Cowboys should ‘absolutely’ make Ezekiel Elliott the highest-paid RB - Shannon | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe discuss Ezekiel Elliott holding out from the Dallas Cowboys due to contract dispute. Hear why Shannon has no problem with the holdout and thinks the Cowboys should pay him what he's worth; Skip disagrees.
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Cowboys should ‘absolutely’ make Ezekiel Elliott the highest-paid RB - Shannon | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Published on 6 months ago


  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    ZEKE | DAK - Who should the Cowboys pay first?

    1. Bill, an INTP

      4 words: Dak

    2. cryptonian leorican

      If zeke runnin great....who ever the quarter back is would do great

    3. John Bourke

      Set the market for both be those cowboys . Fly Eagles Fly

    4. Wiley Willis

      @Mike Smith last I checked we were NFC champs in the eastall I know is you can ask Barry Sanders who has more running yards of 13 14 15 and 16 hundred yard seasons and he don't have no playoffs mojo leather jaguars and rushing got him nowhere Walter Payton is probably my favorite all-time rushing next to Tony dorsett and without a quarterback and that defense he wouldn't have got his one ringwhen Cooper got in Dallas we started winning it wasn't win loss win loss it was win win win

  2. A Hernandez

    Athletes way over paid now days, smh... Once they get the big contract they slowly fade away production wise

  3. Queen P

    I agree if u want this money a stipulation should be u CAN NOT GET INTO ANY KIND OF TROUBLE OFF THE FIELD!!!!!

  4. Daniel Lopez

    No u shouldn't make him highest paid RB.. yes he a good back but u haven't won Superbowl or playoff game so show up and get paid ... U cannot get paid and not perform!!! J/S

  5. bstlybengali

    id like to thank the rams lol. fly eagles fly

  6. Ashley McNally

    Don't praise Jerry Jones for cap wizardy when he's offering 30m+ a year to Dak Prescott.

  7. ranger

    No athlete, in this world is worth over 20 million. Pro football, sucks. It is so boring. It is all about money. Look at the Patriots. They have no stingy money hungry demanding thugs. What they do have that the Cowboys, can only dream of is more than 6 Super rings.

  8. bob crandall

    skip you have blindfolds on Zeke is their offense period dak depends on Zeke there no way dak should get the money he is asking for without Zeke on the field 7-9

  9. my love songs

    I agree with Shannon. Zeke is my favorite RB in the league. Gurley is running wild in L.A., but now he is having knee issues, and he may not be the same. It is all about ego. Zeke wants that label. "I am the highest paid RB in the league!" Pay the man!

  10. John Marlowe

    RBs have always been undervalued.

  11. Ben Kenobi

    Can we stop devaluing the RB teams with a trash QB or just inexperienced like Jared Golf need a running game... A Super Bowl can be achieved with a run heavy offense it’s been done way more than pass heavy.

  12. Joshua Bedwell


  13. Real Bro

    Dak's not even a top 15 QB but Zeke is the best RB in the league!!! Without Zeke, Dak will be exposed even more. Jerry Jones' top priority is signing Zeke to a new contract ASAP!!!

  14. Jordan Truce

    Remember when Zeke was suspended and the Cowboys sucked and Skip kept making excuses for how it wasn’t Dak’s fault? It was Dak and the offenses fault. Dak was awful without Zeke. If anything the Cowboys better pay him before Dak because without him the team is mediocre.

  15. Geno Bourn

    Skip suppose to be knowledgeable about football, he does not seem to knowledgeable to me. He is still trying to compare what other teams are doing in relationship to the Cowboys. Cowsboys need to do what they can to win. Jones donot want to pay? Trade Zeke!

  16. Raul Rags Reyna

    Post this the reason that Elliot was good was because the front line that blocks and they sucks on the goal line all of time and Cooper was the one that the cowboys was the championship last year

  17. John Bourke

    Running backs get one big contract . holdout for yours Zeke don't cave in .Make Jerry pay you for past services 16 million plus 50million signing bonus. 5 years!!! One more thing. Fly Eagles Fly Lmaooooo

  18. David Jones

    Just give em tha money..he had no problem paying tony romo and didn’t he only win 2 playoff games 😂😂

  19. Texas

    If I got paid millions just to touch a ball, I wouldn't be over here complaining.

  20. Ricky Dean

    This is why RBs want their money before shelf life run out. Make the most before body breaks down.

  21. alfwiz

    Jumping Dak's pay to 30 million per is not going to translate into more wins. Dump Dak - and spread the money around. The team goes 10 and 6 with a first round exit regardless.

  22. Tanner Campnell

    They were arguing when they agreed

  23. tu green

    The great Offices of line is why Zeke is even consider in these talks. He is good but the Line makes him look great. The same with Emmitt Smith his line was so so great made him look unstoppable. Berry Sanders was always the better back just didnt have the blocking.

  24. flako luvzbud

    In the same breath Shannon says that the next person inline is the highest paid also states that he wasn’t worried about what the previous person made for his contract 🤦🏻‍♂️

  25. Y Not

    👌ZEKE'S ABSENCE MAY PERHAPS BECOMES A BIT Pollard's blessings.🤔😳🤛😎👌

  26. Mike Smith

    Zeke is way more talented at his position and Dak is pretty good but he could realistically be replaced. Zeke cannot be. U drafted all those o linemen. Pay him. Also Cooper is pretty good but he could also be realistically replaced

  27. Luis Vargas

    Bahaha shanon “collusion” lol He be watching too much cnn

  28. Paulo 78

    I don't follow football but if the NFL is the biggest sport in the US, why do star players get much lower than other league athletes like the NBA? Is it because of the huge roster per team?

