Content Preview: Visions of N’Zoth

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    The World of Warcraft development team is hard at work on the next content update for Battle for Azeroth. Join game director Ion Hazzikostas for a first look at what’s in store for Battle for Azeroth and what’s next for WoW Classic!
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    Published on 15 days ago


    1. MuzikJunkyAES

      I would much rather walk around in a dashiki than a top hat, thank you very much! Peace.

    2. Jack Cracker

      I want to see dark rangers and tinkers next xpack , dark rangers hero class dealing with what sylvanis was doing rezing the nelfs and belfs rebelling cause they did not like the nelfs being forcibly turned into new dark rangers. Tinkers being a reg class

    3. Кот Бегемот

      "Blizzard аполитичны" Спасибо, поржал. Да вы своего президента чмырите на каждом вашем мероприятии. Заслуживает он того или нет, это вам виднее. Но не надо пиздеть что вы вне политики. Это все равно что на голову себе насрать. Принесите публичные извинения перед игроком, не позорьтесь дальше. Хотя дальше уже, наверное, некуда.

    4. Screaming Racoon

      please let us play the other races without reputation D: not enough time for the game

    5. Biased Eisenkiller

      As nice as the content sounds, I cannot in right consciousness support a company who's loyalty lays with a foreign dictatorship.

    6. John Linder

      I thought Hong Kong was in Japan.

    7. CookiesfromHell

      I just came here to give a thumbs up for glorious social credit from great red leader.

    8. Bradley Miller II

      To be honest nothing looks that great trash apon more trash #freeHongKong #Boycotblizzard

    9. Teirdalin

      Something, something, Hong Kong. The Harambe of our time.

    10. Inxotep

      Is Ion's shirt turned inside out? Is it the new 9.0 expac shirt?

    11. Он талъиван

      When they release N`Zoth, the end of Wow begins

    12. Remy Dolce


    13. nunya

      Blizzard, the only company that triples down on $$$, Charge for Expansions, Charge Monthly, and Charge for extras in the shop.

    14. MrTelevisão


    15. XeroxYT


    16. Vlad Gheorghita

      Ion is just the worst Game Director any game has ever had.

      1. Ryan W

        because you said so huh? Omg whatever shall Ion do

    17. ryan turney

      I was thinking of playing wow classic but the way blizzard has been acting really makes me not want to support them :(

    18. Kaldzi1993

      Where is some kind of buffs for Ele/Ench Shaman?

    19. Isual -Sin

      So my friend Hong said that I should really go watch Kong, skull Island. It was mostly about freedom

    20. Nitemaster

      long live Sylvanis Windrunner The Banshee queen.

    21. Mysteryskatin

      Whoa Blizzard, are you sure that the Chinese government is cool with this?

    22. SuperninjaYTbro


    23. Electro-Cute

      What is the next expansion about, a huge poor empire fighting against the democratic rights of a scary group of freedom fighters? With new weapons like revolvers, tear gass canisters, rubber bullets shotguns, mace and batons?

    24. Electro-Cute

      Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our time!

    25. Imperial Watch

      Wow is a dead game.

    26. Air Conditioner

      *LiBeRaTe hOnG Kong ReVoLoTiOn oF oUr aGe* That's how all u idiots sound like, it's a video about a content patch in a video game and this is the stuff u wanna talk about? If u hate blizzard so much go send them an email or go tell them yourself.

      1. Ar D

        Leave it be, it'll die out soon enough. Blizzcon will be a toughie but after that people will drop this real quick and it'll just remain a meme like D:I is.

    27. Xtrafibers

      GREAT use the end of this expansion to wrap up all ends and use the "corruption" to reset the world in something people would actually enjoy instead of planetary threats and aliens.

    28. Macaroni Zero

      China Comment

    29. Sam Amzic

      Dunno what's with all those hate against blizzard if you don't like Bfa you're welcome to play classic with me xD

    30. Gabriel lins

      you disgust me blizzard, you disgust us all

    31. 0 _ 0

      What's Freedom of Speech? :'D

    32. 0 _ 0

      And I quote... "Don't Trust China, China asshoe"

    33. David


    34. Riley Palmer

      Liberate Hong kong

    35. Gamer nick

      Hongkong > Blizzard

    36. clark p

      We want Blizzard back! not Chinavision Blizzard. We will protest until Chinavision Blizzard dies!

