Do Teens Know Their Parent's Favorite 2000s Songs? | React: Do They Know it?



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    Do Teens Know Their Parent's Favorite 2000s Songs? (REACT: Do They Know It?)

    Published on 2 months ago


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      1. Ryan Tiger

        Do a react on the beastie boys songs.

      2. Gabi Rose

        Will you please react to Leona Lewis singing run live xfactor

      3. Ammonia Mitochondria

        Please can you react to grm daily with the meaning

      4. Ammonia Mitochondria

        REACT can you react to grime music like Deno x Aj, Ramz, Not3s and Swamz

      5. Brianna Jones

        React to singers who can whistle! 💋

    2. Jane Languido


    3. McKenna Schwegler

      this made me feel disappointed in my generation

    4. Javiera Lopez

      How old are they????? Im surprised they dont know the black eyed peas like wtf

    5. Camila Cabezas Boada

      This make me feel so old

    6. Maria Rodz


    7. huskypnoi

      Great episode as usual!! Not sure if anime has been around long enough (or popular enough) to have a "do kids know their parents favorite anime" episode. I'm 32 and theoretically people a little older than me could have kids that watch and are fans of anime now. I'd be really interested in seeing what kids think of the anime I grew up on (i.e. Trigun, Rurouni Kenshin, Yu Yu Hakusho, etc.

    8. jinsuniverse

      "I better not find you in the club," "You don't know what I do," 🤣🤣🤣

    9. ashley t pls

      This makes me feel so old and I’m not that much other than them

    10. parks fam

      The generation of mumble rap will never know good music..such a shame

    11. Wicked Is Good

      Born In 2005 Know all of these

    12. Golden Falcon

      I only know 3 of these songs and I was a preteen/teen in the 2000s. I knew Crazy in Love, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, and My Humps.

    13. Sidney Suburbia

      8:46 okay but your mother is amazing omg

    14. Hrefna Lily

      I’m 16 and Green Day is my life

    15. Paige

      I've never heard the White Stripes song in my life and I'm 27.

      1. Golden Falcon


    16. Sophie Stringer

      these kids are dumb

    17. josielena Wilmot

      jeremiahs mom is so cool

    18. Paigie Panda

      Born in the 2000s and knew all of these!!!

    19. Røse

      The girl with the brown short hair and the grey sweater is so cute

    20. MarvelousSandstone

      I was 8 in 2000 and couldn't even speak English back then yet I still got all of these songs right.

    21. Maram Zarrouki

      I feel old

    22. Zain Arya

      i am thoroughly appalled at how little these kids know...

    23. Jonathan Laurents

      Green Day and The White Stripes❤️

    24. Kurt Camano

      props to the mom that listens and went to a greenday concert!

    25. Brandon Blood

      Kids are pretty stupid these days lol

    26. Monepha Chin

      Seriously some y'all don't know 50 cent tf😂

    27. Mikhael Highland

      I feel old oml

    28. Jake Readman

      These kids are dumb

    29. Indigo Pai

      I was 11 years old in the year 2000. Watching this made me feel o l d

    30. Erin Louise

      why am I so disappointed that they didn't knew half the artists?

    31. Johan NL

      Only came because i saw Green Day. Outside of that didn't knew most of the songs. For me not well known songs and i was in my teens then.

      1. Golden Falcon

        Agreed. I only knew 50 cent and Green Day and I was born in the 90s.

    32. ayesha naseer

      i literallly knew none of the songs and i was born in 2006

    33. Abiodun Abidemi

      Why are they so clueless?

    34. breadbin urie

      At *9:00* did anybody notice they put three e's in green day lol

    35. Nancy Ree

      I wonder what are songs they know.

    36. Nancy Ree

      Seriously. These kids are stupid.

      1. Anneliese Petersmarck

        How are they stupid? These kids are like 14, 15, 16. Meaning that in the last year of the 00s (2009), the oldest of them would have been, like, 6.

    37. NickBeMuttin

      Sunday morning sounds like something you’d hear in the mall.

    38. Gema Cruz

      I feel so old after watching this. How did they not know these?! How did I know these?! Why don't my parents know these?!

    39. shauni trevino

      Aaahaha I love Anna!

