Do Teens Know Their Parent's Favorite 2000s Songs? | React: Do They Know it?



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    Do Teens Know Their Parent's Favorite 2000s Songs? (REACT: Do They Know It?)

    Published on 11 days ago


    1. REACT

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      1. Ryan Tiger

        Do a react on the beastie boys songs.

      2. Gabi Rose

        Will you please react to Leona Lewis singing run live xfactor

      3. Ammonia Mitochondria

        Please can you react to grm daily with the meaning

      4. Ammonia Mitochondria

        REACT can you react to grime music like Deno x Aj, Ramz, Not3s and Swamz

    2. Lennart5991

      I'm only 23 and not even that deep into music. It's fucking crazy that they never heard most of these songs, these are SO famous

    3. 3XP3NDABL3

      How young are these kids bruh?

    4. Adrian Parsons

      "Do teens know their parent's favorite 2000s songs?" --- Nothing has made me feel older than that statement.

    5. chris kuhn

      Do they know popular country songs or try not to sing along country edition

    6. Rhino boy

      How do you not know BLACK EYE PEAS

    7. David Samuel

      Glad to see them Asian moms jam to Greenday. Kudos small eyes ❤

    8. Angela Jones

      Omg how do they people not know theses song 😩

    9. Sara Barbé Garay

      THEY-DIDN'T-KNOW-SEVEN-NATION-ARMY. Shame on you all!!

    10. Trent Young

      I didn't know any of these😂

      1. Alphonse Elric

        +Danick Van Heijningen probably 11 or something

      2. Danick Van Heijningen

        Trent Young jesus how old are you

    11. JerryKiller

      These are the kids that make people with lil before something rich and famous

    12. Rayven Lucas

      Enza is my spirit animal

    13. Artsy Doodles

      These kids are wack as heck

    14. ampfufus

      why is Asa Akira there?

    15. P J


    16. Maximiliano Gonzalez

      "better not find you in the club" Son: you don't know what I do 😂😂😂

    17. Cyber_Stein 89

      Anybody else catch the simpsons reference?

    18. shady c network

      I'm 35 and I didn't know most any of the songs. I'll keep my 90s LOL.

    19. Muniera Momoniat

      Hi. Love your channel. Could you please do Greta Van Fleet - any of their songs. I would love to hear what you have to say about them 🤩🤩🤩

    20. MissUnknownGirl28

      I didn't recognize Seven Nation Army even though my fiance really likes it. The only one I knew was Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day. I listened to that and a bunch of Lincoln Park, Skillet, and 30 Seconds to Mars in high school. There might have been anther artist but I don't remember right now XD

      1. Lennart5991

        Your fiance? Don't tell me anyone above sixteen years old doesn't know any of these songs? W t f

      2. Deseree Silvey

        This upsets me

    21. Kalianna Mae

      Born im 2001 and i knew every song and title withing seconds.. How does someone born one year after me not know at least half of them?

      1. Jacob

        They dont listen to that music? Very cool of you but it does not goes for everyone. Im from the 90's and did not know every song. No big deal.

    22. jose lemus jr

      these kids wack fr fr lmaoo

    23. Sabrina Ingram

      I knew the songs but I didn't know most of the artists or the titles of the songs.

    24. Tony Angelo

      4:03 dude said “you don’t know what I do”😂😂😂

    25. Amanda Roberts

      Are we that old now?

      1. Alphonse Elric

        i'm the same age as these kids and i knew every song... they're just really stupid

      2. BDazzle Sings

        Looks like it 😪😪

    26. Abby 1017

      I love these mom's also why do I relate to the moms rather than the do they not know these songs

    27. Nicole Worley

      This made me feel so old how did they not know some of these songs......

