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    David Dobrik takes a lie detector test. Was he born in Slovakia? How would he rank his vlog squad from best to worst friends? Does he think he's cuter than Cameron Dallas? Did Liza Koshy break up with him? How does he feel that his breakup announcement video is his most-watched video on channel? What's the worst US-new comment he's ever read? For more David Dobrik check out his US-new: bit.ly/1ZS52we
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    David Dobrik Takes a Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair

    Published on 9 days ago


    1. David Dobrik

      Thanks for having me Vanity Fair! I feel like I really got to know myself better lol

      1. All Gacha

        Your the best !

      2. Jasmine Brueggeman

        10/10 would smash

      3. All Gacha

        Your awesome

    2. Myrtle Dan

      Interviewer: "that sounds very funny" David: *Thanks* s a m e

    3. fernando9844


    4. Jordyn L

      I was sacred the entire time for some reason?

    5. Tessa

      WHO WANTS A COOKIE? {\_/} ( ^-^) / >🍪 Cost: 1 Sūb

    6. Susannah Oleson

      If I could go back and NOT watch this I would. This was not conducted in a respectful way. No one should be pressured to share information about themselves.

    7. dude! thatsmycar

      He did this on one of his vlogs. Another genius who did not go to college. I never went to college and i can barely get a job. Dammit!

    8. Maya Prancuk

      This makes me guy wrenched. You can see he seems uncomfortable

    9. Olivia Roberson

      but idk when he's lying and when he isn't

    10. i got the tea come at me sis


    11. Adysyn Stirk

      I live the thing he does with his tongue 🙃

    12. Noah Damm

      Is it just me, or is it always the same guy controlling this lie detector thingy?

    13. Caroline Edwards

      Is this just me or does he look high

    14. Flo Y


    15. Liberty S.

      I love how honest he is cause like we knew all of this already and then he got put to a lie detector test and it's still the same

    16. Masuma Mahbub

      it was like a do or die situation

    17. Jirka Svatos

      Thats the same in czech

    18. Nadya Imani Al-Arief

      david looked so uncomfortable i feel bad for him,,, some of the questions seemed a little too invasive dont u think

    19. HaleStormRants

      This video made me so sad...He looked like he was in so much pain the entire time, and he was so anxious. Also, I'm so sad that he thinks he's only slightly above average. He's so handsome he's a solid 10/10. I thought this was going to be like a fun light hearted video...this just seemed so mean and drama starting...not cool to make someone rate their friends and such...and it was obvious that he didn't want to answer the majority of those questions for his friends feelings sake.

    20. Tiara Faith

      Idk why I was also nervous watching this 😂

    21. Zeina Ehab

      just felt like hugging you and telling you it’s gonna be fine, that did not look fun

    22. Raquel Moreno

      I kept laughing when he kept laughing 🤣😂 I was dying

    23. mrunal kulkarni

      This was torture 🙁 why would anyone breakup with him.he is so genuine.

    24. Ashlovz

      I can’t help it but put your tongue awayyyyyy 😂😂

    25. Asian Videos

      Why did I watched this omg

    26. Aishwarya K Mendegar

      i feel like im watching a puppy get kicked

    27. Ally Samler

      I felt awkward watching this

    28. Kaylen channel

      No,no I’m good. Hey do you guys have tissues??? I feel so badddddddddd for him😭😭

    29. wildflower gL

      Y is this seems like a torture??

    30. Jeyah Blue

      Jesus Christ he has such a beautiful heart

    31. Morgan Keirn

      I knew exactly what vine he was talking about 😂

    32. Lilit Dabagyan

      do the Dolan twins!

    33. Lucy  Thomas

      "are you happy" "yes" omg😭😭 that broke my heart seeing it was a lie

    34. Nurin Faiqah

      You can see it in his face that he’s so uncomfortable during the interview and really wanted it to end 😫💔

    35. b

      he’s so fine

    36. Azariaa 4

      David is honestly the cutest😭 I’m not into white boys but him phewwww

    37. benji

      im really high

    38. Emily Gonzalez

      am I the only one that didn’t like that the interviewer wouldn’t laugh AT ALL, ever when david would laugh

    39. lmaooo oo

      He is the cutest human to ever exist

    40. Alyza :/

      Ok but like the bunnies💀

    41. Aisha Alshammar


    42. oh hi there

      Can someone tell me why he called zane a sell out?

    43. Madeleine Verette

      A cute smile is really attractive and David has the cutest smile

    44. necole cooper

      What did they do to you your usual so so happy and hyper

    45. Kaden Fisher

      bro the smoking weed part is the best 9:42

    46. lezley

      david seemed so sad :(((

    47. Lucy Babesss

      In my opinion I think David’s adorable and cute, to me he’s like attractive ATTRACTIVE🥰🤩 And when he said people comment under his videos saying he’s “weirdly attractive” he looked so sad and it got me sad🥺😔

    48. Wolf KLAUSTEAM

      he looks nervous asf lmaoooo .. n i love how he tryna crack a joke and the people mad serious

    49. Erica Dalrymple

      5:37 “Oh, so you think you’re pretty?”

