Colorado Rapids vs. San Jose Earthquakes | HIGHLIGHTS - August 10, 2019

After winning a nine-goal thriller over the Montreal Impact, the Colorado Rapids host a San Jose Earthquakes side unbeaten in five straight in this Week 23 match-up of the 2019 MLS Regular Season.

Published on 3 months ago


  1. Arz2003

    What happen to Howard?

  2. Richard WILSON

    *San Jose, what happened?* to much quake for you? 不不不

    1. kyleb0ii2008

      Richard WILSON what happened on July the 27 3:1 when sj won 不不井

  3. Saba Kerdikoshvili

    GO SJ!!! Been there, amazing town, great kitchen and tremendous sense of hospitality from the locals! great reminiscences!

  4. dabomb 23


  5. Ryan

    Colorado may have been at the bottom for a while, but were climbing back up just wait were soon gonna become a playoff team guaranteed

    1. Sir Cosumar

      Ryan I think youre right

  6. 2ndEndingVintage

    Thanks, Rapids. I've been saying this for a few weeks, despite MLS trying all they can to hype the San Jose Bandwagon: San Jose's success over past 2 months has been primarily against pretty weak teams; they have NOT been consistently winning against GOOD teams. No the Rapids aren't good, but SJ clearly had problems playing an away game against 'em eh ? They are paper tigers....

    1. Ed Tem

      MLS hyping up San Jose? brother you do remember they had the worst season ever just last year? Maybe you forgot. San Jose is already good and getting better all the time. My only hope is that Almeyda stays for the good of the team and for mls. We need more coaches like him.

    2. RageAgainstTheMacDream

      LA Galaxy is not 'weak' team, and they were handily beat by San Jose twice.

    3. Randy Last Name

      2ndEndingVintage eh not making excuses, but if they dont hit the post twice the game is theirs, and altitude is always a problem

  7. Diego Rocabado

    Well get em next time boys

  8. Luke Pitts

    How many times did san jose hit the post.

    1. 2ndEndingVintage

      Rapids hit post too....

  9. Dreamer K

    Great game by Colorado Rapids.

  10. ali rico

    Soy de mexico sigo la mls

  11. Le Moineau Irritable

    Why keep Abubakar

    1. 2ndEndingVintage

      He does seem to botch a lot of things....

  12. Phil B

    The Rapids are on to something

  13. Randy Last Name

    Gah disappointed

  14. La Mariscal

    Im always happy when big teams lose.

    1. 2ndEndingVintage

      SJ is actually NOT a 'big' team. MLS has been hyping them as such, but the vast majority of their successes during their, um, 'run'...have come against pretty weak teams. So this doesn't surprise me. Down the stretch we will see SJ drop several more games like this.

    2. Luke Pitts

      @Randy Last Name third in the conference vs last in the conference so its kind of an upset.

    3. Randy Last Name

      La Mariscal im a sj fan, but quakes arent a big team by any means

  15. Syc 254

    People get too much space in MLS.

    1. Syc 254

      @William Apple There is that too,but I'd like to see more pressing, quicker closing- down of opposition players and fast ball recovery. As long as they are fair with their penalty calls.

    2. William Apple

      The refs are too whistle happy in the box, that's the issue. Way too many penalties are called.

  16. Lexington Leffall

    Wait, Colorado won?

    1. Arz2003

      Yes they did. So many shots to the post for days

    2. Arz2003

      @Ito Ito No Mi We might Be Samsung Galaxy, Carson, Pasadena Rose Bowl whatever you want to call them buy with 5 MLS Cups :)

    3. Luke Pitts

      @Lexington Leffall but to be fair when la galaxy lost to the rapids lafc fans had a field day so it was kind of funny that you lost by the same score.

    4. 123YOURE GAY456

      @Ito Ito No Mi you could beat those teams but cant beat ucl teams lmfao bro

  17. Isaac Gil

    Who was the non british commentator? He did a brilliant job on this game!

    1. Kepler-22b

      Fifa Boi balboa*

    2. Fifa Boi

      Marcelo balbosa

  18. keem khamborisut

    i'm from thailand i like MLS

    1. Tac繪

      Hakuna Matata bruh have you seen lafc you tard

    2. no further west

      MLS is improving

    3. Flaming Basketball Club

      @Hakuna Matata Why are you being salty today? LOL

    4. Flaming Basketball Club

      @Hakuna Matata Better than some leagues.

  19. Colorado's Last Hope

    the return leg the rapids were gonna play better. Earthquakes didn't take the game seriously and lost.

    1. Aged P

      Game of small margins. Vega saves the first one from Colorado and a couple of their early post shots are slightly closer in and it's a totally different game w/r/t the result.

    2. M18 Hellcat

      I was surprised too, San Jose played better just 2 weeks ago, dont know why they didnt try.

  20. M18 Hellcat

    Colorado 3-1 against Cali teams

    1. M18 Hellcat

      @Flaming Basketball Club I didn't either but, 3 wins is pretty good.

    2. Flaming Basketball Club

      Which I didn't expect this season

    3. 123YOURE GAY456

      Congrats lets see how you guys do next season especially since howard is leaving which will be good

  21. Joshua Simmons

    The Rapids won? lol

    1. 2ndEndingVintage

      SJ has been hyped heavily by MLS lately, but if you look at the past 2 months, fact is most of SJ's success has been coming against weak teams. They are posers, really....they aren't a good squad, they have just benefitted from a soft spot in their schedule. That game is now up, however.

    2. M18 Hellcat

      This win helps us not be last, which at this point would be a big win.

    3. Treven Christensen

      The rapids are at the bottom of the table so I dont see them going anywhere with this win anyways

    4. M18 Hellcat

      Wouldve been funny 2 months ago but its not anymore, cant think of anything non-attendance related to make fun of the rapids?

    5. Emmauel Benoit

      Yeah And my NYCFc will beat your Atlanta United tomorrow in Atlanta