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    CREEPIEST PHOTOBOMBS... Can you see what's WRONG? What do you guys think of these scary and creepy photos? I'm SSSniperWolf! You can call me Lia, Sniper Wolf, whatever! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! I upload videos every single day! My sisters channel: Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack
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    Published on 8 months ago


    1. emmanuel

      1st one an Aileen

    2. karlrichardson karlrichardson

      like the 10th one were slender man was there what if that girl turnd and slender man was in her FACE RIGHT THE'RE ABOUT TO SNACH HER

    3. Azael Romero


    4. George Strict

      Dear David

    5. Alexza


    6. Ricki Nichols

      The sisters you hear wood chopping click click bum bum buhhhhhhhhh

    7. Harmony Edwards

      What is deku doing in the photo

    8. Tia Rawlings

      Me when my friends over : OMG that's slender Man My friend : .......Um what did you say ......

    9. Its, Mishrain

      are you twins

    10. serania1

      the killer clown thing start in new zealan a compagni decide it will be a great idea to instead of gentle laugthing clown it would be nice to reserve un killer clown to scare friend/foe at your party ,it become a trend and poeple start dressing as evil clown all around the world

    11. Jovelyn Asuncion

      1:25 isn't really scary but hilarious...

    12. The_Yeet _Robloxian

      I once went dressed at big foot and photobombed somebody *and thats how I became popular on Facebook*

    13. 97 Legend

      Ay 2:27 there’s a shadow

    14. Aimee Thain


    15. Royaltaco 16

      Man that weird and funny I was jumped scared

    16. Gilbert Gonzalez

      The scariest thing that happened I went to go eat my cookies but when I opened the book all of them WHERE GONE 😤😩😫😖😣

    17. Anthony Hubbard

      What year is it the name

    18. Serenity Martinez

      3:50 my soul dropped to my heart and I almost thought that girl was behind me low key hahah but that literally scared the sh** out of me

    19. Jose Serrano

      What's that kid behind you

    20. Jose Serrano


    21. Jose Serrano


    22. Jose Serrano

      What the fu## is that aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaåaaaaaaa get the holy water holy crap

    23. William Sutton

      There is another dimension called the mirror world

    24. Julianna Hancock

      i got out of shower and i look in the mirror and i think it is a 3 dimension and i right nuded

    25. peekeekoot101

      /99: can u guess wat did spell

    26. Hello its meehh


    27. The Grade School Gamer Network

      Mama bear be sister shook

    28. Love's to sing all the time

      He he he...KILLSSS!!!!!!!!!!!

    29. Love's to sing all the time


    30. Love's to sing all the time


    31. Love's to sing all the time


    32. emma brentley


    33. Şķýý_ the fīřëwòřķ

      10:35 -baby's mind I'm gonna die-

    34. Hellcat420

      4:11 there is a video of it.

    35. moldy chicken nugget

      8:58 her sister: huh haaaaaaaaa…...

    36. The she wolf pack

      Ppl r scared of clowns bc in 2016 killer clowns were going around killing ppl and I know it's real bc 2 of them were at my school the hole school went on lock down

    37. Little Gachagirl

      2:56 the clowns were when there was killer clowns that went up to kids and kidnapped them and possibly killed them.

    38. Jose Baez

      The guys with the jersey and the head the head looks like granny for the granny horror game

    39. Johalize Bezuidenhout

      That us slebdet man

    40. Aki _

      bb bthere is a trick with thet reflection you use mirror in front of you behind you and original one so its looks like thet


      2020 anyone?

    42. Kaden Ross

      The first one is slenderman

    43. Shaggy Scobby

      At 2:08 the shadow is really disturbing U should check

    44. Aitana Espinoza Ibarra

      first what the hell thous guys doing in the woods at night.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!

    45. Alisaya Buck

      7 picture Elmo more like angry bird

    46. Alisaya Buck

      6 picture mad boy

    47. Alisaya Buck

      Little girl 5th

    48. Alisaya Buck

      Haha 4th picture maniac

    49. Alisaya Buck

      Wth third picture Jane the killer

      1. Alisaya Buck

        I think lamo

    50. Alisaya Buck

      Second picture uh uh uh uh GHOST GHOST GHOST

    51. Alisaya Buck

      First picture slender man

    52. Jonny Quintana

      2:53 because people used to say they kill in the news

    53. Nhelia Ramirez


    54. • LAZYBOO •

      okay for real the 1st is Slender man and slender man takes KIDS like me

    55. Lillian Green

      Reason ppl were scared of clowns : peeps dressed up as clowns and actually tried killing ppl it was on de news #2016=2017

    56. Kiesha gerardgamer-b

      What is the girl name huh. SSSniperWolf

    57. Cil Ordonez

      If YoU aRe ReAdInG tHiS ThEn YoU wILl HaVe To LiKe Or ElSe,....


      The scariest thing that happened to me is when it was the middle of the night tomorrow’s Monday and I didn’t finish my homework 😰

    59. Robyn Tam

      Did anyone see at the Elmo dude’s photo bomb thee was a mans shadow holding the baby’s carrier!?!? I’m freaked out!

    60. Michelle Godoy

      Ok storytime So one time I was driving in like somewhere and I didn't really know where I was and there was this weird guy dancing in the middle of the street and it was kinda late so I was scared af!!!

    61. Taariq Sylvester

      am i the only one who notices the human figure in the back by the crib when no ones standing there 2:08

    62. Omar Salleh

      Very crepy

    63. Omar Salleh

      The proses are red the vilot are blue if u are here friend u make this blue

    64. hot koko in a mug

      9:35 TAPE FACE

    65. hai peeps

      10:57 he on drugs XD

    66. Ana Berrum


    67. Gerard Way

      The 1st one..its not real..I swear..

    68. Monah Valeriano

      You look like *Kira kosarin or cosarin from thunderman*

    69. Fam.urbano Solis

      I'm your biggest fan I love you so much you are so cute