    40. Gema Cruz

      I was already disappointed from the very beginning when they didn't get Sunday Morning by Maroon 5. Like it's not even that old people come on!! I would jam out to it all the time when I was younger!

    41. Sophie Russell

      How do these parents know these songs??? I'm 18 and I'm sure my parents wouldn't have a clue about any of these songs

    42. Sydney. Marquardt.


    43. Kenzie’s Tea

      I new alll these songs and I’m only 13

      1. Kenzie’s Tea

        Tbh I just need a life

      2. Kenzie’s Tea

        Lucas Miertschin ikr

      3. Lucas Miertschin

        Wow ur so cool

    44. Anton Masterson-Hall

      Change the title from Parents to Mothers

    45. Danthepaperman6/ClassicalCabc

      If you were born from 1998-2004 and you didn't know my humps before this you fail being a 2000's kid.

      1. Lucas Miertschin

        No u

    46. Tana Johnson

      I’m very disappointed 🙃

    47. carito

      He said it’s either Green Day or linkin Park 🤦🏻‍♀️

    48. Justin Miller

      My man said "Is it The Rolling Stones?" These kids are pathetic.

    49. Amal Rehman

      When they did BOBD, it made me sad How did they not know it

    50. Jade Aranda

      this was so upsetting

    51. Fa Echegaray

      I'm so dissapointed and ashamed of my generation

    52. Cyren Hearron

      How come I’m 12 and know most of the songs??!?!

    53. ItsAna

      I would pass this white flying colors idk what’s wrong with these kids smh

    54. Emma Demery

      How the hell did they not know it what Beyoncé !

    55. Emma Demery

      The son and the mother didn’t have a ducking clue 🤦🏼‍♀️

    56. vexols

      that one kid who was like “ eyed.. peas?”

    57. Michael Nikolovski

      “My shadow’s heart’s the only things that’s beating” This didn’t do Green Day justice HOW WOULD SOMEONE THINK GREEN DAY IS LINKIN PARK

      1. Mandy

        Michael Nikolovski “My shallow hearts the only thing thats beating”. Boulevard of broken dreams is my favourite Green Day song❤️❤️❤️

    58. Ariel Rebelo

      “Birthday” ??? OH MANNNNN LMAO


      How can you be an americsn kid and not FUCKING KNOW ABOUT GREEN DAY I SWEAR TO GOD THIS VIDEOS MAKE ME SOO MAD



    61. mrkyboy

      I miss my mom,.... and Anna's eyes is smiling at me :)

    62. 美波_5

      I knew more than these teens and I’m younger than them 😂 My parents, my brother, and the internet have raised me well

    63. Laurie-Anne Leroux

      Omg I feel so oooooold and I’m only 22 😭😭😭

    64. Laura Mena

      Are they for real, I live in MEXICO and everyone at my school here knows who the black eyed peas are and their songs...

    65. Nathalie X

      7:23 WTH he don’t know the black eyes peas

    66. Arianna Pedraza


    67. SusannGER

      Beyoncé will always be relevant 😁

    68. miyuky 2ooo

      How could you not know this man .I'm from Another country and I know most of em.not even green day?

    69. Endoq Yamashita

      chloe is beautiful 😍😍🤣🤣

    70. elefteria jones

      they dont know anything wtf????

    71. THeSuMmErOf2001

      I need more Green Day in my life

    72. T-bagging -yo-Mama

      The 50 cent in da club it said 6 outa 7 new the song no they fucking didn't they said it was called it's ya birthday WTF man

    73. Avonnie

      Beyoncé had everyone moving😂😍

    74. Megan Nicholle


      1. Noah Somsanouk

        Megan Nicholle exactly like maroon 5

    75. rainovermaia

      I’m not much older than these kids, but my parents don’t know any songs past the 80s

      1. MarvelousSandstone

        My mother was born in 1951 and I was born in 1992 so I really feel that. My mother loves Queen just like me but that is about the most modern music she knows and will listen to. My mother could not name any of these songs but we are also German and she never learned English in school.

    76. Jeff Williams

      None of them guessed “In the club” wtf was that score?

      1. elefteria jones

        yeaahhh what the fuck how?!!