    37. Tyyr Grav

      Police in Hong Kong have murdered over +800 people!!!! Vote this up so you can see what Blizzcucks are supporting!!!!!

    38. Condenmed by Society

      Long live Hong Kong freedom

    39. Daniel Leslie

      Do anyone else notice the look of this guys eyes? O.o

    40. Ivaylo Petrov

      [This comment was censored by The Chinese Government.]

    41. Zaru

      Give us back Master Loot and our GCDs you dead-eyed corporate lawyer.

    42. KnightGuardian3

      ‪And wow please make new Oder class hall champine missions for all classes as well include armor weapons and more to do around the order halls please for all classes and make the experience of the order hall a lot more cooler please better please blizzard and World of Warcraft‬

    43. Nation of Masturbation

      Not an amazing month for Blizzard

    44. robert franz

      xinjinPIG is a sonofprostitute

    45. burbon ­

      The auction house change seems very good! I love it :)

    46. kokowa

      Stupid netizens brainwashed by the Western media. Stupid to think they are standing on the side of justice.

      1. robert franz


    47. lakermangmx

      Liberate Hong Kong. Revolution of our age!

    48. Renan Fernandez

      Blizzard make Warcraft 4. And make it like the Witcher 3 or Skyrim.

    49. chubseybubs

      Revamp the classes already, no one cares about new races.

    50. KnightGuardian3

      Blizzard please bring back ashbringer and the powers of ash ringer and the other artifact weapon and powers please please bring them back please blizzard and wow to battle for Azeroth make the artifact weapons powerful please

    51. KnightGuardian3

      We deserve to play a game with out getting banned and just having fun all by keeping our accounts safe keep our accounts away from hackers so we the gamers could enjoy the game and have fun please blizzard and wow do your best to keep our accounts safe and not ban anyone please blizzard

    52. Ashlockheart

      I will not bow, I will not break, and I will not support Blizzard Entertainment.

      1. Vasoka

        GTFO then, internet clown.

      2. Francis

        cool, keyboard warrior

    53. KnightGuardian3

      Blizzard please bring back ashbringer and the powers of ash ringer and the other artifact weapon and powers please please bring them back please blizzard and wow to battle for Azeroth make the artifact weapons powerful please

    54. KnightGuardian3

      Blizzard please bring back ashbringer and the powers of ash ringer and the other artifact weapon and powers please please bring them back

    55. KnightGuardian3

      Blizzard please stop banning people around the world we want to play and have fun please banning accounts please wow blizzard stop

    56. Droguza

      Every Yuan Matters

    57. Joeykm1972

      It's amazing how HP Lovecraft influenced World of Warcraft. The common theme is always an eye for the Old Gods, whether it be WoW, Stephen King, Clive Barker and other modern horror, to the music, to Fallout.

      1. Droguza

        And He tied penniless Like Everyone who messes with Corporate America and Mainland China

    58. Eric

      Way to loose customers. Coulda just let the guy speak but nooooo gotta bend over for the authoritarian overlords. Pathetic.

      1. Ryan W

        Not as pathetic as your grammer.

    59. Barrosy

      I wonder how many people still keep paying for Bullcrap for Azeroth...

    60. Lindsey Nikki

      I'm sorry but I don't want a reskinned Gnome

    61. Bruh

      Blizzard got woke, hopefully, it will go broke. FREEHK!

    62. Shifty Grifter

      Hard to understand what you’re trying to say with that Communist 🍆 in your mouth.

    63. Liberty Prime

      Hong Kong will never fall to Red Chinese oppression!

      1. Kaldzi1993

        Yes it fall

    64. Seth Houser

      Hey it is more corruption. Oh, and you get a legendary cloak again from Wrathion. When did Blizzard do this before? MOP. Is this an early April Fools joke?

    65. Seth Houser

      Activision Blizzard: "We could use more subscriptions." Activsion Blizzard" "We will just go to China." American: "Well what about us?" Activision Blizzard: "We want a people that does not have freedom of speech."

    66. Ricky DJ Moore II

      Liberate HongKong! A revolution of our age!

    67. PhilipMorriX

      riot wins

    68. Kage k

      Tianmen square 1989 massacre