  29. This Bro values EC 7:16

    Jerry your crazy! Pay the Zek so you can make more money too buy another yacht. It's hard being a Dallas fan. Without zeke jerry you can count on less raitings.

  30. Nicklaus Coley

    dak should wait to get paid or just use that star and get paid off the feild

  31. Atypical Warrior

    Skip is absolutely insane

  32. Steve Taylor

    Are we thinking Dak is worth 25 Milliion a year? (Andy Dalton money)

  33. Russ Lardinois

    Zeke has to grow up. And not have everybody else take care of him. Like the Cowboys have done. Pay dak

  34. John Redmon

    Zeke absolutely should get a big pay day. He is the face of the COWBOYS right now. It damn sure isn't Dak P. Also we all know that running backs has a short playing time so he would be a fool not to try and get his money

  35. Nicholas Castillo

    No Zeke no playoffs. Period. No Zeke no Super Bowl. Zeke only plays half the season. And still no play offs

  36. flossbee

    Emmit did a holdout to get his value and that worked out pretty well!

  37. Brandon TAYLOR

    Skip is a hypocrite. He was screaming and hollering Zeke was innocent of the alleged domestic abuse,when he was cleared by courts. That incident with security guard was a flop, and now skip attacks the guy as soon as he wants to get paid. Man is on on contract at 18%of his value. Short shelf life for running backs. Players contracts can be voided basically at anytime, but it's a problem when a athlete plays the same game.smh

  38. truestdude

    As much as I h8 the Cowbums even I know u pay Ezekiel before u pay anybody else

  39. Tyler Mentzer

    Cowboys line is good enough to have a bad running back. Money hungry people smh. they would rather get the money than win the super bowl.


    I agree 100% with shannon!!!

  41. Darin Gregory

    Shannon would support the rats in Baltimore if they were black.

  42. Dominic Mallano

    As a cowboys fan I’m worried that if we sign zeke he would be a huge problem. He’s always getting into trouble and even though it seems like he doesn’t do as much wrong as he’s accused of, his lifestyle always gets him in trouble and there is no sign he’s gonna slow down.

  43. Michael Haywood

    I agree with Skip. Zeke is too much of a risk with all those off-field issues to warrant paying 14 million a year for with nearly all of it in guaranteed money. Maybe if there were incentives, I would consider it but having all that guaranteed? No way.

  44. Koot GAMING

    Thshaannon thsharpe needs a drug test Zeke is not the best rb so why should he be the highest paid

  45. Durandisse84 Durandisse

    Dak trying to cash in before he's exposed....let's see how good the Cowboys offense is when Dak has to beat you with his arm

  46. Mystica Books

    I hope EE holds out a few games. Fools who think Dak Prescott is a good or great QB will soon change their minds. Hopefully, so will the Joneses before signing Prescott to a ludicrous deal.

  47. Casey Flentye


  48. Ricardo Alvarado

    I hope Zeke sits out or gets traded. Just so Dak can prove all the haters wrong.

  49. Tony Black

    Nooo Shannon Zeke is one night at the club away from 💥🔥🌪😱😵👀. The NFL is an industry. Skip is right, the market is righting itself. Both sides are taking risk, but u have to admit many players fall off and do stupid things after getting paid.

  50. Im_ Party

    it costs money to make those bad late night decisions go away

  51. Bradley Parks

    Skip you have to know how much Zeke means to the cowboys come on everybody knows, he is the best weapon on the team

  52. Zain Gilmore

    I don’t know how you have people on and then talk down on their work for your benefit. It’s distasteful

  53. xkid.darkskin

    cowgirls are trash 😂😂

  54. Webster Kollie

    A lot of these rappers would pipe anything that moves

  55. Sean O Sullivan

    Zeke shud go do his job he still under contract so he is breaking that. If he not playing by week 1 he shud be put on the bench and sit there until he learns it not all about him

  56. Lux Orora

    Why are there caps on players earnings? There’s no cap on how much the owners pocket??

  57. Behavior

    NY Post is reporting that Zeke had a car accident the week he was about to play for the playoff's. The Local Law Enforcement hushed the incident. A Cowboy representative told the guy who got hit that they would take care of everything! WTF!!!

  58. Bryan Farrow

    Jerry just pay the man!!

  59. John Martin

    He don't want RB money does he?

  60. Carlos M

    Zeke is back on his home planet of Endor

  61. Anthony Slazas

    You can put a number on it the question is what ZE thinks about it got 2 years left in his deal. No way i pay he the money he wants.

  62. Keyser Soze'

    I love Dallas. A big fan and it gets harder every year.....thx alot Jerry for wanting mediocre. With that said, he should save the money for Jason Garrett so they can stay mediocre forever!

  63. Bill Bates

    The problem with my Cowboys right now , with this RB situation is this: We have a sub elite QB who is definitely going to get ABOVE elite money (look what Brady gets if you don't believe me and he is UBER elite) and we have THE BEST RB in the league who is not being offered elite RB money and a huge part of that is because we have to pay Prescott RIDICULOUS money.

  64. Don Crump

    That's the bad thing about NFL contracts the bar keeps getting raised up every year and ok to great players are getting paid like they're elite..

  65. vondior

    Dez doesn't have a job

  66. Simps Will Be Simps

    If these former players on TV were General Managers, their teams would never win and they'd overpay every single player. Totally idiotic take from these guys when it comes to contracts. Michael Vick might actually be the most realistic one of them who isn't a total suck up to the players.

  67. Josh Rattlehead

    Zeke is one of the very few no brainer backs that you pay that money for.

  68. Jersey Jay

    "THAT'S FACT!" I finally agree with Shannon. Let Zeke negotiate.

  69. Jason Bradham

    Let Zeke go and I will bet you any team would pay him

  70. Jason Bradham

    Skip is an idiot