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    At the Erindi Game Reserve in Namibia, British vet Steve Leonard joins a team of wildlife experts restoring an African wilderness. Steve looks at some of the smaller animals in the Erindi Game Reserve and gets to grips with a potentially deadly scorpion. And a male lion attempting to escape into cattle country outside the park causes Steve and the team a serious problem.
    CREDIT: ITV Global
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    Published on Year ago


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      روعة الحيونات موفق اخي

    2. Endurance Omatule

      good one

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    4. JC M

      Wow. Wonderful.If you need modern medicine to help animals live like longer instead of putting them to die. All problems have solutions, joints pain, kidney most types of diseases. Contact us @jayalaxmicarole

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      nice picture of animals

    6. Najib El Maghraoui

      Me gusta mucho este vídeo pero me parece largo

    7. Misty Arnett

      Finally animals are getting back their homes from people when they took over animals had nothing but know they get their homes back I am a animal lover so I'm happy

    8. Misty Arnett

      Yes finally

    9. Cupcakedude Yang

      This is like Jurassic park but in animals lol

      1. BunnyTelle 9

        Cupcakedude Yang yep not dinosaurs.

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    11. Samantha Holland

      Did they get shadow or what

      1. Handorgeous

        Not yet he has been missing for 4 weeks. Let's just hope they find him.

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      Do you guys ever wonder when your early or sometimes late who is the first to like the video

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      Love to watch this❤

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      I love this

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      48 views and only 2 ppl liked? (incliding me)