    50. Оазис

      Why did he look 16 in the thumbnail lmao

    51. Tiauna Fox

      it’s okay david, i know who you’re talking about in the vine.😂😂💗💗

    52. Rachel Kyes

      For the record, I am not attracted to David in a weird way. You’re a very attractive person!! Not in a strange or weird way at all. You’re a straight up hottie.

    53. Erica Dalrymple

      He can’t stop laughing 😂

    54. Lena Rivera

      I’m sorry but the dollar twins and Emma aren’t funnier than David he’s trippin

    55. Mecca Dobrik

      Cameron Dallas is hella hot 🥵

    56. Alejo Garcia

      Are gonna ignore the fact that he is a DACA recipient. Respect.

    57. Vida Garcia

      Courtney lawless

    58. noyan

      that was so awkward lmao

    59. Meegan wenzel

      is no one else going to bring up that it sems like he has beef with Erin, he ranked her last and the when they asked about he it said it was none of their business

    60. Mariah Castrejon

      He looks like he’s going to cry😭😩

    61. Josh Barber

      He learned how to pass a lie detector to the through his Slovakian spy training.

    62. Baylee Tinker

      David why am I about to start crying?😢

    63. Alana Mercedes

      Wow now I know all of his secrets😏

    64. Deka Warfa

      I pick josh peck to

    65. Sabrina hernandez


    66. Mike Hunt

      Is there something you miss about Chicago? *the gang violence was really a BLAST on the weekends*

    67. Mike Hunt

      Im 30 and I’m only here cus David Dobrik is the cute younger guy that I’d love to 🙃

    68. avocado naii

      This gave me a mini panic attack just watching. David is LITERALLY everything and cute asf/attractive asf. I loved that he took a chance on this but i wished he hadn't it exposes him even more about his life to the public. And said somethings he should of kept lowkey aka zane is a sell out💀and ranking his friend's

    69. Faith Zepeda

      Y'all should do a lie detector with the Dolan Twins

    70. Jillian Von Rohr

      Awww poor thing he seems so nervous

    71. George Roznetinsky

      Bruh Emma and the Dolan twins aren’t even funny

    72. Natalie Maxey

      This is really sad I’m so sorry david

    73. Heather Shea

      Dude I died when he pulled out Cameron Dallas

    74. Gabby Perez

      So we’re not gonna talk about how high he’s acting😂👽😂

    75. GrungeFeelz

      why did they do David like that like tf

    76. Obillessa

      this gave me anxiety lmao

    77. Niki Psaromatis


    78. #Jeon # Yoongles#


    79. Prerona Adhikary

      Why he is sooooo cute!😍😍😍

    80. sasha edmunds

      He’s so cute

    81. Phoebe Le

      Why would they bring a picture of David and Liza

    82. moonlightbabylove

      he’s so cuteee

    83. maya 77pink

      "are you actively trying to get her back" 7:30 LOL I died 🤣🤣🤣

    84. DemiiiNation

      I hate questions that invades privacy. Makes him uncomfortable

    85. DemiiiNation

      David 😢 sad to see you talk about Liza coz your face shows

    86. Jasmine Vuong

      9:10 That part really makes me sad just listening to him say that.

    87. floconne 2016

      we need liza to do it!!!

    88. Heda Kom TriKru

      Is the bearded guy the only person with a lie detector? He’s everywhere now since the video he did with Shane 😂

    89. María José Guzmán Bejarano

      I love him

    90. BeautyBy Kenny

      This just feels uncomfortable....

    91. paige carden

      Your not attractive in a weird way your just attractive and I would call you an 8 or 9 cause you are super adorable

    92. • Peachypink__ Hime •

      DAVID IS SO CUTE !!!!!

    93. • Peachypink__ Hime •

      " is this your girlfriend " shows picture of lizza " no " oh I'm so sorry " no its ok " are us sure 'LOL

    94. Isabella Whiten

      He looks so depressed and sad near the end.

    95. Hbic

      As a Chicagoan I appreciate his honesty about the suburbs.

    96. Kami Brewer's Adventures

      I thought this was gonna be funny and stuff but the guy is so serious

    97. Téa Martin

      "How high are you right now?" "Uuuhhhhhhh?????" 😂😂😂✌✌✌✌

    98. Alanna Pelaez

      He’s so cute😍😍😍

    99. Ayaz

      "Are you happy" "yes." And the thing flung, poor guy