    28. Raesha Campbell

      Jaxon and his mom are hilarious

    29. Kacie Spooner

      They don’t know shit man. Disgrace

    30. davinci

      Who the fuck are these new people ?😭

    31. Jonathan Castillo

      Can u do do teens know their parents favorite 90s rap

    32. Diana Flores Marquez


      1. Deseree Silvey

        My thoughts exactly. Who the hell doesn't know 50 Cent

    33. XxWales15xX

      These kids call themselves teens not knowing these classics? so glad i'm in my 20's now lol

      1. Rana Osman

        Because whether or not they are teens depends on their musical knowledge, not age or anything like that🙄

    34. the funniest videos on earth

      React to 2000s movies

    35. Clara I-M

      I guess it's time I accept I'm not one of the kids now, because I know all of these but it's fair to say my mum wouldn't know any. But this would be us if we were doing the 90s.

    36. Clara I-M

      Hold up, Tabitha, that's MY boyfriend!

    37. ARandomGuysChannel

      My favo is the beast boys

    38. Ahmed Hathout

      I can't believe My Humps is THAT old.

    39. Shannon-Claire

      I’m only 21 this year and these teens are making me feel old ....

      1. Sami Boi

        Ikr i am 19 and my mom loved these songs

      2. Alyce DreamEater

        22 and same

      3. furyOne :D

        Shannon-Claire same

    40. Jay Swift

      I have never been so dumbfound by one of these videos 6:09

    41. Drew Orozco

      How do they not know the white stripes... that’s so sad :(

    42. Nutty Square Pants


    43. Sophie Madeleine

      ONE person knew boulevard of broken dreams tf That was the one where I had my hopes up for more people to get it xD

    44. Corinna Shaw

      That moment when you realize that parents are actually cooler than teenagers.

    45. Cheyanne Tyler

      React to Iggy Azalea Sally Walker

    46. Miriam Martinez

      Who doesn't know crazy in love by Beyonce??????

    47. sharksandsheep

      These kids are straight garbage.

    48. 1000 subs with no vids?

      Mom: Better not find you in the club! Kid: You dont know what i do. Kid: *Default Dances*

    49. Lana Xxox

      come oooonnnnnn how do they not know boulevard of broken dreams???? come onnn i'm 17 i'm younger than all of you😂😂😂

    50. Sumaiya Zaman

      How could you not know know about seven nation army!!

    51. Jerrbear


    52. Philiey

      2:02 Maroon 5's songs dont sound like that anymore lol what a joke. Shes just referring to the lead singer.

    53. Katara Queen

      Sunday Morning is favorite a hit! 😩‼️

    54. Mariana H

      “Idk who that is” ... results come in ... “Oh ya I could totally tell that was them” like 😂😂😂😂

    55. Miss Prissy

      Enza is beautiful 😍

    56. Alanna Adams

      “Better not find you in the club” “You don’t know what I do” All while dancing 😂😂😂

      1. Kamay

        They are a mood

    57. Isabella


      1. Natalia Marquetti

        OMG YES

    58. Saraiva Enrico

      how they didn't know about Sunday Morning lol wtf is wrong with these "teens"

    59. kingofgames88

      Do parents react to blueface

    60. SinZephyr

      Wow... how did the Beastie boys get the lowest? For shame!

    61. Nix

      I feel so old

    62. fowmoufpunk

      "I think it's either Green Day or Linkin Park"... smh. That's like eating something while blindfolded and saying, "I think this is either a banana or pizza".

    63. squeak523

      Is it bad if I’m 11 and I knew the my humps song by the black eyed peas

    64. Moshe Ackman

      I knew all of these except for the Beastie Boys, and I am so ashamed of every single one of these teens

    65. shannon P

      I would love to know what these kids listen to or at least what what year of music

    66. Sun Tzu

      Can you fire these idiots and hire new teens?

    67. Youz Ghandi

      These some boneheads

    68. United Legion


    69. Katherine Kendall

      7:23 IM SORRY WHAT

      1. Katherine Kendall

        +Francisco Garcia my 14 year old ass was getting hyped, and this kid had the AUDACITY to not know them. smh

      2. Francisco Garcia

        Katherine Kendall i thought the same like what f ing 14 to 17 year old doesnt unos the black eyed peas

    70. BigMude

      Jayka is 100% a thotiana

    71. Midnight Demon

      Ok I know they didn't do very well but...CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW JERIMIAH KINDA LOOKS LIKE PETE WENTZ?!?!

