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    CREEPIEST PHOTOBOMBS... Can you see what's WRONG? What do you guys think of these scary and creepy photos? I'm SSSniperWolf! You can call me Lia, Sniper Wolf, whatever! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! I upload videos every single day! My sisters channel: Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack
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    Published on 3 months ago


    1. Diana Soriano


    2. Diana Soriano

      Supper creepy

    3. stroke

      i like spoopy shiz

    4. ceziceza26 cute


    5. Connor Whitaker

      Why the f*** does slenderman keep popping up??????

    6. Brian Parrett

      It's a sea lion duh seals have ears on the inside of their heads That one had ears

    7. Cat Lady Lover

      The reason why I fear clowns because on my birthday there was a clown then that clown popped a balloon in front of me ever since I hate balloons and clowns

    8. Daryl Lampe

      The 2nd one was probably a photo with Panarama

    9. Marie Dumayag


    10. Happy Feet

      This is why we always check our backgrounds in our photos 😐📷

    11. Maryam AlFailakawy

      So do laugh or stair in the miror

    12. Maryam AlFailakawy

      All the unexpected people are all SATEN seriously I now

    13. Maryam AlFailakawy

      The mirror thing is 100% SATEN you heard me 100% SATEN I'm super SERIES and[ when I say SERIES I mean SEREIS]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    14. Tono Beme

      2:28 looks like mister bean

    15. Alexander Cannon

      Looks like Freddy Kruger

    16. Cade Miller

      I have seen the first one

    17. Paranoia

      Is it just me, but does anyone notice the shadow in the background at 2:09? ... Or maybe it’s somebody behind the camera. Idk. *le shrug*

    18. Antho Ny

      Is that her sister

    19. Kristina Blaylock

      It’s not Arkansas, but West Virginia!

    20. Cece Davis


    21. Kyla Howard

      when that whole clown thing was going around i got a call and from a clown no joke i threw my phone across the room 😭😭🥺😑

    22. Sid The science kid

      Don’t Worry Your Safe Here😃

    23. Space-time-Continuum-Error 14

      Something happened a long time ago, look it up. People DIED

    24. Jason Dasrath

      9:34 TAPE FACE agt hard fans anyone

    25. Our own little kids world

      Your friend is so pretty

    26. the paw family legend paw

      Is that Freddy Kruger

    27. Heyits Carmen

      My sister told me that what if in the mirror is a portal to a different dimension and your reflection is blocking you from entering. Creepy

    28. i tegsy

      At 5:44 the thing looks like granny from the horror game granny not just a random granny

    29. Krydox Coh

      The bear looks so pissed

    30. Eliciadave Leong

      Lia : comment down below why is she smiling me : because that’s what u do in pictures..?

    31. Studio Yabby

      A lot are soo creepy

    32. Sarshley the dragon

      3:00 well actually in Czech republic there was this thing that some random people put clown mask on and took knives and ran around at night and scared people Lol

    33. An B


    34. Juliana Piper

      They where scared because people dressed up as clowns and killed /chased other people.

    35. sensuallyinsatiable

      Kaleia eq jones ☹uuuuuuuh

    36. Hailie Calderon

      The creepy old photo with the baby’s in it, is kinda like the one my family has. We have an old family photo that a creepy old woman is just standing on the side of the house in the background. No one know who she is or where she came from but it is really creepy all right.

    37. John Brown


    38. John Brown

      Gost family

    39. John Brown

      Seal is hungry Seal: I'm gonna eat u FOOD

    40. John Brown

      Dad alert

    41. John Brown

      It's a vampire/zombie

    42. John Brown


    43. John Brown


    44. John Brown

      A zombie!!!!

    45. John Brown

      It's the pond chilled

    46. John Brown


    47. John Brown

      A gost!!

    48. John Brown


    49. John Brown

      It's brave's mom

    50. John Brown

      Granny got out RUN!

    51. John Brown

      That's just a guy 😂

    52. John Brown


    53. John Brown


    54. John Brown


    55. Bee And kee

      *Stop it get some help*

    56. Emily Siders

      Maybe they were twin's

    57. GeGe & Friends!

      0:48 I know how to do that with the iPhone so I don’t believe in those anymore lol

    58. Kadenstu Hanako

      Who else thinks her sister looks like the girl form Beetlejuice ?

    59. I Play Overwatch

      So does she not think people goes on a walk

    60. Shyann Dixon

      On the clown subject there was this thing going around before the new it people were dressing as clowns and taking people hostage around Halloween 2017

    61. toaster strudel

      Out with the bois at 3am looking for BEANS!!!

    62. Juliebean T

      4:00 that's legit been my worst fear and my mum says it's stupid

    63. Cookie_ akko


    64. Olivia Bangtan

      They didn’t notice the shadow at 2:10?

    65. This Is S&M

      That clown stuff was real my cousin got harrased by one

    66. Adriana Chebdowska

      Super !

    67. Rokayia Bazzon

      It's really scary

    68. Mia Sanchez

      @10:42 that SEAL has rabies and could kill both of the

    69. Ciel Phantomhive

      About the clowns. It was my freshman year. I was in my third class of the my school has trailers.I was stuck outside and there were some clowns in the parking lot. We all had a lock down. Scared the shit out of me

    70. Andrea Campbell

      The clown thing was for real in some places.