DIY Organization Hacks Every LAZY PERSON Should Know! How to CLEAN Your Room + Be Productive!

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    DIY Organization Hacks you should know if you're LAZY like me! Learn hacks to clean your room fast! :) GET THIS VIDEO TO 250,000 LIKES!
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    Published on 2 years ago


    1. Natalies Outlet

      Happy Wednesday!! SO thrilled to see you here on the 1st upload of the week✨😇 I got a lot of requests to do a DIY Organization life hacks video, trust I know the struggle of staying organized! 😅 Comment below what other videos you want to see next? As always I love each every one of you guys! 💖 Now it’s time to start replying to some of the early #natificationsquad comments ^_^

      1. avarage aimee

        what app did you use to bring the pictures together?

      2. Chloeigh Pierce

        I saw ya in snap the other day

      3. Sara aka The Smith

        What app is that app called when you put together the outfits

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        I love you videos 💜💜❤💜❤ # naticationsquad

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      i'm here 2 years later haha

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    5. Caroline Meridieth

      Little tip........velvet hangers take up less room than plastic ones.

      1. Mia Grace

        Caroline Meridieth thanks 😊

    6. i have no idea what to write

      Natalie- Make sure your here early! Me- *watching in 2020* Also me- Welp I'm a little bit late

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    8. Carla Pereyra

      Who has this much space in their closet 😂

      1. Mia Grace

        Juliana Hastie your a little late for that 😂 ❤️

    9. cori fulmerhouser

      OMG im so happy and suprised i have that same beenie. Aaaaaahhhh

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    11. Three Cute Unicorns! Vlogs

      5:29 "I hate this bra I hate this bra" Natalie I hate every bra😬😂 #natifcationsquad

    12. Ayla Bear

      Natalie: Now I will be inspired to eat a salad *Grabs maple syrup* :)

      1. Ayla Bear


    13. maddie gacha

      I'm only like 2 years late but oh well not to late

    14. Colt Tactical

      2020 anyone? no just me... alright...

    15. Kamali Saravanan

      Hi I really loved your videos you are so sweet and cute

    16. Kitty Cat

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    21. Sara Jack

      I am part of the #natificationsquad but i can't watch you go live on any social media 😭 but i still watch your vids and give all a thumbs up 👍

    22. MJ's REACTION

      🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂 What the hell girl! Everybody is not rich enough to put an Ipad on the wall only for a freaking cloth choice

    23. I love drawing

      Natalie can I get a hi 😇❤️

    24. Popcorn Butter

      Anyone else see the candy/wrappers in the spice rack??

    25. Bethzy Rojas

      1)Use binders to store papers 2) Use a pan organizer for the binders 3)Cut a hole perfect enough for your hand soap that way it won’t stick to the soap tray 4)Take pics of your outfits to save time and make your own too 5)Use an egg carton to store salad sauces upside down 6) Instead of stacking your shirts, put them sideways 7) Hang your bras 😬 8)Use a spinning spice rack as a craft supplies organizer (use the containers) 9)Hang your glasses on a hanger 10)Hang your lotions by using bathroom curtain hooks and pins 11) Cheese grate to store earrings 12)Use a plastic shoe organizer to store cleaning supplies but in like a pantry 13) Use a magnetic board and stick magnets on your products to find things easier

    26. ayanna villarreal

      Luv u!

    27. Kailey Jackson

      That ipad idea is amazing! Love your video! I am such a fan of your videos.

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      Thanks for the great tips.

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    37. Molly Rich

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      If I was that rich to have a spare iPad to stick to the wall

    51. Sophie Tunsta

      I dont have a desk just a dinner table so I dont know what to do! Pls halp

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      7:23 I gave up on earrings after 4 times getting my ears pierced im letting it close XD