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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Neming Gojek

      i cant

    2. Alexis Parker

      What Diaper bag does she have? Help!!

    3. Laura Dawson

      I know I'm late to the video here, but my husband does HVAC for a living so we did the same idea for our gazebo outside with outdoor curtains. You're definitely going to want to switch your curtains to ones with the velcro tabs instead of the round eye-hooks that you currently have. It's SO much easier to take down and wash them!! It does look really good though! :) You can add magnets on the inside seam to hold them together and take apart, and you can also weigh the bottoms down with washers so they don't blow around as much. Still good to wash in the machine! :)

    4. Abby Walters

      The curtain is SO COOL on your back deck!

    5. alexisbreana

      I don’t even know what Davis is talking about when he explains all his DIY projects but I love to just watch every second of your vlogs 😂😭 he definitely knows what he’s doing tho and I think my boyfriend needs to watch Davis’ part of the vlogs 👀 haha

    6. Upe Asiata

      I’m so excited for you two!!

    7. Vilde Hansen

      @Casey.. dont forget exstra clothes change.not only diapers but some clothes too.. :) and sunspray/creme/ babycreme/ : and aloe vera that could have multiuse :) best of Luck u guys!!

    8. Katie Knobloch

      I have those curtains!!!

    9. Alexandria Shirley

      Just ordered from Rosiedaze for the first time! Can’t wait to get my items 😬

    10. Celina Teresa

      in love with you two💕 could only hope for this kind of marriage one day!

    11. BeautyByCourtney

      I love y’all 🥰🥰 so sweet. Can Davis do a video of how he organizes his tools and which tools he thinks are the most necessary for any homeowner? I need my husband to take some notes lol.

    12. Caitlin Richards

      Can you share a link for Davises diaper backpack carrier? I’ve been looking for something similar to this but can’t find one. Also, congratulations on your new home and your sweet baby boy!

    13. Candace Tinsley

      You two are so darn cute, I could just squeeeze y’all 💜🙏🏼💜

    14. lindsay reynolds

      You both, and the earls should be friends !

    15. nicole

      Still waiting for a Davis US-new channel

    16. Around The Korner

      Oh Casey I love your vlogs! The baby's dresser is awesome.... so versatile for any age! You look amazing and I am so excited to meet baby!

    17. Melissa2087

      I loved the background tour of your shop! Super interesting!

    18. Lauren Hoffman

      When are you gonna restock the rosiedaze merch the size I wear is sold out again.😩😩

    19. Alejandra Maravilla

      Hope everything is okay since you haven’t posted anything. Can’t wait to see a new video 🧡

    20. Rhonda Whitt

      Love Rosie Daze! Can’t wait for your little man to get here! You’re going to be the cutest family! ❤️ 🍼🐶🐶

    21. Andrea Mattingly

      Anyone else think Davis looks like Luke P. On the Bachelor??

    22. L Kno

      Will you have a baby shower?

    23. Crystal Clearwater

      I am new subscriber love you guys and love how much you love your dogs💕🐶

    24. ashley m

      Absolutely love you guys 💛

    25. Briana Vermillion

      I love the longer Vlogs! Nice to see people like you and Davis! ❤️❤️


      So happy it’s getting so close for you!!! Don’t forget to add baby Tylenol and Benedryl to diaper bags, and sterilize the pacifiers and paci holders too!! I also keep plastic bags for dirty diapers because you’d be surprised where you can’t throw them out! Also, definitely take an infant and child cpr class! We took an amazing one that covered cpr and safety for car seat and home. It’s crazy how much you don’t realize you especially about the car seat that you would think is easy, but then you go to put the baby in and you’re like wait what? Is that right?? Lol good luck!

    27. vanessah. MUA

      What music do you use in this vlog I absolutely love it please share

    28. babiblu292

      I would recommend a crib for your bedroom!

    29. Abbie David

      What’s your nail polish color?! Love it & your Vlogs💕💕

    30. Alaina Dos-Anjos

      Casey's laugh at 10:39 made me laugh and replay it over again. Hahaha

    31. Tim Brown

      Cool idea with the outdoor curtains, I would suggest that you sew something to the bottom edge of them ( washers or sinkers work) so that they stay down when it is windy.

    32. Sherone Mcknight-linton

      I started watching your videos in 2015 and I am still watching your video up to this day congratulations see you on your baby that is common and your business and make a continue to bless you great mom and you are already a great mom.😍😍😍😍😍🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🤰🏼👼🏻✨✨✨✨✨✨✨🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾😇😇😇😇📸📸📸📸📸😍😍😍😍

    33. Abigail Zam

      Oooo cloth diapers? It’s kinda funky & strange at first but we 100% LOVED it ! Loved the cute cloth diapers designs & knowing all those diapers didn’t just go to a wasteland we did cloth at home & disposables when out it just worked easier with us

    34. Marie Molloy

      OMG!!! I'm so glad to see more of the dog logo tee's. They have been sold out for so long. I hope I don't miss them again before they sell out. You have so many beautiful items in your boutique.

