Customizing 8 Apple Watches⌚️💦Then Giving Them Away!!



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    Hope you EnJoYed! Make SUrE tO eNtEr the GiVEawAy:) Thanks for WaChTing!
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    Published on 6 days ago


    1. A Väpä

      That black and white with random forms is so so nice, I hope to win, dear Santa 🎅 🥛🍪

    2. Samuel Suaralta

      can you give mea apple watch i whate for 2017-2018 i did what you want i just want a apple watch plzzzzz plzzzzz

    3. Syara Azhan

      I dont want the watch I want the polaroid lol *am serious*

    4. Mick castellanos

      🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🎨

    5. Marquise Alejandre

      I want an apple watch because I'm always getting made fun of for not having air pods,apple watches and phone's. Also I want the one that's red then turns green. Also I don't have a watch, I'm subscribed and followed to your instagram

    6. Bryson Show

      I’m a boy

    7. Bryson Show


    8. SY3D

      Can anyone tell what colours did he used in this video and in his shoes video

    9. ily. steph

      You should custom paint your whole room or build something like a tree house or fort idek

    10. Ciera

      I’ve watched this video so many times, it’s embarrassing. I am now obsessed w your channel 🥺

    11. Monique Leyba

      I don’t have instagram 🥺

    12. Krish Chandnani

      Bruh sick customize

    13. Ana Fdez

      The leather one😍

    14. Tyshun Young

      DC and Marvel shoes for 24 hours

    15. Sharon Goolsby

      Hydro Dipped Baby Yoda Nike's anyone???

    16. vInferno Style

      If I get a Apple Watch I’m screaming THatS iNsAnE jArViS

    17. goatcenter 63

      sport theme air forces

    18. gawangtamad

      My mind is 🤯

    19. انس /شروحات ابل

      Why. Please give me one thing from Apple

    20. Siri Vydadi

      What pens does he use?

    21. Griffin Selberg

      customize some new balance 574 sport

    22. Sebastian DeMoss

      When does this end

    23. Amanda Posey

      Did you already announce the winners? 👽👽👽👽

    24. Lucas Serrano

      Customize nmds

    25. Diego Lopez Martinez

      I wanna marko designer watch what the heck 😂 I'm not gonna lie that green and blue one goes hard lol🔥

    26. 蕊蕊

      This editing reminds me of TXT music videos :D those colors and light effects

    27. Kitty cat

      I Love it wow Look at...

    28. Laura Velascoo


    29. Luna wolfie

      I want one 🤣 but i nevver win and i dont know anyone who won

    30. Ashley Docot

      Baka naman

    31. Akshay Chauhan

      I don't know this giveaway are real or not because i never win anything and i m trying this thing from more than a year

    32. roneisha Allie‼️‼️‼️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥 FREEE MONEY

    33. Laisa hh

      They look so slick together oml! This stuff is right up my alley #fun Question: What did you use? Normal paint and then sealed it orrr?

      1. Laisa hh

        oh nevermind he sealed them haha

    34. TheRealNevaehXxX ROBLOX

      I hope I get one I’ve never had anything like that.

    35. DARK STAR

      Please give one to meeee 😶🥺

    36. Lauren Zhianq


    37. Christian Williams

      The color changing one is my favorite 😍

    38. Leilani Herrera

      I think I would cry if I won I love all of his shit😭

    39. Princess Jay

      I Hope I Win One For My Mom, Really Want To Spoil Her In Anyway I Can 😭😩 Ig-Goodvibesjay_

    40. SVighnesh Trivedi

      Bro big fan of you crazy but lovely from India 🇮🇳❤️

    41. Lilie Moore

      Hey I have been a duckling forever since u started and I haven’t won anything

    42. Aly Gamez

      Did you already do the giveaway?

    43. Sean Rethy

      Can I win please

    44. Sergio Abuin

      Hi mark is me

    45. Jennifer Hamm

      So the give away at the mall was all black that won seems shady to me lmao

    46. Always Jmike

      When the new Merch dropping

    47. Riby Juliana

      Can you costom balenciaga triple s black

    48. Soh Zing

      #from malaysia iwant😍

    49. Shady Khader

      You should customize your body

    50. Chuan Chuan Yeh

      I take a shower every day

    51. Phuong Nguyen

      I'm in my final week. I don't study. I watch your videos. I'm no good. I'm supposed to go study!

    52. Johnron Alcantara

      i want one of that 🥰

    53. Andrew Hwang

      Yo you should hit me up with one

    54. miguel coutinho

      Tu é rico

    55. Rayzhine Griggs

      I love these videos 😩🖤

    56. yoanna Flores

      Wow 😯 your so creative and i love all your art! 😍

    57. Nirmal Randhawa

      Give me i need it

    58. Cindy Mason

      I want one

    59. the yanserlo

      You soung like you cant Bread that deseparate me :/

    60. FF RITE NOW

      Is marko gay

    61. Dylan Smith

      This mans werd i love it🤪

    62. Julian Castillo

      What brand of marker are those

    63. Pamela Neill

      This is the coolest thing ever ❤️❤️❤️

    64. Aylin ASMR

      I never win nothing, really I want this Apple Watch and I want your pics too.😭❤️

    65. Aylin ASMR

      I want this Apple Watch but, I want your pics too. This is so cute, and your merch ❤️❤️

    66. Aylin ASMR

      I want this Apple Watch pleaseee😭 My Instagram: Aylinvh2 U are so handsomeeee, omg!❤️

    67. clandestinelove93

      That little clip of you dancing in between 🤣 you know how to make my day 👍🏽

    68. Martin Siu

      I watched you since you had 200,000 subscribers

    69. E2mi F

      Apple x rolex watch

    70. Ava Gameplays

      I really wish I won something. 😢 I really need a watch