Couple Turn Home Into Kangaroo Sanctuary



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    Inside this ordinary suburban home there lives a host of hopping surprises - a troop of baby kangaroos. When a stranger pulled up at their home with an orphaned kangaroo in 2010, this couple’s lives changed forever and Our Haven Wildlife Shelter was born. Theresa and Tony Matthews had always loved wildlife but after being told that the healthy orphaned joey would have to be euthanised, they realised they had to aid the helpless animal and their kangaroo sanctuary was born.
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    Published on Year ago


    1. Fuzzy Psychology

      I want to cuddle a kangaroo and play with one until it gets old

    2. silver fang the Wolf

      Jerbao and deer mix with rabbit comes a kangaroo

    3. Nem ef

      there so cute omg

    4. Aimee Robinson

      They not kangaroos, they very hairy children.

    5. Dennis Teti

      Cool story! But there is so much kangaroo poop all over that house.

    6. Heem Heemstein

      with a constant stream of animals, their home is covered in waste

    7. Morgen Dufseth

      Kangeroos are so cute!

    8. Kangang Studio


    9. Kangang Studio

      This is so fuckin adorable mate

    10. Jt Jt

      There are to many kangaroos the government used to pay people to hunt em

    11. h f

      thats the same woman from that biker vid?

    12. fikrk2312

      awwwwwwwww i really want a kangaroo but my mom not allowed meeeeeeee

    13. Smitty’s Son

      In Australia all kangaroos have citizenship

    14. J baddasx

      They just throw em in the bag😂


      How do they afford this

    16. MrBUTFukkPooPoo lobstobcatbat

      Tony aka scruff he is the funniest man alive I love that I know these people and I get to stay at there house my mum does the same thing as them and she works with them

    17. Armando Aguilar

      As a Mexican, one of my dreams and life goals is to visit Australia and hug a kangaroo. I would really like to visit your sanctuary.

    18. John Flynn

      Just another reason to visit down under I guess. What a cool place.

    19. Joris Smit


    20. DS Kim

      If there is good karma. Both of you have tons of it!

    21. Tps Wasgone

      2:49 the kangaroo said *Hey! Mom lemme have a bite* xD

    22. Frank The Pussyfooter

      Barcroft I hope you donate some US-new funds to animal causes like these and I hope you get a tax break for doing so. Wish you had 90+ Million Subs like Pewdiepie and could do good things for animals. Seems like all the people with the funds ( Billionaires ) to do good for animals do nothing because every shelter is always broke, underfunded, overpopulated and always on the verge of shutting down. It's sad.

    23. A Retarded Orange Ape In The White House

      The government really needs to help fund people like this..

    24. TrionBulldog

      I thought this was normal in Australia. What's the big deal?

    25. Paul_ paris

      How can they recognize their name lmao ?? they look so similiar!

    26. Kneeger Jim

      Hanging the panda bear is racist against the Chinese.

    27. Ronda Kudrna

      This couple is so calm and sweet and gentle you can really see it in these animals. Bravo!

    28. Xemphas

      I think I have a new favorite animal! They are so freaking cute it melts my heart

    29. Siri Kudo

      Ohh so cute ♡

    30. Asif Nahyan Kabir

      They are heavenly people!

    31. Big bubba Ainsley

      Ain't this just a regular Australian household

    32. che etoh

      A big group of kangaroos are called mobs

    33. Caroline Matta

      Wonderful people! Love kangaroos 🦘❤️... and miss them. Was on a trip to Aussie last year. You’re doing a great job, lovely people!!!

    34. giangamerboi

      This is the most Australian thing I’ve seen

    35. Peoples Empire of Gotius

      Average Australian House-hold

    36. Isaac Hamilton

      Just because how much roo sh#@t reeks I would build pens in the backyard for them to sleep in and let them free roam in the day

    37. HEAVY

      Holly joeys

    38. Mickey Love-McMenamin

      u should not let a pet animal into the wild they will not survive.

    39. Legendary Weapon

      I cannot imagine the smell of that place.

    40. leeoh moon

      I love you just so you know, keep doing this great special job

    41. Elizabeth Farrell

      Thanks heaps for the video.

    42. Gaming Bros

      this insipred me. now everyday i beg my mum to get me a pet kangaroo, they're so affectionate and sooooo cute

    43. Random808

      Kangaroos are the best.

    44. Crystal and friends! gacha life, and more!

      3:58 little one : leave me Alone the other one : I just wanted to have fun

    45. Paul wid it

      Must be expensive when it comes to birthdays and Christmas.

    46. RKbhajanseries99RK RadheKrishna


    47. Arieonna Bentley

      You do great work but once they are in a home that feed them they are not going to know how it to do it be them self’s in the wild but anyway you do a great good👍

    48. Petra Soklič


    49. Roonyルーニー

      Quite wonderful married couple! This animation was seen and a kangaroo was studied many times. And a kangaroo is being raised in Japan now. The person who keeps a kangaroo by an individual doesn't have in Japan. There were no textbooks, so it was learned from this animation. Thank you very much for your nice animation.

    50. Simple Chigga

      Bruh if you spoil em they gon die in the wild

    51. Chelsea Woods

      It feels cathartic to see kangaroos cared for and saved after road accidents. I recently hit a kangaroo while driving. I had been able to slow down enough that the mum was fine and hopped away, but her joey wasn’t. A couple of hours later the ranger euthanised her, I can’t stop thinking about it, very sad.

    52. shipper66

      where do they shaite ?

    53. ShepardsRacing

      I was gonna but a kangaroo from a breeder but it was 5k so I was like nope

    54. Manuel Seda

      I want a companion kangaroo not so much as a pet! This would help so much with my anxiety!

    55. wu Gacha_Jennie


    56. diya singh

      I love this great work god bless😇😇😇

    57. just4u deny

      I wonder how some people don't like this sweet little kangaroos. I'm in love with them, they are amazing ! 😍😍😍 Keep up the good work guys. God bless you! 👍👏👏👏

    58. communistjesus

      Tony and Theresa are awesome..... Good Karma to them, and all like-minded individuals like them......

    59. Rambo

      Imagine what the world will look like if white people loved other races of people like they love and empathize with animals?

    60. Zoe McKenzie

      They're soooooo cute! ❤

    61. Aakash Sharma

      I still can't believe that you are allowed to eat Kangaroo even in Australia since its their National animal.

    62. Sandra Salerno

      I love how you have so much love for these beautiful animals thank you!

    63. Sandra Salerno

      Too cute

    64. Maya Buchanan

      D s

    65. Mehbub Hossain

      What will happen with the kangaroos after their death I m worried :(

    66. Daniela Mandl

      Hi! Im from Argentina and im traveling to Australia in December. I love kangaroos 😍 Do you receive visitors?

    67. Bethany Washington

      This is so beautiful

    68. Clickmaster5k

      Don't Australians already pay a bunch in taxes to cull Kangaroo populations? Something doesn't make sense here. If the government is culling them why are people allowed to interfere with natural population controls?

    69. Allison Hunter

      3:47 I need one of these to feed kittens...

    70. jana jošić

      So cure