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    When Houston SPCA Investigator Trischa Price discovers a downed horse, abandoned on a vacant lot, it's a race against time to get him back to the shelter for emergency treatment. While the vets work on the horse, Price heads back to find out who left him to die. Meanwhile, responding to a tip off in Waller County Investigator Liz Pavlicek discovers a commercial breeding premises where dozens of dogs are struggling with poor health and in filthy conditions. A team is scrambled to conduct an emergency rescue on a grand scale. Back in Houston, Investigator Shawna Sundberg needs to take immediate action when she finds a family of dogs left to fend for themselves after their owners upped and left.
    CREDIT: ITV Global
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    Published on Year ago


    1. Elizabeth Brower

      192 dogs. Holy crow.

    2. A Gollihur

      I’m just thinking about how awkward it would be to film this. “No, that rescue wasn’t dramatic enough. Put them back and let’s try again!”

    3. ღSwnsasyღ _

      150 dogs!!? Why the hell are charges not being filed? Look at all those dogs and their conditions. So the owner can just go start over again since there was no repercussions.. I know they know what they are doing though, I'm just without remorse for those who harm animals and treat them like this...

    4. Josie Davis

      I love this lady lol she has one in her bag her husband doesn't know. U can tell she has a real love for animals 😊

    5. Gage Oliver

      ASPCA vets are cold to the core. If it costs money they leave the problem or euthanize them. Typical Gov't run organization.

    6. Shiela Aposaga

      I wish I could volunteer this organization

    7. Shiela Aposaga

      The owners of this animals deserves to be in jail

    8. Shiela Aposaga

      It’s breaking my heart to watching this. It’s cruelty animals abandoned them. They deserves loving and compassion kindness.they deserves loving homes

    9. some faggot

      24:02 Meow

    10. Chopperdragon39

      I love the intro music. I want it as my ringtone.

    11. LunaGameing

      we have suspicions that the dog next door is being abused by the owners, I babysit the owners child so I always look for the dog in the house, she keeps him in the basement and I've never seen him outside before, I've only seen him on the back deck once in the year they've had him. he doesn't make any sounds in the basement at all, I'm really worried for him, we've asked to take it, and called the humane society but they won't do anything, we don't know what to do. does anyone have any advice?

    12. Tammy Huennerkopf

      People need to protest or petition per city, state about puppy meals Ect. I agree with Fifty Girl.

    13. Roxy Sanjar

      My family lost a beautiful horse, Azabachi, to an intestine twist. Happened once, fixed, then happened again. He was a wonderful horse. So calm and gentle.

    14. Craig Famly

      Why don’t they take the dogs 50 at a time and flow them through the shelter slower? I can not believe they let the owners off Scott free.

    15. Hadden’s Hen

      Love to see the line of people waiting to adopt the dogs they just rescued...

    16. PiñataGames Wild


    17. Perjury Angrian

      "Through their nose and into their stomach." Excuse me what. Horse anatomy is strange compared to ours haha

      1. Kristyn Sutterfield

        You can get into our stomach from our nose too, they put feeding tubes down your nose.

    18. IDKute llama

      My horse died due to cowlick, hope this one the best

    19. Aubrey Keirns

      I wish my stubborn dog would realize that he is supper lucky to be loved. if you feel the same way hit that like button

    20. Shadow Rosè

      Aww poor pups

    21. Katie T

      Socks would be a good name for that horse with those back legs

    22. Monkey In A Dress

      WHY ISN'T ANYONE USING GLOVES? I'm sure they wash their hands after handling the dogs, but dude... Some of the stuff they do should require gloves.

    23. The Open Conservative

      You can tell the constable wanted to take that little blonde puppy home

    24. chuncky buckets


    25. nybsbfan18

      Poor breeder dog. Smh.

    26. Solux

      who would treat a horse like that? i almost cried

    27. Caileigh Long

      That poor horse :( let’s treat the owner the same way. Starve and hit it to make it get up. I hate people who hurt these poor animals who didn’t do anything to deserve anything more than love and care.

    28. Lemon Twist

      Um excuse me did you just stick something up my nose 🤨

    29. Valkire Black Water

      Me: I call dibs on Molly! She so fluffy!!! Owner: but we already adop- Me: too bad! Dibs outweigh any legal documents! Also did I mention how cute and fluffy she is!?!

    30. Kristen Franklin

      Ugh the only thing about this show i dont like is that the obvious belief that pets are only for the rich. Us low mid class to poor dont deserve pets.

    31. Captive Cat

      As glad as I am that the animals were rescued, GOD I get so unsatisfied not knowing how the people who ran the puppy mills are prosecuted. I want them to suffer.

    32. Chewbacca Mrinalini

      What happens to the dogs that done get adopted??

    33. Briera Harris

      “That ones gone mama” so basically my heart is a joke to yu huh?😭🥺😓😓😥

    34. Nancy Rose

      Put the puppy breeders in front of Judge Judy!

    35. Nancy Rose

      Why are they not wearing gloves or gowns or something to prevent cross contamination?

