DOCS: Animal Kingdom - Ep.6



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    At the Erindi Game Reserve in Namibia, British vet Steve Leonard joins a team of wildlife experts restoring an African wilderness. Four captive cheetahs that have recently been introduced to the Erindi Game Reserve in Namibia are learning to live in the wild. And while British vet Steve Leonard watches their progress, leopard expert Natasha de Woronin follows a young female leopard as she seeks out her first territory.
    CREDIT: ITV Global
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    1. Abdullah Nazari

      Do there is Africa?

    2. rajendra sheregar

      Percieve the nostalgia of animal kingdom DNA data nucleid animals and sapiens at Doc Rajendra sheregar

    3. Anesuishe Kusema

      Enjoyed watching this.... I wonder what happened with Goldie and Shado though?

    4. Charlie Sneklover

      Rip little calf :( 😭

    5. Roxie Retriever

      That's cool y'all nice peeps that's kinda nice ta watch

    6. Alexcia Brucki

      I’ve always loved these episodes keep up the these type videos l!!

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      18 idiots who obviously need to be put on the menu

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      Thank you for your share ?

    10. Jan Vafa

      Loved that at the end ‘the girls’ were helping each other clean up after their meal!

    11. Abdelatif Laroui

      I really like that documentary it's amazing Kingdom animal

    12. Dawgs_4_life Alvarez

      So excited for the next ep

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      I love the videos you make 😀❤️

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      Me gusta mucho este vídeo pero me parece largo

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      I watched this first

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      absolutely beautiful!!! the most beautiful program. Thank you!!!!

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        Ik arabic.Dont watch english if u dk english lol

    20. Shamsul Alam Khokon

      Guys its all about chettah!!! But why the leopard pic on the Video??

      1. Shamsul Alam Khokon

        Ooo i see thnxx😊😊

      2. Vegard Skjerdal

        No it's not. Watch the whole video.

    21. ex tant

      Fantastic clip again! Female cheetahs don't usually remain together in the wild so I'm curious if there are male cheetahs on the reserve and if so, will the four females remain together once they have cubs. A pride of cheetahs would be unique.

    22. hugwildlife

      Beautiful, I wish, that I could visit Africa! Please keep the animals safe!

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      Love it 😍 awesome 😎🐆🐆🐘🐃

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      first yes love the video