    35. Felicia Cameron

      I know you probably get TONS of unsolicited baby info but just wanted to gently offer some advice on something I’ve noticed throughout the last couple videos. I THINK I noticed a few different types of pacifiers. IF you end up using one at all I would pick one and stick with it. The wubbanubs are amazing. I’m not sure if you plan to try to breastfeed but nipple confusion is a real thing. I didn’t offer either of my babies a pacifier until days after we established breast feeding but actually pretty much just avoided the paci altogether just because I’ve seen how difficult they can be to break away from. I am a dental assistant and a nurse and pacifiers and the problems they CAN create just make me cringe. If you really think about it and watch a few babies who do consistently use a pacifier they actually cause worse and less sleep for baby and parents. When they fall out of their mouths during sleep they usually immediately awake to cry for it to be put back. However I do recognize that breastfed babies do need something to suck for comfort at times and believe me when I tell you that them using your breast for just soothing is an amazing feeling and bind but can be oh so painful at times lol. I always just gently suggest using the paci as little as humanly possible if at all but never in the very early hours and days while trying to establish babies latch to breast and nipple recognition. Please don’t think that I’m judging or being a know it all because I definitely don’t mean any harm AT ALL!! Every mama and every baby are so different. Just wanted to offer a little piece of advice just in case it could help in y’all in some way. BEST BEST wishes mama!! You are already amazing!

    36. LemansSunset350

      Amazing couple❤️

    37. Abigail Alvarez

      Does anyone know what camera Casey uses to vlog?

    38. Karina&Tyler 101

      I’m watching them pack that bag thinking “you don’t need that. You won’t use that. Nope. Nope.” But they will figure it out :)

    39. Jamie Wells

      Hope your baby takes a paci. I bought tons and she was one of those babies who just would not take one at all

    40. Mikayla Eckler

      “So we gonna go learn” 😂😂😂

    41. Zoe Vandunk

      I literally had to pause this video and go order some stuff from Rosie Daze because all of the stuff you showed was soooo cute!!! I see what you did there 😏😂 seriously though, I’m so excited to get my first pieces of clothing from you guys 😍

    42. patin319

      Davis should start a channel .....teach a few hubbies and boyfriends how things are done around the house! 🏡🌟🥰

    43. daisy smith

      You don’t need pacifiers! Please consider not using them!

    44. MissouriGirl 84

      I love the daddy diaper bag! Not gonna lie though, the paci holder with beads makes me nervous. Lol. Davis is soooooo ready for fatherhood. I'm excited for both of you. 💙

    45. Carolyne Yonta

      What vlog camera do you use ?!

    46. Natalia Londono

      Davis=husband goals af

    47. Natalie Garrison

      ABSOLUTELY LOVED seeing a behind the scenes of rosie daze!

    48. Megan Koch

      Ok girl. How in the hell do you keep those sheets so white with fake tan?! Share your secrets haha I’ve tried everything!

    49. beautyplayground

      I love a successful, self-made woman :D

    50. Katie Hoskinson

      PLEWSE HAVE THE BABE ALREADY!!!! I can notttttt wait until he’s born so we can see if he is the perfect mix between you & Davis!! He’s going to be precious! Sooooo excited for y’all, Case!!♥️♥️

    51. megan fitzgerald

      i’m obsessed with your vlogs i swear

    52. Madeline Jefferies

      Just here to say that I LOVE your dogs!!!💕

    53. MrsPence

      I love the color of Daisy’s collar. Do you remember where you got it? :)

    54. Kelly G That’s Me

      watching Davis pack his diaper bag gives me squishy feels lol so cute

    55. Khrysteen Brown

      Wow you only see your OB once-ish a month at 32 weeks? I'm in Canada and we see our every month until 28 weeks, then it's every 2 weeks until 36 weeks then we see them once a week until birth. Having a baby different places differs so much. Your bump is adorable 😊

    56. Terri-Anne T

      Daisy doesn’t look impressed..... lololol

    57. Keeley Leichentritt

      What company do you work with to help create your logo merch?

    58. amanda kennedy

      I just love your dogs & how much they are part of your family ❤️

    59. Ariel & Cat

      Oh my goodness Daisy’s face while Davis was packing 😩😭❤️❤️

    60. shutterbuggie89

      Casey make a diaper caddy for the car! Put an extra blanket, diapers, wipes, change of clothes,'s such a life saver! Oh and if you don't have one, get a baby bum brush! I've gotten them for all of my mom friends and they all swear by it now! We love ours! Especially great with longer fingernails

      1. shutterbuggie89

        Oh and include doggy poo bags and hand sanitizer! Awesome incase you aren't near a trash can

    61. Rhonda Chartrand

      I remember being so worried about labour after going to pre-natal classes! Don't stress too much because either way the baby has to come out and you will get through it!

    62. Sydnee Earnshaw

      Your vlogs are my favorite ❤️ so real & “normal” lol

    63. Joanna Ernst

      I’m slowly falling in love with your videos because you give me more and more ideas to organize my house lol.

    64. pris.a

      when is the dress at 18:28 ish going live?

    65. Joy Anna

      Put some big clips at the bottom of the outdoor curtains to keep them weighted down and from blowing around!

    66. Dani Uselton

      I could CRY! Davis packing his diaper bag is so cute!!!!! You both will be AMAZING parents! Makes me excited for me and my fiancé to get married next year and have babies shortly after! 😭❤️

    67. Emily Martin

      Hey Casey! Could you start talking about the business side of Rosie Daze more? It’s so interesting and I think a lot of the followers would love hearing it from you! 😊

    68. Amanda H

      Legit everything I want from your website is sold out😭

    69. Through Kristian’s Eyes

      Was I the only person who was so satisfied when she was making her breakfast😍

    70. Logan Renee

      Y’all are so cute!! I love seeing the warehouse. So cool. Can’t wait for the baby to be here!!!!💙💙💙💙