      1. Number_One_E.M.O


    72. daredevil 7301

      I'm shouting at my phone RN

    73. Milou van der Zwaan

      I am sorry but how do they not know these songs?! Some are so well known and still on the radio and music shows and such... I am not even from the United States (okay I am a bit older, but still)! I am shocked!

    74. Farish F.

      seven nation army is a song overplayed in football stadiums and i'd still love it

    75. BrosephMcCool

      I’m 13 and I know all of these, AND IF YOU DONT KNOW IN DA CLUB BY 50 CENT, you have failed society Edit: AND BOULEVARD OF BROKEN DREAMS

      1. Natalia Marquetti


      2. Kamay

        BrosephMcCool I’m 9 and if u don’t know Beastie Boys you’re a menace to society

      3. HollywoodStar1989

        BrosephMcCool you’re a cool 13 year old 👍🏻 it’s nice to see younger people who know these songs and like them too!

    76. K A

      I'm 29 and apparently I am a parent. And THE ROLLING STONES LOOOOOOL!!! Wtf. Just stay quiet if you have no idea.

    77. Tami Aumaini

      Honte à eux vraiment ne pas connaître les classiques musicaux. J’ai leur âge là ils abusent

    78. Emily Mackowski

      This makes me feel very old and I’m only 25

      1. Erin  McGill

        I'm only 23 and I've never felt older than right now

      2. HollywoodStar1989

        Emily Mackowski haha it’s ok, I’m 30 and this makes me feel extra old. I was a teen in the 2000s

    79. Anshul Bhandari

      These kids are a disgrace to us teens.they don't represent us

    80. Anshul Bhandari

      Everyone in Europe who has ever been to a football match knows Seven Nation Army

    81. promar_ 22

      I’m 13... how did I know that the song was called In Da Club and they didn’t?? Sksksksksk 😂

    82. Kaezmum

      Ok, this has made me such a proud parent!!! Not only did my 14 year old know every single one of these, but she listens to them daily. Her playlists are filled with the '80's, '90's, and early 2000's... everything from pop, to rock, to hip hop... she's awesome :)

      1. HollywoodStar1989

        Kaezmum parenting done well 👏🏻

    83. ismailo4yo

      2:45 more like sisters

    84. marianna stapleton

      How do they not know The White Stripes :(((((

      1. Jo M

        marianna stapleton I don’t even know the white stripes and I’m pushing 30

    85. A

      Its so weird to think that these parents were young in the 2000s

    86. Tina _


    87. Tina _

      I’m a simple girl I see Green Day, I click.

      1. Number_One_E.M.O

        I see anything emo related I click.

      2. Rosie Spark


    88. RV

      I feel so so old right now, I have most of these songs on my playlist still...

      1. Terri Cunnison

        RV same 😂

    89. 12th Man

      Enza is damn cute

    90. Ivette Mendoza

      I feel so old when I see these teens.

    91. Sammi Howlett

      is that pete wentz

    92. Kat Gene.

      Lmao. My parents listened to rock and metal in the 2000's. I didnt hear pop or hip hop until middle school and that was in 2006 xD

    93. WhyIsItHard

      How do they not know Seven Nation Army, it's so overplayed.

      1. themanofmystery13 39

        I love it anyways

    94. DownsideUp

      I heard that Marge impression. You can't get memes past me.

    95. Miriam

      I know every song and i'm 24. I feel really old.

      1. Bad Cornflakes

        You should take care of yourself more if you feel old at 24

      2. Ivette Mendoza


    96. Mike T

      I lowkey wanna take Enza to the club. We’d have a wild night for sure.

      1. xJuliakind

        I KNOW RIGHT

    97. Amber Connors

      I’m literally 17 and knew every song HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW SEVEN NATION ARMY

      1. Natalia Marquetti

        My thoughts exactly!

    98. E Po

      How the F do they confuse the White Stripes with the Rolling Stones?!?! 🤦🏼‍♀️

    99. faIIoutbarf

      you gotta have the teens react to beastie boys for sure now

    100. TF Dragon-Blade

      How am I younger than these teens and I've known seven nation army-white stripes for the longest of times😂