Deception, Lies, and CSGO

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    CSGO has reached peak shadiness with ProSyndicate and TmarTn
    Special thanks to HonorTheCall for his excellent research
    Special thanks to:
    Charles Coulter
    Martin Passante
    Matt Dobill
    Ryan O'Connor
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    Published on 3 years ago


    1. TheOriginalCast `

      2019 and syndicate HAS NOT MOVED IN SUBS. Stil 9 mil 3 years later....

    2. 320speed

      I stopped watching those two crooks after I watched this. Fuckin scammy bastards.

    3. Ho ly

      6:45 did he win martin cuz im not sure how is works. lol

    4. G-JIPPO-G


    5. Parris Carter

      It's funny how fair use protection association also spells FUPA

    6. David Armen Photography

      that red marker isnt enough to cover the address loool

    7. Jjacob8600

      7:11 Thanks Noob Syndickate for bringing us COPPA *this is deinitely me when were getting attacted by coppa*

    8. Jabbers Art

      I'm glad this sh**s been resolved by 2019 but they really need to focus on regulating apps too, i'm tired of playing childrens games and getting hit with Lottery game ads

    9. Just some random kid

      Fuck these guys they are the type to scam you on ducking fortnite save the world and then say they weee lagging

    10. Nichole

      I need to start a gambling site. People are stupid.

    11. Logan Stafford

      F. fair U. use P. protection A. association FUPA

    12. Shaun Mantell

      Being older has some advantages,we missed this shit....I had a bat and a ball when I was a kid,both.

    13. Timur Glazkov

      Syndicate used to do cod zombies

    14. SnipeGhost

      Tmartn is a scum bag, I’ve always hated that guy fuck him.

    15. Kaji Shinigami

      Ethan I think it’s time to blast some more ass. It’s been a while boys

    16. alec owen

      i member

    17. Danny

      Where is the link to Baby Gamblers?

    18. Triton lefebvre

      Tf2 does the same thing

    19. Jen Nelson

      This will be the name of my life story

    20. Call of Hostility

      Ah, the holy trinity

    21. Reece Van Gameren

      After I watched this video i went and checked out their channels and both of them are doing...just fine I would have hoped this scandal would have buried both of them.

    22. Faithdose

      Wow, 3 years later and this fucking degenerate got away without any punishments, even the like / dislike ratio of his videos are positivie...

      1. Jim Raynor

        Compare that to what happened to PhantomL0rd from Twitch, who was the #1 streamer on Twitch before his scandal with the CS:GO gambling BS. Pretty much his whole career was ruined when he was banned from Twitch. All that negative attention carried over to US-new and he's only been going down in subscribers. He could've still been in the top 10 streamers and had at least 5 million subs on YT if he never participated in that scandal. He's also trying to sue Twitch for $35 million right now.

    23. Mateusz Adamus


    24. REALDualDesertEagle

      Honestly? I don't understand what all the fuckin' fuss is about with these cosmetics! It's not like that sh!t makes u play any better or anything, nor does it change anything but the looks and animations of game items! This is the "the only winning move is not to play" kinda crap, and I've never spent a single cent on cosmetics.

    25. aakkpd

      Anyone from warowl

    26. Brandon Diaz

      anyone else here in late 2019 because youtube decided to recommend this to you again?

      1. ThePicturetaker

        Haha yeah!

      2. Graham Moore

        I swear I see you everywere.

    27. PitzO

      This situation is like when a 9 year old tries to scam other kids

    28. bartholomew

      Woah, this is that one podcast guy

    29. HauntedTiggy

      Valve did not support those sites though, and you can't link your steam account to anything.

    30. Risky Whiskey

      So he's into fucking horses...with a bucket or without tho?

    31. TheLatinBat

      Those who disliked have the IQ of Shoenice and Trisha

    32. Actually god

      I'm looking at his eyebrows the whole video

    33. Ali Raza

      Truth has been spoken

    34. Braeden Farry

      Such a shame.. I loved Tom in the mianite days

    35. Jack Coleman

      These days a video like this would get demonetized.

    36. bob Logger

      CSGOEmpire still works and is legit and when you join for the free case use the code "%%%" LOL

    37. b0sch

      if your old enough to play with blocks. your old enought to play with slots.

    38. Jugi

      Fred durst and carlton hanks csgo is gold

    39. LuxRow

      Bronie looooove

    40. Travaltino

      Scum kids owning gambling site. Well done your parents are proud of you.

