as they try to apprehend the organisers of the event. Elsewhere Rescue Driver Whitney Posner steps in to save a dog hit by a car while back at the shelter the team are shocked to discover two of the most emaciated horses they've ever seen.
    CREDIT: ITV Global
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    Published on Year ago


    1. wolfee ones wiggles

      I have 10 chickens and I would never do this

    2. Queen’s #1 Fan

      I love this show!

    3. Cheyanne Morgan

      Dis from 2018 and them bitches got flip phones 😕😂

    4. Erin Hawkins

      No wonder they are always running out of mcnuggets.

    5. Game Fowl

      I guarantee these animals were put down anyways. They don’t truly rescue them. Those fighting instincts cannot be breed into them. What about lions? Or animals in general, do they not fight for their pack/territory? Yet people don’t try to stop them they just record them fighting each other and say it’s in their nature. Guess what buds? Gamefowl are the same way. Damn even the Rhode Island reds are mean chickens, I’ve owned some. My birds get better feed than the chicken you buy at your local grocery store. Enough said.

    6. WeeeWriter

      I love watching these videos, because where I live, the SPCA claim not to have vehicles to go pick up animals in the locations they need rescuing. They want the public to drop them off. I live in Cranbrook, BC Canada. Pretty sad.

    7. THE COMIX daddlis

      i mean this is a mess,no doubt. but imagine that it would be ilegal DOGfights

    8. Leporello the Goldfinch – Birdtaming Tips & Tricks

      8:48 Wait... is that a cannabis farm...?

    9. Emma C

      I find it interesting because there is an animal rescue team in India (they have a channel here on US-new as well.) is able to bring back the most damaged of animals and hasn’t euthanized any of the hard cases and they all make a full recovery, they don’t have the equipment or gear the Americans have yet the Americans give up hope so quickly. I love all the work they do God bless them, but it would be amazing if they had the same courage to safe the life’s of even the most damaged animal as the Indian rescue channel does. Does anyone else notice that?

    10. Michael Suchowierski

      I felt so happy when I saw how cute buddy was so loving

    11. Brooke Bixler

      These SPCA workers are so, so overworked and underpaid. My heart goes out to them all!

    12. Trash Burger

      I’m sad the roosters had to be euthanized, maybe they could live without other birds? Idk tho I’m not an expert but if they lived with people and no other birds they might be happy

    13. A N

      How could anybody want to watch animals fight to the death? It makes me sick.

    14. Maria Munoz

      How do people enjoy this they are idiots 😒😭

    15. Tara Fighter

      The only good thing about animal cruelty, is when it ends.

    16. Catherine Reed

      Couldn't the aggressive roosters be adopted by people with property, with perhaps a few hens? Not more roosters, of course, but if there aren't other roosters around, wouldn't it be better than death? Some people even adopt fowl for house pets; I never would, but it does happen. I do NOT support ANY kind of fighting, ever, period.

    17. Mollie Pfleuger

      I own chickens and this just makes me so MAD i hope that those people you did this go homeless

    18. Thomas Vetor

      sad that bessie ( horse ) didnt make it

    19. Thomas Vetor

      the dog that got hit , very cute n sweet , n found a great home ...

    20. Thomas Vetor

      the poodle enjoyed his bath n glad he got a great home ...

    21. Thomas Vetor

      very sad how the horses r so thin , its gonna take a good half a year to a year to gain some fat back ...

    22. Thomas Vetor

      if u cant breed them or give them 2 a sanctuary the roosters , y keep them alive then ...

    23. Meagan's Makeup

      I love this show and the Houston SPCA Team!! ❤️😘

    24. Audrey T

      I’m scared of roosters but how Kroul

    25. Can We get to 1,000 subscribers without videos ?

      I enjoyed watching the ring get destroyed.

