Cut for Time: Tampax Secrets - SNL

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    A commercial for Tampax Secrets: the only tampon hidden inside things you'd be less embarrassed to take out of your bag in public.
    #SNL #PhoebeWallerBridge #TaylorSwift #SNL45
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    Published on 16 days ago


    1. Recusant BilE

      MUH PERIODTT!!! "I'd rather pull out a dead mouse than a cob to stop my heavy flow!!!"

    2. shelly49

      The bomb made it NOT funny at all.

    3. Miriam Basheer

      Phoebe's american accent is fucking killing me

    4. Marjorie Earl Dean

      I don't think they shoulda done the poop. Bad choice. Cosby DVD box set woulda been better.

    5. watchingandwaiting

      As a woman, the fact that I’m bleeding from my vagina is not something I want to advertise to the world. I’m not sure why that’s now considered weird lol.

    6. behindthelimb

      discreetly folded confederate flag sent me rolling.. and they kept coming. Great writing!:)

    7. Dynamite TNT

      I thought it was weird that my girlfriend would keep a signed copy of Mein Kampf in the bathroom

    8. Erica Simpson

      I understand, it’s so hard. It’s a larger societal issue of people making females feel disgusting just for being female. This shows just how ridiculous it is but I want little girls watching this to know that it’s okay to be shy! You shouldn’t be ashamed but if you are always hiding it that’s fine. It’s not your fault.

    9. KD

      Women should stop going to the bathroom in public! I mean because eww, how can they let guys see they make body fluids at all! They’re so pure and smelling of strawberries all the time. So glad SNL did this skit. Highlights the stupidity of so called decency rules.

    10. kieykieymama95

      I was dying. I’m loving these commercials

    11. Sam Bur

      Why not just take your tampon out if you bag a pond walk to the bathroom ?

    12. casualcaptor

      1:00 "Full Adult Diaper" "Huge Bong" "Meat Lovers Calzone"

    13. economicist2011

      Damn, English actors are usually good enough to not stand out too much when they try US accents, but PWB sounds like she learned it from a troupe of deaf MGM actors from the 30s.

    14. Annmarie Gillaspie


    15. misstantrix

      Such a forced skit....

    16. QJAndra

      She restored actual comedic ideas to this show.

    17. Eve Amelia

      Phoebe was defiantly the writer of this sketch.

    18. Laws of Nature

      Mocking FEmales & that one with the mole on the forehead is a dude

    19. Michele Rich

      The little beep beep after truck nuts 😅

    20. Panda Power

      her american accent is so bad lol, its so cute though!!

    21. Arkadien

      PWB’s American accent tho.

    22. Peaches Clark

      When he said, "I like that" I died!!! 😂😂

    23. Bicultural Familia

      Who even still watches SNL. 🙄

    24. bravestfuckingtoaster

      Every time I scroll past this thumbnail I think “contrapoints”?

    25. Jessica

      Meanwhile my boyfriend pulls bloody tampons out of me so we can have period sex...

    26. Chef Evan

      Why tf was this cut

    27. Peace and LOVE

      I’d rather be considered a racist, and show my confederate flag, then let people see I’m a young , single, women on my period!, and not having a baby with a deadbeat dad!!!!!!☺️

    28. Marie Carroll

      😹 I’m just gonna take this dog pop to the bathroom! hahahahaha Confidence is key ladies!

    29. Chew Chewy

      I bought a comb with a hidden tampon storage compartment in it for members of my family who were in middle & highschool.

    30. Zimmit's FunHouse Adventure

      Beck in this sketch was low-key too much 😂😂😂

    31. Zimmit's FunHouse Adventure

      Open it- Friend refers to dead mouse Ah yes. Words like these I tend to hear in my daily life. Spot on, Tampax! Captured brilliantly things any ordinary gal might use in any ordinary, humdrum day. 😁

      1. Amara  Jordan

        A clarion call for female taxidermists everywhere. Just the think to perk up their revenue. 😅

    32. seand67

      stupid skit

    33. CR spring17

      I work in a very industrial place. Mostly guys. And the security guards there actually go around the parking lots looking at the cars and stuff. Anyways, I’m moving this week. I had a laundry hamper filled with random stuff in it in my backseat. On top of everything, I had a big open box of Tampons right there very visible in the window. Did not give a crap. They supply toilet paper in every bathroom everywhere, but not tampons. Why? Because men suck, that is why. I think I want to invent a public restroom tampon dispenser so you can only get one out each time.

    34. Noneya

      I was honestly expecting them to be hidden in giant pencil erasers or something school related

    35. alicia burney

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Trump Nuts 🌰🌰 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👍🏾✊️🏾🙏🏾

    36. SuperSonicMan

      Cut for time or just not that funny?

    37. gcldenlion


    38. Kat A

      I’m dying 😂 Recently my husband got upset with me because I put a package of maxi pads in one of the bathroom cupboards where he could see them. He probably would have preferred a basket of dead mice. If you’re wondering I used to keep everything in an upstairs bathroom but I was having some medical issues that made going up the stairs difficult.