    41. deathk1ller100

      Jesus this guy has so many facial expressions going on it’s fucking weird

    42. Jag S

      Wait so it's now 2019, I have lost track on what has happened to the owners of CS:GO and Tmart and syndicate. So what has happened to them?

      1. Jag S

        @A Friendly Hobo Damn....

      2. A Friendly Hobo

        Nothing. They paid good lawyers and ran off with all the money they scammed out of their fans.

    43. onkel

      lol his steam account was still set to Fred Durst while filming this

    44. Hank Hill

      How far Syndicate has fallen from his days on Minecraft Mianite.

    45. Hero Hayden

      You can also get skins from ranking up and buy them on the steam cs go community market so if you want a skin you could just buy it buy it will probably cost more

    46. Tom Kaidalov

      So I found this new site

    47. King Astro

      These parents are BRAIN DEAD. You have to agree that you are legally over 18 years of age to play the game. End of conversation.

      1. King Astro

        @Bronson :-- What? English?

      2. Bronson :—-

        King Astro I’ve never used these kind sus that you have ngl gn qt

      3. King Astro

        @Bronson :-- Really? When you load onto the page it asks if you are over 18 (in my country at least).

      4. Bronson :—-

        King Astro 13*

    48. DeathGun

      I like csgo, but this is shady shit. But why would you spend money on this? It's not a new gun, it's a skin. You already get all the guns. Why do people care about how they look?

    49. Danny Caracciolo

      After all these years there is still one thing I never understood........ How did these two dumb oxes build a CS GO gambling website...... Does one of them have a background in web design or something?

    50. Mitch H

      Ethan Klein attorney at law!

    51. Michael Connolly

      If you think about it all of Call of Duty’s loot crates are the same thing thousands of under age kids gamble on loot crates and can later sell their accounts for the amount of/the most rare items they own on that account

    52. Andrew Smith

      One of the greatest US-new videos of all time

    53. rasberri-py

      But what if he said "I founded this new site" and we got trolled

    54. Ken Reuter

      I bet my ass hair and my dick cheese that this video is pornographic

    55. Andrew Haryadi

      Can you do another kid gambling expose video like this about nba 2k20 ? We need you more than ever this time Ethan.

    56. Toby Emms

      Should’ve been : “If your old enough to play with blocks, your old enough to play with glocks!”

    57. TheWindWaker134

      Oh my fucking god Thank You Ethan! Great moves! Keep it up!

    58. Allisson Diego

      Shady pieces of shit

    59. PiZzA FlAvOrEd H2o

      While you are very correct with why CSlotto is the scum of the earth, you were very wrong about the Valve situation. For starters, Valve didn't assist the gambling sites whatsoever. The reason you can sign in to other websites is so you can trade your items with other players, like the Team Fortress 2 economy, and even the CS:GO economy. People trade skins for skins, and crate keys for skins. ValVes loot box system is undoubtedly similar to slot machines, but for one, they have been around for a good while now, even before this video was made, two, it seems to be more out of parody than maliciousness, because Valve has done parody (just look at TF's lore), and three, they are technically not responsible for children wasting their money on skins. CS:GO is a game for adults and it says so on the steam page and marketing. The only people responsible for children wasting their money is their parents, not only for most likely providing money for the kids to get the skins, but also for letting them play and adult rated game. Just my thoughts in the vid. Keep it up, proud of ya.

    60. alias unknown

      kid loves todo the "annnd uuuh".

    61. cartoon kayla

      i won’t lie, i watched this 10 times.

    62. LETSGOPENS 9192091617

      Who the fuck cares tmartn is the best US-newr ever

      1. Devil of Hell's Kitchen

        No! He's a piece of shit! Tmartn the scum of US-new! 🚮

    63. Joseph Aguilar

      Anybody know the song when to soflo watch times meme is playing

    64. Otter Pops

      i fuckin love u ethan ur such a good guy and always speak for what is right

    65. Alex Cosmin

      So what has happened to them after this ? Teammartin now makes videos about his dog because this is the new trend, and syndicate is still making money off of twitch

    66. Jjacob8600

      *😂😂😂😂This is so me when i'm taking a shit at 8am when i wake up😂😂😂😂*

    67. Noah Fogarty


    68. OminousTie

      15k dislikes?

    69. Zaxo

      At 2:16 I was stunned how triangular Gabe's glasses have to be to wrap around his face.

    70. Sergej esko

      Valve wants to revolution the gaming industry (they did already), i doubt they wanted to make big money with it at the beginning. They wanted us to have a unique experience and complete our wishes, only dark minds managed to make this whole thing corrupt. Blame the people, not steam!