    36. Lynn Burkhalter

      When you go to their door? Punch them in the face. Lead them out there and let them stay locked up in one of the pins. A whole day!

    37. Mitch Mcglaughlin

      You Rock

    38. NoRainNoFlowers

      lmao I love the groomer who was like "I have one in my bag my husband doesnt know yet"

    39. Maggie Hearts

      why would people treat animals like this 😭

    40. Faith Escamilla

      This Brakes my heart💔

    41. Ally Mathews

      how are these people just getting away with neglecting 200 dogs

    42. India M

      God. Poor Mindy. Yet another litter. When our cat gave birth it was awful to see the pain she was in. This poor dog has definitely done her bit for the furthering of the species

    43. Claire Jeske

      Both my beloved horses died of colic in their late 20's. So sad, I wish there was more we could do, especially when it happens over night. Thank you to all you do at the ASPCA to help these babies

    44. Flowery Gorly

      i love this its reALLY wholesome 😭

    45. Aussie Equestrian Katrina

      Why not twitch the horse while passing the tube much more calming for the horse and easier to handle

    46. Emma Stalnaker

      I gasped when I heard how many dogs were in that puppy mill. 192??? How could somebody do that???

    47. Brooklyn Scott

      Omg he just shoved the biggest tube into his nose...... All I know is if I were that horse I would be kicking and everything!

    48. juzme1975

      mentioning wounds, blood, flea insfestation, feces and urine and yet they handle these dogs without gloves and other protection.😷😷😷😵😵😵

    49. Dee DeCorte

      They do make flesh tone Kevlar sleeves. J

    50. Dee DeCorte

      I saw that Horses ‘tear fall. It just broke my heart.

    51. Sandy Elliott

      They should have pumped mineral oil and water into the horse while they had a tube in his stomach

    52. Sydnee Bannister

      It made me happy when red ran away and flung up his head I laughed

    53. Griffon Kuerbitz

      If I saw this I whold cry

      1. Griffon Kuerbitz


    54. Maria Matsumura

      Adopt don’t buy !!

    55. Jessica P

      The rescuers are such compassionate souls ❤

    56. Queen’s #1 Fan

      My grandpa bred his dogs but he did _not_ do it like this, heck we only bred her once and she had a lot of human contact she also lived in the house! The boy and girl got spayed/neutered after Edit: she almost died giving birth

    57. Spishie

      Do puppy mill owners have to register on a list, like a sex offender? If not, they should. People like that need to be banned from ever getting anywhere near an animal again.

    58. Jennine Adams

      The one puppy that was taken out of the crate by the vet. looked alive, but she said it was gone????

    59. frenlyneighborguy TM

      The little pony at 16:10 is totally like bro this sucks I hope ur good

    60. greenbluemonkey

      Not only did the police not charge the puppy mill operator, they were talking about helping him set up a new one! Un%#$@ing believable!

    61. Manyamz

      I misheard the british accent for a second thinking he said, "they have renamed molly to molly". With an american accent there is an R. XD

    62. Terri Rickert

      The long furred white female dog the Vet says she smells live yeast, yeast infection is bacterial. That is FALSE yeast infections are FUNGAL infections.

      1. Ashley Grayson

        @Terri Rickert what does that have to do with the original statement?

      2. Terri Rickert

        @Ashley Grayson It only takes descent vet minutes to accurately identify it with gram stain slide & microscope.

      3. ;3바나나진

        I bet you're not a professional like those vets though...

      4. Terri Rickert

        @Ashley Grayson The Dr NEVER stated FUNGAL. I use closed captions so see EVER word.

      5. Ashley Grayson

        Some bacterial infections smell strongly like yeast. She didn't say definitively which one it was. She stated what it smelled like, and said it could be a bacterial or fungal infection. It's also weird you copy and pasted a comment. Js.

    63. Alma McGill

      9:19 Don't get a "boobies" tattoo. Never know when you're going to be in a documentary

    64. Discoverikki !

      I love how she didnt hide how it made her feel seeing a horse in such bad condition. It makes me want to find out who did it.- you and me both lady!

    65. purpleiguana

      Anyone with veterinary knowledge. How does a horse's intestines twist up? Do they not have a mesentery to keep their intestines from tangling? I genuinely want to know.

    66. Oz Lang

      Please stop using euphemisms for dying. They’re not passing. Say what you mean. Stop being scared of the words ‘death, dying and dead’.

    67. Kallie Salinas

      Poor animals

      1. Kallie Salinas

        I’m glad there getting better

    68. CheshireKat

      So, it seems like the puppy mill owner might have had a mental condition from what the rescuers insinuated ("spiraled out of control," "realizes has a problem") and/or the situation just got out of hand and was overwhelming, and that's why they didn't charge the owner, who was cooperative and handed over the dogs without protest. They didn't go into much detail, but it does sound like it wasn't a case of just outright cruelty.

    69. taMMeriah


    70. Jody Sheridan

      The Federal Legislature must be made to consolidate and strengthen laws and regulations on animal breeding facilities and owners. Without laws and accountability, this abuse continues.