Monday Mashup: Robbers

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    Nothing to see here. Just a compilation about robbers!
    Cyanide and Happiness delivers daily comics to your face-hole on since 2005!

    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Alexander direzza

      This is the definition of blursed

    2. ninja ninja

      lol stick to is guns

    3. Dragonn Crewe

      Who else notice the cash register says B00BS at 0:22 ???

    4. pariot 456

      1:30 the coffee house also sells girls

    5. Wi11yTh3 Gam3r

      0:23 Look at the cash register where the numbers are

    6. Spicy Picklee

      Heh heh sticks to his guns......

    7. ASimpleNoob

      Did anyone see this? Butts for 4$

    8. Xord

      What's the point to a suicide robbery though?

    9. StainderFin

      Put money on a bag you stupiid biiiiiiiitchhh!!!!!!!

    10. Raymondg702 _Vid

      They both shot him xd

    11. Cat Tac

      You fuked the editing

    12. Nack Attack

      2:15 piranha plant

    13. Patrick Lau

      Did anyone see the beans fly around?

    14. Jacob G

      I guess you can say they got a lot of *pun*-ishement See ya

    15. Tony Wise

      Oh damn

    16. Ignacy Kirszak

      Why he die 0:55

    17. Hairo Pérez Encarnación

      0:15 80085

    18. ligma ball

      0:58 executioner is back

    19. とほほのおとこ

      Did you notice the cash registers’ display?

      1. Danry Ngayawan

        At 1:11

      2. Danry Ngayawan

        Yeah I noticed butts

    20. Planet Xtreme

      The one with the coffee had really smooth animation, nice job team

    21. Christian Medina

      Anybody notice how it says Boobs on the cash register

    22. SpiderJack_07

      10:20 in would of been more content

    23. hot BOii

      Who else saw "BOOBS" on the cashiers machine 0:14 😂😂


      It is written 80085 (BOOBS) in the money counter in the first video

    25. Savage Group

      Wait why did the cop get arrested because of the pun or because he shot a innocent man

    26. K B

      1:30 *why are butts $4*

    27. Lily Mills

      I just realized that Coffee Shop is called Coffee Coffin...

    28. Fish Lips

      1:22 Butts……

    29. Minakshi Sharma

      2:00 look at the menu

    30. The ½ øƒ 9, Firmware of Unimatrix 01

      Both cops shot the fire though..

    31. Dinamiteur Dinamiteur

      1:02 thé other policeman shoot too why he is not condamned

    32. sold mum for vbucks


    33. Anonymous OwO

      Hheehe he is really sticking to his guns

    34. Ashish Joshi

      Did anybody observe the counter display said "BOOBS"🤣🤣

    35. MQ

      Just so we're all clear, that cop was arrested solely for that shitty pun, cuz we all know extreme and unnecessary violence is an integral part of being a cop.

    36. Thomas Sommerfeld

      0:49 What kind of crappy handcuffs are those? He can easily put his hands out

    37. Ryan Carrion

      This must be Paste Pot Pete rumbling again but then where r the fantastic four huh

    38. Jana Ježková

      0:15 'BOOBS'

    39. This is my favorite site

      1:10 when you see it

    40. Toxic Sprinkles

      The dislike number was at 999 I can never forgive myself now.

    41. creator Space

      It's done well.

    42. kubba

      0:18 this is troom troom

    43. Emma Arnold

      Love this show

    44. Mr. dark man

      "Alright alright just dont squirt" Me: *"Blah! Blah! Blah! RELOAD"*

    45. Natures Degenerate

      0:14 it says 8008$ (boobs) on the cash register

    46. Galaxy Puppy

      Anyone else see on the price part the price is 'BoobS'???

    47. Nako N

      puUUuUt the moneys on the baAaaAAAAag. if you don't biIIIiIIiiIIItch

    48. Jordan Ward

      Wait didn’t the executioner die? XD

    49. Sonni


    50. 1000 Subscribers with no videos.

      The captions are wrong :(

    51. chetra lom

      What is this mean

    52. Hassan Syed

      are those cops in the second short ,Tony and Oscar?

    53. christian anderson

      To bad the justice system isn’t that swift

    54. YouTube Logo

      *Wouldnt the hot glue burn his hand*

    55. Matt Hillman

      Oh look a bomb

    56. Daniel Perez


    57. Bin Bone

      there should be one that like fake guns soo like a kid have a gun thats like he made it out his hand if u know what i mean and if a cop stayed put your gun down he gonna have to cut his hand offl l mao

    58. ML LEGEND14

      Now this is my favorite cartoon

    59. HeWhoChooses

      “Does anyone feel like making a new short this week?” “Nah, let’s just make a compilation video.”

    60. EJ Nelson

      They sure did get out of that sticky situation



    62. Atesz222

      The kid was surrounded by the crowd yet nobody noticed the bomb lol

    63. Amvreen Banerjee

      “No thanks, we already got ours..” Damn.

    64. Vuk Djuric


    65. songs

      შენი დედაც მოვტყან

    66. Yeet boiz Animations

      Someone trying to explain to me super smash bros is trash Me: 3:21

    67. Emma Neophytou

      That was a severe pun-ishment for a bad joke

    68. Ko Sita

      This video is dumb And wired stuff

    69. Thierry M

      And I was just considering buying a glue gun