    77. Камелија Николова

      Why the heck i know all of them but im born in 2005

    78. Marlene Godinez

      i’ve never been more disappointed....

    79. Cody Dixon


      1. Cody Dixon

        +Jeremy Noe that's your opinion which your entitled too even though its horribly stupid and wrong.

      2. Jeremy Noe

        Eagles suck

    80. RStockOnTheBlock

      You best believe my 13 year olds know who the Beastie Boys are! 😂

    81. Draven Garcia

      I know most of these songs

    82. Kim Dollenkamp

      'the battlefield trailer song'.... omg people really failed as parents xD

      1. YeBoi Mike

        That same guy thought it was by the rolling stones lmao

    83. LateNightViewing .

      I don’t understand how they don’t know some of these, I’m 19 and I know these.

    84. Dayla Walker

      I’m honestly shocked that not all of them knew Crazy In Love. Beyoncé is still hot and popping. They should’ve at least all recognized her voice.

    85. anniiee leighh

      How can they not know green day🥴

    86. Ethidian

      "Something Completely Not Birthday" wow what a great song

    87. Andrew Jagers

      "You better not be in the clubs" "You don't know what I do"

    88. 90marianoleon

      Make them react to Mexican Genres like Banda, Norteña and Rancheras.

    89. mark tamayo

      Well that definitely settles it. The 2000s was not much of a good decade for music

      1. mark tamayo

        Anika Ali They also make fun of the music. 2000s music really sucked. Hip hop isn’t music. Pop turned into bubblegum pop. Rock was pussified by the start of the decade, and was no longer much of a good genre despite some decent highlights.

      2. Anika Ali

        mark tamayo huh? Everyone loves 90s and early 2000s music 😂 I think your getting confused, people make fun of the kids that were born in the 2000s, not the music

      3. mark tamayo

        Caitlin Halliday Not really. People make fun of that decades music all of the time

      4. Caitlin Halliday

        EXTREMELY unpopular opinion right there

    90. Tanya Sprigg

      I was yellin green day

    91. Tanya Sprigg

      Lol my 9 year old knows my music

    92. JMitch14ESC

      None guess the name of the song for In the Club and Seven Nation Army unless you’re counting people not on camera

    93. m


    94. m

      I cant believe they dont know i-

      1. Tanya Sprigg

        Right my child is nine years old and will listen to everything with me except 80s music he runs LOL so let's just say he's not a fan of The Offspring

    95. Beatrix Kiddo

      Dude, I was born in the 80’s and I don’t know any of this shit! Ok correction, I didn’t know the first two lol

      1. Karla Torres

        Beatrix Kiddo same, I’m from the 80s. But I know them I just don’t think they are parents music wtf weren’t these released like yesterday ??

      2. sopcannon

        beastie boys?

    96. Scott The Window Guy

      I'm only 14 and Boulevard Of Broken Dreams is literally my favorite song thanks to my dad XD

      1. Breakaway 70

        Darth Maul my moms 52 so no

      2. I am Nat

        +Breakaway 70 what? your 34 year old dad fucked your mom when she was 13? 😅...snd you are the offsrping..

      3. Breakaway 70

        Darth Maul so my dad who is 50 and I’m 16 did he also fuck my mom when I he was 14 because he likes the song as well and told me about it

      4. I am Nat

        +Breakaway 70 he said his dad like this song ...and dayfuzz said...yah 14 year olds like this song too at that his dad might also br a 14 year old that time....he was born when his dad was 14...minus 9 months his dad was 13 when he fucked her mom..😅

      5. Breakaway 70

        Darth Maul no it’s not al the comment said is when he was 14 his dad introduced him to Green Day and did not once said the dads age

    97. Taagol

      omg that one kid at 7:30 "I Can kRUmP wITH yOu sWEeThEarT!!" Boi, krumping was MADE in the 2000s!

    98. best film clips

      shit.. im 24 my parents where 70s 80s music people..

      1. Elissa Solignac

        Same bro

    99. mariana

      kinda disappointed that many of them didn’t know the iconic songs of the 2000s

    100. fake happy

      When boulevard of broken dreams I started to scream my lungs out