    26. Can We get to 1,000 subscribers without videos ?

      Humanely Euthanized? i know this already happened but isnt there the option of y'know, cutting his legs off? (the affected ones)

    27. The Lovely Mel Chan

      Omg!! I finally figured out who that one baby voice vet sounds like!!!! Freaking SsniperWolf

    28. The Lovely Mel Chan

      How are there not a butt ton of fleas in that place? Like the animals get flea meds but not the people. I'm sure they're stunning around trying to bite people

      1. Bobby Lawson

        @Loverleezack Yeah they do

      2. Loverleezack

        Fleas don't bite people

    29. PandaFishKeeping

      Biscuit is the cutest dog I have ever seen 😍😍❤️

    30. Alycia DC

      *My addiction to this show is getting out of hand*

    31. Phoebe the Unicorn

      Buddy is the name of “my” dog

    32. Phoebe the Unicorn

      I want biscuit he is adorable

    33. mikayla pozos

      So people will train an animal then bring a a animal that has on idea wats happening that is mess up

    34. Janelle glashauser

      I love this show so much plus the channel is super cool. I always feel sad for the animals, i cant belive people breed roosters to fight that is so wrong. I almost cried for them.😢

    35. johnny Mitchell

      in all honest opinion rooster fighting is not a sport but they are not bread to fight its in there nature if you go and put to big stock roosters around each other there going to fight because there trying to show dominance its the same way with game fowl and euthanize should not happen all you got to do is separate them people show the birds in competition to make money you dont have to fight a rooster to have them it is a cruel sport to fight but they are show birds not fighting birds its just them trying to show who is boss of the yard yea even hens fight just to show who is head hen just take a few rooster and 20 hen and all the hens will run with the strongest bravest the the biggest rooster because he showed the other rooster whos boss

      1. LB

        Please consider punctuation (not one comma, period or anything in that whole post). This was really brutal to read.

    36. Jessica batchelor

      I know its the least of most of these animals problems but God it wines me up no end how every 5 minutes someone's changing the poor animals name especially the older ones who the investigators know there actual name they have enough problems in there shitty life let alone having to understand a new name let alone two !!!!

      1. Cinnamon Mist

        The ones adopted had no name in the first place so they had no time to learn the first. The animals have time to learn the 2nd because they live there longer

    37. Bri

      I both love and hate animal cops...I love it because they try to do everything they can to ensure a good life for the animals that they can and to get justice...but I hate when people mistreat their animals :/

    38. Felizia Carlsson

      I had chickens and roosters and this makes me cry 😢 I LOVE CHICKENS,ROOSTERS !!!!!!

    39. Zasha Reid

      Are the animals ever not awarded to the SPCA?

      1. Aala Hamilton

        Ik like i wanna see a happy story where they find an "abandoned animal" and it actually turns out to just be a lost or stolen dog and the owner finally gets their dog back!

    40. Moon Horse night star

      That’s good the dog is ok btw the shelter is very good at helping animals but I feel bad for the rosters and stuff and the dog I’m only at a little part thru but omg I got to the bird with the hole that’s just cruel!!! It’s sad what people do like so many birds die and so many are hurt and yes the ring has to get nocked down to but I’m so sad for the poor birds but I think so far it is good that some birds lived omg the pony’s! And the poodle but the pony’s are crazy thin like who would do such a thing and that is write the owners of the fight should be charged and put to jail I hope the owners all go to jail btw they should be held to JAIL now!!!

    41. Tryphaena RBLX

      This is so cruel. Only people who use 20% of their brain get pleasure out of watching animals fight to the death. I have chickens of my own and I can’t even imagine them fighting their other chicken friends until one dies. Chickens aren’t fighting robots, they’re sweet, and adorable, and they can sometimes act like civilized dogs as well. I bawled my eyes out while watching this episode. If those people want to see a fight, they can buy tickets for a wrestling match instead. I feel so bad for those roosters. Those poor babies.

    42. Mali McAllister

      If I could adopte all the chickens they get i would but I have 29 chickens and my parents wont let me gat any more

    43. Amy Cowan

      I have 12 hens and they all lay eggs, 6 we raised from chicks (one was humanly uthanised) and they are mixed, the other six we got 3 from someone who lost most to a feral cat, and the other 4 came from someone who could no longer care for them, we let them free range around our yard which is very big, and we feed them good food and fresh vegatables from our garden

    44. Orsi Szekely

      Humans are the worst things on this planet 🌎

    45. That One Spoopy Kid

      I don’t like it when people re-name dogs that have had a name for a while. It must be very confusing lol. “Wait I thought my name was Goofy, who the heck is Buddy?” It’s like if you adopted a 7 year old kid named Amy and Rename her Sophie.