      1. Kat A

        Taina Williams 58. We’re both old. What’s funny is he complained to our youngest son who responded, “Yes, we must retake the holy lands!”

      2. Taina Williams

        What?! How old is he?

    39. Tugg Speedman

      Best sketch _period_

    40. Dark Pheonix

      As funny As this is, it is also a hard slap to all the shitty people out there 😂

    41. CarrieBrooks

      Reminds me of high school 20 years ago ...I got up to go to the restroom and David said... Carrie...why are you taking your purse? I wanted to punch him in the face🤬

      1. Marjorie Earl Dean

        I would take my purse no matter what. People steal shit.

    42. Mr. Cabo

      Handful of loose white dreads... I nearly passed out🤣🤣🤣

    43. Molto Vivace


      1. Molto Vivace

        @Amara Jordan dead 😆😆😭😭😆😆

      2. Amara  Jordan

        That’s definitely going to be an inside joke with me now. 😅 “Hey, Jen, do you have a spare... you know... dog poop? I need to take it *to the bathroom.”*

    44. Greg Coleman

      So is SNL just 3rd wave feminist and Trump hating political sketches? Geeze I miss the days of Mike Myers!

    45. Chalk Bunt

      if I can be ashamed of my small penis, why can't women be ashamed of their periods?

    46. MySeasideRendezvous

      Menstrual cups for the win

    47. Commandotoad

      I learned the hard way -- men don't actually care or even know what a tampon looks like. I kept trying to sneak around to get feminine hygiene products, ultimately learned I should have just asked.

    48. Marina Alexander


    49. Jennie Damerell

      This is like Weird Al Yanckovic. Ewwww!! Yet funny😝🤓

    50. Mary

      The funniest part of this skit is Phoebe’s “American” accent.

    51. Kathryn Nazaruk

      why was this cut for time? better than some skits on air

    52. K MS

      Oh no, what will people think if they they know I get a period... Why do guys get embarrassed when buying tampons, are they thinking “I hope the cashier doesn’t think I’m buying them for myself” or “I hope the cashier doesn’t think I have a girlfriend that gets periods” .... I seriously don’t get it.....

      1. A B

        Men don’t get embarrassed buying tampons... if they do, it’s because it can be awkward buying things that are related to sexual function such as condoms, dildos, lubricant, etc.

    53. Guld

      What is with this, are there really that many men who are scared, disgusted or embarrassed of tampons? I've always heard about this but never met any guys who acted this way, no one in my family, none of my friends either. How can people be this embarrassed or turned off by something so insignificant, for fucks sake

    54. Eila Lord

      Funniest ever.

    55. Donna

      They have definitely ran out of good ideas.

    56. jodiebug1

      It wasn’t the strongest episode and this sketch would have improved it

    57. Irene Pemberton

      Anyone notice that all the best female led sketches are always cut for time 🤔

    58. Habitually Annoyed


    59. Princess Solo

      “Better take this piece of dog poop to the bathroom!” “She was so confident 😮” “I like that 😏”

    60. Pelcogo

      It's true womens menstrual cycles really do sync up.

    61. Jasmine love

      Should I be this ashamed?

    62. KCs Funhouse

      Lol what did I just watch and why was it so accurate lol

    63. Ajrlife alldayeveryday

      Yes, because cocaine, confederate flag, and dead rat are inconspicuous

      1. Stanley Elliot

        Ah, I see. I thought the man in your profile picture was you. Also, I miss sarcasm a lot because my autism, so I just thought you also had that problem. How ironic it is, trying to explain sarcasm to someone who’s being sarcastic! Sorry ‘bout all this. :)

      2. Ajrlife alldayeveryday

        A. Duh, I’m not stupid B. I’m a girl, so this sketch was extra hilarious.

      3. Stanley Elliot

        It’s sarcasm, brother. :)

    64. Grateful aya

      this was stupid, even my wife and friend were annoyed by this bit. I rather see a woman pull out a tampon than a dead mouse or a piece of dog shit, also I go buy tampons for my wife every time she runs out of them it seems

      1. Jonathan Hiatt

        I see by your comment that you are new here. Soon you will get reply's calling you a beta male and or a cuck, or insults directed at your wife.

    65. IamPandora Bitches

      The ending is too real for me.

    66. Patti Lacey

      A woman gets a period for a week and a men just set off bombs or shoot guns when they can't get anything from a woman that week. Wars make complete sense in that respect especially when that week women and men want sex. That's the never ending cycle for the first 32 years of a woman after her first period. Then know that between 45 to 55 men should forget about sex on a consistent basis from a woman and that is when a man starts to cheat often on his wife or girlfriend. Sad but true.

      1. Taina Williams

        What? Are you saying women don't want sex when they are menstruatin? After 32 years you get menopause? Men stop wanting sex after 45? Or women?

    67. Gary Ball

      Fun time for you guys go get some control your mouse

    68. fname lname

      The self-checkout lines help guys when we have to by these things for forgetful females. Keep em covered up in the cart, scan them, shove them in a bag lol.

      1. Jonathan Hiatt

        Hell yes technology!

    69. SirEriol

      Cut for Patriarchy.

    70. Jeff B