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    Decades After Rocky IV, Ivan Drago Is Still Obsessed With Breaking Things. Watch Ivan Drago and his son Viktor, aka Dolph Lundgren & Florian Munteanu, literally break everything they can get their hands on.
    Creed II’s Ivan Drago Breaks Things In Real Life | Laughing Fit | Men's Health
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    Published on 11 months ago


    1. paul kempinski


    2. Antonio Adielma

      'Capitalists fuckin' candy'.... 😂😂😂

    3. Scamming_Villager420

      Capatilist candy

    4. paata oqroadze


    5. paata oqroadze


    6. Superskigamer Dude

      0:45 this machine owes me a god damn Twix bar

    7. Antony Ustinenkov

      R. I. P. guitar

    8. Pro Token420

      What lmao

    9. Joe Djrjd

      Im 15 6'1 i'd like to imagine myself being this tall when im fully grown but honestly i just love eating shit

    10. Joe Djrjd

      There not even russian swedish and german

    11. Lucie Liška

      I can watch tis over and over again it so funny 😂

    12. Shalleece Greer


    13. Nini Davis


    14. ButterMySpellBooks

      Tbh I love Ivan Drago but his voice is so croaky (in the moovie Of course)

    15. It's time to stop

      Is it not rather Ironic and cliche that, Ivan Drago looks like Jake Paul and Jake Paul's dog is named Apollo


      The piñata is my bully, Florian is me and Dolph is my dad

    17. Christian Oldhof


    18. JoshuaF Rojas

      Is it weird when they make a fart joke I instantly fart..

    19. Gergő Tóth

      Too funny😂😂😂

    20. BiH SLK


    21. General Grievous

      Capitalist fucking candy, it's very good for you.

    22. David Locon

      “Break” a record. Any kind of record.

    23. ENS BRT

      Jajajajajaj que Bueno


      I love how Drago's in his chucks

    25. |Xx0T4KUxX|

      They're so awkward

    26. Venom Gamer x

      Drago breaks wind lmao 😂😂😂😂

    27. musse

      The voicecrack at 1:33

    28. Rudra

      This literally can be an after credits clip of Creed II The Dragos after the ending match of Creed II 😁

    29. randy palla

      This should have been in creed 2

    30. Patrick Star

      When he brought out the llama I died laughing "Father look, an old friend of ours." *Holds llama for Dolph to see*

    31. Maddy Feinauer

      Dolph got better with age 😍

    32. SiegeFN

      They should make a movie called drago

    33. Delia Chiculita

      They are so cute i love them ❤❤

    34. Alist Shippinghog

      Bro no words can fully describe how much I love Florian Man. He just makes me feel so much better after feeling so bad.

    35. 임의수


    36. ronald martin


    37. Michael

      Love this

    38. Varun Madhavan

      ... .... .... ..... "Hi"... .... .... Breaks silence...

    39. Sclaus89

      Ok, never saw this before. Hilarious :p

    40. Gamerboi 18

      This is hilarious! They did awesome in Creed 2!

    41. Ianos Ilie 09


    42. Breena Betancourt

      THIS is father and son bonding 😂😂😂

    43. Supervillain

      Is this is a Kit Kat commercial? I was searching for RUSSIAN WORKOUT MOTIVATIONAL VIDEOS....

    44. TheMoonlight2887

      Awww! Ivan feeding Kit-Kat to Viktor is the sweetest thing! 😍

    45. João Nery

      They should have broken the 4th wall

    46. Jonathan Chen

      A blind man walks into a bar, then a chair, then a table...

    47. Komm ins Café Wir müssen Reden

      Oh yeah nahui

    48. superrowen

      Dolph is more american now

    49. kabuto mushi

      Because el thats stupid things so now how i can see the movie like serious ?fucking business

    50. BinewTV

      Oh yeah nahui

    51. Cobra kai

      I must break you

    52. Rodrigo Messias

      My mom beat both, if they rob her candys!

    53. Alessandra Karoline

      0:26 I'M DEAD

    54. Bogdi B

      I must break you, repeat button!

      1. bogu bou

        Best commercial ever made by Men's Health so far ;)

    55. Konur Alp Yıldızkan

      Ivan is obviusly a better father than Rocky. Just look at them. How do they have a great time together.

    56. Jesus Ostos

      This Shit was funny!!

    57. Cassie

      I knew at some point they would break wind

    58. Natalie Garrett


    59. Andhika Setiolaksono

      BigNasty is a perfect fit for Bane role 😎

    60. Никита Кузавов

      Ахуеено они готовятся к бою !

    61. Ivan Drago

      I must break you 👊

    62. Lizett Martinez

      It was very funny

    63. Samuel Palmesano

      Lmao 😂

    64. nick 34615

      Their going to break the internet next


      No mamut! 🤣🤣🤣

    66. Mario00 0

      A Swedish and a Romanian. Very nice!

    67. Primepro

      I must break you

    68. Goose

      1:32 R.I.P Teddy Bear Reason Of Death: Needed to be broken

    69. Mohammed Asif Qureshi

      The creeds have nothin on the dragos😳☠️

    70. remzi zengin

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