DIY White Castle Slider - Copycat Recipe

In today's video I'm going to show you how to make White Castle sliders with cheese. The Recipe is really easy and can be made on any griddle or in a frying pan.
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Published on Month ago


  1. Flowmoshun

    This is the first copycat White Castle I've found that really represents the way the sliders are made. I know the method of using a fresh onion is probably better, but you gotta acknowledge that WC makes them with re-hydrated onions.

    1. Dave's Ohio BBQ & More

      Yup, I’m sure they do it that way because it’s cheaper and easier. Don’t have to worry about onions going bad.

  2. Joker81075

    Those look incredible!

    1. Dave's Ohio BBQ & More

      Thanks. They’re tasty, but I guess you need to like White Castle sliders

  3. Russel Mack

    Reconstituted dehydrated onions are my favorite ... which is also why my old fast food choice has always been the straight up Double Hamburger from McDonalds because I've never lived anywhere with a White Castle franchise

    1. Dave's Ohio BBQ & More

      We don’t have them near me either. Used to have them in college.

  4. crazy monkey

    Love this video. Gonna have to give this a try. Have you done a video on how you clean your blackstone after a cook?

    1. Dave's Ohio BBQ & More

      crazy monkey I did a video on resurfacing the Blackstone, but after cooking, I just scrape it down, and sometimes just rub it with oil.

  5. Smoking_Bears_

    Great copycat video. Looks tasty

    1. Dave's Ohio BBQ & More

      Thanks. I appreciate it.

  6. Tom's Food Factory

    I live in Columbus and about 10 minutes away from White Castle corporate headquarters. I have to say, their burgers are addictive! The jalapeno sliders are my weakness and the nearest restaurant is about 10 minutes away (opposite direction from the HQ). I'll have to try your technique.

    1. Dave's Ohio BBQ & More

      I seem to remember driving past it when I lived down there. Is it slightly west of downtown?

  7. Dietrich Beck

    Hey Dave, you can imagine that we don’t have White Castle here in Germany. But anyway that recipe is something I really need to try out, because it’s something new to me. Nice video presentation Thumbs up Thanks for sharing Regards Dee from Germany

  8. Tim Tollerud

    I love White Castle sliders here in MN. I've also heard them called Gut Bombs and Rectum Rockets by haters lol.

    1. Dave's Ohio BBQ & More

      Tim Tollerud gut bombs I’ve heard, but rectum Rockets is a new one. Thanks.

  9. John Manthey

    We had a White Castle on E Main in Bexley across the street from Capital University where I spent my last two years of college. Spent a lot of Tim eating time.

    1. Dave's Ohio BBQ & More

      John Manthey the Drexel is gone!? That’s sad

    2. John Manthey

      Dave's Ohio BBQ & More That picture shows long gone. Franklin Law School was there and that now has been incorporated in to Capital. The White Castle was diagonally across the street from the Lutheran Seminary on East Main.

    3. Dave's Ohio BBQ & More

      John Manthey I think I know where your talking about. I spent a lot of time at the Graeters that was near Capitol, and that small independent movie theater, what was it called? I can’t remember

  10. Pickles BBQ

    White Castle sliders! They’re simple and somehow they’re good. Nice job on making a copycat that looks great Dave. I may or may not have eaten more than a dozen of them once or twice. :)

    1. Dave's Ohio BBQ & More

      Pickles BBQ I hear ya. I have a very gross story involving White Castle sliders that is not suited for the comments section. Let’s just say it involves the ER and a gun shot wound to the stomach.

  11. Wayne Chapple


    1. Dave's Ohio BBQ & More


  12. dowright industries

    White castle uses nutmeg in their beef !

    1. Dave's Ohio BBQ & More

      I also checked the ingredients in their website and it said beef, salt and pepper.

    2. Dave's Ohio BBQ & More

      dowright industries I had read that, but couldn’t bring myself to use it. Some ingredients shouldn’t be added to beef

  13. RSG

    Hi Dave! What can we expect for christmas videos? Slow roasted porkbelly ham? Turkey? Anything you pick, I know you'll make a great video out of it. Keep up the great work!

    1. Dave's Ohio BBQ & More

      Cole Gabel sure did.

    2. Cole Gabel

      @Dave's Ohio BBQ & More did you just dox RSG by revealing his real name?

    3. Dave's Ohio BBQ & More

      RSG nothing special planned Robin. Just the usual. Stuff