Destroying My Friend's Car And Surprising Him With A New One



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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. MrBeast

      subscribe or you'll have bad luck for a year!

      1. Abby Forbes

        Please smash my car it's a lemon

      2. biglokote3c

        I wish i had a new car mines is trash makes so much noise :(

      3. Sharon Clark

        Ok dad but only if you dab

      4. xXxUnknown GachaxXx

        But I am subbed?🤗

      5. wait what

        Fineeee, dad.

    2. Mohit Hero

      MrBeast You can't delete my Minecraft account even if you're world's biggest hacker , cause u can hack those accounts which existed , but I don't have Minecraft account 😝😝😝🤣😂😂🤣

    3. pankaj jagarwal

      The moment Mr Beasts friends saw rock on one the cars,they all knew they gonna have new car.

    4. Retrograde Movie Art Theatre

      smash my Nissan Altima and buy me a Toyota Camry

    5. Karina Gonzalez

      I need a new car 🙁

    6. radioactive alpha

      His playing axe man's music

    7. Angiela Isabela

      buti pa sila..hahah

    8. pac

      Pls fly to ny and smash mine

    9. Gonzalo Lopez

      Good luck i dont have a car

    10. Unleasher's channel

      I dont have a mincraft acc

      1. Unleasher's channel


    11. ᴘᴇᴛʀᴜs ɢɪᴅᴇᴏɴ

      Hey, how does it feel to play fortnite? I've never played it.

    12. Jah The Blader

      U can just run into a outside wall

    13. Nina Kirschbaum

      Destroying my friends house and buying them a new one, Wait they actually did that

    14. Nina Kirschbaum

      It should be called: satisfyingly breaking your friends hearts

    15. Nitricc

      You can’t smash my car if it is all ready a pancake

    16. Dillon Matthews

      How did he get their keys

    17. Stell and Den Comedy

      I want to Carrie Underwood those cars right now

    18. XZ Gamer

      Breaking people's legs and giving them wheelchairs

    19. Actionfilms

      Mrbeast say Chris likes balls

    20. soreshark783 sum1udontno

      Dont worry jimmey you can just get a loan from your future bank

    21. Carrilee Kindheart

      Lolz u pulled a Dobrik! 😂

    22. Andrew Rubin

      Can you buy everything from cvs

    23. My Dogz

      “Cutting my friends headphones then getting them AirPods”

    24. Jökull  Davíðsson


    25. Alyna Desindes

      What if I dont have a car

    26. MrJaycob98

      I don't have a car so I don't have to subscribe

    27. Ahmedgaming Islit


    28. Jerwin Nigosh

      Up next: Killing my friend and surprising myself with a new one

    29. Al V

      Man i never get the luck to meet you! Cars, houses, and money free to everyone send me 10k i give you my bank account details lol

    30. John Disereits

      Wow...very happy for those guys.👍👍👍

    31. Cicakaget

      1:28 song please

    32. The next panda Pubg mobile

      Smashing cars

    33. That 1

      Mr beast : subscribe or I'll throw a meteor on your car. Me an intellectual : doesnt subscribe cause I don't have a car

    34. Jarred Suralta

      I subscribed Because Your helping people and u melt my heart☺️

    35. Toxic Clan


    36. computer

      Can I help destroy the next car

    37. Master Xavier

      So u going to buy new cars but also buying meteors I mean...

    38. Tina McKinney

      Please smash my 07 impala

    39. EJ Christian Santiago

      pretty cool shirt wish that i could have one for free 😥

    40. Meromellow

      My car costed $28,000. Oof

    41. Thunder Volt

      Please don't delete my Minecraft account

    42. Meme Review

      69420 amazing

    43. cosmicgameZ

      chris likes balls

    44. it's me shane plays

      We’re gonna put a lot of balls in his car because he likes balls

    45. Bri Johns

      Haha jokes on you I don't have a car lol

    46. Kassy Garza

      This hurts to watch you destroy the car considering my family doesn't have one😂 I would have gladly taken one of those ragady things😂🙂😭


      You weighed it?” Yup” oH”

    48. LunarWolf


    49. makayla bond

      Jimmy should destroy there new cars and buy them lambos

    50. Lucky Reinholdtlz

      "I mean best buy we only got an hour."

    51. XxpumpgoatXx Frazier

      I subscribed

    52. XxpumpgoatXx Frazier

      Hi Mr beast please respond

    53. Queen_Croissant _Weeb

      hhmmmm oil?tissues?

    54. Elias Khoury

      Please smash my 2002 honda civic I really need a new car lmao, preferably one that doesn't overheat every 25 mins of driving

    55. George BULL

      No you wont

    56. 500 subs without videos challange

      Burning people's houses and buying them new one

    57. csaba erdős

      8:14 the wiking got someones crew!

    58. Hunter Edwards

      sadly i dont have a car....

    59. official Trending Videos

      Your friends are sooooo lucky

    60. Bri

      Just a random meteor strike lol

    61. JanuPanda

      Mr.Beast can you pay my tuition fee. 5k please

    62. Ranjith RangO

      I'm from தமிழ் நாடு

    63. James Johnson

      Burn down someone house and get them a new one

    64. lilah boohole

      Marcus is hella fine

    65. Simply Jayee

      Good friend!!!

    66. Tobias Dahlin

      Killing my friends wifes and suprises them with some new

    67. Zero Cool

      30 000$

    68. Ashley Sanchez

      "i just got kicked off my moms insurance" lmao

    69. chasity staggs

      You should have used a little bouncy

    70. S K

      How is mr beast so kind and wealthy?! I love it