      1. LB

        Dogs adapt to new names pretty easily. Especially because the sound "goofy" to "buddy", mostly being two syllables and ending in a "eee" sound would be super super easy for a dog to adapt to. In fact, you'd probably get a "Goofy" to respond to the name "Buddy" the first time if you used the right voice.

    46. Mary Hillis

      Y'all are stupid game chickens are roosters will fight if you haven't altogether stop making a big deal

    47. sailor zyoom

      why do they heal them and not just euthanasia.

    48. Ashton

      I think they should have tried to adopt out the roosters. They could have evaluated them individually and adopted the nicer ones to people who don’t have other roosters. Why didn’t they at least try?

      1. LB

        One of the biggest issues is figuring which potential adopter of an ex-fighting rooster which has serious limitations for a chicken owner is a good samaritan and which ones have connections to cockfighting. Really hard if not impossible to avoid.

      2. Aala Hamilton


    49. Gachaverse queen

      I love this show they do so much good work❤️💔❣️💕💖💘💓💞💜🧡💛💚💙❤️🧡💛💚💙💗💓💞💖💘💕❣️🖤💝💙❣️💓💗💘💙💖💛💞❤️💜💜❤️

    50. Jerica Endicott

      oh wow.... Horrible!

    51. Elena

      why are they talking on the phone while driving ??? that's so dangerous!

    52. Chris Graham

      I love wut you do

    53. Danny Le

      What kind of heartless bastard hits a small dog twice and then runs away

    54. JustCallMe Amber

      That little dog was so friggin cute... How could you try to run over that....

    55. Nicholas Kramer

      It's sad that they had to euthanize the roosters, even though it's been proven that you can tame them in fact my cousin has a flock with a retired fighting rooster in it.

    56. Average Boi

      Dog fighting: yeah I understand Chicken fighting: we millions a day yet letting 2 fight to the death is cruel???

      1. Victoria Moyer

        Dog fighting is still cruel

    57. whutzat

      People don't want to hear who's doing all this cockfighting. That would be "racist".

    58. ZuZu TheTrashGod

      When I was younger I would put a bee and a spider in a bottle and watch their fight til the death...glad im not a crazy person/serial killer 😂😂

    59. Hannah 1

      Poor poodle is going to grieve now if he wasn't being harmed I don't see y u shoulda taken him

      1. Help it hurts

        The poodle most likely was going to be used for starting dogfighting.

    60. Tiffany S

      I own a lot of chickens. I own some very fancy rosters that were bred for fighting. We got them when they were baby's and they grew up to be very sweet. When we tried to sell some people would ask of if they were mean and as soon as we said they were nice they would hang up or stop texting.

    61. VA and JJ

      The dog’s face reminds me of my Lucky boy.Also it’s awful how people do these animal fights.

    62. Greninja Storm

      What kind of cruel people would send their animals to fight each other! Dogfighting, cockfighting...**sigh** Oh my lord.

    63. Metta Soe-Htwe

      Cockfighting?!?! What a horrible thing to put roosters through..smh.

    64. Julian Lopez

      The thing is that they now how to fight when there born

    65. Amber Boxing

      If you want to make money just put gloves on and fight eachother don’t force animals that don’t know any better I understand boxing and kickboxing and stuff coming from a pro fighter I know that that’s ok because we’re not being forced but when you force animals is just sick. if you wanna fight eachother I’ll even buy you gloves😂😂😂😂

    66. Shiba Inu

      Goofy/ Buddy’s fur changed a lot but he looks awesome, glad to know there is quite a lot of people out there who care for lots of animal that are in need of help including myself, love your work❤️😁👍

    67. Alexandria Myers

      Riba's beautiful I wish I could have her

    68. Lea Lara

      Why is coc fighting a thing

    69. Kallie Fogle

      Hey if your listening did the people hurt them or each other. Chickens I mean

    70. Laura Wakeling

      You guys have the strongest hearts! I can't bear watching these but I do because I love animals!